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03:28 mtj fiedl: you probably need to add some 'admin' perms to that user? ^
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04:01 mtompset Have a great day, #koha mtj fiedl
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10:53 fiedl Sorry, I got disconnected. Thanks mtj. Could you give me a hint how to give permissions to users or groups? I managed to create a „staff“ group and a „users“ group. But I did not find out how to give them rights.
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14:52 fiedl Hi, I’ve double-checked my efforts, but still no luck: I’ve created a „Patron category“ called „Staff“ and set the category type to „Staff“. I’ve created a user „fiedl“ and added the user to the staff group. When I try to login as „fiedl“, I get „Error: You do not have permission to access this page.“ — But I don’t have a clue why nobody except „admin“ can login.
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15:06 fiedl I’ve got it working :) mtj was right. But I haven’t found the permissions settings at first. The welcome message suggests „Then give this patron permissions from 'More' in the toolbar.“ But there are two toolbars. The upper one has also a „more“, but without „permissions“. The lower toolbar in the user settings has also a „more“ entry with „permissions“ as sub entry. But I had expected to set the permissions on the patron
15:06 fiedl category rather than the user. After setting the permissions on the user, the user can login.
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15:20 fiedl Another newbie question: How can I access the OPAC as regular user (without staff permissions) to search for titles. The demo list contains two separate links: One for the OPAC and one for the staff interface.
15:25 fiedl Ok, got that, too. OPAC is on port 8080 aparently.
15:38 oleonard Sounds like you're answering all your own questions fiedl!
15:38 oleonard ...which is a good thing, since you're not getting any other answers :|
15:38 fiedl I’m sorry :)
15:38 fiedl Koha is so huge, lots of settings and I’m just getting started.
15:38 oleonard Is this your own local installation?
15:40 fiedl Currently, I’m running it on docker on my local machine. But if all goes well, we’ll deploy it on one of our servers. We’re planning to catalogue our extensive archive of paper documents.
15:43 oleonard Please don't hesitate to keep asking questions here. Weekends are quiet, so you may not get answers.
15:54 fiedl Thanks. Who is in this channel? Are you all koha admins of libraries using it?
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17:46 oleonard_ fiedl: Most of the people here are Koha developers
17:47 fiedl Thanks, oleonard
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