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01:46 mtompset @later tell tcohen Couldn't get your git stuff working.
01:46 huginn mtompset: The operation succeeded.
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03:15 Amit Hi all
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04:07 mtompset Have a great day, #koha.
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06:35 reiveune hello
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06:55 alex_a bonjour
06:55 wahanui privet, alex_a
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07:17 josef_moravec hi #koha
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07:26 AmitGupta hi alex_a
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07:28 gaetan_B hello
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08:08 AmitGupta heya cait
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08:28 cait hi AmitGupta :)
08:32 josef_moravec hi cait
08:33 josef_moravec thank you for you attention on bug 19115
08:33 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19115 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Advanced editor - Rancor does not load on https
08:33 cait wish I could see it too
08:33 cait not very helpful this way
08:33 josef_moravec looks like I am doing something wrong, but have no idea what :(
08:34 cait could be something else, browser plugin, browser version
08:35 cait my test was with 16.11.10 - one of our test installations that is set up with https
08:36 josef_moravec but I have the same issue on chromium, and also tried now on clean firefox...
08:37 eythian It's unlikely to be a browser issue.
08:38 eythian Find the URLs in the source/templates that are forcing http and see where they are coming from
08:40 josef_moravec The url which is loaded through http is /cgi-bin/koha/svc/cataloguin​g/framework?callback=define
08:40 josef_moravec when i do git grep -F "callback=define"
08:40 josef_moravec i get
08:40 josef_moravec koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/lib/koha/​cateditor/koha-backend.js:define( [ '/cgi-bin/koha/svc/cataloguing/framew​ork?frameworkcode=&callback=define', 'marc-record' ], function( defaultFramework, MARC ) {
08:40 josef_moravec does not really looks like hardcoded http://
08:43 eythian you're probably going to want to work out what and where it is on the actual page source you're using to be sure.
08:43 josef_moravec I got it i think
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08:43 josef_moravec the server is after reverse proxy
08:43 eythian ah
08:44 josef_moravec which does send header X-Forwarded-Proto
08:44 josef_moravec but this header is probably lost somewhere...
08:44 josef_moravec could be in apache or plack, has toinvestigate
08:45 eythian there is usually no need for whole URLs to be built anyway
08:45 eythian if everything is a relative link, it should always do the right thing
08:46 josef_moravec yes, it should, but does not :(
08:46 eythian Well, my suggestion would be that it's not the browser doing it.
08:46 eythian Is your reverse proxy rewriting things badly, perhaps?
08:46 eythian you should be able to tell in the page source.
08:48 josef_moravec looking there
08:49 eythian (of course, if there's javascript doing things, all bets are off.)
08:50 josef_moravec hm, it 's definitely the reverse proxy, going to close the bug
08:51 josef_moravec the js wants file from https, but got 302 with location started "http://"
08:52 eythian ah, yeah, that's your server environment most likely.
08:53 josef_moravec i am prety sure i did not define any 302 for my environment, but there could be some default...
08:57 cait hope you can figure it out!
08:59 josef_moravec cait: working on it, thanks!
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10:02 AmitGupta cait can you please add me on bug no 19124
10:03 cait sure
10:04 cait AmitGupta: can you pm me your correct email?
10:05 cait never mind, found it on the other bug
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11:09 huginn cait: drojf was last seen in #koha 6 weeks, 5 days, 2 hours, 36 minutes, and 7 seconds ago: <drojf> of the ausnahmezustand?
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12:00 marcelr hi #koha
12:07 cait hi marcelr
12:07 marcelr hi cait
12:12 marcelr @seen amit
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12:13 marcelr amit++
12:13 marcelr cait++
12:14 eythian hi marcelr
12:14 marcelr o/
12:14 eythian[…]97468674264748032
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12:26 rsantellan good morning #koha
12:26 cait hi rsantellan
12:33 rsantellan hi cait
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12:43 rsantellan I don't know the actual word in english, but it is posible to have items that the loan are only for "inside" the library?
12:43 rsantellan If I use the restricted mapping I can't loan the item
12:43 marcelr items for reference ?
12:44 rsantellan marcelr: for looking inside the library is that?
12:44 cait rsantellan: onsite-checkouts
12:45 cait for reference makes sense too - that's what we call them if you can't check them out (notforloan > 1
12:45 cait hm >0
12:47 rsantellan I have to enable the system preference and where I can do the site checkout?
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12:48 rsantellan found it on checkout settings!
12:48 rsantellan it is possible to set an item for only onsite-checkouts?
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12:51 cait rsantellan: yes
12:51 cait it's not super clean right now
12:52 cait but what you can do:
12:52 cait well, you need an itemtype
12:52 cait but in circ rules:
12:52 cait normal checkouts for this itemtype = 0, onsite checkouts = as many as you want
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12:53 cait and ConsiderOnSiteCheckoutsAsNormalCheckouts pref set to 'don't consider'
12:53 cait then the item can only be checked as an on-site loan
12:53 cait but the problem is that self checks don't cope well with that yet (leave security on, but check out anyway) and you will have to st the checkbox on checkout
12:53 tcohen mornin
12:53 cait but it will refuse a normal checkout
12:54 cait so on the circulation desk that works ok
12:54 cait morning tcohen
12:54 rsantellan cait: thanks I will try that flow
12:55 tcohen @later tell mtompset it is not a general project to be ran in any operating system, it is targetting the jenkins nodes only
12:55 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
13:04 tcohen cait:  would you agree orders are always attached to a book seller?
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13:24 cait tcohen: at the moment - yep
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13:26 rsantellan is there a way to store extra data on the items? I have more fields that all the letters and numbers :(
13:26 tcohen cait: as the bug was for having a better way to display orders in the context of a vendor
13:27 tcohen my first guess was that /acquisitions/vendors/{vendor_id}/orders
13:27 tcohen was the way to go
13:27 * cait thinks
13:27 cait thinking further ahead
13:27 cait you might also want to list orders by fund
13:27 cait or date of order
13:27 cait expected delivery
13:27 cait etc
13:28 cait just brainstorming a bit what else we might want to use a list of orders for
13:28 cait rsantellan: you can use capital letters..we do that, but it's not totally 'standard'
13:28 cait it works well so far tho
13:28 tcohen so, orders stand on their own
13:28 cait if you think in database structures they can't exist without a vendor
13:29 rsantellan cait: interesting I will try that
13:29 cait and they are created after picking a vendor
13:29 cait but thinking of displaying cases, there might be more that don't require them all to be from the same vendor
13:29 tcohen I think we need to define where they belong
13:29 cait i am not sure how that would translate to the api best
13:29 tcohen and that is tied to the DB structure
13:29 cait maybe just have orders as a separate entity
13:30 tcohen we can *also* have a more general business endpoint targetting different use cases
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13:44 mtompset Greetings, #koha
13:45 mtompset @seen tcohen
13:45 huginn mtompset: tcohen was last seen in #koha 14 minutes and 46 seconds ago: <tcohen> we can *also* have a more general business endpoint targetting different use cases
13:45 tcohen hi mtompset
13:45 mtompset I think I might have gotten something testable, but SYNC_REPO is required.
13:46 mtompset I'm just restarting now.
13:46 tcohen mtompset: it is working, and it requires SYNC_REPO
13:46 tcohen it is mandatory
13:46 mtompset I'm assuming /home/vagrant/kohaclone would be sufficient?
13:46 tcohen nope
13:47 tcohen SYNC_REPO needs to point to a git clone for the Koha source
13:47 tcohen what complex schema are you trying to make?
13:47 mtompset tcohen: I thought that is what I just said: export SYNC_REPO=/home/vagrant/kohaclone
13:48 tcohen if your machine has such directory, containing the source code for Koha, that's ok
13:48 tcohen that doesn't read like a Windows path to me, though
13:48 mtompset That's where I put the git clone of koha.
13:48 mtompset That's because the windows part was making the VM.
13:49 tcohen doesn't Docker take care of it? as it was native?
13:49 tcohen are you using a VM in which you install Docker????
13:49 mtompset I'm not doing this in a kohadevbox.
13:50 mtompset Yes, I created a vanilla docker installed vagrant up of stretch with a git clone.
13:50 tcohen why not use native docker?
13:51 mtompset because I would have to activate hyper-v which conflicts with virtualbox.
13:51 tcohen ok
13:51 tcohen in a context capable of running docker-compose correctly
13:51 tcohen you only need a git clone for Koha pointed by SYNC_REPO
13:51 mtompset hence the vagrant box.
13:51 tcohen and just do
13:52 tcohen docker-compose build ; docker-compose run koha
13:52 tcohen I'm not sure why it is getting so complex in your case
13:53 mtompset because I'm using windows.
13:53 mtompset *sigh* stupid default volume size is too small.
13:53 mtompset I'll try again later today.
13:54 tcohen I'm not creating volumes, it is just mounting the dir
13:54 tcohen also, you need to read at the bottom
13:54 tcohen of the README
13:54 tcohen in order to get ES running
13:54 tcohen it took me a while to figure
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14:23 cait oleonard: could you take a look at bug 18621 maybe? It's driving me nuts... Alex has ent me a video proving it works for him, but it just doesn't for me
14:23 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18621 normal, P5 - low, ---, alexbuckley, Needs Signoff , After duplicate message system picks category expiry date rather than manual defined
14:24 oleonard cait: So you can reproduce the bug but can't confirm that the patch fixes it?
14:24 cait i can confirm the bug
14:24 cait but the patch doesn't fix it
14:24 cait it looks reasonable, it suspect it's me
14:41 * tcohen loves teh new prove_debug alias in kohadevbox, specially when testing REST stuffs
14:42 oleonard What's that tcohen?
14:43 cait bug 11317 is working!
14:43 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11317 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, philippe.blouin, Needs Signoff , Add a way to access files from the intranet
14:43 cait now up to qa :)
14:44 tcohen I've added 'remote debugging' capabilities to kohadevbox
14:47 oleonard kohadevbox++
14:47 oleonard tcohen++
14:48 oleonard Such a game-changer for Koha dev.
14:56 francharb hi all
14:57 francharb has anyone ever noticed that koha can not use "I" as a patron categorycode
14:57 oleonard Hi francharb
14:57 francharb it breaks the patron detail page
14:57 francharb but you can use "H"
14:57 francharb hi oleonard
14:57 wahanui hi olé onard
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15:03 oleonard cait: Can you think of any system preference which might be complicating testing of 18621? In my tests the patch works successfully.
15:05 cait nope
15:05 cait really no more ideas there, but relieved it works for you
15:05 cait you ar etesting on master?
15:06 cait with a kohadevbox?
15:06 oleonard I tested with and without the patch on master, in kohadevbox.
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15:11 cait oleonard: same. thx for signing off
15:11 reiveune bye
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16:22 cait sometimes reading through a bug feels a bit like back to the future...
16:23 oleonard Once I fixed a bug in the past and I accidentally created a distopian dark future and guess what that's where we are now it's my fault.
16:23 * cait sends cookies
16:23 cait it explains a lot
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18:15 rsantellan hi, does the table marc_subfield_structure can be case sensitive?
18:16 jfowler_ Hey guys. I'm running into an error whenever I search for one particular record in the admin interface of our instance. It's returning the following --->  Can't call method "branchname" on an undefined value at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 1627.
18:27 lisettelatah Hello all, is anyone here familiar with the kohadevbox setup? When I vagrant up during setup I get a long string of failed to fetch/could not resolve errors. Any tips would be appreciated.
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19:11 mtompset Greetings, rsantellan jfowler lisettelatah -- you may have a better chance of getting feedback on the mailing list. Sadly, I just noticed your questions now, and I need to leave shortly, and your questions are not quick to answer for me.
19:13 jfowler mtompset: thanks! I will try that.
19:14 lisettelatah @mtompset Thanks! I'll try that as well.
19:14 huginn lisettelatah: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
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19:43 tcohen hi
19:43 cait hi
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20:19 * cait waves
20:21 edveal Anyone useing the code editor Brackets? Just started playing with it and I kinda like it.
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20:24 lisettelatah @edveal, I've used brackets some and I like it. This last weekend I was introduced to sublime text and I think I prefer it but I've actually got them both up right now.
20:24 huginn lisettelatah: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
20:27 edveal lisettelatah, I use sublime and like it very much as well.
20:29 eythian <-- so this looks interesting for archival purposes.
20:29 tcohen edveal: try microsoft's one, visual studio code
20:30 tcohen it is MIT licensed
20:35 lisettelatah tcohen, I'm having some trouble with my devbox setup. When I run vagrant up for the first time it gives me over 500 lines of errors related to failing to fetch the debian archives. I can ping and just but it is looking for (which I can go to in my browser not problem) and the ping fails for that one. Any help would be much appreciated.
20:36 tcohen virtualbox version?
20:37 lisettelatah 5.1.22
20:37 edveal tcohen can I run that on my mac without a microsoft licence?
20:38 tcohen edveal: I installed it on Ubunut
20:38 tcohen didn't try on mac
20:39 tcohen lisettelatah: awesome
20:39 tcohen lisettelatah: *that* version had networking issues, upgrade (next is 5.1.24)
20:40 lisettelatah tcohen: awesome, thanks!
20:40 cait tcohen++
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20:51 lisettelatah tcohen: I updated and restarted the computer and got the same errors.
20:52 CrispyBran tcohen: vb says current version is 5.1.26.  Do you recommend the .24 or current?
20:53 CrispyBran lissettelatah and tcohen, VirtualBox page also recommends "After upgrading VirtualBox it is recommended to upgrade the guest additions as well. "
20:54 CrispyBran lisettelatah, did you upgrade to .24 or .26?
20:54 lisettelatah .26
20:55 CrispyBran try the "vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest" command again.
20:55 lisettelatah I updated the guest and still got the same problem.
20:56 lisettelatah cd
20:56 CrispyBran did you install git with the OpenSSL option or the other?
20:57 lisettelatah Tried the other option first, didn't work, reinstalled with OpenSSL.
20:57 CrispyBran hmmmm....I'm stumped on this one.
20:58 CrispyBran Running git bash as admin?
20:58 lisettelatah Yes indeed
21:02 CrispyBran I'm stumped on this one.  Something is not connecting.
21:04 CrispyBran are you able to copy or screen shot the errors from the beginning and end and e-mail them to me?
21:05 lisettelatah yeah, I'll e-mail you the errors I copied into a text file.
21:05 cait lisettelatah: i also installed a newer vagrant
21:05 cait when i had networking issues
21:06 cait lisettelatah: you can use to share if you want
21:06 lisettelatah cait: I'll try updating vagrant as well.
21:07 lisettelatah cait: thanks, will do.
21:09 lisettelatah cait: if I paste in 580 lines will that all show up in the chat or does it create a link?
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21:09 cait just a link
21:10 cait or not even that, depends on what you set it too
21:10 cait it will give you a link to share
21:10 pastebot "lisettelatah" at pasted "Vagrant" (579 lines) at
21:12 cait tcohen: seen this?
21:12 wahanui I haven't seen 'this', cait
21:13 tcohen tf is that?
21:14 tcohen a windows host
21:14 tcohen so trying to install guest additions?
21:16 lisettelatah I installed the vbguest plugin before attempting vagrant up.
21:24 lisettelatah updated vagrant and still got the same errors, but it wanted me to restart so I'll try that now.
21:26 tcohen @later tell lisettelatah it still looks like a networking issue
21:26 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
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21:32 lisettelatah after updating vagrant I still got the same error. Could it be something in my firewall?
21:33 CrispyBran Are you doing this on a laptop?
21:34 lisettelatah no, on my desktop
21:35 CrispyBran I was going to say, if it is on a laptop, you could try connecting to a hotspot, or take it home and try on your own wifi.  :/  Do you have a computer at home you can test an install on?  Just to see if it works there?
21:36 lisettelatah Good idea. I'll try it on my desktop at home tonight and see if that one works.
21:36 lisettelatah Thanks for all your help everyone.
21:37 * CrispyBran waves
21:38 wizzyrea I think the debian CDN is down
21:38 wizzyrea because if you go to that url in your browser
21:38 wizzyrea it should resolve to something
21:38 wizzyrea currently it's resolving to a CDN
21:38 wizzyrea with 404 not found.
21:39 wizzyrea jessie/main this
21:39 wizzyrea resolves to http://cdn-fastly.deb.debian.o[…]an/%20jessie/main
21:39 wizzyrea so someone maybe has made a typo
21:40 eythian in the logs it's not resolving. This means that either the vm has no network, or it has incorrectly set up DNS
21:40 wizzyrea but it's not working for me either
21:41 wizzyrea I can't resolve that
21:41 wizzyrea and my DNS is fine
21:41 eythian but if you're seeing the redirect, then it's resolving for you
21:41 wizzyrea ok fair point, but it still ends up at a 404
21:42 eythian yeah, but that's a different thing.
21:42 eythian (and that's probably OK because it'll actually be looking for stuff underneath that.)
21:42 wizzyrea usually you get something tho
21:42 wizzyrea that isn't a 404
21:43 lisettelatah The VM was able to ping a number of websites, which is way I didn't think it was a network thing initially but that I was perhaps missing a step.
21:43 eythian takes you to a information
21:43 eythian don't rely on ping, use something like 'HEAD' to test
21:43 eythian (firewalls etc can do weird things with ping)
21:43 lisettelatah Okay, I'll give that a try
21:44 eythian $ HEAD
21:44 eythian 200 OK
21:44 eythian X-Clacks-Overhead: GNU Terry Pratchett
21:44 wizzyrea oh man so much wind today
21:45 eythian also, the 'host' command if it's installed can be useful for checking resolution.
21:45 lisettelatah with HEAD I got cannot open '' for reading: No such file or directory
21:46 eythian did you put it in capitals?
21:47 lisettelatah yes, I copied the command you posted. Should I do it lowercase?
21:47 eythian no
21:47 eythian can you paste the entire command and response
21:47 eythian including everything
21:48 lisettelatah $ HEAD
21:48 lisettelatah HEAD: cannot open '' for reading: No such file or directory
21:48 eythian woah
21:48 eythian that's weird
21:48 eythian there is no planet on which that is the right thing for it to do
21:48 eythian maybe make the command /usr/bin/HEAD
21:48 CrispyBran I get the same thing here, but my kohadevbox works.
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21:49 eythian the problem is that it's finding the 'head' command when you type 'HEAD'
21:49 wizzyrea my devbox works fine
21:49 eythian maybe it's a crazy shell builtin that's doing the wrong thing
21:49 wizzyrea naw it's fine in my devbox.
21:49 wizzyrea vagrant@kohadevbox:~$ HEAD
21:49 wizzyrea 200 OK
21:49 eythian the second theory is that it's windows's lack of case sensitivity being a problem
21:50 eythian that's what I'd expect
21:50 * eythian doesn't know how things work on windows
21:50 wizzyrea I didn't see are we using windows as the host OS?
21:50 eythian only that they're likely to be weird
21:50 wizzyrea cuz mine's linux
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21:51 wizzyrea be glad that you are not flying into wellington today
21:51 eythian windy days are the fun days
21:51 CrispyBran If only the entire world ran on linux
21:51 wizzyrea you are missing out on a "is it wind or earthquake" game day
21:52 eythian heh
21:52 eythian "jackpot! it's both!"
21:52 wizzyrea hehehe!
21:52 wizzyrea I finally made my web app that checks good sources
21:52 wizzyrea it has a "jackpot, it's both" mode
21:52 eythian useful!
21:52 wizzyrea but it's not on the public interface
21:52 wizzyrea er internet
21:53 eythian back in my day, you could tell by how long it took geonet to respond. But then they went and improved their webserving.
21:53 wizzyrea hehe
21:54 wizzyrea it's pretty fast now
21:54 wizzyrea twitter is still faster.
21:54 wizzyrea (people)
21:55 wizzyrea and often as you'll recall the initial magnitudes are off
21:56 wizzyrea that's not really their fault it's just the tax for speed vs accuracy
21:57 cait hm
21:57 cait there are some bug fixes with string changes that I'd like to push to 16.11.x, but frido has not pushed yet to 17.05
21:57 cait but string freeze should have been day before yesterday
21:58 CrispyBran Taking off.  Later all!
21:58 cait i guess cherry-picking them from master would be bad?
21:58 lisettelatah I'm taking of as well. Thanks for helping me troubleshoot.
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22:35 wizzyrea joined #koha
22:49 Francesca joined #koha
23:08 khall joined #koha
23:09 mtompset Greetings, Francesca wizzyrea khall
23:09 * Francesca waves
23:09 Francesca hi!
23:10 mtompset Francesca: You'll be pleased to know that I've begun moving away from 2048. ;)
23:10 mtompset Now it's a game called fe26. :)
23:10 mtompset It's like 2048, because there are chemical reactions involved.
23:10 Francesca I can't remember what 2048 is
23:11 mtompset
23:13 mtompset
23:15 wizzyrea hi Francesca
23:15 wizzyrea hi mtompset
23:15 * Francesca waves at wizzyrea
23:24 * mtompset groans.
23:24 mtompset OpacHiddenItems is such a pain.
23:24 mtompset Just when I think the end is near, something else goes wrong.
23:25 aleisha i feel like we can all relate to that feeling
23:25 mtompset aleisha!
23:25 wahanui it has been said that aleisha is working on Hea
23:26 mtompset Nice to see you online.
23:26 aleisha i'm often around i just don't say much :)
23:26 mtompset What think you on bug 19040?
23:26 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19040 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Needs Signoff , Refactor C4::Biblio::GetMarcBiblio
23:27 mtompset I was trying to finish bug 14385, and I've entered a recursive refactor abyss.
23:27 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14385 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, In Discussion , Extend OpacHiddenItems to allow specifying exempt borrower categories
23:27 kellym joined #koha
23:27 kellym joined #koha
23:27 aleisha i think that's definitely a worthy fix if we are passing different parameters in it every time its called
23:28 mtompset My current pain is in opac/
23:28 aleisha recursion is a horror
23:28 mtompset you would think that we would only need biblio information for the basket...
23:28 mtompset but noooooo....
23:28 mtompset We want to figure out branch location stuff which is only on items.
23:28 dilan joined #koha
23:29 aleisha hmm
23:29 mtompset which means, the filtering logic needs to match opac-details/opac-MARCdetails/opac-ISBDdetails
23:29 Francesca Today would be a good day to play the is it wind or earthquake game
23:29 Francesca ^wizzyrea
23:30 aleisha that all sounds confusing
23:31 mtompset Well, imagine.... user adds two biblios to cart.
23:31 mtompset librarian is in the middle of opachiddenitem setup.
23:31 mtompset triggering one of those biblios to be completely hidden, because all the items are hidden.
23:31 dilan joined #koha
23:31 mtompset it would look really strange to the user to see the entry in the cart, but get a 404 page for the entry.
23:32 aleisha it would look strange yes
23:32 mtompset hence my pain in opac/
23:32 mtompset because I got it filtering based on barcode...
23:33 mtompset because for some reason GetMarcItem doesn't put the itemnumber in the hash!
23:33 mtompset but then I remembered some Indian libraries were asking about cataloguing without barcodes!
23:34 mtompset So that solution is a no go. :(
23:34 aleisha oh i see, gee its a tough one
23:35 mtompset On a positive note, thank you for sorting out the whole search stuff in your solution.
23:35 aleisha glad i could do something to help
23:44 papa joined #koha
23:50 wizzyrea francesca it totally is

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