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01:58 dcook my $result = GetOptions(
01:58 dcook 'v|verbose'      => \$verbose,
01:58 dcook 't|test'         => \$test_only,
01:58 dcook 'l|link-report'  => \$link_report,
01:58 dcook 'a|auth-limit=s' => \$auth_limit,
01:58 dcook 'b|bib-limit=s'  => \$bib_limit,
01:58 dcook 'c|commit=i'     => \$commit,
01:58 dcook 'h|help'         => \$want_help
01:58 dcook );
02:00 * dcook reads the help
02:01 * dcook re-reads the help
02:01 * dcook re-re-reads the help
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06:46 drojf hi #koha
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07:40 reiveune hello
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08:10 magnuse bonjour matts
08:22 matts hi magnuse !
08:22 matts hi #koha
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08:24 gaetan_B hello
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09:17 eythian hi
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10:57 tcohen morning
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11:41 oha I'm trying to setup some tests, and I need to create a user, such that Koha::Patrons->find() will find it. I went with C4::Members::AddMember() but still I can't find it back when using ->find();
11:44 oha if I BEGIN { t::lib::Mocks::mock_dbh; } then i get lots of warnings about compatibility between DBIx and DBD::Mock
11:44 tcohen oha: you need to use our testbuilder lib
11:44 tcohen use t::lib::TestBuilder;
11:44 oha oh yeah, i did
11:44 tcohen my $builder = t::lib::TestBuilder->new();
11:45 tcohen my $borrowernumber = $builder->build({source => 'Borrower'})->{borrowernumber}
11:45 oha yup, then i build a category and branch, so to pass to AddMember()
11:45 oha ohh
11:45 oha that, i missed
11:45 tcohen :-D
11:45 tcohen if you need to control category and branch, create them before the patron
11:46 tcohen and pass them
11:46 tcohen using
11:46 tcohen { source => 'Borrower', value => { categorycode => $category, … } }
11:46 oha I actually dont, but it's nice to know
11:46 oha yeah, it works now!
11:46 tcohen otherwise, just build the patron, as TestBuilder will fill the gaps
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11:47 oha great, it also makes sense now
11:54 * magnuse waves again
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11:59 tcohen hi magnuse
12:00 magnuse hiya tcohen
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12:35 francharb morning
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12:55 akki h
12:55 akki hello0
12:55 akki any one is there
12:56 akki hello
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13:01 eythian hi oleopard
13:01 oleonard Hi
13:02 drojf anybody else missing the records without items when using tools > export?
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13:09 akki Can you help me to create multiple koha instance on same machine
13:10 drojf @wunder sxf
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13:10 drojf sun!
13:11 Joubu drojf: looks ok for me
13:12 drojf Joubu: ok thanks
13:12 eythian akki: I'd suggest asking more specific questions to get help. A small book could be written in answer to your one.
13:14 cait drojf: unselect all branches
13:14 drojf cait: hmm. i only have one
13:14 drojf but will try
13:14 cait eah still
13:14 cait because that's an item level info
13:14 cait it will limit on homebranch
13:15 cait and that excludes all records with no items
13:15 drojf now that you say it, i think i knew that once
13:15 drojf yes it works
13:15 cait heh
13:15 drojf sucks
13:15 cait had to figure that one out for one of our libraries
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13:19 drojf cait++
13:19 drojf i will forget that instantly
13:22 cait more karma for me if you ask it again next week ;)
13:23 drojf right :D
13:23 drojf @karma cait
13:23 huginn` drojf: Karma for "cait" has been increased 435 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 435.
13:23 drojf @karma
13:23 huginn` drojf: Highest karma: "cait" (435), "Joubu" (425), and "tcohen" (277).  Lowest karma: "failed" (-33), "ie" (-33), and "<-" (-27).  You (drojf) are ranked 9 out of 686.
13:23 drojf ie--
13:25 eythian <!--
13:25 drojf poor <!
13:25 drojf <!++
13:28 akki can you please be specific
13:29 akki because i need answer ASAP
13:29 drojf then you should consider getting paid support
13:29 akki means all of you can`t help me
13:29 eythian akki: you need to ask specific questions to get specific answers
13:31 akki I need to install multiple koha instance on single servver
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13:32 eythian then you run koha-create multiple times on that server.
13:32 akki it gives error
13:32 akki Software error:  DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::_dbh_execute(): Duplicate entry '71-28' for key 'PRIMARY' at /usr/share/koha/lib/Koha/ line 38 For help, please send mail to the webmaster ([no address given]), giving this error message and the time and date of the error.
13:32 akki this is error message
13:33 eythian you need to give more information, when does it do that? what happened before, etc.
13:34 akki I have run
13:34 akki koha-create --create-db akki-lib
13:34 akki command
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13:36 eythian OK, but that's not the whole story
13:36 eythian You need to provide more information, or no one can help.
13:36 akki after that on firefox , I have run web installer
13:37 akki on that setp 3  I got above error
13:37 eythian OK, and what version did you install?
13:38 akki it is latest vercion
13:39 eythian which latest version, there are three possibilities
13:39 eythian Things around that will have changed since I last looked at it anyway, but I'd suggest making sure you have the right version, and trying it again. It could be something weird happened, or it could be that there's a bug in that version (though I would have expected it would have come to light already.)
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13:41 eythian oh, actually, new releases were pretty recent, so it's not impossible that there is a new bug in there that got missed.
13:42 akki it is
13:42 akki version
13:42 eythian that is not the latest
13:42 eythian that is 3+ months old
13:42 akki ok
13:43 akki so now what we do
13:43 eythian make sure you know what version you actually have installed. It looks like 16.11.04 came out 4 days ago.
13:43 akki i have used verson
13:43 akki version
13:44 eythian yes. Use the latest version
13:44 eythian (also, where is that version number coming from?)
13:45 akki can you suggest me solution  on this version
13:45 eythian make sure you've installed according to this guide:
13:46 eythian and have the most current version.
13:46 Joubu akki: you should not get this error with an empty DB
13:46 akki because i have already use single instance on my machine
13:47 akki now i create multiple instance on same
13:50 eythian there shouldn't be anything special about a second instance.
13:50 akki no
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13:58 oha where is the mechanism that show the login page?
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14:04 drojf later #koha
14:04 * kidclamp waves
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14:11 oha disregard that, found it
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15:14 tcohen later #koha
15:26 Newbie_Koha Hi folks, I work for a local college in Canada and am installing Koha for our Library program. I closely followed the Koha on Ubuntu Wiki (https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]buntu_-_packages), but I got stuck when I ran "sudo atp-get install koha-common", I received "Depends: libgd-perl but it is not going to be installed". I desperately need help. Thanks!
15:28 eythian what OS are you installing on?
15:35 Newbie_Koha Thanks Eythian, my OS is Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
15:35 eythian <-- 14.04 isn't a supported OS any more, you should probably use 16.04 instead.
15:36 eythian @later tell drojf I think https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ubuntu_-_packages needs an update, its versions differ from the plain debain packages page. That's confusing.
15:36 huginn` eythian: The operation succeeded.
15:37 eythian Newbie_Koha: drojf would be able to tell you more, it's his thing, but he may not be around until tomorrow.
15:38 eythian (or maybe this evening, who knows.)
15:39 Newbie_Koha On the Wiki I mentioned, it says " Introduction  These are the package installation instructions for Ubuntu. They have been tested using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.  Nov ( Nov . 2016 - today ) there are problems on Ubuntu 16.04. See: Ubuntu_16.04_and_MySQL_5.7". Since I am a newbie to Koha,  it is just my curiosity.
15:40 eythian yeah, I trust the "on ubuntu" one less as it's not updated by the package maintainer. (I also think it's a bad idea to have two sets of instructions covering pretty much the same ground, because they get out of sync like this.)
15:41 eythian @later tell drojf also the section on the main packages page about mariadb should be made clearer, it doesn't tell people what to actually do and I bet many do the wrong thing.
15:41 huginn` eythian: The operation succeeded.
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15:42 Joubu oleonard: I have tried and applied a bit Koha's style to the Hea test server:
15:43 Joubu oleonard: As you know I am not a ergonomics person, so let me know if you think about something better
15:43 oleonard Thanks Joubu. I regret that I've been too busy to take a look.
15:46 Newbie_Koha Got it. I am starting to install Koha on Ubantu 16.04 right now. Thanks for your advice Eythian. I will wait for drojf to show up tomorrow. :)
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15:51 ebegin Hello #koha !
16:00 Joubu Hello ebegin :)
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16:00 ebegin Salut Joubu !
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16:23 drojf evening
16:23 drojf eythian: i don't have anything to do with that page really. i did not write it, i don't use it, i send people to the debian page instead
16:24 drojf not sure why we have to pages for basically the same thing
16:24 drojf but i don't want to delete what somebody set up either
16:24 drojf *two pages
16:28 eythian drojf: yeah, I know. But if it's giving inaccurate information, you're probably going to have to do something :)
16:29 eythian I think it was written because the original debian one wasn't very recipe like, so I rewrote that to be more useful. Might be the second one is less relevant now.
16:29 drojf yes i am changing it a bit
16:29 drojf right now
16:30 drojf it also explains the libgd- thing that rangi had on the list from india
16:30 eythian ah hah
16:30 eythian You could change it by putting a red box at the top that points to the current instructions.
16:35 eythian drojf: I would bet you a gluten free beer that people will ignore your message and use them anyway :)
16:36 drojf yes they will
16:36 drojf i put a red warning about the version
16:36 drojf not going through all the page
16:36 drojf i think we have a wiki curator that wanted to start in february
16:39 eythian (I used to have a download page for something that had the current versions at the top, and the old versions below. Many people went straight out and downloaded an old version. Until I also put the current version at the top of the old versions list.)
16:39 drojf lol
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16:55 bag hiya tcohen
16:57 kidclamp you scared him off
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17:50 kchris lari: are you there?
17:50 lari kchris: yes
17:51 kchris Is bug 7534 yours?
17:51 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7534 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , New OPACAllowUserToChooseBranch setting for only showing libraries allowing holds
17:51 lari kchris: yes
17:52 kchris Okay.I was testing it. But had an issue with a merge conflict.
17:52 lari i saw your comment but i didn't have time to rebase it yet
17:52 kchris No problem.
17:53 lari kchris: i will try to do it tomorrow :)
17:53 kchris Great.
17:53 kchris I'll retest it when you get to it.
17:53 lari kchris: thanks!
17:54 kchris my pleasure.
18:02 reiveune bye
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18:04 kchris Is anyone using Kohavdevbox with synced repos on the host?
18:06 oleonard kchris: Yes
18:06 oleonard I've tried it successfully on Windows and Mac
18:07 kchris oleondard: when you bring a repo in virtualbox for the first time (on Windows)
18:07 kchris The working tree lots of modified files.
18:08 kchris whereas on the host, the files are not modified.
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18:09 kchris oleonard: sorry.for the typo. Do you manage your repo on the host or on the guest?
18:09 oleonard Both. I do it from the guest when I want to use qa-tools or git-bz
18:10 kchris Okay.
18:10 kchris Since the working tree has all of the modified files, I guess I need to do a hard reset to start off.
18:10 kchris Is that what you would recommend?
18:11 oleonard Git on windows reports a different state than git on the guest?
18:11 kchris Yes.
18:12 kchris git log shows that master is at the same commit on both guest and host.
18:12 oleonard Weird, but it also sounds vaguely familiar. If you're just getting started a hard reset wouldn't do any harm.
18:12 kchris but the working tree on guest shows lots of modified files.
18:12 kchris on host, there aren't any modified files.
18:13 kchris okay. I will go with the hard reset.
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19:28 rangi drojf: ahhh yeah mtompsett wrote the ubuntu page, i tried to say just stick with the debian one too
19:31 drojf rangi: yeah i looked at the history and remembered he worked on it. i think even several ubuntu pages for different modes of installation
19:31 rangi yeah
19:31 rangi im in the less is more camp, he's in the more is more camp
19:35 drojf less is more for me too. you can't cover everything anyway
19:36 * cait waves
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20:23 drojf good night #koha
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20:36 tcohen hi bag
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