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06:36 sophie_m bonjour
06:36 wahanui privet, sophie_m
06:36 sophie_m hello #koha :)
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06:44 reiveune hello
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07:06 fridolin hie there
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11:25 * oleonard waves
11:25 eythian hi oleopard
11:25 * LibraryClaire waves
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11:34 * cait waves
11:35 * kidclamp waves
11:35 * oleonard is accidentally smacked in the face by all the waving
11:36 cait oops
11:36 kidclamp we all crowded onto his dekstop, he needs more monitors
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11:45 oleonard kidclamp: I'll swipe one from khall, he'll never notice one is missing.
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11:49 kidclamp hah!
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11:52 * LeeJ waves
11:52 LeeJ morning #koha
11:54 * LeeJ waves to cait
11:55 * oleonard wonders if anyone brought cinnamon rolls.
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11:58 marcelr hi #koha
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11:59 LeeJ oleonard: curse I want a cinnamon roll from Mr. Sticky's >_>
11:59 LeeJ morning marcelr!
11:59 oleonard I don't know what Mr. Sticky's is, but I want to go there.
11:59 marcelr hi LeeJ oleonard
12:00 LeeJ oleonard: feast your eyes on the glory that is Mr. Sticky's
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12:01 LeeJ oleonard: it may be a bit far for you since it's in PA but they ship :)
12:01 oleonard LeeJ: Oh sure they SAY they ship but then you click the link
12:01 eythian goeiemiddag marcelr
12:01 marcelr hi eythian
12:02 LeeJ oleonard: hahaha! try here instead :)
12:03 LeeJ oleonard: the prices may seem a tad high, but the size and taste of the rolls more than make up for it!
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12:40 tcohen morning
13:00 liv_ong is there any koha vm ready to deploy?
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13:02 tcohen liv_ong: there isn't
13:02 tcohen LibraryClaire: hi
13:02 tcohen liv_ong: what are you trying to do?
13:03 LibraryClaire hi tcohen
13:04 liv_ong tcohen: I want to deploy to esx some already koha fresh installed and avoid all the installation process
13:04 tcohen for production use?
13:04 liv_ong tcohen: no, just for tinkering
13:05 tcohen I don't know of any ESX image
13:06 tcohen but you can grab a clean Debian 8 image, and follow the tiny install process
13:07 liv_ong tcohen: I've found this but don't know if it's koha core
13:08 tcohen it isn't
13:08 tcohen it's a spanish fork
13:12 liv_ong tcohen: oh, but it says it's koha based, I want an environment to test Koha ActiveDirectory Authentication
13:12 tcohen I'd pick kohadevbox
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13:14 liv_ong tcohen: ok, is vagrant complicated?
13:18 tcohen if you install virtualbox, it will work out of the box
13:18 tcohen i don't have vmware to test
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13:42 * LeeJ looks at Bug 16976 and thinks kidclamp should teach unit test sessions or something
13:42 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16976 critical, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Signed Off , Authorities searches with double quotes gives ZOOM error 20003
13:48 kidclamp I have been working on them, I am no tcohen
13:48 tcohen hahaha
13:49 kidclamp proably shoudl pull that Dumper line out
13:49 LeeJ well I've only seen yours looking through bugs...have yet to come across any from tcohen yet but now I'll have to keep an eye out :P
13:49 eythian this is better than Data::Dumper, btw
13:50 tcohen hahahahaha
13:50 LeeJ eythian++ hahahaha
13:50 * tcohen didn't know about the DDP alias
13:51 tcohen eythian: do you know if it implies use Data::Printer colored => 1; ?
13:51 eythian it seems to, yes
13:52 eythian at least, I get colour. It's not impossible it something in our environment that's doing it.
13:52 LeeJ tcohen:[…]0/288/653/844.jpg
13:52 eythian wahanui: mind blown is <reply>[…]0/288/653/844.jpg
13:52 wahanui ...but mind blown is <reply>http://meremortalblog.files.wo[…]d-blown.jpg?w=412...
13:52 eythian you already had it that way, wahanui
13:53 eythian but the new one is better
13:53 tcohen hehe
13:53 eythian no, wahanui. mind blown is <reply>[…]0/288/653/844.jpg
13:53 eythian no, wahanui, mind blown is <reply>[…]0/288/653/844.jpg
13:53 wahanui okay, eythian.
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16:45 paulog Hi everybody i am new in this channel and i am glad to join it
16:47 paulog I am getting knowledge of koha by selfstudying and watching  some video lessons and reading koha manua
16:47 paulog I have a project to develop which is concerned to digital library creation for my university
16:48 Joubu welcome paulog :)
16:49 paulog i know how to attach file to the record and and book cover but my aim it to display all e-book in page linked to the page
16:50 paulog i mean when i clik on the book page the system display he book content that can be browsed
16:50 paulog also to display the e-book according to it area for extense: programming, human sciences and so on
16:55 lelebart hi everybody. first approach to a library system ever, i'm installing koha on an old pc (pentium III with debian jessie) to handle my father's book. i need a ip-based install, i found but i didn't understand
16:55 lelebart *i found https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ain_name_for_Koha but i dont'understand how not handle dns
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17:00 paulofrancisco_antonio hi
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17:01 paulofrancisco_antonio hi
17:01 paulofrancisco_antonio I am new to koha channel and i'm glad to join it
17:02 paulofrancisco_antonio Hope you help me to develop my project in koha
17:02 paulofrancisco_antonio Hello everybody
17:03 kidclamp_lunch hi paulofrancisco_antonio
17:03 LeeJ hello paulofrancisco_antonio! Welcome to #koha!
17:04 LeeJ paulofrancisco_antonio: what is it that you need help with?
17:05 paulofrancisco_antonio Hi leej and kidclamp
17:05 paulofrancisco_antonio So i want to implement a digital library to my university where student can have access to e-books
17:06 paulofrancisco_antonio i have basic knowledge in koha installation and configuration but i think is not enough
17:07 paulofrancisco_antonio i know how to add a file and a conver to a record in koha cataloguing mode
17:08 LeeJ paulofrancisco_antonio: do you have e-book files? Or do you subscribe to a service such as OverDrive or EBSCO?
17:08 paulofrancisco_antonio but is necessary after that grant access to users with permission to view in tthe home page of the system of all ebook addes to the library by its cover and when click the cover it opens the ebook content
17:09 paulofrancisco_antonio we have e-book files
17:11 LeeJ hmm...
17:12 oleonard That's not really what Koha is designed to do paulofrancisco_antonio.
17:12 paulofrancisco_antonio But if i can atthach file and cover it is not possible?
17:13 paulofrancisco_antonio i know that koha is integrated library system just to save book record, circulation, serials, aquisition
17:13 oleonard You can link to a file from the record in Koha, and you can add a cover image for it. But Koha cannot control access to the file itself or enforce any DRM restrictions.
17:13 paulofrancisco_antonio but i thought it should be possible
17:15 paulofrancisco_antonio ok but give access to the ebook just for viewing with a required login
17:16 oleonard You can control access to the record in Koha, but controlling access to the file itself would have to be separate from Koha
17:16 oleonard Otherwise once the user had the link shown in the record they could access it whenever they wanted.
17:16 LeeJ let's see..with some work, you could try combining Koha with an ERM solution (Electronic Resource Management)
17:16 paulofrancisco_antonio yes
17:19 paulofrancisco_antonio this is the idea, host the ebook and cover and then use another technology to control it
17:20 LeeJ going at it from that direction that's certainly possible with some work of course
17:21 paulofrancisco_antonio do you have and special idea?
17:21 lelebart i have a blank /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/koha what when wrong?
17:22 paulofrancisco_antonio i didn't get what is the main idea
17:24 LeeJ paulofrancisco_antonio: after finding an ERM that would suit your needs that could be integrated with Koha via an API or other interface, to be perfectly honest it's mostly trial and error
17:25 paulofrancisco_antonio sure?
17:25 wahanui sure is :)
17:28 LeeJ yes...virtually every feature you see in Koha is the result of trial and error until it works as intended. Your best bet would probably be to load your e-books into whatever ERM you decide on then check authentication setups
17:42 paulofrancisco_antonio ok
17:43 lelebart i have also a blank /koha-conf.xml
17:49 LeeJ lelebart: are you able to access any part of Koha?
17:50 lelebart LeeJ: no, i'm not
17:51 LeeJ lelebart: which instructions did you use to install Koha initially?
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17:51 lelebart btw, now i don't have any "koha" in site-enabled, but i get the prorper koha-conf.xml
17:52 lelebart LeeJ, those ones https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ki/Koha_on_Debian
17:53 LeeJ lelebart: which step in those instructions did you last complete successfully?
17:54 lelebart LeeJ, i'm stucked at "Access the web interface"
17:56 LeeJ hmm..
17:56 lelebart apache default port should be 8079, and koha's opac 80, intra 8080
17:57 lelebart on ip-based installation, DOMAIN="" is correct?
17:57 LeeJ lelebart: have you tried navigating to localhost:8080?
17:58 lelebart LeeJ, wait a sec, i'mt installing lynx
17:58 LeeJ okay
17:59 lelebart LeeJ, unreachable
17:59 LeeJ hmm...
18:00 lelebart LeeJ, localhost:8079 prompts me the default files (debain-readme.html)
18:01 LeeJ lelebart: is koha.conf listed under sites-enabled in the apache2 directory?
18:02 LeeJ the rough filepath should be /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/libraryname.conf
18:02 lelebart LeeJ, nope. i've only 000-default default-ssl and the library one
18:04 LeeJ lelebart: is it listed in sites-available?
18:04 lelebart ( libraryname.conf in my case is vendrame.conf )
18:05 lelebart LeeJ, koha.conf is not, vendrame.conf yes
18:05 LeeJ alright..
18:05 LeeJ try running these commands
18:05 LeeJ a2dissite 000-default
18:05 LeeJ then run
18:06 LeeJ a2ensite vendrame
18:06 LeeJ then if that works run
18:06 LeeJ sudo service apache2 restart
18:06 lelebart done
18:06 lelebart same as before
18:08 LeeJ hmm..then it appears something went wrong during the instance creation
18:08 LeeJ because it should automatically enable the koha site during the process
18:10 lelebart LeeJ, :8079 still working. maybe apache is drunk?
18:10 LeeJ lelebart: haha it's possible!
18:12 lelebart LeeJ, in that conf there's this line (twice) ServerName
18:12 lelebart is that ok?
18:12 LeeJ lelebart: let me take a look at my own..
18:13 lelebart LeeJ, this koha install should work only on my lan only
18:14 LeeJ lelebart: are you looking in apache2.conf there? or koha conf?
18:15 lelebart LeeJ, vendrame.conf, the koha one
18:15 LeeJ okay..
18:17 pastebot "LeeJ" at pasted "Sample Koha conf" (52 lines) at
18:17 LeeJ lelebart: take a look at the paste I just sent
18:17 LeeJ that's what the developer version of Koha has for a conf file
18:17 pastebot "lelebart" at pasted "vendrame.conf" (39 lines) at
18:18 lelebart mine nopasted as well. i'll double check yours
18:20 LeeJ lelebart: keep in mind that the one I pasted is from a specially configured Koha version...yours appears to look fine from what I can see
18:20 lelebart LeeJ, except for the missing python lines, mine should be ok
18:20 lelebart LeeJ, lol. other files to check?
18:22 LeeJ lelebart: outside of a full re-install I'm not sure what to say..however, my suggestion would be if you were to attempt a reinstall, use the instructions here and stop once you reach "Transforming our Koha instance into a Developer instance"
18:23 LeeJ lelebart: the last time I installed a full setup myself those are the instructions I used
18:24 LeeJ lelebart: then after those steps skip down to "Logging in for the first time"
18:24 lelebart LeeJ, thanks. "Install the Koha package site template" is totally missed in the other docu
18:26 lelebart mybe that DOMAIN=".localhost" do the trick, let's try
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18:27 LeeJ lelebart: I believe that was intentional at the time. However, it could use some updating I'm sure
18:27 cait :)
18:28 * LeeJ waves to cait
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18:35 lelebart LeeJ, # koha-create --create-db mykoha
18:35 lelebart Koha instance is empty, no staff user created.
18:35 wahanui i already had it that way, lelebart.
18:36 LeeJ lelebart: did you make progress?
18:36 lelebart LeeJ, same as ages ago.
18:36 lelebart last hope is reinstall the server
18:45 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 17829: (follow-up) Move GetMember to Koha::Patron <[…]cfd11cc6b152cbcb2>
18:52 lelebart LeeJ, noticed that while updating apt-get: Err squeeze/main i386 Packages — 404  Not Found
18:53 LeeJ O.o
18:53 LeeJ OOOOH
18:53 LeeJ you're trying to install on a 32-bit machine?
18:53 lelebart LeeJ, eeeeee yup, old pentium III
18:53 LeeJ ahhhh...found the problem lol
18:53 lelebart LeeJ, lol
18:53 lelebart i never read i need a x64!
18:54 LeeJ lelebart: now that you mention it I don't know that's it's written anywhere
18:54 lelebart LeeJ, https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]&search=x64&go=Go
18:54 LeeJ lelebart: he's not logged in currently, but if you keep an eye out on here for someone by the name mtompset I know that he was wacky enough to test it out on 32-bit but I can't recall what his findings were
18:58 lelebart nevermind, i'll drop that machine. lol. i'll try to install it on the pi-hole machine. (atom n450 should be x64 afaik)
18:58 lelebart btw, a huge thanks
18:59 lelebart i'll try tomorrow, dinnertime! see you! thanks again. me fool! lol
19:23 LeeJ lelebart: my pleasure! happy to help!
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20:32 * LeeJ_zoom waves
20:32 LeeJ_zoom have a good night everyone! I'm off tomorrow :)
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20:41 jenkins Project Koha_Master_D8 build #215: SUCCESS in 1 hr 43 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_D8/215/
20:41 jenkins jonathan.druart: Bug 17829: (follow-up) Move GetMember to Koha::Patron
20:41 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17829 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Move GetMember to Koha::Patron
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21:32 cbutosi Hi all, In Koha 16.05 (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS), is there a way to clear the message_queue? I presume it's an SQL command, but am unsure. I had to temporarily disable email. Before restarting email, I'd like to clear out all emails older than today, so they don't get pushed to patrons.
21:33 cbutosi I've used the </usr/share/koha/bin/cronjobs/ --mail> script, but then I ran SELECT * FROM message_queue; in cmd line, and 173 rows appeared.
21:34 wizzyrea in the sudo koha-mysql instance
21:35 wizzyrea you can delete from message_queue where time_queued >= "whatever datetime you specify"
21:37 cbutosi Hi wizzyrea, thanks very much. I'll try now.
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21:44 cbutosi Hi wizzyrea, Table message_queue reports "Empty set (0.00 sec)". Thanks very much.
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21:47 wizzyrea \o/ yay!
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22:05 reiveune bye
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