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06:47 LibraryClaire morning #koha
07:24 magnuse \o/
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07:37 reiveune hello
07:37 wahanui kia ora, reiveune
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07:59 alex_a bonjour
07:59 wahanui hi, alex_a
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08:25 clrh hi
08:25 wahanui what's up, clrh
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08:32 gaetan_B hello
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08:59 magnuse bonjour clrh, gaetan_B, fridolin
09:03 fridolin bonjouuuuur
09:09 * LibraryClaire waves
09:09 clrh hello magnuse
09:39 eythian hi
09:39 wahanui salut, eythian
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10:13 magnuse no debian package for 17.11 yet?
10:16 eythian <_<
10:16 eythian >_>
10:17 eythian wait, not my problem ;)
10:26 magnuse hehe
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12:34 oleonard Happy December everyone
12:35 Nemo_bis vade retro
12:35 Nemo_bis seems unreachable
12:36 oleonard Same here Nemo_bis.  We should look up on the wiki who manages the server the wiki is on ;)
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12:46 LibraryClaire hi oleonard
12:46 wahanui hi oleopard
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12:51 fridolin also out
12:56 oleonard Luckily still works.
12:58 eythian hi Sir Leo
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13:04 oleonard I knew you'd come around eythian
13:04 LibraryClaire :D
13:05 eythian err
13:05 eythian that was a typo
13:05 eythian I meant
13:05 eythian hi oleopard
13:05 eythian the keys are like right next to each other
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13:15 tuxayo Hi, where can I find more info about that bot that was checking if the patches were still applying on master?
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13:25 oleonard I think rangi might know about it tuxayo.
13:25 oleonard He might be around in about 6 hours
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13:30 tcohen is the wiki down?
13:37 oleonard That is the current consensus tcohen
13:41 tuxayo oleonard: I add my voice to consensus
13:42 oleonard the motion passes
13:42 eythian sorry, but your jobs have been outsourced to robots
13:42 eythian http://downforeveryoneorjustme[…]
13:44 eythian wahanui: robots?
13:44 wahanui
13:44 eythian wahanui: robots?
13:44 wahanui
13:44 eythian wahanui: robots?
13:44 wahanui robots are taking your jobs
13:46 eythian > Your order of "630 Stück selbstklebende Wackelaugen..." has been dispatched! <-- eeexcelent
13:47 LibraryClaire gooly eyes
13:47 LibraryClaire googly*
13:47 eythian yeah
13:47 eythian I have a roomba now, you see.
13:47 eythian but it doesn't have eyes.
13:47 LibraryClaire I want one of those
13:47 eythian yet
13:48 eythian it was cheapish on the black friday sale
13:48 LibraryClaire but each room in my flat is on a slightly different level so I would need to get the extra fancy one that can go up small steps
13:48 LibraryClaire I am not yet prepared to make that financial sacrifice for an advanced broom
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13:51 magnuse eythian: you roomba will have 630 eyes?
13:52 LibraryClaire I hope they glow in the dark
13:52 eythian magnuse: no, but I'm sure I can find a use for the 628 or so left
13:52 magnuse ah, good plan
13:52 eythian that'd be neat, but I don't think so
13:53 eythian The paper recycling bin outside my apartment really looks like it's missing some eyes above its gaping muppet-like mouth.
13:55 tuxayo wahanui: no problem, that way we can do other things. Like creating more robots.
13:55 wahanui tuxayo: what?
13:55 tuxayo /me thinks about merging all patches of the N last bugs together to find the conflicting ones early
13:56 tuxayo wahanui: what?
13:56 wahanui bugger all, i dunno, tuxayo
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13:56 lds hello
13:58 tuxayo That bot know more idioms and expressions than me, they are getting better and better!
14:01 fridolin wahanui: what is the meaning of life ?
14:01 wahanui well, the meaning of life is 42
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14:03 magnuse kia ora cait
14:03 oleonard LibraryClaire: I missed that the batch item mod template pulls in a bunch of inline javascript
14:04 oleonard That and the MARC/item editing templates will require some re-thinking
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14:05 eythian wahanui: Wenn ist das Nunstück git und Slotermeyer? Ja! Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!
14:05 wahanui eythian: huh?
14:05 eythian still hasn't developed a sense of humour, clearly
14:05 * LeeJ waves
14:05 LeeJ hi #koha
14:05 LeeJ eythian: then teach wahanui jokes!
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14:07 eythian LeeJ: I would, but cait doesn't approve
14:11 * Freddy_Enrique waves
14:12 LibraryClaire oleonard: what sort of rethinking?
14:12 oleonard I don't know yet
14:12 oleonard For now: Active ignoring.
14:13 LibraryClaire very good
14:16 LeeJ eythian: you were going to teach wahanui lewd jokes weren't you? :P
14:16 eythian turns out it knows all them already.
14:16 LeeJ eythian: :D
14:25 eythian Wenn ist das Nunstück git und Slotermeyer?
14:25 wahanui Ja! Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!
14:25 eythian UTF-8 clean, too.
14:27 * eythian assumes that everyone here knows their Monty Python, otherwise that might be a little confusing.
14:27 * LeeJ first has to hit Google translate
14:28 eythian[…]rwaldt%20gersput!
14:28 LeeJ who's on and knowledgable of how notices handle? Specifically individual emails vs digests for item due reminder
14:28 gaetan_B eythian i don't know Monthy Python, but i speak decent german and am confused as hell
14:28 LeeJ eythian: so it translates to fatal error? :P
14:29 eythian LeeJ: oh, did yo break google.
14:29 eythian that's awkward
14:29 LeeJ you're the one who sent me the link eythian :P
14:29 eythian I ... I didn't expect you'd click on it!
14:30 LeeJ eythian: that link was like a big red button that reads "Do not touch"
14:30 * LibraryClaire clicked it
14:30 eythian I'll leave this here
14:31 LeeJ eythian: I LOVE THAT SKETCH
14:31 LeeJ OMG that made my day :D
14:32 eythian LibraryClaire: you too? What is the world coming to?!
14:32 LibraryClaire I just like clicking things
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14:33 cait LeeJ: what do you need to know about the notices?
14:33 * LeeJ waves to cait
14:34 kholt joined #koha
14:35 LeeJ does setting Digest only for a patron category lead to patrons receiving the DUEDGST notice?
14:35 LeeJ LibraryClaire:[…]er/pc/redbut.html
14:35 LeeJ :)
14:37 * LibraryClaire clicks
14:38 eythian and clicks
14:38 eythian and clicks
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14:41 LeeJ LibraryClaire eythian: :D
14:42 LeeJ LibraryClaire: then when you're done there's "Don't Press this Red Button 2"
14:42 LeeJ anywhozels...I'm off to class!
14:46 cait LeeJ_afk: yes
14:46 cait sorry, got distracted, submitting abstracts with scary online forms
14:47 cait LeeJ_afk: digest checkbox = DUEDGST or PREDUEDGST emails
14:59 LibraryClaire left #koha
14:59 eythian I hope the first one there is in Koha's quotes database
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15:06 oleonard gmcharlt++
15:22 cait gmcharlt++
15:53 cait left #koha
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16:42 LeeJ @later tell jzairo that's excellent! good luck! Let me know how it goes!
16:42 huginn LeeJ: The operation succeeded.
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16:53 georgew anyone know what's up with the community wiki?
16:54 rocio joined #koha
16:54 oleonard Down again eh? gmcharlt already fixed it once today.
16:54 georgew yes - it appears to be down right now
16:54 oleonard A continuing denial of service it seems.
17:02 Freddy_Enrique Hi guys :)
17:02 Freddy_Enrique I was able to solve the problems concerning the issues in about koha
17:03 jzairo joined #koha
17:18 Freddy_Enrique Now, how do I prevent it to happen again....
17:20 tuxayo oleonard: a DOS attack on the Koha wiki? o_O
17:21 oleonard " the VM appears to have fallen over after a DOS " is what gmcharlt said on the devel list
17:30 tuxayo Does anyone know if the code of the bot that was checking if the patches where still applying is published somewhere?
17:30 tuxayo DOS: I wonder if it's against the datacenter or another user of this datacenter or if it's really against the Koha infrastructure.
17:34 talljoy who hosts the Koha report wiki?  it is down for me  https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]L_Reports_Library
17:39 bag talljoy: I think it’s gmcharlt and esi that host it
17:39 talljoy ah!
17:42 bag talljoy: search on the wiki to see who is hosting it?
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18:07 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software
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18:15 talljoy anyone working on the site?  it's down for me
18:15 talljoy gmcharlt_, ?
18:16 bag that works for me
18:16 talljoy does for me now.
18:16 talljoy but didn't i swear
18:16 talljoy and i refreshed!
18:16 talljoy CLEAR THE CACHE!
18:17 talljoy https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]L_Reports_Library
18:17 bag feed the squirels
18:17 talljoy does that work bag?
18:17 LeeJ clear all the caches!
18:17 bag it doesn’t work for me
18:17 oleonard Yes, he already fixed it once today. See message on koha-devel.
18:18 oleonard (he = gmcharlt_ )
18:19 talljoy the email about
18:20 talljoy errr...debian.
18:20 oleonard Yes. Because it's about wiki too
18:21 talljoy well then, looks like it needs a second fixing today.
18:22 bag yeah the wiki doesn’t work for me oleonard but debian.koha-community does
18:22 talljoy me too
18:23 talljoy i just sent galen/list an email
18:28 oleonard Bye and happy weekend everyone
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19:07 talljoy i guess our koha-wiki is getting no love today
19:11 bag no love
19:23 * kidclamp hugs koha-wiki
19:24 kidclamp @later tell Joubu ack! yes, need to look there
19:24 huginn kidclamp: The operation succeeded.
19:58 Freddy_Enrique no koha wiki :(
20:11 LeeJ Freddy_Enrique: they's being worked on. It apparently got hit with a DOS attack according to the dev list
20:16 misilot Hi, is there a way for users (via a plugin or something) to restore items and bibs if needed? that had been accidentally deleted? Thanks!
20:22 magnuse endless karma to whoever comes up with a good way to organize our plugins!
20:23 magnuse misilot: you could write a report to see the data and then create new items and bibs
20:23 magnuse don't know any way to undelete
20:23 LeeJ magnuse: what do you mean organize plugins?
20:23 misilot magnuse: ah, was hoping would be able to restore with all the historical data (so it actually links to the statistics with the right bib and item numbers).
20:23 magnuse one central place where they could be easily browsed etc
20:24 magnuse maybe we need some kind of catalogue...
20:24 LeeJ that's fair
20:25 magnuse with comments, tags, stars
20:25 LeeJ if only we knew of a community that had any experience with catalogues...
20:25 magnuse lists
20:25 magnuse yeah
20:25 LeeJ :P
20:26 magnuse misilot: bug 17387
20:26 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17387 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Add an undelete feature for items/biblios
20:26 misilot thanks magnuse
20:58 pianohacker hi all
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21:04 talljoy_datamunging hey pianohacker
21:04 wahanui regexes are AWESOME
21:11 pianohacker hi talljoy_datamunging !
21:20 LeeJ have a good weekend #koha
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23:47 bag working for anyone else?

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