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04:12 mtompset Have a great weekend, #koha
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05:06 Oak Happy birthday jcamins_ !!!
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08:17 indradg hi anyone here who has used the offline circ recently?
08:18 indradg on 17.11.05 I´m getting some strange results like transposition of barcode and cardnumber for checkouts when uploading a .koc file
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20:22 ksorbo Installation Question
20:23 ksorbo II am installing Koha 17.11 on Ubuntu 16.04. (Digital Ocean Droplet). It should be noted that I have one other app on this server using the mysql server.
20:23 ksorbo I am able to run through all the install step until I get to kota-create create-db libraryname
20:25 ksorbo At this point I get password error message.
20:25 ksorbo ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'debian-sys-maint'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
20:26 ksorbo I assume this is because koha is trying to create a database in mysql.
20:27 ksorbo Where / how does koha-create know the mysql root password? Does it assume that the root password is blank? Looking at the script code I note that it doesn't use -p when invoking mysqladmin.
20:27 ksorbo What am I missing?
20:29 tcohen ksorbo: it is passing /etc/mysql/koha-common.cnf as parameter
20:29 tcohen that file is a symlink to /etc/mysql/debian.cnf
20:30 tcohen I assume at some point someone changed the permissions/password on that server
20:30 ksorbo I looked at that file. It has a username and password
20:30 tcohen can you open the mysql shell using those credentials?
20:31 tcohen koha-create will use those credentials to create a db user for koha with permissions on a db it will also create
20:31 tcohen (you are using —create-db, right?)
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20:32 ksorbo I can open mysql with those credentials.
20:32 ksorbo here is the command I ran:  koha-create --create-db mylibraryname
20:34 tcohen can you
20:34 tcohen > CREATE DATABASE koha_mylibraryname;
20:35 tcohen > GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON koha_mylibraryname.* TO 'koha_mylibraryname'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'supercoolpassword';
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20:37 ksorbo Yes, both commands worked. Checked show databases; new database is present
20:38 tcohen we *could* debug this
20:38 tcohen but I guess the best option is to use
20:39 tcohen koha-create —use-db mylibraryname
20:39 ksorbo OK. How do I tell it my supercoolpassword ??
20:39 tcohen create a file
20:40 tcohen called /etc/koha/password
20:40 tcohen sorry
20:40 tcohen passwd
20:40 tcohen instance:username:password:dbname:dbhost
20:40 tcohen ^^ with that content
20:40 tcohen so
20:40 tcohen mylibraryname:koha_mylibraryname:superco​olpassword:koha_mylibraryname:localhost
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20:42 ksorbo thanks loads @tcohen!! I'm trying it now
20:42 * tcohen crosses fingers
20:46 ksorbo The file does not exist (slash-etc-slash-koha-slash-password
20:46 ksorbo Do I just create it?
20:48 tcohen create it, BUT
20:48 tcohen it is passwd
20:48 tcohen not password
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20:55 ksorbo looks like I am going to have to create the apache conf file manually. There is no mylibary.conf in etc-apache2-sites-enabled
20:58 ksorbo Where is the document root for the website?
21:16 tcohen ksorbo: sorry, was distracte
21:16 tcohen a2ensite?
21:16 wahanui a2ensite is expecting foobar.conf our koha-create only generates foobar.
21:17 tcohen did koha-create print some message?
21:17 tcohen saying something was not ok?
21:19 ksorbo It seems that the install process is not completed. There is no apache2 conf file that I can find anywhere, certainly not in etc-apache2-sites-enabled.
21:20 ksorbo Also, the -etc-koha-sites-mylibrary is empty
21:21 ksorbo Is there a simple way to complete reset the install process? E.g. delete \/etc\/koha ?
21:21 ksorbo the koha-create process did not complete it gave the password error site above.
21:31 tcohen koha-remove
21:31 wahanui koha-remove is for removing instances.
21:35 ksorbo thanks...
21:40 ksorbo koha-remove libraryname give the same mysql error
21:40 ksorbo ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'debian-sys-maint'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
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