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06:24 josef_moravec hi cait
06:25 cait hi josef_moravec :)
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07:01 magnuse \o/
07:04 josef_moravec hi magnuse
07:04 josef_moravec hi LibraryClaire
07:08 LibraryClaire hi josef_moravec :)
07:08 LibraryClaire hey magnuse
07:16 cait josef_moravec++
07:16 josef_moravec cait: was a bit more work then expected, but now should works ok
07:19 josef_moravec https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]ment.cgi?id=72466
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07:33 alex_a bonjour
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07:34 reiveune hello
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08:12 * cait waves
08:12 cait josef_moravec: thx!
08:12 josef_moravec cait: you're welcome ;)
08:14 josef_moravec cait: now looking into bug 19933
08:14 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19933 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Move C4::Members::patronflags to the Koha namespace - part 1
08:14 josef_moravec pretty important one I think
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08:16 cait yep very important
08:17 cait we are a little late with Joubu on vacation, but good to have lots for him once he is back, especially the big stuff needs to go in soon now
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09:01 tuxayo hi #koha o/
09:03 LibraryClaire hi tuxayo
09:05 andreashm hi LibraryClaire tuxayo
09:07 tuxayo hi andreashm , hi LibraryClaire
09:13 tuxayo cait: hi, do you have time today to talk about decimal separators? *thunder strikes again*
09:13 tuxayo Or do you know who I could discuss with to find which functional solutions are acceptable for a minimal patch or not.
09:14 cait heh
09:14 cait we can try
09:14 cait I have an opinion on things... can't guarantee you that everyone would agree
09:14 cait maybe next week would be good to talk to people too
09:18 LibraryClaire hey andreashm
09:29 tuxayo cait «we can try» when is the most convenient moment for you?
09:29 tuxayo Is there someone else I should get an additional green-light about the functionality before starting to implement anything?
09:29 tuxayo How are these kind of things decided in the community?
09:29 tuxayo I'm okay to wait next week if it will be easier.
09:37 cait tuxayo: there is not really a formal process
09:38 cait if you are unsure if it will be accepted it's good to bring it up at a dev meeting for example
09:38 cait or to talk to different people to get an idea of things that might be missing from spec
09:38 cait if you write up a summary of your plans on the bug report, you culd ask people to comment
09:39 cait and then of course you need someone to test it and say it's good and QA - QA needs to see if it works according coding guidelines, breaks workflows for someone etc.
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10:14 tuxayo cait: dev meeting: yes, there is also that!
10:14 tuxayo I'll try to list all the possibilities in the relevant bug. Thanks :)
10:46 andreashm Ok. 40K patrons deleted. Only ~170 to go.
10:54 cait andreashm: spring clean?
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10:59 andreashm cait: yup. long overdue.
11:00 andreashm and needed, to comply with gdpr
11:05 andreashm khall: I was happy t see bug 19469 got PassedQA yesterday! Hurray!
11:05 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19469 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Passed QA , Add ability to split view of holds view on record by pickup library and/or itemtype
11:05 andreashm khall++
11:06 andreashm tcohen++
11:06 khall indeed!
11:08 andreashm now we just need to look at the api needs. I'll get back to you about that. =)
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11:20 indradg hi #koha
11:20 indradg any zebra gurus around?
11:20 paxed there are no such things
11:22 indradg @paxed: lol
11:22 huginn indradg: I suck
11:24 indradg no seriously iḿ seeing some strange things here - on an OPACś authority search its pulling up *every* record.... sort of like what happens with not fixing ICU indexing for asiatic scripts... only here it is happening with data in Latin script
11:25 paxed (as an aside, i don't think i've ever seen ḿ before ;)
11:25 indradg lol
11:37 fridolin a new little gentle easy Bug  20341
11:37 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20341 normal, P5 - low, ---, fridolin.somers, Needs Signoff , Show authorized value description for withdrawn like damaged and lost
11:53 cait indradg: sorry haven't seen that so far
11:55 indradg cait:[…] type in *anything*, and the all 38 auth records being returned
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12:39 oleonard Hi all
12:42 josef_moravec hi oleonard
12:42 josef_moravec have you seen bug 20322
12:42 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20322 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Circulation page layout and design update
12:42 oleonard I've taken a quick look
12:43 oleonard I like the idea
12:44 josef_moravec me too, needs some polishing, but looks great i think
12:44 paxed definitely better than what's there now
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13:09 Freddy_Enrique Hi everyone
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13:35 oleonard josef_moravec:
13:35 oleonard (ignore the purple theme)
13:36 oleonard Offline circulation needs to be handled better.
13:41 josef_moravec oleonard: can't see it :(
13:42 LibraryClaire purple++
13:42 oleonard josef_moravec:[…]302f764dda5d7.png ?
13:42 LibraryClaire josef_moravec I had to open it twice for it to show
13:42 oleonard You have to really mean it.
13:42 josef_moravec great, i can see it now
13:44 josef_moravec oleanar: looks great
13:44 josef_moravec what do you think we could do with Offline circulation section? Make it the same as other sections on this page?
13:45 oleonard it's worth a try
13:45 LibraryClaire I like it
13:45 josef_moravec and what about to make 4 columns on bigger screens? Scale down to two and one?
13:46 josef_moravec how it would work?
13:46 josef_moravec oleonard++ for using Czech in Koha ;)
13:47 oleonard I'm a fan, josef_moravec. While I'm in Marseille the rest of my family will be in Prague
13:48 josef_moravec Oh, great, Prague is nice, but too big for us villager ;) :D
13:49 oleonard :)
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14:08 andreashm Oh nice, and updated layout for the circ page!
14:13 eythian oleonard: neat. I'm going to Prague in April.
14:13 oleonard Have you been before eythian?
14:13 eythian I haven't, no
14:13 oleonard It's been a while since I've been, but I really liked it.
14:13 eythian yeah, I've heard good things.
14:14 eythian there for about 5 days, so plenty of time to explore
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15:45 indradg @seen talljoy
15:45 huginn indradg: talljoy was last seen in #koha 2 weeks, 4 days, 2 hours, 13 minutes, and 38 seconds ago: <talljoy> hiya magnuse!
15:47 indradg @later tell talljoy :[…] type in *anything*, and the all 38 auth records being returned
15:47 huginn indradg: The operation succeeded.
15:49 talljoy hi indradg
15:50 talljoy[…]
15:50 talljoy something odd in your authorities i think
15:50 talljoy clicking on one and i got a blank screen.
15:50 talljoy have you checked the frameworks?  And that the authorities are considered *valid* authorities (marc standard)
15:50 mirkh hi
15:52 talljoy hi mirkh
15:52 mirkh just checking, what is supposed to be the result of requesting a subscription detail page with a subscriptionid that doesn't exist?
15:52 mirkh Like cgi-bin/koha/serials/subscripti​
15:53 oleonard mirkh: I get a subscription detail page with empty info, which is a bug. We should show a message that no such subscription exists.
15:53 mirkh Yes, that's what I wondered, great to know it's a bug. Is it a known one?
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15:54 indradg talljoy, that was a CSS error that had pushed the details div down. now fixed
15:54 indradg its not a blank screen anymore
15:54 indradg and yes, checked marc frameworks too
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15:55 talljoy hiding the marc too?[…]?authid=15&marc=1
15:55 oleonard mirkh: I don't think there is a bug report for it, no.
15:55 * talljoy wants to see ALL the things :D
15:57 talljoy indranil i am getting different results if i search default or topical terms
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15:58 mirkh oleonard: is that something I should add then (bug report)?
15:58 oleonard mirkh: That would be great if you can. https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]orting_Guidelines
15:59 mirkh oleonard: thanks for your help!
15:59 talljoy and indradg do you have icu chains enabled?
16:00 talljoy i'm wondering if the script in the records is affecting the results like you noted.
16:00 indradg talljoy, yep! and UseICU is able set to yes
16:00 indradg thats what I´m also trying to identify
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16:04 talljoy indradg, the more specific my searches, the better the results (better=more narrow)  This seems like a keyword search issue - searching the whole record.
16:05 talljoy what are the searches like done in the script?
16:05 talljoy are they accurate or also too broad?
16:05 talljoy it's hindi right?
16:06 indradg talljoy: and here is the strangest thing! I exported these 38 auth records, importing them into another instance on the same box... the #$% searches working like a charm
16:06 indradg no, it is Bengali
16:06 talljoy ah!  so then i would suspect some zebra and/or icuchain configuration.
16:07 indradg FWIW, i had even scrubbed the zebra indexes and did a rebuild... but still stuck at the original case
16:07 indradg let me dig a bit more
16:07 talljoy small comfort that your data is probably fine.  systems issues are harder (for me) to troubleshoot
16:07 talljoy i would check the system configs for zebra and icuchains
16:07 talljoy then rebuild
16:08 talljoy good luck1
16:08 talljoy !
16:08 indradg :-)
16:09 bag hi indradg
16:09 * indradg waves at bag
16:11 tcohen hi indradg bag talljoy
16:11 bag heya tcohen
16:17 idg|debugging hi tcohen
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17:02 reiveune bye
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17:11 tcohen idg|debugging: around?
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17:15 idg|debugging tcohen, yes
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17:29 Katia where I find the login connection, thanks for sharing knowledge
17:32 Katia ellym has changed nick to kellym-zoom
17:32 Katia where I find the login connection, thanks for sharing knowledge
17:38 barton|lunch I'm doing a bit of due dilligence before I file a bug. We're seeing staff permissions getting removed in batch patron import if the 'flags' column is present in the csv template, but not populated. This is a change from previous versions of Koha. I can't find anything in bugzilla about this. Has anyone run into this? I'd like to do a git blame to figure out which patch caused this -- can someone point
17:38 barton|lunch me in the right direction?
17:41 Katia which route are the questions to the bd in koha
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19:17 roch In the code, I keep seeing "if $debug print $stuff;" . How can I enable $debug so i can view these output /
19:17 roch ? *
19:19 kidclamp export DEBUG=1
19:19 kidclamp I usually just hardcord it into the script honestly :-)
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19:30 * oleonard makes a sacrifice to the columns_settings oracle
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19:41 tuxayo bye #koha o/
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19:53 oleonard bye #koha o/
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20:52 atJano hello ppl, I'm importing mark record to koha, how do I automatically create the items?
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21:29 tcohen atJano: it is one of the import options
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21:39 Abigail Where do I find the queries, insert, etc in koha, thanks for sharing knowledge
21:39 Abigail Where do I find the queries, insert, etc in koha, thanks for sharing knowledge
21:43 Abigail Where do I find the queries, insert, etc in koha, thanks for sharing knowledge
21:52 Abigail Where do I find the queries, insert, etc in koha, thanks for sharing knowledge
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