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00:12 mtompset @later tell mveron bug 18776 is only trivial if you were familiar with translations in the first place. ;)
00:12 huginn mtompset: The operation succeeded.
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01:40 mtompset mveron++ # for improving translatability of many things, and giving me sign offs I can do. :)
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03:25 mtompset Have a good day (24 hour period), #koha wizzyrea
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05:50 drojf hi #koha
05:50 drojf @wunder berlin, germany
05:50 huginn drojf: Error: No such location could be found.
05:51 drojf weather in berlin: flood, flood, flood
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06:38 gaetan_B hello
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06:55 eythian Hi drojf, how's summer?
06:55 eythian Hi also gaetan_B :)
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06:58 reiveune hello
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07:06 drojf hi eythian.
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07:08 marcelr hi #koha
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07:19 eythian Hi marcelr
07:19 marcelr morgen eythian
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07:41 schnydszch hi paul_p! hi gaetan_B!
07:45 schnydszch hello all!
07:45 wahanui it has been said that hello all! is there a way of linking the authorities in koha? link 550$a to 001 or control no.? linking done by adding 550$0 of the term
07:46 marcelr hi schnydszch
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07:59 schnydszch hi marcelr!
08:16 gaetan_B hi schnydszch! how's Manila? hope you're not having a post kohacon low!
08:18 schnydszch it's raining right now in my place, it's dark but still afternoon. I hope you had a good time in Anilao gaetan_B :)
08:18 gaetan_B drojf: oh wow, moonsoon in Berlin?
08:18 gaetan_B i had a great time in Anilao yes!
08:21 schnydszch monsoon in the Philippines already started, but just occasional rains in the afternoon. I think we only had that during kohacon17 in a tuesday. :)
08:25 gaetan_B well it seems Berlin is having it worse than Manila this year schnydszch :
08:29 schnydszch must be the climate change :(
08:32 drojf yes we have a bit of rain ;)
08:32 drojf my part of town seems ok. have not checked the basement though
08:32 * cait is jealous
08:32 drojf of the ausnahmezustand?
08:33 cait i like rain...
08:34 schnydszch hi cait!
08:37 cait hi schnydszch :)
08:37 cait looked like kohacon was a great success - congratulations and thank you!
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08:38 schnydszch thanks too cait! you should have come to the Philippines. It rains in the afternoon during monsoon ;)
08:43 cait good point, should have told me earlier!
08:43 cait :)
08:57 alexbuckley hi cait and schnydszch
08:59 schnydszch hi alexbuckley!
09:00 cait hi alexbuckley - saw your emai :)
09:05 alexbuckley great :)
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10:07 eythian cait: second last time I was in Konstanz I got caught in a bit of a flood too remember.
10:22 cait eythian: it's been some time
10:22 cait hm
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10:45 eythian cait: well, now there's a real downpour here too. But water is perhaps less of a problem in Amsterdam.
10:46 cait i guess you are used to it :)
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11:56 * LeeJ waves
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12:10 LeeJ if I were to test a patch against say 17.05 or 16.11, how would I go about that? I've only tested against master. Would I just run something like "git checkout origin/16.11.x"?
12:12 cait yes
12:13 cait make a branch first or in the same go but basically yep
12:13 cait you will most likely need a new database tho
12:13 cait for a clean test
12:18 LeeJ cait: luckily I have more than one computer with kohadevbox installed :)
12:18 LeeJ cait: morning by the way :)
12:20 cait morning LeeJ
12:21 * LeeJ wishes the ES repos would get fixed so he can help test ES bugs
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12:32 oleonard Hi #koha
12:32 * LeeJ waves to oleonard
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12:44 eythian hi oleopard
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12:47 * LeeJ waves to jzairo
12:47 jzairo hey Leej
12:47 jzairo I will be contacting you next week!
12:47 LeeJ great!
12:48 LeeJ jzairo: we had some visitors yesterday from Broward Public Library :)
12:48 LeeJ jzairo: they came to the the AS/RS
12:48 jzairo wow!! who was it
12:48 jzairo Bob Annsett??
12:49 LeeJ jzairo: I'm not sure honestly...I didn't catch the name but he used to work in the library. He's retired now but was in the area and his friend thought he'd love to see it :)
12:49 jzairo cool LeeJ
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13:04 * magnuse is off for a 4 week holiday
13:04 oleonard Have fun magnuse
13:04 magnuse thanks o'leopard
13:04 magnuse have fun #koha, see you in august!
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13:20 tcohen morning
13:21 tcohen cait: maybe a server reboot
13:21 tcohen or a networking issue
13:22 tcohen @@seen Joubu
13:22 huginn tcohen: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
13:22 tcohen @seen Joubu
13:22 huginn tcohen: Joubu was last seen in #koha 1 week, 1 day, 15 hours, 52 minutes, and 17 seconds ago: * Joubu is afk for ~10days, take care #koha
13:22 tcohen ok, 2 more days and 9 hours
13:25 LeeJ hello tcohen
13:28 kidclamp probably 1 hour - assuming that was at the end of an 8 hour work day :-)
13:28 tcohen ah, yes
13:31 * oleonard sits and stares at the door for 2 days and 1 hour.
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14:26 LeeJ hey barton and kidclamp..I'm testing out the scenario in Bug 15438 but instead of the borrowernumber in AF I'm getting the patron's first name in AF?
14:26 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15438 critical, P3, ---, colin.campbell, Needs Signoff , Checking out an on-hold item sends holder's borrowernumber in AF (screen message) field.
14:27 kidclamp you actually just get a random piece of borrower info
14:27 LeeJ (prior to patch application that is)
14:27 kidclamp it's a hash so order not guaranteed, you will get something you shoudln't :-)
14:27 LeeJ ahhh yes..I recall seeing that comment from you in there now :)
14:28 LeeJ anyways, I'm putting it through its paces to see if we can get moving forward on it :)
14:32 LeeJ kidclamp: Kyle's patch should fix the issue, yes? Or is there still work to be done?
14:33 cait tcohen: so nothing to worry about?
14:36 kidclamp it should fix the issue - we may want to do a larger rewrite later, but this prevents data leakage
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14:41 LeeJ kidclamp: hmm well I applied the patch and I still get the random hash entry but after the 4th or 5th retry it said item on loan for another patron.
14:42 cait oleonard: why the staring? want to write for the manual instead? :)
14:42 * cait has a todo list for everyone who wants to... and super simple instructions!
14:42 oleonard cait: I want to know the exact moment when Joubu returns
14:43 cait what are you going to do then?
14:43 kidclamp leej did you restart_all? and stop/start sip?
14:43 LeeJ I guess that would help wouldn't it? :P I forget that sometimes
14:44 oleonard cait: I haven't thought that far ahead
14:46 tcohen kidclamp: maybe restart_all should take care of SIP too
14:48 kidclamp it might tcohen, honestly not sure
14:50 cait oleonard: hm. :)
14:56 * cait suggests baking cake
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15:00 tcohen remote_debugger_enable: false
15:00 tcohen remote_debugger_key: "xdebug.sublime"
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15:00 tcohen oops
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15:05 reiveune bye
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15:11 LeeJ kidclamp: got it working finally after the restart :)
15:12 kidclamp huzzah
15:12 LeeJ kidclamp: much appreciated, as always!
15:15 * oleonard always pictures kidclamp in full ren faire regalia whenever he says "huzzah"
15:17 * LeeJ agrees with oleonard
15:32 kidclamp if I had access to smoked turkey legs everyday I would always have one in hand, best part of any ren faire
15:32 oleonard I know right?!
15:32 oleonard the worst part is not being able to afford to buy ALL THE SWORDS
15:34 * LeeJ just wants a Master Sword
15:36 LeeJ any non-ES bugs that need attention? working on signoffs this morning and the manual this afternoon :)
15:38 * bag notes get a supply of turkey legs for bws staff retreat
15:38 bag and for kidclamp
15:40 * LeeJ hopes bag will send some turkey legs to PALA with whoever from bws comes
15:40 bag :D
15:40 kidclamp nom nom nom nom nom
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16:09 cait LeeJ++ :)
16:09 LeeJ cait: :)
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18:13 * LeeJ hops onto kohadocs
18:20 cait :)
18:20 * cait has to recruit more LeeJs
18:23 LeeJ_kohadocs cait: haha
18:23 LeeJ_kohadocs cait: I had planned to do more this week but some major "complications" at work needed my attention :)
18:24 kidclamp we should really invest in cloning
18:26 LeeJ_kohadocs kidclamp: why? so you can have an unlimited supply of smoked turkey legs?
18:26 LeeJ_kohadocs ;D
18:27 kidclamp that is also a benefit, but I was more agreeign with cait, clone you, clone cait, clone oleonard
18:27 kidclamp not kidclamp though
18:28 kidclamp there can be only one
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18:33 LeeJ_kohadocs certainly not! The mere thought of another kidclamp is unfathomable
18:38 talljoy @seen paul_p
18:38 huginn talljoy: paul_p was last seen in #koha 1 week, 0 days, 11 hours, 12 minutes, and 35 seconds ago: <paul_p> cait nope, it's finished. I'm waiting for the driver that will bring me back to airport (in half an hour)
18:54 LeeJ_kohadocs cait: perhaps we should add another list in the framapad called something like "prefs to improve"? Say for example prefs that need explanation like MarcItemFieldsToOrder?
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19:37 cait ah sorry, reading back now
19:38 cait LeeJ_kohadocs: sounds good - add anything you think is useful
19:38 cait :)
19:38 cait i have started reviewing them a bit, but for now mostly for completness
19:41 LeeJ_kohadocs cait: okay...for now I'm just indicating "description needed" next to the ones I do that we need to go back to
19:42 cait yep cool
19:43 LeeJ_kohadocs cait: so you have marked down the syspref UsageStatsPublicID but it's not in master..?
19:44 cait huh
19:44 cait let me check
19:44 LeeJ_kohadocs what in the world...
19:45 LeeJ_kohadocs Bug 18066 has it listed in the comments
19:45 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18066 new feature, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Hea - Version 2
19:45 cait hm it was in the list
19:45 cait i copied that from the release notes
19:46 cait it's in local use
19:46 cait possibly the internal id that should not be changed
19:46 LeeJ_kohadocs hmm..
19:46 cait so your data in hea can be updated
19:47 cait maybe just leave it out for now and we check local use later
19:47 LeeJ_kohadocs okay...I'll indicate in the comment
19:47 cait btw - you got a pm :)
19:48 LeeJ_kohadocs mhm :)
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19:58 LeeJ_kohadocs well I'm off now! Have a great weekend everyone
19:58 * LeeJ_kohadocs waves
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