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06:34 alex_a bonjour
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07:00 gaetan_B hello
07:00 wahanui que tal, gaetan_B
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07:17 * magnuse waves
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09:26 cait good morning #koha
09:27 magnuse kia ora cait
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09:29 cait hi alexbuckley_ :)
09:30 cait sorry, I didn't have time to get back on you about the acq bug yet
09:30 cait have a growing list of bugs to look at, hopefully soon
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12:19 rsantellan good morning #koha
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12:55 tcohen morning
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13:01 kellym morning again
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13:36 tcohen @later tell cait koha-translate is a bit more complicated on kohadevbox
13:36 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
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13:43 LeeJ hi #koha
13:44 LeeJ tcohen: just a heads up...I noticed your devbox Vagrantfile updates and one thing that isn't added is sync_repo_dir
13:45 tcohen ?
13:46 LeeJ_afk oooh...I think I read through it too fast :P just noticed the ||
13:46 tcohen LeeJ_afk: any improvements are welcome :-D
13:47 LeeJ_afk tcohen: when I get back from class I'll try again...I THINK I figured out what was breaking sync_repo on windows..will let you know in about an hour ish :P
13:48 tcohen LeeJ_afk: awesome!
13:48 wahanui That'll be NOK 10 for the awesome jar, tcohen
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14:07 tcohen Joubu: YAY!
14:07 Joubu tcohen: hola
14:07 Joubu que pasa?
14:08 tcohen I worked around the Devel::Cover problem
14:08 Joubu you removed the line? :)
14:08 tcohen I removed A line
14:08 tcohen which one are you talking about?
14:08 tcohen ah
14:08 tcohen no
14:08 tcohen I patched Devel::Cover :-D
14:09 tcohen so it doesn't interfere with exec()
14:09 tcohen https://jenkins.koha-community[…]esting-docker/34/
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14:11 tcohen jenkins is running the tests on the patched docker image for the first time now
14:11 tcohen fingers crossed
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14:20 tcohen Joubu: Search.t already ran :-D
14:22 Joubu
14:22 Joubu
14:22 Joubu
14:23 Joubu tcohen: which line?
14:23 tcohen Cover.xs:1136 from the Devel::Cover distribution
14:24 tcohen (if that's what you meant to ask)
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14:26 tcohen I'm not sure what behaviour change Devel::Cover introduces and how it affects exec, but we certainly don't need coverage report on exec() calls inside our tests
14:26 tcohen so I think it is a valid workaround
14:28 tcohen[…]268372df1e030c9dc
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15:39 LeeJ tcohen: I DID IT!
15:39 LeeJ IT'S ALIVE!
15:40 tcohen LeeJ: AWESOME! DOCUMENT IT!
15:40 LeeJ will do!
15:40 cait huh? :)
15:41 LeeJ tcohen: it appears the reason it wouldn't work (even with the issue I opened) is that the vagrant folder was type virtualbox and the kohaclone had to be SMB
15:42 LeeJ cait: I think I fixed the issue with kohaclone on Windows
15:42 LeeJ so I changed both the vagrant folder and kohaclone folder to SMB
15:44 LeeJ tcohen: I'll submit a merge request after I finish lunch :)
15:44 tcohen LeeJ: did you somehow need to install samba on teh VM?
15:44 tcohen awesome :-D
15:44 LeeJ tcohen: nope! I only had to modify the synced_folder lines
15:44 tcohen if it needs a higher version of vagrant
15:44 LeeJ and the windows box has to have PowerShell v. 5
15:45 LeeJ which Windows 7 appears to come with v2
15:45 tcohen maybe then worth checking (windows version)
15:46 LeeJ tcohen: I agree...I'm going to dig a bit more to see which powershell version comes with which windows version
15:47 tcohen the Vagrantfile already checks the OS, I'm sure the same way can be used to check version
15:48 LeeJ I'm so excited! I just saved 20+ minutes for each spin up! :D
15:48 cait :)
15:48 cait confetti!
15:48 wahanui o/ '`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`
15:54 LeeJ confetti!
15:54 wahanui well, confetti is[…]1qh8hleo1_400.gif
15:54 LeeJ :O
15:55 LeeJ SO EXCITED :D
15:57 LeeJ tcohen: also...we have to figure out something else..SMB with domains require a domain mount I'm going to try adding an ENV call for it
15:57 LeeJ tcohen: otherwise it fails :P
15:57 tcohen LeeJ: step by step, so it is stable
15:58 LeeJ tcohen: would we do it any other way? :)
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16:05 LeeJ I just have to figure out how to update my remote branch of kohadevbox first :P
16:05 tcohen git remote add github <your_repo_fork>
16:16 LeeJ tcohen++
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16:24 LeeJ tcohen: FYI...I'm also updating the README not only with the information about Samba but also the SYNC_REPO line for Windows..turns out Windows supports forward slashes so it understands "C:/kohaclone" to simplify/prevent escaping slashes
16:25 tcohen awesome, LeeJ
16:25 tcohen is that a PowerShell feature?
16:26 tcohen bbl
16:28 LeeJ @later tell tcohen from my research every version of MS-DOS (Windows) from 2.0 on has supported forward slash as a path separator
16:28 huginn LeeJ: The operation succeeded.
16:35 jenkins Project Koha_Master build #253: FAILURE in 1 hr 16 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]/Koha_Master/253/
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16:35 LeeJ :(
16:40 CrispyBran_away I like kiddclaap
16:40 kidclamp extra A's for extra claps
16:41 * LeeJ claps
16:44 LeeJ @later tell tcohen I just submitted a merge request for the Windows changes :)
16:44 huginn LeeJ: The operation succeeded.
16:54 cait LeeJ++
16:55 cait LeeJ: Added a link to the bugzilla search to the wiki btw and I am testing a graphical editor for editing the manual files, some have preview
16:55 LeeJ cait: :O
16:56 cait it's for when you wan tto edit locally... probably not possible with kohadevbox i guess. hm.
16:56 cait but there is also some online things, where you can paste and see the preview
16:56 cait but it's misssing context so doesn't show images
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16:59 LeeJ hmm..well let me know what's needed and I can test now
16:59 LeeJ so excited haha
17:01 cait no GUI
17:01 cait so no graphical editor :)
17:01 cait maybe if you had a way to SYNC_KOHADOCS ?
17:02 LeeJ cait: you mean like the SYNC_KOHADOCS variable that tcohen added? :)
17:02 cait oooh
17:02 cait nice!
17:03 cait yeah, that makes life eaiser :)
17:03 cait does that work for windows yet? or linux only?
17:03 LeeJ cait: testing it now after I update my devbox merge request :)
17:04 LeeJ forgot to indicate in the README that SMB requires PowerShell 5.0
17:04 cait :)
17:13 LeeJ @later tell tcohen: hold off on my merge request...bounced some ideas off of mtompset and I'm going to environment variable it to handle users without domain admin access
17:14 huginn LeeJ: The operation succeeded.
17:30 LeeJ cait: what editor are you testing?
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17:39 cait re...text?
17:39 cait sorry, don't have the link/name here, differnt computer
17:39 cait but I could apt-get it in ubuntu which was a plus
17:42 LeeJ hmm..I'll do some research :)
17:43 tcohen LeeJ: SMB needs something else to be available it seems
17:43 tcohen we need to figure how to test
17:43 tcohen that, and choose between vboxfs and smb when appropriate
17:43 LeeJ I just uploaded another commit to my merge request to handle that
17:44 LeeJ I added a SMB variable..if it's enabled it will use SMB...otherwise it defaults to virtualbox
17:45 LeeJ tcohen: I'm going to try on a laptop which should be able to do it fresh to make sure it works right..then I'll test on my windows laptop at home later tonight
17:45 tcohen LeeJ: " In addition to this, the command prompt executing Vagrant must have administrative privileges. Vagrant requires these privileges in order to create new network folder shares."
17:45 tcohen[…]-folders/smb.html
17:45 tcohen might be related
17:46 LeeJ ah yes..
17:47 LeeJ tcohen: so we'd have to incorporate something like this in to check if running as Admin[…]-under-windows-xp
17:48 LeeJ 1 step forward 5 steps back :P
17:50 tcohen hehe
17:50 tcohen LeeJ: please check with oleonard and mtompset about this patchset
17:50 tcohen I cannot test on my own
17:51 LeeJ I know you can't..I ran it by mtompset and he was the one who suggested the flag to begin with
17:58 tcohen asesome
17:58 tcohen awesome
18:01 LeeJ tcohen: I had only done SMB because type: virtualbox would just sync kohaclone as 777 for folders and files
18:02 tcohen I think it is a great idea
18:02 tcohen having the option
18:02 LeeJ agreed
18:03 LeeJ koha is all about the options :D
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18:14 LeeJ @later tell cait this looks promising
18:14 huginn LeeJ: The operation succeeded.
18:28 LeeJ tcohen: reading through the readme, just a heads up..under PLUGIN_REPO, 15879 is fixed so that can be updated :D
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18:55 * CrispyBran_away waves
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19:23 pianohacker hi all
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19:27 tcohen have a nice morning/evening/night #koha
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19:53 LeeJ hiii pianohacker
19:55 pianohacker hi LeeJ!
19:56 LeeJ what's new?
19:56 wahanui i heard new was ok
19:56 LeeJ wahanui: shhh
19:56 wahanui LeeJ: what?
19:56 * cait waves
19:56 * LeeJ waves back
19:56 pianohacker not much, really. Just applying patches for the circ rules revamp DB work kyle did, and continuing work on the UI
19:56 LeeJ cait: did you see that GUI I sent you?
19:57 LeeJ pianohacker: I will gladly volunteer to test the circ rules out since I manage them for my library :D
19:57 pianohacker sweet
19:57 pianohacker LeeJ: have you looked at the prototype?
19:58 LeeJ pianohacker: no I haven't! Didn't know there was one
19:58 pianohacker LeeJ: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]vamp_RFC#Frontend
19:59 pianohacker I have to disappear for a bit, but please let me know if you have any thoughts or comments :)
19:59 LeeJ :O
19:59 LeeJ <3
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20:00 LeeJ pianohacker: looks great to me!
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20:08 * CrispyBran waves
20:13 cait yeah, thats the one i was playing with yesterdAY
20:13 cait LeeJ:
20:14 LeeJ cait: yay for being on the same page!
20:14 cait :)
20:14 LeeJ I'm going to give it a try tomorrow
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20:33 LeeJ Operating Systems textbook spells Perl as "PERL"
20:33 * LeeJ cringes
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20:52 jenkins Project Koha_Master build #254: NOW UNSTABLE in 3 hr 13 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]/Koha_Master/254/
20:54 * jfowler slaps rangi around a bit with a large fishbot
20:55 Joubu inlibro guys around?
20:56 jfowler rangi: Would you mind pasting the monit zebra config again?
20:57 rangi it's per instance
20:57 rangi check process zebrasrv with pidfile /var/run/koha/nzica/
20:58 rangi group nzica-koha
20:58 rangi start program = "/usr/sbin/koha-start-zebra nzica"
20:58 rangi stop program = "/usr/sbin/koha-stop-zebra nzica"
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20:58 rangi so you need to make it for your instance names
21:02 jfowler rangi: Thanks! Quick clarification. Would I replace nzica with my instance name?
21:04 rangi yep, in all places it appears
21:05 rangi if you put that as zebra-instance in the conf.d  you can make one for as many instances as you have
21:06 jfowler Perfect. Thanks so much.
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21:23 pianohacker good lord, I'm finding all the weirdest kohadevbox issues
21:23 wizzyrea heh
21:24 pianohacker this one particular coffee shop decided to be cute and hand out 192.168.50/24 IPs
21:24 pianohacker that was fun to untangle
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21:27 pmurray Greetings all.  I'm reaching out on behalf of the FOLIO community.  We'd like to put together a program for ALA Midwinter (Denver, early February) that talks about how open source communities get their work done.  Initial thoughts here:[…]1cCwgNEppaB0/edit
21:28 pmurray Looking for people interested in participating!
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21:29 pianohacker pmurray: hi, good to hear from you! (especially since I didn't know midwinter was in my neck of the woods.) Have you already posted to the Koha mailing list?
21:30 slef joined #koha
21:30 pmurray pianohacker: No, haven't done that yet.  Started with a browse on koha-community for a "publicity" contact of some sort, then came here.  ;-)
21:30 wizzyrea yeah, that's the mailing list.
21:34 pmurray I can start with the mailing list.  Thanks for the pointer!
21:34 wizzyrea no problem, good luck
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21:59 LeeJ pianohacker: what kinds of issues exactly?
21:59 pianohacker LeeJ: only recent one has been the IP overlap
22:00 LeeJ pianohacker: ahhh..well I don't see why we couldn't update the Vagrant file to allow an IP environment variable
22:01 pianohacker that would be reasonable, though not crazy high priority. First time I've seen a coffee shop network be this... silly
22:01 LeeJ haha
22:01 LeeJ environment variables are so handy with Vagrant files
22:03 LeeJ my accomplishment of the day was getting SYNC_REPO functional on a Windows domain :D
22:03 pianohacker sweet; was the trick the admin console you mentioned?
22:04 LeeJ it actually turned out to be that in my particular case I had to include a domain="" mount option
22:07 pianohacker is your machine already on a domain?
22:07 pianohacker like a full bore AD domain?
22:08 LeeJ yep
22:08 pianohacker odd workaround, then... but if it works it works
22:08 LeeJ it was tripping me up for the past few months and I tried every which way to fix it..then I found a lovely StackOverflow answer :)
22:10 LeeJ now I'm trying to figure out why in the world I can't enable more than just sync_repo...
22:10 LeeJ I tried enabling sync_repo, sync_kohadocs, and plugin_repo but it errors out right away.
22:17 LeeJ well time to head home..have a good night everyone!
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