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05:40 fridolin hi there
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06:26 alex_a bonjour
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06:31 fridolin ashimema: hi there good morning
06:31 fridolin I see you reverted Bug 20864 in 18.05.x
06:31 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20864 minor, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, RESOLVED FIXED, Only set bibs_selected cookie when BrowseResultSelection is activated
06:32 fridolin you should tell it in bugzilla
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06:47 reiveune hello
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07:03 gaetan_B hello
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07:03 ashimema mornin' Fridolin
07:04 ashimema indeed.. it was also reverted in master.. I was going to poke kidclamp to comment as such too but then entirely forgot
07:04 fridolin no problem ;)
07:05 fridolin it a tricky bugs dependancies
07:05 fridolin a good tracking of changes may be usefull in the futur
07:05 ashimema I've marked it as REOPENED and reverted now.
07:05 fridolin oki
07:05 fridolin nothing for me since it was not in 17.11.x
07:06 ashimema indeed.. thanks for bringing it to my attention :)
07:06 ashimema :)
07:07 fridolin your welcome
07:12 ashimema Easy QA for someone: Bug 7376
07:12 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7376 critical, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Transfer limits should be checked at check-in
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08:25 * cait waves
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09:47 tuxayo o/ cait
09:48 tuxayo Thanks for reviving bug 20084 :)
09:48 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20084 major, P5 - low, ---, victor.grousset, Signed Off , Patron card creator: layouts Industrial2of5 and COOP2of5 broken with error "Invalid Characters"
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10:01 marcelr hi #koha
10:02 ashimema QA Race: Most trivial QA ever on bug 21054
10:02 ashimema ready
10:02 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21054 major, P5 - low, ---, nick, Signed Off , Extra closing body tag in prevents slip printing
10:02 ashimema set
10:02 ashimema go...
10:03 marcelr ashimema: i've seen easier patches
10:03 marcelr removing just one char
10:03 ashimema haha.. true
10:03 ashimema but it's pretty close to easiest ever ;)
10:04 marcelr in this case you are allowed to change the status to PQA yourself
10:04 * ashimema is hoping a few more of these make it before the end of the week so he can include them in 18.05.02 ;)
10:04 marcelr i always add a comment like combining SO and QA for trivial patch
10:05 ashimema oh, fair enough.. I've always avoided that but it makes sense for such a trivial one.
10:05 marcelr why bother someone else for such things?
10:05 ashimema inded
10:05 ashimema indedd
10:05 marcelr when you start cheating here, the RM can whistle :)
10:16 ashimema hehe
10:20 marcelr but he won't if he wrote the patch himself ;)
10:21 ashimema haha
10:35 tuxayo ashimema: Thanks for reviving bug 20084 :)
10:35 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20084 major, P5 - low, ---, victor.grousset, Passed QA , Patron card creator: layouts Industrial2of5 and COOP2of5 broken with error "Invalid Characters"
10:35 tuxayo cait++
10:35 tuxayo ashimema++
11:04 ashimema pleasure
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12:17 ashimema man there's some code in Bulmarcimport that makes no sense
12:21 * ashimema steps away slowly
12:32 Joubu id vs originalid?
12:38 cait tuxayo: just about to push that on our 17.11 branch for testing - do you know if it will help?
12:39 ashimema I think I got to the bottom of your query (with a little help from our migrations guys who use the script).. so I'm happy to sign it off..
12:39 ashimema but whilst in there I did note some wierd logging..
12:39 ashimema `$id || $original_id || $match`
12:39 ashimema $match isn't an id at all.. it's a mapping to get an id possibly..
12:40 ashimema and at least i the first instance $id will never be defined and so it's misleading to have it in the code
12:40 ashimema but as I said in the bug.. these aren't realy important to get the script working as expected again.. more a general comment of 'This script is confusing and could do with a cleanup one day'
12:47 tuxayo cait: «do you know if it will help» About which problem? I don't know if the rest of the code works well. But I'm sure that you will get at least a barcode instead of a missing one and an error in the logs ^^'
12:50 cait tuxayo:  so keeping fingers crossed then :)
12:50 clrh hello
12:50 marcelr joined #koha
12:51 cait hi clrh :)
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12:55 clrh :)
13:00 cait tuxayo: hm didn't do the trick for us, but not even code39 is printing, need to keep loooking
13:00 cait yur patch worked on master, so no problem
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13:58 tuxayo cait: "not even code39 is printing, need to keep loooking" Good luck! It's nice to see that these layouts are useful. We though that they had become useless.
13:59 cait we have now libraries using the module
13:59 cait we didn't have for a longer time
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14:19 ashimema magnuse about?
14:20 ashimema @seen magnuse
14:20 huginn ashimema: magnuse was last seen in #koha 3 weeks, 3 days, 0 hours, 16 minutes, and 24 seconds ago: <magnuse> have fun #koha, see y'all in 5 weeks time
14:20 ashimema 2 more weeks..
14:20 ashimema hmm
14:21 ashimema @seen tcohen
14:21 huginn ashimema: tcohen was last seen in #koha 14 hours, 49 minutes, and 52 seconds ago: <tcohen> wizzyrea++
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14:25 tcohen hi
14:28 cait norwegians are vacationing hard...
14:38 ashimema yup
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15:14 reiveune bye
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16:22 * LeeJ waves
16:23 LeeJ hi #koha
16:24 LeeJ @later tell tcohen so my work machine got upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 as a clean OS install so I was able to make kohadevbox work 100% on Windows WITH SYNCED REPO! :D
16:24 huginn LeeJ: The operation succeeded.
16:26 sjenson Greetings all. I am having difficulties setting up the Anonymous Patron. I have created a fake patron for the setting, and I have added it to the patron number to the AnonymousPatron.
16:26 sjenson However, Koha is still telling me that the Anonymous Patron has not been set up
16:27 sjenson My attempts at googling the answer have not been successful
16:41 Joubu sjenson: did you check the about page?
16:41 Joubu the anonymous patron must have specific permissions
16:41 Joubu (or none, cannot remember)
16:42 sjenson yes. It still says that I have not set that setting correctly
16:42 Joubu what does it say exactly?
16:44 sjenson Warning Some patrons have requested a privacy on returning item but the AnonymousPatron pref is not set correctly. Set it to a valid borrower number if you want that this feature works correctly.
16:45 Joubu what is the value of the syspref AnonymousPatron?
16:45 sjenson I've gone into Koha Admin and searched for Anonymous Patron and added the number 555 to the setting box
16:46 Joubu so the pref AnonymousPatron=555 and the patron with borrowernumber=555 exists, do you confirm?
16:46 sjenson yes
16:47 Joubu do you have access to the mysql cli?
16:47 sjenson yes
16:47 Joubu select count(*) from borrowers where privacy=2;
16:48 Joubu It returns '0' I guess?
16:51 sjenson it is showing 12 as the result
16:52 Joubu select count(*) from borrowers where borrowernumber=555?
16:52 sjenson 0
16:52 Joubu so you do not have a patron with a borrowernumber=555
16:53 Joubu it's not the userid or the cardnumber
16:53 sjenson ah, I see
16:53 sjenson that makes so much more sense now.  thanks
16:53 Joubu edit your anonymous patron, you will find the borrowernumber in the url
16:54 sjenson And fixed. Thanks for pointing that detail out.
17:21 bag @wunder 97215
17:21 huginn bag: Portland, OR :: Clear :: 76F/24C | Thursday: Sunny. High 96F. Winds NNW at 10 to 15 mph. Thursday Night: A clear sky. Low 63F. Winds NNW at 10 to 20 mph.
18:13 Joubu Lisette?
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19:59 * cait waves
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22:11 barton @later tell barton foo
22:11 huginn barton: The operation succeeded.
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