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04:35 wizzyrea phew, kinda feel like import borrowers ought to be backgrounded just so it doesn't timeout and you can still see the results for big loads of borrowers.
04:35 wizzyrea big like, 35k
04:47 rangi yeah, it should
04:48 wizzyrea it keeps on trucking and does finish, but it doesn't show me the bad ones. Lucky for me there are only like 5 in this load.
04:48 wizzyrea still might be nice to know what's wrong with them :P
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05:19 fridolin hie tehre
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06:02 * magnuse waves
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06:53 alex_a bonjour
06:55 magnuse bonjour alex_a and LibraryClaire
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06:55 marcelr hi #koha
06:56 LibraryClaire hi magnuse and #koha
06:57 marcelr hi LibraryClaire
06:58 LibraryClaire hey marcelr
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07:19 reiveune hello
07:19 wahanui bidet, reiveune
07:20 marcelr hi reiveune
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10:11 josef_moravec
10:26 eythian hi
10:26 wahanui bonjour, eythian
10:27 marcelr \/o
10:28 eythian marcelr: your head has fallen off!
10:28 marcelr yeah i am picking it up just now
10:28 marcelr o/
10:28 eythian there you go
10:28 marcelr feels better
10:29 marcelr de kop is eraf
10:33 eythian er-woorden zijn niet mijn vrienden.
10:34 marcelr huh
10:39 eythian zij zijn moeilijk
10:40 marcelr eropuit is an ugly one
10:41 eythian heh, yes it is.
10:41 marcelr spelled in various flavors
10:41 marcelr We gaan eropuit heeft onze voorkeur, maar voor We gaan erop uit is ook wel iets te zeggen.
10:44 eythian tricksy
10:46 marcelr last one for today : eronderdoor / eronder door / er onderdoor / er onder door
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10:48 eythian marcelr: I think you should fix them :)
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11:37 oleonard Yo.
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11:40 eythian hi oleopard
11:41 oleonard Hi eythian
11:41 * oleonard wonders if The Man shut down the free karma scheme
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11:42 eythian I did. I felt like people just wanted to be my friend for the karma.
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11:43 * oleonard deletes eythian from his contacts
11:43 eythian I knew it!
11:43 * oleonard looks for another entourage to join
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11:59 * oleonard wonders if jcamins needs another member for his entourage
12:00 * jcamins blinks.
12:02 jcamins You heard about all the baked goods? :)
12:02 oleonard I'm just looking to bask in the glow of a cool kid, jcamins
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12:03 * magnuse wants to bask in the glow of baked goods too
12:03 jcamins Ah. Sure, I can always fit another member in my entourage, if they can be relied upon to eat excess baked goods.
12:04 * oleonard pities poor drojf who will never make the cut
12:05 jcamins Nah, drojf will be fine.
12:06 * jcamins has been doing mostly gluten-free baking recently.
12:06 oleonard Brave soul
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13:22 Joubu Hi #koha
13:23 Joubu I am receiving quite a lot of answers on the "call for volunteers" poll :)
13:24 LibraryClaire Joubu++
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13:37 oleonard Joubu: I should have a how-to pull request for you later today
13:39 Joubu oleonard: Thx! I've just fixed the issue you opened
13:39 oleonard Great. Fast work :)
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14:02 magnuse Joubu++
14:02 * magnuse wanders off to make taco
14:04 oleonard Taco Thursday!
14:04 * LibraryClaire wants tacos
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14:21 evantill Hi
14:22 oleonard Hi evantill
14:23 evantill i have a newbie question
14:23 evantill on the login page I have to choose for the site
14:23 evantill and there is a "default" option
14:23 evantill "My Site"
14:23 evantill Is it possible to hide this as we have only one site ?
14:24 evantill It's a fresh new koha installation
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14:26 oleonard evantill: that should probably be considered a bug. I know we're trying to fix other places in Koha where a library selection menu shouldn't be shown when there is only one
14:26 evantill_ ah ok thanks
14:27 oleonard You could hide it using some custom JavaScript
14:27 evantill_ yes. sure
14:27 evantill_ not a big problem
14:27 evantill_ see you later (have to go)
14:27 evantill_ thanks
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15:09 mveron Hi #koha
15:11 mveron Hmm, it seems that parts of the web installer strings were not picked for translation, e.g. 'Web installer > Check Perl dependencies'
15:12 mveron Ah, Template Toolkit markup inside HTML, see line 13 in
15:14 mveron ...and 'Continue to the next step' is not picked as well
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15:14 mveron ...and same in next step "Web isntaller > Database settings" ...
15:15 oleonard :(
15:15 mveron installer
15:15 wahanui well, installer is for updating too.
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15:29 * mveron waves to cait
15:31 mveron cait: Do you know, will there be more string updates to come? - I'm testing the web installer in German and there are some strings that are not in the po files, e.g. 'Web installer > Check Perl dependencies'
15:31 mveron ...and 'Continue to the next step' (and more)
15:32 cait iam not sure
15:32 mveron Hmm, for MARC format I get only Marc21 as selection
15:32 cait that might be a bug, it's been theere for a while
15:34 mveron ...and 'Alle auswählen' but 'Select none' for the default settings...
15:37 cait hm maybe try manually updating and see if they show up
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15:37 cait and if they do, we can ask bernardo to update the po files again?
15:38 cait release is planned for 26th, so there is still a bit of time
15:38 cait and it's wlays only been marc21
15:38 cait i never translated Unimarc
15:38 cait the English UNIMARC templates were outdated back then, so I didn't want people to accidentally use them
15:39 cait the bug was referring to the strings :)
15:43 mveron cait: At least parts are due to Template Toolkit markup inside HTML
15:44 cait i remember someone once called me because they had installed koha with unimarc by accident, thinking unimarc was the unicode verision of MARC
15:44 mveron Marc21 only is fine for me, was just wondering.
15:45 mveron Oh, then we have things like 'Optional Daten hinzugefügt' und 'Mandatory Daten hinzugefügt'. Sounds ugly.
15:46 cait yeah but mandatory is the name of the directory
15:46 cait i think
15:46 cait and we shoudl not translate it - it will make problems with the onboarding tool later
15:46 mveron It's a %s
15:46 cait ah cool
15:47 cait it used to show the directory name
15:47 cait so that's why i think
15:47 cait it used to make sense
15:47 cait or at least a bit more sense
16:00 reiveune bye
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16:05 mveron Oh, timeline on about page is empty? (English)
16:07 mveron-away brb
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16:23 Joubu oleonard: you are awesome!
16:23 Joubu oleonard++
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16:24 oleonard Thanks Joubu I'm glad you like it
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16:33 * mveron-away testing installer with Italian translation it-IT (100% translated), same problems as with de-DE, we have a mix between English and Italian (or German)
16:33 bag @marc 440
16:33 huginn_ bag: A series statement consisting of a series title alone. (Repeatable) [a,n,p,v,x,6,8]
16:33 bag @marc 490
16:33 huginn_ bag: A series statement for which no series added entry is traced or for which the added entry is traced in one of the 800-830 fields in a form different from the form contained in field 490. (Repeatable) [a,l,v,x,6,8]
16:33 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn_.
16:35 kellym @marc 490
16:35 huginn_ kellym: A series statement for which no series added entry is traced or for which the added entry is traced in one of the 800-830 fields in a form different from the form contained in field 490. (Repeatable) [a,l,v,x,6,8]
16:35 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn_.
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17:12 mveron Can anybody confirm Bug 18629 - Web installer 17.05 not properly translatable ?
17:12 huginn_ Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18629 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Web installer 17.05 not properly translatable
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17:16 evantill koha-rebuild-zebra should be run as root or not. ?
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17:41 kidclamp @later tell LibraryClaire *quack*
17:41 huginn_ kidclamp: The operation succeeded.
17:48 Joubu @later tell LibraryClaire *mooow*
17:48 huginn_ Joubu: The operation succeeded.
17:51 kidclamp heh
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17:59 oleonard What is the difference between hea on and hea-app and hea-ws on github?
17:59 oleonard I'm confused about where to start with testing hea
18:00 kidclamp if there were only a 'u' the difference would be 'wassupp!'
18:00 Joubu oleonard: I explained how to set up a dev env for hea on the bug report
18:01 Joubu bug 18066
18:01 huginn_ Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18066 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Hea - Version 2
18:01 oleonard Okay thanks Joubu
18:02 Joubu on it's hea-app
18:03 Joubu hea-app is used got, hea-ws is the webservice (ws) used when Koha uploads data
18:03 Joubu s/go/for
18:03 Joubu erk
18:04 Joubu oleonard: you can also just wait and update your library with one of the new stable versions which will be released end of the month
18:05 Joubu they all will contain hea2
18:18 evantill I have a lot of error messages like that "CGI::param called in list contex"
18:25 Joubu The are warnings
18:25 Joubu They are warnings
18:26 Joubu evantill: From which scripts?
18:26 evantill let me check
18:26 evantill
18:26 wahanui is the script being envoked
18:27 evantill from
18:27 evantill also
18:27 evantill
18:27 Joubu Koha version?
18:28 evantill
18:29 Joubu I see some in indeed, not in should come from a pm
18:31 evantill joubu: the log is
18:31 evantill Use of uninitialized value $val in concatenation (.) or string at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 137., referer: http://bibliotheque-intra.cent[…]/koha/
18:31 Joubu It is not the same error
18:31 evantill sorry
18:33 Joubu evantill: can you open a new bug report please?
18:33 evantill sure for this error :
18:34 Joubu and link it 'see also' with bug 16154
18:34 huginn_ Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16154 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, CLOSED FIXED, Replace CGI->param with CGI->multi_param in list context
18:34 evantill ok
18:34 Joubu for the first one "called in list context"
18:34 evantill yes
18:34 Joubu you can ignore the "use of init value"
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18:54 Joubu alexbuckley, aleisha: Hi! When a change is needed during the QA step, and especially when the first patches are already signed-off, you should not amend the patches but propose a follow-up instead
18:54 Joubu the QA or RM will squash them if it's needed
18:55 evantill joubu: the zebra indexer is runing as a cron job on koha or by a koha-index-daemon
18:56 evantill it is not clear reading the docs
18:58 Joubu I have no idea what the default is, check your crontab
18:58 evantill default crontab is in comment
18:58 Joubu I guess it's the daemon
18:58 oleonard bye all
18:59 evantill ok and installing koha using the deb is installing the daemon at the same time by default ?
18:59 Joubu the koha-indexer debian script start the daemonize the indexer
18:59 Joubu the koha-indexer debian script daemonizes the indexer
18:59 Joubu yes
19:00 evantill ok thanks
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20:10 ELD Hello,  I am running some tests on koha version 16.11 as a potential ILS for us, and have a question about some of the preloaded settings for the SIPconfig.xml.  I am seeing some stuff in there that looks like it is there for the sake of out of the box testing, but I created custom patron and login associated with sip; are any of these necessary?
20:11 ELD <login id="term1"  password="term1" delimiter="|" error-detect="enabled" institution="CPL" encoding="ascii" checked_in_ok="1" />       <login id="koha"   password="koha"  delimiter="|" error-detect="enabled" institution="kohalibrary" encoding="utf8" />       <login id="koha2"  password="koha" institution="kohalibrary2" terminator="CR" />       <login id="lpl-sc" password="1234" institution="LPL" />       <login id="lpl-sc-beacock" passwo
20:13 rangi no
20:13 rangi you should change those all to things that make sense to you
20:13 ELD thx rangi.
20:13 rangi and never ever paste them in a logged channel again hehe :-)
20:13 rangi (once they are the real passwords that is)
20:14 rangi :)
20:16 rangi also, you will want to set up stunnel or a vpn or something for whatever is connecting to your SIP2 server
20:16 rangi but I am assuming you already have that for your current ILS ?
20:17 ELD yes.  there is a secure pipe.
20:18 rangi sweet
20:18 rangi sadly I bump into so many that send in the clear ;(
20:18 ELD I just was not sure if koha uses any of the baked in logins to pass internal sip commands once the enable-sip is executed.
20:18 rangi ahh nope
20:19 rangi you just have to make sure the users you make in the config exist in Koha
20:19 rangi thats the only gotcha
20:20 cait1 and the need circulation permissions
20:20 cait1 i think
20:20 rangi ah yep
20:26 ELD so. I could clean out the institution entries too?     Were all these settings left in here as examples?
20:30 rangi you will need to make at least one institution that matches your ones
20:30 rangi but you can take out the others
20:31 ELD While you're here. :) ....
20:31 cait1 the code of your brranch/library goes in there
20:32 cait1 in institution, don't typo
20:33 ELD I was playing with the java script notification that says how much you saved by using your library, and have done a number of permutations of it, and alternate javascript libraries.
20:33 ELD and still cannot get it to function when sent via e-mail.
20:34 ELD The printed version works well.
20:35 rangi not sure what you mean, i hope we aren't sending js emails???
20:35 rangi is this for notices?
20:36 ELD Here is an example of one way of doing it:[…]ipt-cost-savings/
20:37 rangi ah yes, that is only for printed slips
20:38 rangi the js will not be executed for emails
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20:39 ELD I see.
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