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00:06 wizzyrea your best is pretty frickin good.
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00:44 mtompset I think they probably were running a LiveDVD; That's my fear.
00:46 wizzyrea if the livedvd used packages
00:46 wizzyrea it would still automatically do backups
00:46 mtompset not if they weren't running installed but from dvd
00:47 wizzyrea yeah it would
00:47 wizzyrea it would still do backups
00:47 mtompset well... hey would lose it on the upgrade.
00:47 mtompset ^hey^they^
00:47 mtompset because reboot means lose of data.
00:47 wizzyrea that seems like an implausible scenario
00:47 wizzyrea given the facts as we know it
00:47 wizzyrea they would have lost the whole db
00:47 wizzyrea not just one table due to a bad db upgrade
00:48 mtompset *shrug* True.
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01:43 mtompset eythian: You're probably more gifted with regexp's than me. Could you confirm that Koha/OAI/Server/ is the only file that calls GetMarcBiblio with 3 parameters?
01:44 * mtompset notes that anyone could feel free to do so.
01:48 mtompset NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I hit a cascading bug; I found another bug as a result of working on this one.
01:51 wizzyrea unless it blocks you, don't scope creep yourself ;)
01:51 mtompset It kind of does.
01:52 mtompset The problem is you need to know if you are calling GetMarcBiblio from opac or not.
01:54 mtompset *whew* Over-reacted.
01:54 mtompset silly code, grabs it all then filters.
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02:09 mtompset That's it... looks like my brain is fried for the day. Tracing GetMarcBiblio is painful.
02:10 mtompset Have a great day, #koha Francesca wizzyrea rangi eythian ibeardslee
02:10 Francesca see ya
02:12 wizzyrea hi bye
02:12 wizzyrea hi francesca how ya doin?
02:13 Francesca not bad
02:13 Francesca very busy
02:13 Francesca have a concert this weekend
02:30 wizzyrea ooo cool where at?
02:39 Francesca micheal fowler centre
02:39 Francesca my choir is doing daphnis and chloe with orchestra wellington
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06:19 * magnuse waves
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06:40 fridolin hie there
06:45 magnuse bonjour fridolin
06:47 fridolin magnuse: bonjour monsieur
06:47 fridolin magnuse: have seen you come to see us in Marseille ?
06:47 magnuse yes, probably
06:47 magnuse :-)
06:47 magnuse @wunder marseille
06:48 huginn magnuse: Error: No such location could be found.
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06:54 alex_a bonjour
06:54 wahanui bidet, alex_a
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11:31 marcelr hi #koha
11:34 marcelr eythian: no sha2017 for me
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11:35 eythian marcelr: what about the perl conf?
11:35 marcelr when?
11:36 eythian 9-11 August
11:36 marcelr ok
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12:20 rsantellan good morning #koha
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12:28 magnuse huh, why can't i see the effects of bug 12426 on a 16.11 install?
12:28 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12426 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, lari.taskula, RESOLVED FIXED, Allow resending of emails from the notices tab in the patron account
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12:30 magnuse the bug says it was pushed for 16.05 and i can't see any sysprefs to enable it
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12:33 magnuse ah, bug 18439
12:33 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18439 major, P5 - low, ---, nick, Pushed to Stable , Resend button for notices being hidden by CSS and never unhidden
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13:18 oleonard fridolin1 around?
13:25 Joubu Hi #koha
13:25 oleonard Hi Joubu
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13:32 fridolin1 oleonard: yep wats up ?
13:33 oleonard Hi fridolin1. Actually I think I'm good. I'm testing Bug 19021 and wasn't getting results in the table but now I am.
13:33 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19021 minor, P5 - low, ---, fridolin.somers, Needs Signoff , inventory column sorting
13:36 fridolin1 oki thanks a lot for tesitng
13:36 fridolin1 hugly bug ;)
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14:02 TGoat good morning :)
14:04 TGoat does anyone know if the meeting is still taking place?
14:04 marcelr is there a meeting?
14:05 TGoat https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ing_2_August_2017
14:05 thd I think that there should be a meeting now.
14:05 marcelr you are right TGoat
14:06 TGoat :D
14:06 marcelr no chair probably, no specific agenda points too
14:07 TGoat I did want to address the need and potential of reinstating Koha Community Fundraising
14:07 TGoat it is in the Agenda
14:07 thd Unfortunately, this meeting time is poor for many potential participants and may be the worse for being in the midst of summer.
14:07 TGoat other than that nothing major in the Agenda
14:07 TGoat tru-tru
14:08 TGoat how normally chairs the meetings?
14:08 TGoat who ^^
14:08 marcelr depends on availability
14:08 marcelr i am not sure who asks who
14:08 TGoat ;)
14:09 marcelr thd: the meeting time itself is not poor for Europe but yes the summer..
14:10 TGoat well.. let's see who trickles during the course of the day and if we can put a meeting together
14:10 marcelr yeah but might be wise to add this point to the agenda after summer time
14:10 eythian
14:10 thd Yes, the time would be good for Europe if not for summer.
14:10 TGoat don't start :P
14:10 TGoat whose the guy on first
14:12 TGoat eythian every time I see that skit I have to watch it
14:13 eythian wahanui: \i don't know
14:13 wahanui eythian: excuse me?
14:13 eythian wahanui: \i don't know is <reply>He's on third. We're not talking about him.
14:13 wahanui OK, eythian.
14:13 Joubu #startmeeting IRC meeting 2 August 2017
14:13 huginn Meeting started Wed Aug  2 14:13:22 2017 UTC.  The chair is Joubu. Information about MeetBot at
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14:13 huginn The meeting name has been set to 'irc_meeting_2_august_2017'
14:13 TGoat :P
14:13 oleonard Oh hey a meeting?
14:13 Joubu #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ing_2_August_2017
14:13 TGoat hey lookie there
14:13 Joubu #info Jonathan Druart
14:14 oleonard #info Owen Leonard, Athens County Public Libraries, USA
14:14 TGoat @info Todd Goatley
14:14 huginn TGoat: Error: The command "info" is available in the Factoids and RSS plugins.  Please specify the plugin whose command you wish to call by using its name as a command before "info".
14:14 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn.
14:14 Joubu (I guess it will be expeditive)
14:14 TGoat #info Todd Goatley
14:14 thd #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
14:14 cc_ #info Colin Campbell, PTFS Europe
14:14 TGoat hey, I don't show up.. do I use my nickname
14:15 TGoat #info tgoat
14:15 lisettelatah #info Lisette Scheer, Latah County Library District, Moscow Idaho
14:15 oleonard You're good TGoat
14:15 TGoat thanks owen
14:15 Joubu #topic Announcement
14:15 Topic for #koha is now Announcement (Meeting topic: IRC meeting 2 August 2017)
14:16 Joubu something?
14:16 wahanui i think something is sketchy
14:16 Joubu I published the answers of the poll
14:16 Joubu #link[…]e-koha-community/
14:17 Joubu #topic Update from the Release Manager (17.11)
14:17 Topic for #koha is now Update from the Release Manager (17.11) (Meeting topic: IRC meeting 2 August 2017)
14:17 Joubu I sent several emails to the list last week
14:17 edveal #info Ed Veal
14:18 Joubu #info Read the emails from the mailing lists
14:18 Joubu #info read email "Reminder: dev meetings are essential"
14:18 Joubu #info read email "Where is the BIG RED WARNING button?"
14:19 oleonard I am grateful that you are cracking the whip Joubu
14:19 Joubu This one will block the push of enhancement, as explained in the email
14:19 edveal Joubu the results of the survey were interesting
14:19 Joubu #info read email "Carrots or sticks"
14:19 oleonard Sometimes a good whip-crack is just what you need.
14:19 Joubu and the last one
14:19 wahanui somebody said the last one was the first one if you look backwards.
14:19 TGoat I haven't seen this survey in the past is this something new?
14:19 Joubu #info "[Important] Update your MySQL|MariaDB configuration to avoid data loss"
14:19 Joubu I do not know what I can tell more
14:20 thd I have contemplated replying about sticks and whips.
14:21 Joubu Any Rmaints around?
14:21 Joubu #topic Update from Release Maintainers
14:21 Topic for #koha is now Update from Release Maintainers (Meeting topic: IRC meeting 2 August 2017)
14:21 thd Joubu: I think you found carrots correctly, in your answer for your own carrots.
14:21 Joubu cait, mtj, jajm: around?
14:22 jajm Joubu, yes
14:22 Joubu awesome, something to add? #meetingtime
14:23 jajm ah, I'm not RMaint anymore, sorry :)
14:23 Joubu it is fridolin!
14:23 Joubu fridolin1: ?
14:24 Joubu #topic Update from QA team
14:24 Topic for #koha is now Update from QA team (Meeting topic: IRC meeting 2 August 2017)
14:24 Joubu QAers around?
14:24 fridolin1 Joubu: all good, 17.05.02 was released
14:24 jajm i'm here, but i didn't really have time to do qa recently... :/
14:25 Joubu marcelr++
14:25 Joubu other_qaers--
14:25 Joubu basically
14:25 marcelr heh
14:25 marcelr meeting?
14:25 wahanui well, meeting is in two days, i thought was tomorrow. plenty of time then
14:25 Joubu #QA queue is stuck around ~100 bug reports
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14:25 Joubu #info QA queue is stuck around ~100 bug reports
14:25 marcelr #info Marcel
14:25 nuentoter good morning koha world!
14:26 TGoat good morning
14:26 wahanui the only good morning is a dead one
14:26 Joubu marcelr: something to add for the QA team?
14:26 marcelr no sorry only the usual status ;)
14:26 Joubu There is a "KohaCon" topic, but I guess it's an old one
14:27 Joubu #topic Discuss the need and potential of reinstating Koha Community Fundraising
14:27 Topic for #koha is now Discuss the need and potential of reinstating Koha Community Fundraising (Meeting topic: IRC meeting 2 August 2017)
14:27 Joubu TGoat: ?
14:27 TGoat here we go
14:27 TGoat Bag has reassigned me to work on fundraising
14:27 edveal TGoat ++
14:28 TGoat and I'd like to get the Koha fundraising reinstated
14:28 cait oh oops
14:28 TGoat this is from 2016 when they were getting the writeups and forming the committee: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]raising_Committee
14:30 TGoat I'm not sure exactly how to approach this but I know that I'll receive plenty of guidance from bag and I cna query the Koha channel leads
14:31 Joubu #info TGoat is going to work on fundraising
14:31 Joubu more info?
14:31 cait I think it came to a stop with changes happening at hlt
14:31 TGoat wish I had more Joubu but I needed to request reinstatement first
14:31 cait i am not srue waht the current status is there
14:31 cait someone looking into that woudl be good :)
14:32 cait and suggesting a way forward
14:32 TGoat that's part of my request cait
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14:33 TGoat bag has assigned me to fundraising here at BWS to work with the community to get this rolling again
14:33 thd cait: How did HLT changes have an effect on such a practically if not formally independent committee.
14:33 thd ?
14:33 TGoat when HLT disbanned that came to a stop
14:34 TGoat and left in the breeze
14:34 cait thd: the plan was to have the funds managed at hlt i think
14:34 TGoat we need to begin again and find a way forward as cait stated
14:34 cait so the plan has to change possibly
14:35 cait it looks like the links to the mou from the wiki are broken
14:35 thd Yes, of course, there needs to be a home for the funds.
14:35 TGoat I agree cait that we need to change and adapt the plan to current
14:35 cait anyway, should we vote? but i think noone is against starting discussion again
14:36 TGoat can I ask is there an actually established home for KOha. I know that it started in NZ but with HLT where does it reside now?
14:36 TGoat in the ether?
14:36 cait I think maybe get in touch with rangi or jransom
14:36 cait about how the domains etc are handled
14:36 TGoat yes, good suggestion cait
14:37 TGoat anyone know where jransom is currently?
14:37 cait she has a new job in wellington i think
14:37 thd The legal situation is much broader than merely the issue of funding.
14:38 TGoat can we vote to begin researching to reinstate fundraising?
14:38 TGoat is this something that everyone finds as a necessity?
14:38 marcelr why would anyone oppose ?
14:38 cait +1
14:38 edveal +1
14:38 TGoat right
14:38 cait yep, see no problem
14:38 oleonard +1
14:38 TGoat +1
14:39 cc_ +1
14:39 thd Should we not expand the question to a legal home for Koha assets?
14:39 thd +1
14:39 cait if it was about spending funds things would get complicated :P
14:39 TGoat thd yes!
14:39 TGoat that should be a piece of this pie so we cna figure out to establish accounts etc
14:39 thd I mean other than merely money.
14:39 TGoat yes again
14:39 TGoat any suggestions?
14:39 wahanui any suggestions are welcome.
14:40 TGoat is the best place to start with jransom?
14:41 TGoat I'll do the leg work if y'all offer me your suggestions
14:41 oleonard I think the best place to start is with jransom
14:41 TGoat if you think of something during the day you can email me as well at
14:42 TGoat oleonard I'll get in touch with her
14:42 TGoat I'll also be travelling to NZ this winter with a few days spent with family ion the north island
14:42 TGoat does anyone know if she is in the south or north island
14:42 oleonard Lucky bastard
14:43 TGoat not so much.. it's a family vacation :P
14:43 TGoat with kids
14:43 edveal LOL
14:43 oleonard :D
14:43 edveal dues will be paid.
14:43 TGoat they are even as we speak
14:43 TGoat oleonard then I'll reach jransom and see what path that takes me down and how to get things started
14:44 TGoat cait, Joubu does that sound like a god start?
14:44 TGoat good
14:44 Joubu I guess so
14:44 TGoat say you wahanui ?
14:44 TGoat thd?
14:44 wahanui well, thd is concerned that CCL, Pazpar2, and Zebra support should not be an either that or Solr/Lucene option.  We need CCL and Pazpar2 for metasearch and we currently need Zebra for a Z39.50/SRU server. or concerned that indentation styles which do not collapse in vim lead to overly long lines which cannot always be broken across multiple lines.
14:45 thd :)
14:45 Joubu moving on?
14:45 TGoat OK
14:45 Joubu #topic Set time of next meeting
14:45 Topic for #koha is now Set time of next meeting (Meeting topic: IRC meeting 2 August 2017)
14:46 Joubu September 6th, 21 UTC?
14:46 TGoat sounds good
14:47 Joubu 22? 14? 21?
14:47 thd Is it 21 or 22 for best NZ turnout?
14:47 thd #me tries to check quickly
14:48 Joubu it was 21 before DST, now I think it's 22
14:48 thd Yes, if I recall correctly.
14:49 Joubu #info Next meeting: September 2, 22 UTC
14:49 Joubu #endmeeting
14:49 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to the #koha IRC chat | Code of conduct -[…]/code-of-conduct/ | Please use for pastes | Installation guide for Koha is | kanban is[…]rm-1711/wiki/home
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14:49 huginn Minutes (text): http://meetings.koha-community[…]7-08-02-14.13.txt
14:49 huginn Log:            http://meetings.koha-community[…]02-14.13.log.html
14:49 thd We had 21 in July,
14:49 oleonard Thanks for chairing Joubu
14:51 thd Joubu: We had seemed to have switched from 20 UTC to 21 but I think that 22 was considered better.
14:51 TGoat good for me
14:51 TGoat the time is good
14:53 Joubu usually there are less attendees at 22h meetings than the 14h ones...
14:54 thd TGoat: We need clarity about what entity currently holds Koha assets such as domains before fully revisiting the discussion about where they should be held.
14:54 TGoat roger that thd
14:54 TGoat I'll put that in my communications with jransom
14:55 TGoat if you think of anything else I should explore please ping or email me
14:57 thd TGoat: We had a vote on a legal home which HLT one clearly, other candidates had been the Software Freedom Conservancy, Software in the Public Interest, and forming our own foundation.
14:57 thd s/one/won/
14:57 TGoat alright
15:00 thd TGoat: No one voted for Horowhenua District Council.  HLT was valued for its independence from a political body, although, Horowhenua District Council might be able to give suitable guarantees but that would need to actually happen.
15:01 TGoat thanks thd
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15:03 thd TGoat: A local council does not seem to be suitable holder of money from everywhere without re-establishing something like HLT even if only in name.
15:03 TGoat very true thd
15:03 TGoat agreed
15:06 TGoat thd, everyone must be comfortable. I'll get as much information as I can and do the communications so you/we can all make good decisions. I just want to get the fundraising started so we can accomplish those items we need for Koha
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15:09 thd TGoat: The issue about a legal entity was sharply focused to protect from any future problems such as losing the domain.
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15:11 * LeeJ waves
15:11 LeeJ hi #koha
15:13 thd Hello LeeJ
15:14 LeeJ thd: hello
15:22 eythian HLT would be weird, as it's primarily a city council with little connection to Koha.
15:22 eythian err
15:22 eythian HDC
15:23 thd Exactly.
15:23 eythian HLT made sense as it was the library trust.
15:23 thd The name itself was very reassuring.
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15:27 thd The public reason offered for closing HLT was cost savings, however, there is good reason to think that was either false or very ill considered without proper consultation.
15:29 LeeJ :O
15:29 LeeJ I just discovered a vagrant plugin to choose your disksize from Vagrantfile!
15:29 thd From MegZ "... my guess is that the council won't be able to access that kind of funding now. I tsee in one report that in 2013 the trust got just under $570,000 or so from charitable grants. I suppose the rate-payers will be footing the bill now."[…]e-axed-in-a-month
15:29 LeeJ tcohen: this may be of interest to you
15:30 LeeJ tcohen: and by "you" I mean every devbox user :P
15:35 tcohen morning
15:37 LeeJ morning tcohen
15:38 LeeJ tcohen: I'm testing out that vagrant plugin I just posted to you..will know in about half an hour if it actually works :)
15:42 jbeno joined #koha
15:47 tcohen if we make the Vagrantfile read the user.yml config, we could make it easily tweakable
15:48 tcohen LeeJ:
15:49 tcohen @wunder cordoba, argentina
15:49 huginn tcohen: Error: No such location could be found.
15:50 LeeJ tcohen: hm?
15:50 tcohen if we make the Vagrantfile read the user.yml config, we could make it easily tweakable
15:50 tcohen that pull request implements something similar
15:51 LeeJ ahhhh
15:51 LeeJ tcohen: success! the plugin works! Kinda!
16:01 rocio joined #koha
16:06 LeeJ tcohen: it appears the plugin works for the extra free I just have to figure out how to expand the partition[…]040b449ab7bd2bbce
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16:22 thd /QUIT
16:37 tcohen oleonard: around?
16:37 oleonard Yes
16:37 tcohen have a minute to chat about bug 16759?
16:37 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16759 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Needs Signoff , Make opac holdings table configurable
16:38 tcohen I like the idea of the shelving location having it's own column
16:40 oleonard Yeah, it might be useful to some folks.
16:41 tcohen I'm interested on ideas you might have to improve it
16:42 oleonard Nothing more than what I commented on the bug. I didn't sign off because I thought you were looking for more than just one opinion
16:43 tcohen oleonard: as-is, it just allows easier hiding of stuffs that are enabled to be displayed syspref-wise
16:44 tcohen what I would need is ideas (and new bugs filled) so we remove the unneeded sysprefs
16:44 tcohen some of them are designed to avoid leaking info
16:44 tcohen others are just cosmetic
16:44 tcohen I would love input on that
16:45 oleonard Is there any preference besides OPACShowCheckoutName which leaks potentially sensitive information? I couldn't think of one off the top of my head
16:46 oleonard And that's not about a column, just about info inside a column
16:47 pastebot "tcohen" at pasted "oleonard: here's the code and sysprefs" (31 lines) at
16:56 LeeJ tcohen: FYI...that disk resize vagrant plugin works perfectly for configuration..but resizing the disk to consume the unallocated space is a nightmare..just spent the last half hour and JUST got it functional
17:15 Joubu tcohen: On bug 14642 you added log for actions on holds. I do not understand what DELETE is logged, and what is means
17:15 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14642 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Pushed to Master , Add logging of hold modifications
17:16 Joubu I have only found 1 occurrence of Koha::Hold->delete, in ModReserveFill
17:17 LeeJ OPAC password recovery an instant email when requested? Or does it run through the email cron?
17:17 Joubu cron
17:19 LeeJ that's what I thought..then it's correct to say that *every* email generated by Koha is cron-dependent? (asking for my superiors)
17:49 Joubu LeeJ: nope
17:49 Joubu there are few that are sent via sendmail
17:50 Joubu git grep Mail::SendMail
17:51 LeeJ Joubu: you're the best
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19:26 bag tcohen: check this out
19:26 bag @wunder 97215
19:26 huginn bag: Error: No such location could be found.
19:26 bag ahh!!! boo
19:26 bag it’s going to be 42 here today
19:27 edveal It will be a bit hotter here in Houston. Bag
19:27 bag I don’t think so edveal
19:28 bag we are about 15 degrees (F)  hotter than you edveal
19:29 edveal OH that was celcious.
19:29 edveal sorry!
19:30 edveal Yesterday we were 99 with a feels like of 120 thanks to the humidity. But you get that as well.
19:30 bag yeah we tend to not use freedom temps (as pianohacker would say) in this channel
19:30 edveal LOL
19:30 bag our humidity is nothing ever close to yours - it’s that pacific northwest
19:30 edveal I need a converter
19:32 liw in bash: f2c() { echo "($1 - 32) * 5/9" | bc -lq; }
19:32 liw then: f2c 99
19:32 liw outputs: 37.22222222222222222222
19:34 edveal I will stick with google. LOL
19:35 edveal But thanks, I am going to store that litle bit for future use when the interenet is down.
19:44 tcohen bag: that's way too hot
19:45 eythian @convert 99 F to C
19:45 huginn eythian: 37.2222222222
19:49 edveal eythian that is very handy!
20:06 LeeJ have a good night #koha
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20:29 bag @later tcohen - please ping me when you get back
20:29 huginn bag: I suck
20:29 bag shit!
20:29 bag @later tell tcohen - please ping me when you get back
20:29 huginn bag: The operation succeeded.
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20:40 rangi the assets are still held in a trust, there's no issue with those
20:40 rangi i think the fundraising should be done totally separately
20:40 rangi unless it is purely for project use (ie paying for domains, paying for websites)
20:40 rangi if it is for funding dev .. that should be off on its own thing
20:41 rangi in legal jurisdictions where you think the funding is going to come from
20:41 rangi hint not NZ
20:41 rangi but leave the assets held by the trust
20:42 bag yes don’t move the assets - but what is that status on the new trust
20:42 rangi it exists, holds the assets
20:42 bag right so the funding committee needs to find a new place to put money
20:42 TGoat here
20:43 rangi i reckon start a new funding committtee, there was less than 350$nz
20:43 bag from what I understand it’s a new trust that Joann created
20:43 bag yup that’s the first step - new committee - new draft of rules
20:44 bag new funding committee creates/establishes the place for funds to go
20:46 bag funding has nothing to do with the assets
20:46 rangi exactly
20:46 bag so thd - the assets are still held in a trust, there's no issue with those
20:47 rangi the statutes mean they cant ever be transferred to anything other than a trust
20:47 rangi so they are safe as can be
20:47 TGoat @later tell thd that the assets are still held in a trust, there's no issue with those
20:47 huginn TGoat: The operation succeeded.
20:48 rangi its kinda great to have funding totally separate too
20:48 bag +1
20:50 bag community should have say over funding…  the assets are just the assets of the project - those stay safe forever
20:51 rangi yep
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21:48 Kafilini joined #koha
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22:06 tcohen joined #koha
22:10 bag rangi: we currently are at 38!  still on the way up to a high 42!
22:10 rangi yikes!
22:11 wizzyrea that's too warm.
22:11 bag what’s it like there?
22:11 bag 10?
22:11 wahanui i guess 10 is a bit low
22:11 wizzyrea @wunder nzwn
22:11 huginn wizzyrea: Error: No such location could be found.
22:11 wizzyrea boo.
22:11 bag yeah no wunder currently
22:11 wizzyrea google says 7
22:11 wizzyrea but it's sunnyish with showers.
22:11 bag 8! says @weather
22:12 bag I love sunnyish with showers
22:12 bag hey wizzyrea how’s the little guy doing?
22:13 wizzyrea not so little anymore, he's 9
22:13 bag still shorter than trea
22:13 wizzyrea heh yes.
22:13 bag :D
22:14 bag well tell them both I said - hiya!
22:14 wizzyrea and your bright spark?
22:14 bag starting kindergarten in the fall
22:14 wizzyrea eee!
22:14 bag she’s got a short haircut style now ;)
22:14 bag fits her perfectly
22:15 wizzyrea what's she like to do?
22:16 bag currently it’s gardening with mom, gymnastics, and telling mom and dad she should be able to watch more screens
22:16 rangi heh
22:17 bag how about your mr. 9
22:17 bag rangi: everytime we go to the farmers market well tell ginny the story about your boys and ninja’s at the market
22:17 bag we all howl with laughter
22:18 rangi hehe
22:19 wizzyrea Books, superheroes, piano lessons, perfecting his cuddling.
22:22 * cait waves
22:22 wizzyrea hi cait
22:28 cait good night bag, rangi and wizzyrea :) (a-z)
22:29 rangi night cait
22:29 wizzyrea gnite cait
22:29 cait :)
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22:52 tcohen anyone helping me bikeshed about syspref name?
22:53 tcohen 'If ON, holdings table will display shelving location on a separate column in the detail view'
22:55 eythian ShelvingLocationColumnElephant
23:05 bag not big enough eythian
23:06 bag and also - hi there eythian
23:06 eythian It's got an elephant though!
23:06 eythian Hi bag
23:07 rocio joined #koha
23:07 tcohen OPACShelvingLocationColumnO​nBiblioDetailHoldingsTable
23:08 bag or wtf for short
23:10 * Francesca waves
23:21 wizzyrea OPACLocationOnDetail
23:22 wizzyrea also, we should not expose those to the user because it makes our life hard.
23:39 papa joined #koha
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