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03:04 bag hola
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05:49 josef_moravec cait++
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06:31 josef_moravec hi cait, thanks for testing bug 20323
06:31 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20323 major, P5 - low, ---, josef.moravec, Passed QA , Batch patron modification tool broken
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07:22 cait josef_moravec: sure :)
07:22 cait can you take another look at bug 19908 - i am confused about the status
07:22 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19908 critical, P5 - low, ---, josef.moravec, ASSIGNED , Password should not be mandatory
07:23 josef_moravec cait: looking here now, what do you think about Jonathan's comment related to OPAC? I can't see any place in opac which could need this fix...
07:24 josef_moravec cait: If I am right, than it is passed QA by you ;)
07:27 cait only thing i can think of is patron self registration
07:27 cait do you have time to check if it is affected?
07:27 cait otherwise comment and switch back, this is an ugly bug and shoudl have gone into the latest bugfix release
07:28 josef_moravec yes I checked it, see my comment https://bugs.koha-community.or[…].cgi?id=19908#c20
07:28 huginn Bug 19908: critical, P5 - low, ---, josef.moravec, ASSIGNED , Password should not be mandatory
07:29 cait sorry, have to run and have a meeting at 9 - will be back later
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07:34 reiveune hello
07:34 wahanui hola, reiveune
07:34 reiveune hello
07:35 alex_a bonjour
07:35 wahanui hello, alex_a
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07:40 fridolin hi there
08:19 clrh hello
08:19 wahanui que tal, clrh
08:25 tuxayo hi #koha o/
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08:25 gaetan_B hello
08:36 nlegrand Howdie
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08:44 magnuse \o/
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10:08 d_antonakis Hi! The bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=11927 has status closed fix but I'm unable to make the greek sorting to work properly. Any ideas?
10:08 huginn Bug 11927: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, fridolin.somers, CLOSED FIXED, Add greek support to CHR
10:08 d_antonakis version (debian)
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10:15 cait d_antonakis: it depends on your configuration
10:15 cait you have to make sure the greek sort file is used
10:16 cait see this here from the test plan: - Install using "gr" in "Primary language for Zebra indexing"
10:16 d_antonakis ZEBRA_LANGUAGE="gr"
10:16 cait hm
10:16 cait did you change it after initial installation?
10:17 d_antonakis yes (the default was "en")
10:17 cait yeah that#s not enough then
10:17 cait that value is used to generate files
10:18 cait somewhere, it would have changed the sort file used to gr
10:18 cait let me see if i can find something to activate after installation
10:19 fridolin after install ?
10:19 cait fridolin: when you didn't select gr when installation but want to switch to the sort file later
10:19 cait i think the link is in one of the zebra files
10:20 fridolin sed -i 's/lang_defs\/en/lang_defs\/gr/g' etc/zebradb/zebra-*.cfg
10:20 fridolin cait: ^
10:20 fridolin we use this to swith from fr to en
10:20 cait d_antonakis:  ^
10:20 cait :)
10:20 cait if that works for you, we should add it to the faq somewhere
10:21 cait fridolin: restart zebra i think, but with or without reindexing?
10:21 d_antonakis I did reindex several times
10:22 cait d_antonakis: after running the command fridolin gave you
10:22 fridolin cait: you need to reindex yes
10:22 fridolin full
10:22 d_antonakis let me check it
10:22 fridolin restart zebra first yes
10:22 cait you changed the config parameter - but after installation, so the files were not updated using it
10:23 cait see here:[…]&s=ZEBRA_LANGUAGE - that's what we are tying to fix :)
10:25 d_antonakis sed: can't read etc/zebradb/zebra-*.cfg: No such file or directory
10:26 nlegrand d_antonakis: /etc/zebradb/zebra-*.cfg and not etc/zebradb/zebra-*.cfg ?
10:27 d_antonakis the same
10:27 wahanui i heard the same was true i think for some other 'hidden' things, like hiding lots or damaged items by pref
10:27 fridolin d_antonakis: sorry i dont know where your config is
10:27 fridolin i use dev install but maybe you used package install ?
10:27 d_antonakis from packages
10:27 fridolin find /etc/ -name zebra-*.cfg ;)
10:28 fridolin cait: do you know where zebra config is in packaged install ?
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10:29 d_antonakis ok now I can see them at /etc/koha/sites/
10:29 atJano hello
10:29 wahanui privet, atJano
10:29 cait fridolin: not good with the paths either, but we will figure it out
10:29 cait d_antonakis: did you find the zebra files?
10:29 d_antonakis yes
10:30 d_antonakis what changes should I do?
10:30 cait you want to replace en with gr
10:30 cait in the paths
10:30 cait maybe we can adapt the sed
10:30 cait fridolin: ?
10:31 cait so in the zebra files there are paths with the language code, telling it which files to use for sorting, index definition etc
10:31 cait they shoudl still be en for you and we want to change to gr
10:31 d_antonakis ok I'll change it and I 'll let you know :-) thanks!
10:32 fridolin cait: d_antonakis :: you may edit with VIM ;)
10:32 fridolin search for lang_defs
10:32 d_antonakis I prefer nano
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10:33 cait[…]&s=ZEBRA_LANGUAGE < this might also give you an idea, probably you want to change the debian/templates ones
10:33 cait 't
10:35 cait fridolin: different question - are you using 16.11 and have had reports of invoice totals not being correctly calculated?
10:35 cait just trying... maybe you know :)
10:35 atJano sorry for the silly question, but How to catalog clipping news?
10:36 fridolin s/VIM/your prefered editor/
10:37 atJano since we do not have the item i.e. newspaper or other source like blog
10:37 fridolin :D
10:38 fridolin cait: yes we are in 16.11
10:38 fridolin a bug in Koha ? strange ;)
10:39 cait ;)
10:39 cait atJano: you mean an article out of a newspapaer or magazine?
10:40 d_antonakis how can I thank you fridolin and cait?! I works!
10:40 cait d_antonakis: you are welcome :)
10:41 atJano cait Yes, that's it and nowadays clipping includes blog articles
10:42 cait maybe like an article?
10:42 paxed cait: i added my preliminary version of the languages from 041, bug 20364
10:42 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20364 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, pasi.kallinen, Needs Signoff , Show languages from MARC21 field 041 in intranet
10:42 cait sadly i am not a catalouging expert
10:54 fridolin d_antonakis: your welcome ;)
10:55 fridolin i have learn greek in school its awesome
10:55 fridolin it was nice to understand some scientice words composed with greek
10:56 fridolin like : ophtalmologie :)
11:01 d_antonakis yeah, it's an amazing language. I'm happy you like it!
11:02 d_antonakis many greek words have been borrowed into other languages
11:12 cait matts: around?
11:14 matts cait, around indeed
11:14 cait it's about the logout from cas
11:15 cait it seems koha uses url= and it should be service= with the redirect url
11:15 cait have you run into this by chance?
11:15 cait i am trying to figure out if this is from the cas module we use or from Koha
11:15 matts let me see
11:17 matts cait, it is correct in Koha. We pass the url parameter to the logout_url of the Authen::Cas::Client module, because it is what it expects.
11:17 matts Whatever it does after that should be CAS compliant. It's its job, after all :)
11:17 cait yeah but it seems it's not
11:17 cait or not to the newer versions *sigh*
11:18 cait cas/logout?url=http...
11:18 cait should be logout?/service=
11:18 cait i am told
11:18 cait so the redirect doesn't work
11:19 cait so you say I can't fix that in Koha, right?
11:19 cait[…]
11:20 matts That's what I'm saying, yes. If something needs to be fixed, it has to be fixed in Authen::Cas::Client.
11:20 cait Note: The url parameter defined in the former CAS 2.0 specification is not a valid parameter in CAS 3.0 anymore. CAS Servers MUST ignore given url parameters.
11:20 cait and our module only supports cas 2.0 officially
11:21 matts And I can confirm looking at the code that it uses url instead of service.
11:23 matts So either we patch Authen::CAS::Client or we find a better CAS module and we patch Koha to use it.
11:26 cait it's not so easy finding a better one i think
11:26 cait and then you'd probaby need a config option or something to tell if you want 2.0 or 3.0?
11:27 cait cas will give me my first grey hairs
11:30 matts cait, seriously ? CAS is soooo smooth compared to Shibboleth :)
11:31 cait that's very true
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12:49 cait qa_team++
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13:05 * cait waves
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13:24 * ashimema doesn't think Shibboleth is too bad ;)
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13:28 ashimema bugger to test I will admit
13:29 lari huh my userid was reset into from "whatever" into firstname.surname when BorrowerUnwatedField contains userid
13:29 lari i guess this is not expected behavior?
13:31 lari s/into from/from/
13:33 lari that is when i go edit my data via
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14:05 cait lari: there is currently a bug with userid generation - please file it
14:05 lari Bug 20367
14:05 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20367 normal, P5 - low, ---, lari.taskula, Needs Signoff , userid resets to firstname.surname when BorrowerUnwantedField contains userid
14:05 cait i saw a comment somewher about it not generating one... but it shoudl definitely not change an existing
14:05 cait great thx
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14:29 roch Hi! Anyone know if theres a way to test for a patron category in the templates? I want to show a link to only one category of user in the intranet
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14:42 dersmon hi everyone
15:10 tuxayo cait, oleonard_  Hackfest: so sunday evening are you still planning to eat at "La Crêpe au Carré" ?
15:10 LibraryClaire tuxayo: yes :D
15:12 cait and maybe beer or coffee before, depends on how soon we get there
15:13 LibraryClaire (beer)
15:13 cait (anything but)
15:13 LibraryClaire (Jägermeister)
15:13 cait maybe not anything...
15:14 tuxayo LibraryClaire: I hope I'll be able to attend :)
15:15 LibraryClaire tuxayo: cool :)
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15:32 dersmon is it valid to set 952$9 subfields myself before importing bibliographic/item data?
15:39 tuxayo LibraryClaire: cait : Do I keep you in touch by email? (and to get a confirmation of the time)
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15:57 tcohen hi
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15:59 tcohen Jägermeister++
15:59 tcohen Pastis++
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16:27 roch hi
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16:39 reiveune bye
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22:41 hugo hello i am newbie but try to test KOHA .... i have installed .. i tra to connect by IP-Adress and get "The Koha online catalog is offline".. can someone help me please ?
22:41 hugo how can i setup accessing via DNS ?
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