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07:21 josef_moravec cait: looks like you are working on Kohy 24/7 :D
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07:35 reiveune hello
07:35 wahanui hola, reiveune
07:37 * cait hides
07:39 cait bbl :)
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07:48 alex_a bonjour
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08:05 magnuse hiya alex_a pvkrogh ashimema
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08:40 magnuse does a row in aqorder without a biblionumber make sense?
08:40 magnuse does a row in the aqorders-table without a biblionumber make sense?
08:41 magnuse it seems to trip up the display of <intranet>/cgi-bin/koha/ac​qui/ with an Internal Server Error
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08:47 narcisgarcia Hello, I'm preparing a Koha 17.11 installation; I'm creating "patron" categories, but I don't find how to set permissions to categories be useful as permissions grupos.
08:47 narcisgarcia *goups
08:47 narcisgarcia *groups
08:51 tuxayo Hi #Koha o/
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09:11 magnuse narcisgarcia: you can not connect permissions to categories. permissions are only given to individual users
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09:21 magnuse bug 6223
09:21 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6223 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW , Patron categories should have a default set of permissions
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09:48 narcisgarcia This is a disaster. It should be at least some fuinctionality for permissions profiles to be applied massively or by default to patrons/users.
09:49 narcisgarcia If I prepare the concrete permissions to apply to a users/patrons category... Hod do I register 50 new accounts and apply this for each one or all of them?
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09:55 fiq_ hai guys..
09:56 fiq_ I have problem regarding zebra index
09:57 fiq_ koha-rebuild-zebra -v -f library
09:57 fiq_ I try to run this command
09:57 fiq_ but got below error
09:58 fiq_ .error retrieving biblio 2040 at /usr/share/koha/bin/migrat​ion_tools/ line 683.
10:06 narcisgarcia Is there no way to apply a permission set to a user?
10:12 magnuse narcisgarcia: you could figure out how permiossions are treated at the database level and then write some sql to do what you want, but apart from that you have to set permissions individually and manually
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10:22 narcisgarcia Okay, thanks for the answers about permissions. I suppose it's a pending chapter for Koha as a CMS.
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12:44 oleonard Hi #koha
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12:56 tcohen morning
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13:20 cait morning
13:23 magnuse time of the day
13:23 cait hm?
13:39 tcohen morning?
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13:55 eythian afternoon
13:55 wahanui afternoon is good
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14:11 JesseM morning all
14:12 JesseM Is this URL working for anyone?
14:12 Joubu yes
14:13 JesseM and now it is for me as well  :)
14:13 JesseM Thx Joubu
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14:30 oleonard I'm back, after having crashed my computer by opening two spreadsheets at once.
14:30 eythian shoulda known better
14:30 * oleonard was such a fool
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14:46 Joubu could anyone explain me that:
14:46 Joubu SELECT basketno, basketname FROM aqbasket   group by basketno;
14:46 Joubu ERROR 1055 (42000): 'koha_kohadev.aqbasket.basketname' isn't in GROUP BY
14:47 Joubu but! the mysql doc says:
14:47 Joubu "The query is valid if name is a primary key of t or is a unique NOT NULL column. In such cases, MySQL recognizes that the selected column is functionally dependent on a grouping column. "
14:48 Joubu well, I am reading mysql 5.7 doc whereas I am using mariadb 10, I guess that's why :D
14:52 Joubu Here it is: :-/
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15:04 cait why not make it group by basketno, baksetname?
15:04 cait or what do you want to do exactly?
15:04 jajm Joubu, I'm using mariadb 10 too, and I can run this query (ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY is not in SQL_MODE but I haven't touched it, different defaults ?)
15:04 Freddy_Enrique Good morning koha
15:05 Freddy_Enrique Joubu, sound familiar.....
15:06 cait hm our mysql (old version) does run the query without error
15:06 cait SELECT basketno, basketname FROM aqbasket   group by basketno, basketname gives the same result
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15:19 Joubu oleonard: seen bug 20122? I do not recreate (tested only on master)
15:19 wahanui bug was last seen on #koha 153 days, 1 hours, 29 minutes and 4 seconds ago, saying: I am everywhere! [Wed Sep  6 13:50:19 2017]
15:19 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20122 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Empty and close link on cart page not working (js security)
15:20 oleonard Joubu: I tested it yesterday and couldn't reproduce the error. The only way I can get /close/ is to open the cart url in a regular tab (instead of the popup) and click the empty and close button from there. But I don't get the same error.
15:23 Joubu ok thanks
15:23 Joubu oleonard: you tested on master as well?
15:23 oleonard Yes, on master.
15:25 tcohen hi oleonard, Joubu
15:28 Joubu hola tcohen
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15:44 Joubu alex_a: did you contact kidclamp about ES?
15:45 alex_a Joubu: not yet
15:45 alex_a I'm installing all what i need
15:46 Joubu Do you have plans already?
15:52 mtj @later tell magnuse "does a row in the aqorders-table without a biblionumber make sense?  it seems to trip up the display of <intranet>/cgi-bin/koha/ac​qui/ with an Internal Server Error"
15:52 huginn` mtj: The operation succeeded.
15:53 mtj @later tell magnuse: ^ i think youve hit bug 19596
15:53 huginn` mtj: The operation succeeded.
15:54 * mtj bumped into it last week
15:54 Joubu from: Koha::Patron->is_expired - return 0 if $self->dateexpiry eq '0000-00-00';
15:55 Joubu from the tests -  74     is( $issuingimpossible->{EXPIRED}, 1, 'The patron should be considered as expired if dateexpiry is 0000-00-00' );
15:55 Joubu lol...
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15:55 Joubu not fun actually
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16:30 reiveune bye
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17:23 Angel create web service users to Koha
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17:23 Angel please help
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17:42 Joubu Angel: Hi
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19:27 ebegin Hello #koha !
19:28 ebegin Do you know any Koha instances running over Elastic Search ?
19:29 cait sorry, no
19:29 cait maybe ask kidclamp?
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20:15 aleisha hello
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21:45 eythian[…]lls-of-death-book
21:45 eythian aleisha: hi
21:45 aleisha hi eythian! how are you
21:47 eythian aleisha: I'm good, missed seeing you (and many others to be fair) when I was back.
21:47 aleisha yeah i was guttered about that, you'll have to come back at a time that isn't the holidays heh
21:48 eythian Yeah, next time it'll be Feb, the flights are much cheaper then too
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21:55 aleisha awesome!
21:55 wahanui That'll be NOK 10 for the awesome jar, aleisha
21:57 eythian Not this Feb though, perhaps two more years :)
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