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00:38 reza joined #koha
00:39 reza I just installed Koha 18.05 and upgraded the schema successfully. The memcached works with the configuration in koha-conf.xml. But when I configure elasticsearch and try to rebuild using the command line tool it keeps saying No 'elasticsearch' block is defined in koha-conf.xml. sudo koha-elasticsearch --rebuild -v testinstance   .   I can see the elasticsearch block under the config block. What could cause this?
00:59 MilkManzJourDaddy IDK, but IRC without a Bouncer causes a lot of repeated messages.  :(
01:20 khall joined #koha
02:20 reza is there any one who faced that issue before?
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20:39 rangi Joubu:
21:11 aleisha hlelo
21:11 aleisha oops
21:12 aleisha hello
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