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01:13 kidclamp night koha!
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02:15 tcohen hi
02:16 tcohen @wunder cordoba, argentina
02:16 huginn_ tcohen: Error: No such location could be found.
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02:38 liz hi
02:43 tcohen hi liz
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03:14 tcohen hi
03:40 BobB hi tcohen
03:40 BobB liz about?
03:40 liz hi sup
03:40 BobB hey :)
03:41 BobB I think it is not possible to send an overdue notice to both a primary and alternate email address?
03:41 liz no, I don't think it is
03:41 liz not both - I feel like we fall to the first available email address
03:42 BobB iirc there is a sys pref that sets which address, but more than one address is not an option
03:42 liz right
03:42 tcohen hi BobB
03:42 BobB client wants to do that for only the third notice (kid plus parent)
03:44 BobB pretty sure its a no
03:44 BobB thx liz
03:45 liz yeah I don't think it is. That'd be a cool thing to do tho
03:47 BobB hi tcohen, all good in Cordoba?
03:47 BobB I remember your city with great fondness
03:51 tcohen yeah, BobB
03:51 tcohen doing great
03:51 tcohen I've just moved to a new house
03:51 tcohen outside the city
03:51 tcohen been building it for 1y8m
03:52 BobB oh wow, nice
03:52 BobB now you have to fill it with furniture and children :)
03:55 tcohen hehe, furniture will need to wait
03:55 tcohen our 2y4m boy is having lots of fun in the new yard
03:55 tcohen didn't I send you pics??
03:56 BobB no, no pics
03:57 BobB 2 y 4m already?  they are real people by that age
03:58 tcohen absolutely!
03:59 liz <3 yay small people!
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04:17 tcohen BobB: silly question, do you use Whatsapp?
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04:51 tcohen bye #koha
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05:49 cait Joubu: around?
05:49 cait hm probably too lat
05:49 cait e
05:55 BobB hi cait :)
05:56 cait hi BobB :)
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06:29 * magnuse waves
06:35 fridolin hie people
06:36 * magnuse waves again, just for the fun of it
06:36 magnuse bonjour fridolin
06:36 * magnuse is actually preparing for May 17th, our national holiday
06:37 fridolin magnuse: ahhh cool
06:37 fridolin what is usually done ? drinking or eating?
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06:42 reiveune hello
06:42 wahanui hola, reiveune
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06:46 oha o/
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06:47 alex_a bonjour
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07:32 gaetan_B hello
07:32 wahanui what's up, gaetan_B
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07:47 gaetan_B hello
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09:46 * kidclamp waves
09:46 kidclamp hi gaetan_B
09:47 gaetan_B hi kidclamp :)
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09:50 * LibraryClaire waves
09:57 eythian hi
09:58 kidclamp hi eythian
09:58 LibraryClaire kidclamp++
09:59 kidclamp it worked!
09:59 eythian haha
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10:29 eythian LibraryClaire: botsnack
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11:51 oleonard Hi all
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12:01 marcelr hi #koha
12:04 magnuse hiya marcelr
12:05 oleonard Hm, I guess Koha doesn't like it if you select 1700 labels in a batch and choose "Export selected items"
12:05 oleonard GET limit perhaps?
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12:09 magnuse oha++
12:09 * cait waves
12:09 magnuse maybe for the first time ever, an ILL request was just sent from one koha instance to another :-)
12:09 tcohen hi cait magnuse
12:09 magnuse hiya cait and tcohen
12:09 eythian hi oleopard, marcelr, magnuse, tcohen, cait
12:09 tcohen wow
12:09 oha magnuse: why do you ++ me, you did most of the work :)
12:10 oha i'm just looking
12:10 marcelr hi eythian
12:10 magnuse nah, it takes 2 to tango :-)
12:10 magnuse right, tcohen?
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12:10 tcohen lol
12:10 oha ok but now i don't want to make tcohen envious. he can dance with you! i'm fine!
12:11 * kidclamp wants to dance with magnuse - I bet he could spin and dip me
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12:12 * magnuse is not a dancer, sorry
12:13 * magnuse did not even dance at his own wedding
12:13 cait sometimes it's really weird when you are coming late to a #koha party...
12:15 oleonard There are plenty of dance partners even when you're late to the party cait
12:16 * LibraryClaire MC Hammer slides across the room
12:16 * kidclamp is not a good dancer, but does a lot of dancing when home alone
12:17 kidclamp LibraryClaire, now we know what you are rpesenting at next hackfest
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12:17 * LibraryClaire packs her parachute pants
12:18 * oleonard auditions to be backup dancer
12:18 magnuse LibraryClaire++ oleonard++
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12:33 * cait backup dances with oleonard
12:34 oleonard Everyone thinks LibraryClaire is kidding about the parachute pants, but... ???
12:35 LibraryClaire ye shall have to wait and see
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12:43 cait :)
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12:44 * eythian wishes to remind everyone to pack reserve parachute pants when jumping out of planes.
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12:57 cait oh email from university library lund on the ml
12:58 cait cool :)
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13:03 magnuse yay
13:03 magnuse but koha with elasticsearch is still kind of experimental, innit?
13:04 magnuse "3.2 M+ holdings" :-)
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13:10 cait yeah
13:10 cait i guess it will be etter with 17.05
13:10 cait but probably a problem in 16.11
13:10 cait if they are in early stages might make sense to start testing with 17.05 right away?
13:11 kidclamp works magnuse - we need brave souls to root out what doesn't work
13:12 cait but also in 16.11?
13:12 cait I didn't backport the new things there
13:12 cait i think
13:14 magnuse brave_souls++
13:14 Joubu BobB: see bug 12802
13:14 huginn_ Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12802 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, matthias.meusburger, Failed QA , Send notices using several email addresses
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13:31 * magnuse wanders off
13:34 eythian my waterproof stuff for biking in the rain arrived today. You can tell this because it's 25° outside and not raining.
13:41 kidclamp Koha::Old::Hold; <- isn't a type, but sure looks like one
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13:49 cait tcohen++ kidclamp++ :)
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15:13 kidclamp hmm..should 'fast cataloging' permission be required for editing items on 'Fast add' framework records?
15:20 cait hm
15:20 kellym joined #koha
15:21 cait not totally easy to say, but gut feeling is yes
15:21 cait because the fast cataloging is a whole workflow
15:21 cait hm but that just means you have to change the framework first, right?
15:22 kidclamp I guess I think of being able to fast add form checkout as a different thing than editing a record after it has been created
15:22 cait yeah
15:22 cait i guess no then
15:22 kidclamp but, the itemscould be assumed to be added by fast add -so shouldn't be touched
15:22 kidclamp I am on the fence
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15:33 cait so quiet on bugzilla today
15:39 gaetan_B bye
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16:16 reiveune bye
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20:34 ALD Hello Everyone.  I am testing Koha 16.11.01, and am struggling to find a solution to a print issue with Holds.  I click 'confirm and print,' and the resultant print job is the e-mail section of the hold_slip notice--not the print section.  Any ideas?
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21:04 ALD Hello Everyone.  I am testing Koha 16.11.01, and am struggling to find a solution to a print issue with Holds.  I click 'confirm and print,' and the resultant print job is the e-mail section of the hold_slip notice--not the print section.  Any ideas?  I adjusted the print portion of the notice on 'all libraries' and specific library.  Still no dice.
21:05 cait that's how it works for now
21:05 cait the slips use the email layout
21:05 cait it's for historic reasons, kind of something that was missed to switch over from the time there was only print
21:06 cait just change the email one for now to be like you want it - no side effects, it shoudl work
21:06 cait ALD: ^
21:06 ALD roger.  thx
21:09 cait hm there was only email that should say
21:10 cait so it all used to be email only and then the other options were added
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