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06:38 reiveune hello
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06:39 alex_a bonjour
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06:52 ashimema Good Morning #koha
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07:17 cait @later tell Joubu we had problems in patron search with following characters: non-printable, double quotes, backslash, and \x11 according to the migration scripts that we adapted with each problem found
07:17 huginn` cait: The operation succeeded.
07:34 ashimema @seen matts
07:34 huginn` ashimema: matts was last seen in #koha 2 weeks, 1 day, 23 hours, 2 minutes, and 59 seconds ago: <matts> ^^
07:35 matts hi
07:35 ashimema anyone using CAS authentication along with LDAP as a fallback in combination?
07:36 matts Hmm, don't think we have used this combination.
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07:36 ashimema had a feeling not
07:36 ashimema I just had an interesting regression come to light and I think it'll affect CAS too
07:37 gaetan_B hello
07:37 ashimema bug 20879
07:37 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20879 major, P1 - high, ---, martin.renvoize, NEW , Shibboleth matchpoint no longer works after upgrade to 17.11
07:37 ashimema if your interested matts
07:38 matts Sure, I'll have a look at it.
07:39 ashimema I'm not entirely sure how/when the regression came in... but it's a combination of how LDAP now returns and the explicit local fallback logic
07:40 ashimema seems we now don't fallback through each available mechanism the same way we used to.. the fix for shib was simple enough.. I 'think' it's likely the same thing for CAS
07:40 ashimema i.e. make sure you have 'ticket' but don't have $password present
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09:27 tuxayo Hi #koha o/ :)
09:29 tuxayo Does anyone know if it's possible to the touch to the translation system without blowing everything up? ^^" (to prevent it from eating CDATA section in HTML/XML) bug 8937
09:29 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8937 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Translation process removes CDATA in HTML
09:29 cait congrats bywater!
09:40 tuxayo bywater++
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09:51 kidclamp ahsimema: same thing? https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=20943
09:51 huginn` Bug 20943: normal, P5 - low, ---, nick, NEW , Cannot enable shibboleth and LDAP at the same time
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10:02 ashimema oh.. yes
10:02 ashimema I hadn't seen that one..
10:02 ashimema when did it apepar
10:03 ashimema lol
10:03 ashimema I just renamed the original bug to almost match yours so we didn't end up with a dupe.. but neglected to check whether one had happend in the interim
10:04 kidclamp :-) your number is lower, so I think the mistake is mine
10:05 ashimema well until just now the title of my bug is entirely different
10:05 ashimema so I don't blame you for missing it ;)
10:05 ashimema I've just marked yours as a dupe as I've posted a patch to the other one
10:05 ashimema :)
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10:06 kidclamp testing it now
10:07 ashimema :)
10:07 ashimema there's some crazy logic in LDAP now btw..
10:07 ashimema I had some real fun testing it after an upgrade for a customer a few days ago
10:08 ashimema did you know if you set 'auth_by_bind' and also 'user' and 'password' that the user and password login is never used now.
10:09 ashimema but.. if you don't set user and password.. you end up doing an anon bind then search which is completely different logic and a such often completely fail auth
10:09 ashimema the logic in that module is really really hard to follow
10:10 kidclamp yes, we found that out a while back, we define user and pass even when not used now
10:11 ashimema yeah.. me too after running around in circles numerious times the other day
10:11 ashimema ldap flows are evil
10:12 kidclamp it needs an overhaul , but I don't want to touch Auth, I have enough Acq patches to keep me happy
10:12 ashimema haha
10:12 ashimema I've been promising an Auth overhaul for years
10:12 ashimema but never had the time to devote to it.
10:13 kidclamp let's devote the first day of hackfest this year to building time turners
10:18 ashimema lol
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11:28 ashimema OK.. want some thoughts devs
11:30 ashimema do you guys think it's simpler to understand chaining search methods or having more parameters in a single method?
11:30 ashimema this is in relation to Koha::Objects..
11:31 kidclamp can you give an example?
11:31 ashimema example `->filter_for_x({last_seen => DateTime, expired_before => DateTime});`
11:32 ashimema where last_seen and expired_before are both optional
11:32 ashimema or `->last_seen(DateTime)->expired_befor(DateTime);`
11:32 ashimema you could even have both sets
11:33 ashimema where ->filter_for_x internally just chained
11:34 ashimema it sorta relates to my comments on bug 17168
11:34 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17168 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, nick, Signed Off , Add a command line script for updating patron category based on status
11:34 ashimema I'll submit some alternatives on bug 11983
11:35 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11983 normal, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, NEW , code to select patrons to purge needs to be centralized
11:35 kidclamp I think I like params better, but chaining may be easier to read (until it becomes a long chain)
11:35 kidclamp is there any perf bonus either way?
11:36 ashimema nope
11:36 ashimema hmm.. suppose the params might be very slightly more performant
11:36 ashimema as chaining means invoking DBIx::Classes merge functions
11:39 ashimema I reckon the final option I came up with makes the most sense from a DRY perspective
11:40 ashimema else people will end up nearly duplicating allot of routines.. for example `search_patrons_for_delete`, `search_patrons_for_anonymize`, `search_patrons_for_category_change`..
11:41 ashimema that'salready all of subs that do very nearly the same thing
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11:58 fridolin hi thre
11:58 * fridolin in the hot summer of Marseille
12:02 ashimema next question
12:04 ashimema `->issued_since(DateTime)` and `not_issued_since(DateTime)` methods or `->last_issued(since => DateTime)` and `last_issued(before => DateTime)`
12:05 * ashimema likes to promote internal api discussion
12:07 kidclamp the latter I think, because I want to do last_issued({after => $yore, before => $recent});
12:07 kidclamp but kidclamp is not always right
12:07 kidclamp khall^
12:07 ashimema oh.. I hadn't even thought about that combination.. cool
12:07 ashimema that could be easy enough to include
12:08 ashimema in which case you'd want it as a hashref rather than  fat array too
12:08 ashimema for clarity
12:08 kidclamp indeed
12:08 ashimema do we already have any coding guidlines on that.. the whole fat array vs hashref as params?
12:09 kidclamp I think we prefer hashrefs
12:09 ashimema we encourage hashref generally now don't we
12:09 kidclamp https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]used_as_arguments
12:10 ashimema cheers :)
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12:14 Joubu hi #koha
12:14 Joubu ashimema: ->last_seen(DateTime) reads like a setter, not a filter
12:16 ashimema true.. suppose all methods like that could be prepended with `filter_by_` or something along those lines
12:16 ashimema though that rapidly grows the method names
12:19 tuxayo Can a QAer check bug 15395 and tell what is the next step to move it forward? I would be happy to help there instead of working on issues that are caused by the current translation system.
12:19 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15395 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Signed Off , Internationalization: plural forms, context, and more
12:24 Joubu tuxayo: it's on my list
12:30 tuxayo Joubu :D
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12:35 oleonard Hi all
12:50 tcohen morning
12:51 cait good morning tcohen
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13:05 gaetan_B hello
13:05 gaetan_B re
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13:11 oleonard Oh hi kidclamp have you heard the good news about bug 19474?
13:11 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19474 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Passed QA , Convert staff client CSS to SCSS
13:11 oleonard ;)
13:12 kidclamp hmm? what? no, I have never heard of this
13:12 kidclamp :-b
13:15 * oleonard fires up his PowerPoint, unfolds his tri-fold display, cues the dance troupe
13:20 tcohen \o/
13:21 oleonard \\o  \o\  \o/  /o/   o//
13:34 kidclamp thanks oleonard
13:36 cait :)
13:36 cait koha++
13:36 cait love staged import
13:36 cait and the diff view
13:40 cait matts around?
13:41 matts cait, around indeed
13:41 cait :)
13:41 * oleonard waves to matts
13:41 cait i think i can't push to github - is a patch file ok?
13:41 matts hi oleonard :)
13:41 matts cait, perfectly fine, yes
13:41 cait ok, working on it now
13:41 cait should hopefully not take too long :)
13:47 cait matts: % over must be a number. give me an error in poedit because of the % - any advice?
13:49 matts cait, poedit didn't yell at me when editing the FR file.
13:49 cait strange
13:49 cait also not seeing the tab descriptions
13:49 cait should they be in resources?
13:49 cait only had a very few strings in resources and usage (which is nice, but wondering)
13:51 matts cait, % should be escaped as %% for gettext. I think this is reason why poedit complains.
13:51 cait ok, will take a look at the file
13:53 cait just the tab thing unclear now
13:53 cait you said the file woudl be amended or something?
13:53 matts cait, yes, I added the missing msgid at the end of the file
13:53 cait hmm strange
13:53 cait poedit didn't find them
13:54 matts see lines 3734 to 3744
13:54 cait checking now
13:54 cait resources, right?
13:54 matts RIGHT
13:54 cait *hides*
13:54 matts oops, i meant "right"
13:54 matts :)
13:55 cait ah i see some, but not all
13:55 cait for example looking for 'aquisitions
13:55 matts cait, that's because the others are already picked-up by gettext and translated before in the file.
13:56 cait hm odd
13:56 cait in our system they are all in English with the current files
13:56 cait 3 beta
13:56 matts see line 1117
13:56 matts msgid "Acquisitions"
13:56 matts msgstr "Erwerbung"
13:56 cait yeah, but it isn't picked up
13:57 cait in our coral 3 all tabs are untranslated
13:57 matts did you restart apache/php ? Some translation cache occurs.
13:57 cait i can#t test - my dev coral is broken
13:57 cait just hoping it will work
13:57 cait shoudl i create all .mo? even for the files where no strings changed?
13:57 matts cait, I can check for you and ping if something went wrong
13:57 cait that would be really nice
13:58 matts you can create all the mo. Won't hurt.
13:58 cait ok, doing that, thatn committing :)
14:00 cait then...
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14:06 cait matts: sent!
14:09 cait @wunder Konstanz
14:09 huginn` cait: Konstanz, Germany :: Clear :: 84F/29C | Wind Chill: 84F/29C | Heat Index: 84F/29C | Thursday: Mainly cloudy. A few peeks of sunshine possible. High near 85F. Winds NW at 10 to 20 mph. Thursday Night: Evening clouds will give way to clearing overnight. Low 49F. Winds N at 10 to 15 mph.
14:09 oleonard @wunder 45701
14:09 huginn` oleonard: Athens, OH :: Overcast :: 71F/22C | Thursday: Cloudy early, then thunderstorms developing this afternoon. High 77F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 100%. Thursday Night: Thunderstorms likely this evening. Then the chance of scattered thunderstorms overnight. Low 67F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 100%.
14:09 cait it feels a lot warmer
14:20 matts cait, got it. How would you translate "Orders" ?
14:21 cait Bestellungen
14:23 matts cait, ok, it was missing, I'll add it and we're good to go !
14:24 * matts gotta practice his german. Going to Germany this week-end
14:24 cait ah cool, where to?
14:25 cait thx for checking, wonder how i'd missed that - brain is overheating
14:25 eythian oh yeah, I'm going next month too.
14:25 cait :)
14:25 cait and who si visiting me?
14:25 eythian Not me, I'm going to Koeln.
14:26 matts cait, not far from my place, Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden-Württemberg.
14:26 matts Lovely city
14:26 cait ah nice :)
14:26 cait they have a shiny university library
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14:42 tcohen hi matts
14:43 matts hi tcohen
15:01 reiveune bye
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15:04 lavamind tcohen: if you want to discuss my project with Koha, I'm available
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15:13 Rokoh Hi everybody i'm new koha i made recently an installation on my lab server and i have difficulty with LDAP authentification with an Active Directory on 2008 server, someone already do that ? or have a conf file for check my conf please
15:27 oleonard Sorry Rokoh I guess there's no one around who knows about that
15:28 ashimema who should I ask about getting a field added to bugzilla.. I think it would be great to have a 'koha-manual update request' field to add a link to the associated gitlab koha-manual merge request for bugs
15:29 ashimema this'll be the third one I've added to a comment in a bug.. comments are lost too easily ;)
15:29 cait1 ashimema: we use keyword: manual or documentation i think
15:29 cait1 and docs team has a taiga
15:30 cait1 maybe talk to Leej when he is back? I think he will be back beginning of July
15:30 cait1 bye #koha
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15:31 Rokoh thank's oleonard i keep searching in manual and forums :)
15:33 ashimema cheers cait1
15:39 ashimema confused.. how are the images working in the manual
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15:44 Joubu do you have a specific question?
15:45 Joubu ashimema: images are listed in source/images.rst
15:46 ashimema mm..
15:47 ashimema ok
15:48 Joubu yes, it's not perfect. We should use meaningful codes to use from .rst
15:48 ashimema wow.. so we map an image1234 to a full path..
15:48 Joubu I guess it comes from the migration from docbook
15:48 ashimema thanks for the hint anyways
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15:48 ashimema mmm
15:49 ashimema I imagine so
15:50 barton hey all, Bywater keeps a glossary of koha related terms, I figured that it would probably be useful for the community, so I put it here:
15:50 ashimema so there's no real reason not to just use the ..image directive directly?
15:59 cait joined #koha
16:00 oleonard cool, barton, thanks
16:01 barton glossary is
16:01 barton glossary?
16:01 wahanui i heard glossary was
16:01 barton forget glossary
16:01 wahanui barton: I forgot glossary
16:02 barton glossary is <reply>
16:02 barton glossary?
16:02 wahanui
16:02 barton there we go.
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17:21 caroline hello all!
17:21 wahanui hello all! is there a way of linking the authorities in koha? link 550$a to 001 or control no.? linking done by adding 550$0 of the term
17:22 caroline um?
17:28 oleonard wahanui: Forget hello all!
17:28 wahanui oleonard, I didn't have anything matching hello all
17:28 oleonard wahanui: Forget hello all\!
17:28 wahanui oleonard, I didn't have anything matching hello all\
17:29 oleonard It's forever.
17:29 Joubu forget hello all
17:30 Joubu wahanui: forget hello all
17:30 wahanui Joubu, I didn't have anything matching hello all
17:30 Joubu wahanui: forget "hello all!"
17:30 wahanui Joubu, I didn't have anything matching "hello all!"
17:30 Joubu wahanui: hello all?
17:30 wahanui joubu: i haven't a clue
17:30 Joubu wahanui: hello all!?
17:30 wahanui it has been said that hello all! is there a way of linking the authorities in koha? link 550$a to 001 or control no.? linking done by adding 550$0 of the term
17:30 Joubu wahanui: forget hello all!
17:30 wahanui Joubu, I didn't have anything matching hello all
17:30 Joubu wahanui: stupid bot
17:30 wahanui rumour has it stupid bot is :(
17:30 Joubu wahanui: forget 'hello all!'
17:30 wahanui Joubu, I didn't have anything matching 'hello all!'
17:33 caroline guys, I'll just not greet with "hello all", don't agonize over wahanui
17:33 oleonard hello all!!!
17:35 cait forget reply hello all!
17:36 cait wahanui forget reply it has been said that hello all! is there a way of linking the authorities in koha? link 550$a to 001 or control no.? linking done by adding 550$0 of the term
17:36 wahanui cait, I didn't have anything matching reply it has been said o all! is there a way of linking the authorities in koha? link 550$a to 001 or control no.? linking done by adding 550$0 of the term
17:36 cait wahanui forget reply hello all
17:36 wahanui cait, I didn't have anything matching reply hello all
17:36 cait eythian: ?
17:36 cait well, 154 days until next koha release... no time to rest!
17:37 caroline you guys remind me of a scene in "IT Crowd" where the boss constantly yell "hello computer" at his computer
17:38 eythian wahanui: forget hello all\!
17:38 wahanui eythian, I didn't have anything matching hello all\
17:38 eythian I need my computer for this
17:38 caroline
17:39 eythian It might be impossible
17:40 eythian hello all! =~ s/!/#/
17:40 eythian wahanui: hello all! =~ s/!/#/
17:40 wahanui That doesn't contain '!', eythian
17:41 eythian hmm
17:41 eythian I don't think it's possible
17:42 cait we broke wahanui
17:42 oleonard wahanui broke us.
17:42 wahanui oleonard: sorry...
17:43 eythian wahanui has never really had it all together
17:43 wahanui eythian: what?
17:43 eythian wahanui: you heard me
17:43 wahanui eythian: sorry...
17:45 eythian whoever wahanui's caretaker is these days can modify the database.
17:52 cait ashimema: did you figure out how ot add images?
17:52 cait i can help
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17:59 oleonard Hm, when did we get column visibility on I just noticed it.
18:16 oleonard Bug 7547, better late than never.
18:16 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7547 minor, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , printing a sorted cart
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18:59 oleonard Bye all
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