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05:56 * magnuse waves
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06:44 fridolin hi
06:44 reiveune hello
06:44 wahanui hola, reiveune
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06:48 alex_a bonjour
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07:19 sophie_m hello #koha
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08:00 mirkh morning #koha
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08:01 mirkh I have a question about in what category to add a bug to bugzilla: it's connections between authorities and bib-ids not working correctly when using elastic search.
08:04 ashimema I would say
08:04 ashimema 'Searching - Elasticsearch'
08:05 ashimema :)
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08:05 ashimema we can always move it after if the description seems to push it into another category ;)
08:05 ashimema good morning mirkh
08:05 mirkh good morning ashimema :) thanks for the reply
08:06 ashimema :)
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08:26 * andreashm waves
08:26 * benjamin slaps magnuse around a bit with a large fishbot
08:26 magnuse oy!
08:30 magnuse kia ora ashimema!
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08:30 magnuse rumour says you will be working a bit on ill after all?
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08:32 * andreashm is back, got disconnected.
08:33 magnuse welcome back andreashm
08:33 andreashm thanks magnuse!
08:33 andreashm what's up?
08:33 magnuse ill :-)
08:34 ashimema morning
08:34 magnuse t'would be awesome to have the ill module in 17.11...
08:34 ashimema agreed
08:35 * ashimema will be poking people to try and get ILL on track again today..
08:35 * ashimema needs a bigger stick
08:35 * ashimema or a better carrot
08:35 magnuse ashimema: do you reckon that will include writing the tests?
08:35 * magnuse hands ashimema a huge fir tree
08:36 magnuse and a super tasty carrot, grown in the glow of the midnight sun
08:39 andreashm what is the status of ILL?
08:39 andreashm is it testable?
08:42 magnuse andreashm: PTFSE has it in production. i have written a "plugin" for norwegian ill that is about to go into the last stages of testing.
08:42 magnuse bug 7317
08:42 wahanui bug 7317 is pretty idle
08:42 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7317 new feature, P5 - low, ---, alex.sassmannshausen, Signed Off , Add an Interlibrary Loan Module to Circulation and OPAC
08:42 magnuse i signed off the patches
08:43 andreashm cool
08:43 magnuse but it needs tests to get past qa
08:46 andreashm seems that's the stumbling block then
08:53 benjamin @ashimema et al: I'm testing live @magnuse 's norwegian plugin for the ILL module right now .. and lo, it seems to be working!
08:53 huginn` benjamin: I suck
08:53 ashimema awesome!
08:53 wahanui That'll be €1 for the awesome jar, ashimema
08:54 * magnuse does a happydance
08:54 benjamin I'd be happy to assist testing!
08:56 magnuse hm, i guess i got people a bit mixed up
08:56 magnuse ashimema: you said atheia is going to be working on ill on fridays ?
08:57 ashimema that's the aim..
08:57 ashimema though he was missing on last firday :(
08:57 ashimema though he was missing on last friday :(
09:00 magnuse benjamin: let's off our support this coming friday?
09:01 benjamin well, I'm on holidays then, but anytime before or after next week is good
09:05 magnuse pft ill is more important than holidays
09:06 magnuse benjamin: maybe add a comment to bug 7317, saying you have also tested ill and not found any blocking problems?
09:06 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7317 new feature, P5 - low, ---, alex.sassmannshausen, Signed Off , Add an Interlibrary Loan Module to Circulation and OPAC
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11:48 oleonard Hi all
11:50 kidclamp hi oleonard
11:50 wahanui hi oleopard
11:56 eythian hi oleopard
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12:05 tcohen morning
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12:06 tcohen @later tell items checked-out the same day
12:06 huginn` tcohen: The operation succeeded.
12:06 tcohen @later tell Joubu items checked-out the same day
12:06 huginn` tcohen: The operation succeeded.
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13:03 * LeeJ waves
13:03 LeeJ hi #koha
13:03 magnuse hiya LeeJ
13:03 LeeJ hi magnuse
13:03 wahanui kamelåså
13:04 * LeeJ googles wahanui's response
13:05 LeeJ ahhh
13:05 LeeJ magnuse haven't seen you on since you got back from was it?
13:05 magnuse good!
13:06 magnuse 4 weeks away from it all, more or less
13:06 LeeJ must be nice ;)
13:06 magnuse higly recommended
13:07 LeeJ wanna know how many days I've had off while you were gone? One. :P
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13:09 tcohen hi magnuse LeeJ
13:10 LeeJ hi tcohen
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13:12 Joubu Hola #koha
13:12 tcohen Hola Joubu!
13:13 LeeJ hi Joubu
13:15 Joubu tcohen: your later was not a sentence :)
13:16 tcohen librarians noticed the empty returndate happened (apparently) only on same day checkout/return
13:16 tcohen I haven't had the time to chek myself
13:16 Joubu the .09 version?
13:17 tcohen It happened this morning
13:17 tcohen with latest 16.11
13:20 magnuse LeeJ_afk: ouch!
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13:26 * magnuse wanders off
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13:55 oleonard Oh fun: In master I can't submit an update to my record via the OPAC because my email "already exists"
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14:05 oleonard I don't like it when wizzyrea times out and then automatically rejoins because then I think wizzyrea is here and I'm disappointed it isn't true.
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14:33 LeeJ_afk Joubu tcohen was there a wiki/mailing list entry I missed about running git pull and getting the error "unable to unlink old" on the swagger files?
14:33 tcohen ?
14:34 tcohen never had that
14:34 tcohen what do you have on your working branch?
14:34 tcohen I sent an email about havnig the new deps installed
14:34 tcohen in order to work with master
14:35 LeeJ_afk
14:35 LeeJ_afk ahhh
14:36 tcohen powershell
14:36 LeeJ_afk this was pasted from my Mac lol
14:37 tcohen definitions.t was removed
14:37 tcohen you can just
14:37 tcohen git reset --hard origin/master
14:38 tcohen if there's nothing special on that master branch
14:38 LeeJ_afk nope! just a typical master :)
14:39 LeeJ_afk guess I have to re-create the won't allow reset :(
14:39 tcohen weird
14:39 tcohen can you step out of kohadevbox
14:39 tcohen and operate on git "outside" devbox
14:40 LeeJ_afk yeah
14:40 tcohen ok
14:40 tcohen do it
14:40 tcohen git reset --hard origin/master on your koha source dir (a.k.a. SYNC_REPO)
14:41 Joubu still very few libraries on the hea map...
14:42 LeeJ_afk My library should be there...
14:42 * LeeJ_afk checks syspres
14:42 * LeeJ_afk checks sysprefs
14:43 Joubu no, check the admin page
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15:00 reiveune bye
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15:02 LeeJ Joubu: thought our info was in there but I guess not...just updated it so it should appear during the next cron run :
15:02 LeeJ :)(
15:08 Joubu LeeJ: you can force the update to see the info on the website directly if you want
15:14 LeeJ I personally don't mind long as it's up there!
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15:25 Joubu Is koha-docs used finally?
15:25 Joubu the mailing list
15:25 wahanui the mailing list is at[…]ha-mailing-lists/
15:25 Joubu the archives are not public
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15:54 LeeJ Joubu: what about koha-docs?
15:55 Joubu Did you subscribe it?
15:56 LeeJ no..didn't know of it
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20:27 LeeJ_afk is there any record of *what* was modified on an item? Or is the timestamp attribute the only indication?
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