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07:21 fridolin hie there
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07:28 marcelr hi #koha
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07:47 Joubu hi
07:47 Joubu marcelr: any chances you could take a look at bug 18087? I am out for QAing it
07:47 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18087 minor, P5 - low, ---, joy, Signed Off , Clarification on File type when using file of biblionumbers to export data
07:47 marcelr hi Joubu
07:48 marcelr i will have a look
07:49 Joubu marcelr: and bug 8612 maybe?
07:49 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8612 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, remi.mayrand-provencher, Signed Off , CSV export profile to have custom fields in export csv basket
07:50 marcelr ok
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07:50 marcelr do you have a 16.05 at hand ?
07:50 Joubu marcelr: I am it for a while and does not manage to PQA it, I guess I finally undesrstood why, see my last comment
07:50 Joubu I can have one easily
07:50 marcelr i did install it and the marc editor is really weird
07:50 Joubu I am on it*
07:51 marcelr just thinking that it is a config thing on my side (hoping that)
07:51 marcelr i am mailing mason about it and go back to master..
07:51 marcelr was just a fresh 16.05 install latest version
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07:53 reiveune hello
07:54 Joubu marcelr: the advanced editor, right?
07:54 marcelr no regular editor
07:54 marcelr i dont see the subfields
07:54 marcelr cant expand any field
07:54 marcelr only if a field is filled, i see the contents
07:54 marcelr of a subfield
07:55 Joubu marcelr: sounds ok to me, I see the subfields, but get a JS error
07:55 marcelr refresh browse
07:55 marcelr r
07:55 Joubu I did
07:56 Joubu Bug 17988: Add a comment to explain the line
07:56 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17988 normal, P5 - low, ---, synapse.ova, Pushed to Stable , Select2 prevents correct tag expand/minimize functionality
07:56 Joubu the followup has not been backported
07:58 marcelr ok sounds reasonable
07:58 marcelr he just released this version
07:58 Joubu that is very bad
07:58 marcelr so my install was not that crazy after all
07:58 Joubu marcelr: with 18119, everything is ok
08:00 Joubu @later tell mtj see bug 17988 comment 13
08:00 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
08:00 Joubu stupid typo...
08:00 marcelr one typo messed up the whole editor
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08:23 gaetan_B hello
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08:32 * magnuse waves
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08:38 Joubu @later tell khall Can I can an answer on bug 12904 comment 65 please?
08:38 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
08:38 cait morning Joubu :)
08:38 Joubu hi cait
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09:09 Joubu marcelr: Thanks for QAing 18087. I do not plan to submit a follow-up for the JS check
09:09 marcelr the author might
09:09 marcelr should be simple
09:09 Joubu The main problem was users uploading binary files (xslsxs, docx, etc.)
09:09 Joubu and pdf
09:09 marcelr i guess your solution was more complex
09:10 Joubu Originally the patch was just adding a hint :)
09:12 Joubu marcelr: And I do not think it's correct to check the extension and limit to txt and csv
09:12 Joubu files without extension may be ok
09:12 marcelr hmm
09:12 marcelr dont like files without extensions
09:12 marcelr if you are not telling me what you are..
09:13 marcelr but of course you could rename everything to .txt
09:13 marcelr its not a strong failed qa, if you really want to pursue this
09:13 marcelr just remove the warn
09:13 Joubu I always file without extension for test or text files...
09:13 marcelr and you get bonus points :)
09:14 Joubu I think it's a good improvement compare to what we have currently
09:14 marcelr yeah no blocker
09:14 marcelr just no warns
09:14 Joubu And since I will not submit a follow-up for the JS check, the patch will certainly be stuck for years ;)
09:14 Joubu ok, thx
09:14 marcelr heh
09:19 cait file extension check might make peopl rename their pdf to .txt
09:19 cait doesn't really say much
09:20 AndrewIsh sorry to chip in, just spotted this conversation ;-) why not check the file header? essentially do a "file my_file<.ext>"
09:20 AndrewIsh g'morn all btw ;-)
09:21 marcelr hey cait; there always is discussion with developers :)
09:21 marcelr hi AndrewIsh
09:21 AndrewIsh hi marcelr
09:22 AndrewIsh if it's client side you're doing it, the HTML5 File API allows you to examine a file, if it's server-side, Perl must have modules for that sort of thing ;-)
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09:24 magnuse[…]34689646131105794 anyone know what issues.return is for?
09:24 AndrewIsh Useful HTML5 File API article:[…]g-html5-file-api/
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09:26 cait marcelr: I am sure the patch is fine... just saying people do crazy stuff - and I always use files without extensions *hides*
09:26 marcelr AndrewIsh: at the server side they do mime check now
09:27 AndrewIsh marcelr:  But the browser sets mime type based on the extension, doesn't it?
09:27 marcelr cait: in only use zz as my quick test file for vim :)
09:27 marcelr AndrewIsh: i guess so
09:28 marcelr thats why i asked for extensions
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09:28 AndrewIsh so, if someone had a binary, renamed it to a .txt, it would be sent to the server with a plain/text mime type, the server would accept it and try to parse it?
09:31 AndrewIsh examining the file header against a whitelist at the server end would be the more bulletproof solution perhaps?
09:34 marcelr sounds good, AndrewIsh, but who will write the patch ?
09:38 AndrewIsh marcelr:  excellent question. i'd be keen to, but as everything, it's finding time :-/ if there's any form of file validation at the server end, it should just be adding an extra step of validating the header against a whitelist
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09:43 drojf hi #koha
09:47 marcelr hi drojf
09:48 drojf hi marcelr
09:56 Joubu If the user copy file.pdf to file.csv I do not think the problem comes from Koha side...
10:14 marcelr Joubu: why do you use this strange date in 2999 ?
10:15 marcelr why not just today?
10:15 marcelr or today+1
10:15 Joubu marcelr: context? :)
10:15 marcelr bug 16966
10:15 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16966 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Koha::Patrons - Move GetBorrowersWithIssuesHistoryOlderThan to search_patrons_to_anonymise
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10:16 Joubu marcelr: seems like I just reused what existed before
10:17 marcelr were you the original author?
10:17 Joubu nope see commit a0dc124a95fa711b48e27a70832be3291670b599
10:18 marcelr ian walls?
10:19 Joubu yep
10:19 marcelr he was qa manager..
10:19 marcelr but my question still remains: do we need that date in old issues?
10:19 marcelr should it be enough to pick today+1
10:20 Joubu I guess it is too avoid any side effects
10:20 marcelr like?
10:20 Joubu in case the DB would contain returned date in the future (?)
10:21 marcelr strange use case
10:21 marcelr we do not care for these dates in other places
10:22 Joubu marcelr: a better way around would be to make $date not mandatory for AnonymiseIssueHistory
10:22 marcelr just dont check the date?
10:22 Joubu yes
10:23 Joubu then remove the condition in the sql query
10:23 marcelr hm sounds better, it is in old issues so go for it
10:23 marcelr i will put a few additional comments on the bug too
10:24 Joubu marcelr: but that is definitely out the scope of this bug report ;)
10:24 Joubu when refactoring I try to stick to existing code as much as possible
10:24 Joubu when I find bug, I fix them elsewhere
10:24 marcelr hmm you add 2999 to the Koha namespace, and i would like to keep that date in C4 :)
10:24 Joubu but I am willing to fix that one on another bug
10:25 marcelr qa rule: strange dates should stay in C4
10:25 marcelr :)
10:25 marcelr ok open a bug report and fix it !
10:25 Joubu then I can fix it before and make it dependent
10:26 marcelr i still put some other comments on it too unfortunately
10:28 eythian hi
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12:27 tcohen morning
12:28 magnuse kia ora tcohen
12:28 magnuse current master on kohadevbox - the intranet looks pretty broken... anyone else seeing that?
12:29 * tcohen hasn't created a new devbox
12:29 tcohen recently
12:29 tcohen will try in some hours
12:30 magnuse this one has lived for a bit
12:30 magnuse but i have apt-get upgrade'd and git pull'ed
12:30 tcohen mine looks fine
12:31 tcohen and ran
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12:50 oleonard Hi all
12:50 magnuse ¡olé, o'pard"
13:00 druthb g'morning, all.
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13:02 rsantellan good morning #koha
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13:59 Joubu @later tell khall see bug 17216 comment 105 please
13:59 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
13:59 Joubu cait: same ^
14:00 Joubu ha no
14:00 cait hm?
14:00 Joubu sec
14:01 Joubu cait: yes 17216 is in 16.11, but one patch has not been pushed
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14:30 Shane-S Quick question:[…]release-schedule/ what is that... June and December, January and July? Planning a summer update after my 3.20 --> 16.11 test seemed to go okay
14:31 Shane-S I have to thank cait and mtj for their help the other day
14:31 Shane-S and anyone else I missed :)
14:32 Shane-S I don't want to do a fresh install and migrate the data and then say 16.12 comes out 2 weeks later.
14:32 cait 17.05 is in may
14:32 cait bug fix release is every month :)
14:33 cait Joubu: eek, bad?
14:35 cait Shane-S: may and november
14:35 Shane-S ty!
14:36 cait sorry, didn't read back properly first
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15:20 magnuse have a nice weekend, #koha!
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15:30 reiveune bye
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17:03 kchris Using kohadevbox (on Windows), is there a simple way of confirming that you have successfully taken a clone into the Virtualbox?
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17:10 cait Joubu++
17:10 cait the code from cover_images works perfectly - thx!
17:11 cait kchris: can you explain a bit more?
17:12 kchris I am trying to set up a repo on my host that will be available in my virtualbox.
17:13 kchris When I use the SYNC_REPO command, and then ssh into my virtualbox, I don't know where to look for the repo.
17:13 cait do you have a git clone of koha in your windows?
17:13 kchris Yes.
17:13 cait i am not sue if that works in windows yet, tcohen would know
17:13 cait maybe
17:14 cait but if ti worked it hink you should see the kohaclone directory in your vagrant console
17:14 kchris According to the (recently) updated instructions on kohadevbox, it should work.
17:14 kchris Ok
17:15 kchris I guess I can try to add a patch on the guest and see if the files are updated on my host.
17:15 kchris That would confirm that they're synced.
17:15 cait or check out a specific branch
17:16 cait should also be visible on both sides
17:16 kchris Right.
17:16 kchris I'll give it a whirl.
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18:24 tcohen hi
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18:57 kidclamp hi tcohen
19:01 tcohen hi kidclamp
19:21 CrispyBran hi
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19:50 * cait waves
20:39 pastebot Someone at pasted "Test" (1 line) at
20:48 kidclamp ^it was me
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