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09:25 semarie I have a problem in search result with my user told me he created a notice by duplicating. when I search (by title) koha show only one notice. the two notices exists in database. if I change a note on item of notice 1, it is notice 1 that appareared, and if I change note on item of notice 2, it is notice 2 that appareared
09:26 semarie I restarted plack and memcache to ensure it isn't a cache problem
09:26 semarie and rebuilded a fresh zebra index
09:27 semarie the odd thing is the fact that a change on item seems to correctly trigger zebra rebuild (as search result changed), but zebra seems to mix the two notices
09:29 semarie I suspect zebra using a field in marc to distinguish between notices, and this field to be kept the same between the two duplicated notices, resulting zebra assuming it is the same thing
09:40 semarie ok. I found that my (unimarc) 001.@ were the same on the two notices.
09:41 semarie I should have something a bit odd in my configuration
09:42 semarie the initial source of the first notice was BNF, and 001.@ "Numéro de notice" still have the original value from BNF
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09:54 semarie oh a bug in SyntaxError: illegal character
09:55 semarie but unsure if it is a problem with translation or translation process :-/
09:57 semarie the page the following javascript code: var fieldstr = prompt(... + _("Veuillez saisir une étiquette de zone... ajoutez "@" comme code de sous-zone...") );
10:07 semarie offending doublequote (for javascript) is present in http://translate.koha-communit[…]g.po#unit=4839465
10:18 semarie I submitted a change for it
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