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01:23 drab hi there
01:23 drab I need to move an installation of koha from one domain to another, so it's currently running at host.domain.tld and needs to move to host.domain2.tld
01:24 drab there are refernces to the domain in the apache config and the koha-sites.conf, is it sufficient to alter those?
01:24 drab or is there a better way to do the migration? thanks
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06:48 * magnuse waves
06:49 magnuse stozza: did you see my comment about circulation without barcodes?
06:53 ashimema @later tell tcohen That's not really Mojo::JWT's fault.. it's in the JWT Spec. and more specifically 'NumericDate'
06:53 huginn ashimema: The operation succeeded.
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07:01 LibraryClaire morning #koha
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07:29 magnuse kia ora LibraryClaire
07:29 magnuse hei petter!
07:29 LibraryClaire morgen magnuse
07:31 petter hei magnus!
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07:33 reiveune hello
07:33 LibraryClaire salut reiveune
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08:22 gaetan_B hello
08:22 LibraryClaire bonjour gaetan_B
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08:34 fridolin hie there
08:36 LibraryClaire salut fridolin
08:37 magnuse petter: how are things at opl?
08:38 petter @magnuse: pretty good1
08:38 huginn petter: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
08:38 magnuse yay
08:39 petter and you? busy as a bee?
08:39 magnuse oh yes, too many things to finish...
08:39 magnuse anyone from opl going to marseille this year?
08:40 petter we're hoping @oha can go, me and benjamin can't
08:40 petter are you going?
08:41 magnuse nope, too much other stuff going on
08:42 magnuse trying to get even with All The Things
08:42 petter well good luck with that!
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08:47 magnuse petter: thanks :-)
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09:12 magnuse kia ora benjamin!
09:20 benjamin que @magnuse?
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09:28 eythian hi
09:28 eythian @wunder ams
09:28 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Amsterdam, Netherlands is 9.0°C (10:25 AM CET on February 21, 2017). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 6.0°C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015 hPa (Steady).
09:28 LibraryClaire hi eythian
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10:13 nlegrand Bonjour #koha!
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11:37 rsantellan good morning #koha
11:45 cait hi rsantellan
11:56 * magnuse waves
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12:35 francharb Morning!
12:36 druthb Good morning, francharb!
12:36 stozza I am about to do some test with importing stuff into catalog in batches, what is the best way to backup current status and restore it if I break something?
12:37 stozza do I need to backup the mysqldb or there is a better/faster way?
12:37 francharb o/ druthb
12:37 * francharb hugs druthb
12:38 druthb :D
12:39 eythian stozza: see koha-dump, and copy the files it makes off the machine so you don't accidentally lose them
12:39 magnuse stozza: backing up the database sounds like a good idea
12:39 magnuse stozza: did you see my comment about circulation without barcodes?[…]odeFallbackSearch
12:40 stozza lovely
12:42 stozza I have to say it took some hours to dig into koha and understanding how it works from scratch but after the first fight now I love it, it's a very fine piece of software
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12:42 cait1 :)
12:43 * druthb waves to cait1 and magnuse
12:43 oleonard And me!
12:43 * cait1 waves to oleopard
12:43 stozza then, me too!
12:44 * druthb waves to oleonard and stozza, as well
12:44 cait1 hehe
12:45 * magnuse waves to all the people
12:45 magnuse and the bots
12:51 * francharb too
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12:55 eythian (sorry)
12:56 stozza can I create custom matching rules for marc batch imports?
12:56 druthb eythian, that's brilliant.  Also, terrible.
12:57 stozza yes, I can. thanks :)
13:00 cait1 yep
13:00 cait1 heh
13:01 cait1 stozza: you will need to know the zebra index names if you want to do something totally different than is already set up
13:02 stozza I just want to match same ISBN
13:02 cait1 ah :)
13:02 cait1 did you install the sample matching rules?
13:02 cait1 there should be one for isbn then i think
13:02 stozza nope doing one from scratch, is there one already done?
13:03 cait1 are you unimarc or marc21 now?
13:03 stozza I staid on unimarc
13:03 stozza now I understood how to map fields and use authorized values, I think I have done almost everything I was looking for
13:03 cait1 hm only have the one for marc21
13:04 stozza I am trying to do the rule let's see what happens
13:05 cait1 ok
13:05 cait1 search index on mine is isbn
13:05 cait1 :)
13:07 stozza same here I think looking at
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13:09 stozza the only doubt I have is, I want to check if a record I am importing is a duplicate of an existing one, but also want to check if two records in the same import are overlapping
13:10 stozza does the matching rule apply also in that case?
13:24 nlegrand I think I found a bug in C4::Reserves::CanItemBeReserved from 6.11 to master: by the middle of the function, Koha::Items->find( $itemnumber ) is affected to $item and and crush the preceding value of GetItem($itemnumber)
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13:25 nlegrand but at the end of the function there is a $item->{homebranch} that should be $item->homebranch. If you have independant branches and ! canreservefromotherbranches you'll always get a return of cannotReserveFromOtherBranches
13:26 nlegrand the fix is simple, I was wondering if someone was on it?
13:28 magnuse nlegrand: have you checked bugzilla?
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13:32 nlegrand magnuse: yep, didn't find something relevant, that's why I'm checking here :)
13:32 magnuse good! :-)
13:44 cait1 nlegrand: please report with test plan :)
13:44 nlegrand cait1: ok :)
13:44 cait1 stozza: the matching uses zebra - but if the record is not indexed yet, it won't catch the duplicate
13:45 stozza ok then I need to clean the file before importing
13:45 cait1 so only import when your indexes are current and duplicates within an import are a problem
13:46 stozza I guess I'll need to brush up some scripting capabilities..
13:48 stozza or I need to tell yaz to only take the first entry of each isbn lookup
13:52 cait1 another trick... import basic records created from your isbn list first and match against those with overlay
13:52 cait1 then the would all overlay the same record and this way create no duplicates
13:52 cait1 hm well need a deduplicated list for that... might be more work
13:55 stozza marcedit may have some duplicate-removal functionality, let's see
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14:25 magnuse kia ora talljoy
14:25 talljoy hiya magnuse
14:26 * LibraryClaire waves
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14:26 * kidclamp waves back
14:28 LibraryClaire hi kidclamp
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14:29 kidclamp good morning
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14:30 tcohen hi
14:31 edveal1 I am feeling a bit repeditive today... LOL Apparently I am logged in at work and a home.
14:31 edveal1 Whish I could get two peoples worth of work done today.
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14:35 mtompset Greetings.
14:35 mtompset Greeitngs, koha.
14:36 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
14:36 mtompset Third time's a charm. :)
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14:40 oha Joubu, ashimema, all: a quick update. I managed to move all the code of reserver/ into a function. this function is now called by a script that provide all the environment used by it without changing it. which means that I reimplemented one of the possible authentication and session handling outside C4::Auth
14:40 oha it's far from being finished, but it should be easy from there to have a pluggable system for authentication
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14:40 oha permissions works as well, i believe, but the code was quite complicate and it will take time to check it properly
14:43 mtompset oha: Why would you reimplement authentication and session handling outside of C4::Auth?
14:44 mtompset Sorry for cutting in on the conversation. :)
14:44 oha I want to see how hard is to go away from CGI
14:45 oha also, i would like to separate authentication, permissions and session handling
14:45 oha it sprouted from bug 17427
14:45 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17427 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Failed QA , Replace CGI::Session with Data::Session
14:47 mtompset Interesting.
14:47 mtompset I was testing authentication with OpenID the other day, and discovered it was broken.
14:47 mtompset Bug 18144
14:47 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18144 normal, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Needs Signoff , Removal of persona broke openidconnect
14:48 ashimema poop
14:48 ashimema I mussed have missed that when QA'ing.. oops
14:48 ashimema would be lovely to have proper separation on concerns there oha.. so happy your looking into this..
14:49 ashimema my brain is currently melting over OAuth2 in another project of mine at the moment.. I hope to come back to koha very soon
14:51 mtompset ashimema: Check if bug 18144 fixes it for you. :)
14:52 ashimema looks sensible
14:53 oha mtompset: if I'm right, will be way easier to deal with different auth systems... but... it will be just for plack
14:54 oha at least for now, it might be possible to use mod_perl in apache2... although i really can't see the point
14:54 mtompset BTW, should we not be modifying kohastructure.sql (or whatever it is) if we are adding a system preference?
14:56 oha mtompset: I believe they are unrelated?
14:57 mtompset the system preference inquiry is a new unrelated thread. :)
14:58 mtompset Broken Oauth2 in Koha master is vaguely related on authentication methods. :)
15:00 magnuse mtompset: not kohastructure.sql but installer/data/mysql/sysprefs.sql
15:01 oha oh yeah, sorry... i'm a bit tired after refactoring get_template_and_user and co.
15:01 mtompset magnuse: Oh right... brain needs more caffeine, it seems.
15:01 magnuse this might be current: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]system_preference
15:01 mtompset I'm confusing adding a table and system preference in my brain.
15:02 mtompset someone pass an extra dose of caffeine. :)
15:02 mtompset Greetings, ashimema magnuse oha :)
15:02 mtompset You refactored get_template_and_user and company?!
15:03 mtompset where? where? I so want to test partially. :)
15:03 oha yes, that's what i was trying to explain
15:03 oha oh, ain't finished yet
15:03 oha will take a while
15:03 oha that is sort of part of it
15:03 oha since it entangles cgi and sesssion and stuff
15:04 mtompset Actually...the mess that is C4::Auth... I'd like to be able to have a screen...
15:04 mtompset listing all possible authentication methods.
15:04 mtompset check the active ones.
15:04 mtompset rank them.
15:04 oha i wouldn't be surprise if most aren't in use
15:04 oha but as i was saying, i would use "plack" as an opportunity to do clean up
15:04 oha and apache2 will be legacy
15:05 mtompset and then have a way to actually be able to randomly choose whatever in whatever order to have authentication just work.
15:05 oha i would _like_to_ *
15:06 ashimema I think some of the SSO systems basically just won't play nicely together and we hack around that in really nasty ways
15:06 oha ashimema: benjamin suggested me to look at this. not sure if i should be happy or concern tho :oP
15:06 ashimema shibboleth is the one I'm pointing the finger at especially
15:06 ashimema theres a few 'black hole' situations in it's flow
15:06 oha yeah, i wonder if CAS is used, and how
15:06 mtompset Oh, that's the other thing I'd really like.
15:06 ashimema cas is used
15:07 ashimema shibboleth is used
15:07 ashimema ldap is used
15:07 oha in plack?
15:07 ashimema and local of course is used
15:07 mtompset links to "how to set up {insert authentcation method}"
15:07 ashimema shibboleth isn't used in plack (cuase it's broken and on my pile to fix)
15:07 ashimema I believe cas is used in plack
15:07 oha ok great
15:07 ashimema but mattias is best to ask
15:07 oha my hope is that we can do authentication BEFORE getting to the scripts
15:07 ashimema :)
15:08 oha i thought it was harder to untangle them, it's fairly easy. the hard part is to put some shape on the logic in C4::Auth
15:08 oha it's really wild
15:08 mtompset Indeed.
15:08 oha otoh, with some help with testing, it might be easier than it looks
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15:09 oha what is the best way to share findings? hopefully I will have more to share in the next days
15:09 mtompset related to that... back to what I said about links to "how to set up {insert authentication method}"
15:10 mtompset Because I'd love to test all this auth stuff, but I don't feel right signing off, if I can't test every authentication method we should be able to do.
15:13 ashimema that's the issue I've always had mtompset
15:13 ashimema setting up a CAS server for instance really is non-trivial
15:13 ashimema as is setting up a Shibboleth IdP
15:13 ashimema and setting up an LDAP server in the plethora of different configurations we currently support
15:13 mtompset It would be nice if it were set up auto-magically on the kohadevbox. ;)
15:13 * ashimema would love to narrow down our LDAP support
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15:14 ashimema lol
15:14 ashimema right..
15:14 ashimema school pickup time.. laters people
15:14 mtompset take care.
15:18 tcohen @seen Joubu
15:18 huginn tcohen: Joubu was last seen in #koha 23 hours, 32 minutes, and 21 seconds ago: <Joubu> rewrite-config is used from makefile actually..
15:20 mtompset Greetings, tcohen
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15:21 mtompset Greetings, alohalog` CrispyBran
15:22 CrispyBran hello :)
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15:54 CrispyBran Just added this: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]_permissions_page
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16:02 oleonard jajm: Regarding Bug 15219, how many checkouts should appear on a page with server-side pagination enabled?
16:02 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15219 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , Server-side processing and pagination on checkouts tables
16:02 eythian @later tell rangi y'know, I bet having a little upvote thing for the jquery library would be a great source of academy projects for moving the popular+appropriate ones into koha proper.
16:02 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
16:03 oleonard @later tell rangi I heard eythian wants to upgrade MediaWiki for us. You should ask him about it.
16:03 huginn oleonard: The operation succeeded.
16:04 jajm oleonard, same as when server-side pagination is disabled, it's controlled by the select in the datatables header
16:04 oleonard Thanks
16:06 eythian @later tell rangi also, I think something's wrong with oleopard. He's saying strange things.
16:06 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
16:09 druthb lol
16:13 drab hi everybody, is there anything special that needs to be done to move a koha intallation from debs (on ubuntu) to another domain? besides changing the apache config and koha-sites.conf
16:13 drab is there something in the db that needs to be adjusted too?
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16:16 eythian drab: not particularly, but you might have one or two sysprefs that need updating.
16:17 drab mmmh, ok, I'll check for those, thank you
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16:17 ombutsman hi, we got a request from another department to let them manage their library with our koha instance. So i created a new library and a staff user under that library. But the staff in the second library can view and modify items in the first library. How do I limit staff to libraries?
16:20 oleonard ombutsman: Take a look at the  IndependentBranches system preference
16:20 oleonard ombutsman: Although I don't think that prevents viewing between libraries.
16:21 oleonard ombutsman: Is your goal for Library A to be able to see Library B but not the reverse?
16:22 ombutsman staff in library A should not modify items or circulate books in library B and vice versa
16:22 oleonard What about seeing items in the collection?
16:22 ombutsman That's ok.
16:23 oleonard Okay so I think IndependentBranches is what you want
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16:31 ombutsman oleonard: One more thing, the patrons in library B (the new library) is a subset of the patrons in library A. So how do I allow the subset of patrons to issue X number of books from library B?
16:32 ombutsman X number of extra books
16:32 oleonard ombutsman: Circulation and fine rules settings may do what you want but I'm not sure.
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16:38 ombutsman one hurdle is that the subset is identified by a authorized value in sort1. I want to know how to specify this subset using sort1 authorized value in circulation rules.
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16:42 oleonard ombutsman: I think you can't do what you want using IndependentBranches, because it doesn't allow you to have overlapping sets like that
16:46 ombutsman So i'll have to duplicate patrons, where the only field with difference is the "Library" field. :9
16:47 mtompset khall is supposedly working on fixing that, but it could be a while off. :)
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17:01 oleonard Welcome back LibraryClaire how was the outside world I hear it's terrible
17:02 LibraryClaire confusing
17:02 LibraryClaire and wet
17:02 ombutsman So currently, if I want to do it, I'll have to duplicate patrons. In that case, I want patrons in Library A to not be listed when searching for patrons in library B. Any idea how?
17:07 oleonard ombutsman: I don't know.
17:07 ombutsman thanks, anyway!
17:08 oleonard I was trying to test jajm's Bug 15219 but I keep running into a DataTables error which is in master too.
17:09 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15219 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , Server-side processing and pagination on checkouts tables
17:09 oleonard "TypeError: invalid 'in' operand a"
17:10 oleonard I assume it's related to the checkout data but I'm not sure how to diagnose.
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17:26 Shane-S so.. koha-restore...from 3.20 to 6.11 and usr/share/koha/bin/migrati​on_tools/ line 713, says DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Unknown column 'me.new_status' in 'field list'
17:26 Shane-S I am screwed from a nice easy migration aren't I
17:27 Shane-S I am hoping it is because I am using Ubuntu and install MariaDB...and I need a step before koha-restore
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17:29 tcohen @wunder cordoba, argentina
17:29 huginn tcohen: The current temperature in Cordoba, Argentina is 33.0°C (2:00 PM ART on February 21, 2017). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 59%. Dew Point: 24.0°C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Falling).
17:32 * cait waves
17:34 Shane-S If I installed MariaDB instead of MySQL would Koha even know/care (as in a need to change a config), or should it just work?
17:50 Shane-S are there any commands I can issue to koha / package to test MariaDB connection to see if I am missing a step there?
17:52 cait have you looked at the wiki for mariadb?
17:53 cait it hink ther emight be some hints there
17:54 Shane-S I haven't I will head over there I guess
17:55 cait i haven't done it so far, but i had the impression it should basically just work
18:01 mtompset ARG! I wish system preferences were case sensitive.
18:02 * mtompset grumbles about ReplytoDefault and ReplyToDefault
18:02 cait *
18:02 cait ?
18:10 Shane-S well I will try the import again, apparently I had done a "sudo" when I should not have, and I couldn't login to mysql at all, it require sudo mysql, vs mysql
18:19 Shane-S Well I had to edit the script SQL credentials file...but still same it is connecting to SQL..
18:21 Shane-S Wonder if I can just drop the me.status column from the SQL file
18:45 cait what are you trying to do?
18:45 cait and is your database empty? or did you run the web installer on it?
18:45 mtj Shane-S: hmm, are you sure your db's schema is upgraded to your new koha version?
18:45 cait which version of Koha is that?
18:46 cait new_status is either 16.05 or 16.11, but it should be on items
18:47 Shane-S cait: mtj I am trying to move from 3.20 to 6.11 by doing koha-dump (on 3.20) and importing using koha-restore on 6.11 server
18:47 mtj $ sudo koha-restore mylib
18:47 mtj $ sudo koha-upgrade-schema mylib
18:48 cait khall: still around?
18:48 cait 16.11 :)
18:48 Shane-S yeah that one ;)
18:49 cait ok, so you installed koha fresh and want to use your old db?
18:49 khall what's up?
18:49 cait Joubu wanted one bug fixed in the release
18:49 * mtj isnt sure koha-restore upgrades the db - (afaik it expects the restore is happening on the same koha version, as the dump)
18:49 Shane-S Yeah totally seperate Vms
18:49 cait and i was hoping to do the release tomorrow morning
18:49 cait do you have time to look at bug 18111 maybe?
18:49 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18111 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Passed QA , Import default framework is broken
18:49 Shane-S 3.20 is on a 14.xx LTS ubuntu, 16.11 is on 16.04LTS
18:49 cait and 7143 should be super fast - one letter change
18:50 Shane-S let me try schema
18:50 cait did the web installer kick in?
18:50 cait after you restroed the database?
18:51 Shane-S That pastebin error is from the koha-restore
18:51 Shane-S it never gets through the SQL
18:51 Shane-S from 3.20
18:51 mtj Shane-S: seems like might be barfing on an old 3.20 db
18:51 Shane-S which was upgraded a bunch of time (like first version you guys had packages...old)
18:52 Shane-S can I upgrade 3.20 schema without breaking it?
18:53 Shane-S 3.20 is live production site, I am trying to do this behind the scenes without downtime firs the library
18:53 cait i have never used koha-restore
18:53 cait so not sure how it works exactly
18:53 cait i usually have a database dump that i load into an empty db
18:53 mtj never test on a prod db
18:53 cait yep
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18:54 cait mtj: do you know koha-restore?
18:54 cait would it barf on a db where the web installer has bene run?
18:54 mtj cait: ive never used it either
18:55 cait hm wiki says: Before restoring an instance you should koha-remove it first.
18:55 cait Shane-S: how did you create your file that you use for restoring?
18:55 Shane-S with koha-dump
18:55 cait ok
18:55 Shane-S the I SSH'ed it onto the new server
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18:56 mtj koha-restore does not upgrade the schema
18:56 cait and how do you run the restore?
18:56 Shane-S then I ran koha-restore on the 16.11 server
18:56 Shane-S it had no instances installed
18:56 cait what's your command?
18:56 Shane-S sudo koha-restore ./koha-2017-02-21.sql.gz ./koha-2017-02-21.tar.gz
18:56 mtj Shane-S: your db is still at version 3.20
18:57 cait yeah
18:57 cait it might be koha-restore is not made for updates?
18:57 cait but more for desaster recovery?
18:57 cait same version to same version?
18:57 mtj cait:  yes ^
18:58 Shane-S what I am thinking too...but how can I schema fix it without another 3.20 server
18:58 cait Shane-S: there might be another way of doing this, but what i would try is doing a mysqldump on your prod server
18:58 cait and then load this sql file into the db
18:58 cait instance created, web installer not run
18:58 cait what do you think mtj?
18:59 cait I think then the web installer should kick in and update your db to the version that matches the code
18:59 Shane-S So basically: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]e_a_Koha_instance then stop...and try https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ha-upgrade-schema
19:01 cait you might be able to use the --defaultsql even of koha-create
19:01 cait https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]kages#koha-create
19:03 cait the manula page might have more information than the wiki
19:03 mtj cait: what i think is .. Shane-S should test the upgrade procedure on a non-prod koha first :)
19:04 Shane-S mtj: 16.11 is a non-production, I am trying this form now since I need the upgrade for summer :)
19:04 cait i thought he was testing on a new server?
19:04 cait ah :)
19:05 mtj its safe to re-run koha-upgrade-schema on a db
19:06 cait mtj: i tihnk the db didn't load - given the error during koha-restore
19:06 cait paste
19:06 cait wrong window
19:07 Shane-S mtj / cait : I have a database w/ tables, I am checking for data
19:07 cait ah hm maybe it did
19:07 cait then mtj's suggestion is good
19:07 mtj $ sudo koha-upgrade-schema mylib
19:09 mtj ah whew, sorry - i though you were attempting to upgrade the prod koha
19:10 Shane-S mtj: oh gosh know I am an idiot at time and edit live production websites, but I wouldn't kill my entire library database
19:10 Shane-S now...that I need to get the web-interface up
19:11 Shane-S apparently apache isn't responding to Koha domains..getting default apache page. I guess I have to check a sites file
19:11 Shane-S I left them at the default and changed my host file
19:11 Shane-S should be
19:12 mtj i often copy /etckoha and /etc/apache dirs btw servers
19:14 Shane-S if 000-default.conf is still in site-enabled...would that stop the koha.conf in there?
19:14 Shane-S i know ##apache
19:15 mtj its not needed.. so can be removed
19:18 Shane-S yeah now the catalog loads...but I want the install
19:18 mtj koha-rebuild-zebra should now work ok, after db upgrade
19:18 Shane-S yeah I want to get to the admin side...I have more apache stuff to fix
19:20 mtj remember... you have a working prod server to crib from :)
19:23 Shane-S according to the koha-site.conf (which I left untouched) it should be to access the non OPAC...but both that and load OPAC
19:23 Shane-S so I definite have to fix something in apache
19:23 Shane-S and yes...koha is my instance/library name
19:23 Shane-S I didn't know to call it something else the first time I made the production server :P
19:24 Shane-S I was trying out Koha and Evergreen...and Koha won ;)
19:27 Shane-S Oh Apache...we are old friends who have been apart for so long you are like a total stranger with a familiar face
19:28 oleonard Bye all
19:29 Shane-S I think my old O'Reilly books was like 2nd edition...probably on like 10th by now
19:31 * Shane-S oh okay you imported the domains too!
19:31 * Shane-S modifies his host file YET again
19:33 edveal1 joined #koha
19:36 cait khall
19:36 cait hm, seems i lost you after what's up :)
19:36 khall indeed, sorry
19:38 khall cait: what did you need?
19:42 Shane-S cait: Thank you!
19:42 Shane-S mtj: Thank you!
19:42 Shane-S For now...I have to play around...but currently...Koha version:
19:43 kathryn joined #koha
19:43 Shane-S I just had to get my Host file set and Apache listening on 8080
19:43 Shane-S Hopefully the data is there, but I logged in with my username on the intranet
19:46 Shane-S running a zebra rebuild now...and then a catalog search *crosses fingers*
19:52 Shane-S hmm is there a way to check the status of zebraindex? like query the zebraqueue table or something?
19:54 cait zebraqueue will only have entries if you do something now
19:54 cait a full reindex won't add anything there
19:54 cait did you do one with -f?
19:55 Shane-S I just did the package command
19:55 Shane-S koha-rebuild-zebra <instancename>
19:55 Shane-S I have nothing in my catalog atm, but I know from a past install that was because Zebra hadn't run
19:55 Shane-S and a query of items showed results
19:56 Shane-S so there should at least be 5 items (I did a select * from item limit 5)
19:56 cait i think you need to do a -f for a full reindex
19:56 Shane-S okay thanks
19:56 cait which is what you want after moving things around usually
19:56 Shane-S P.S...funny...but not...https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]our_zebra_running.3F
19:57 Shane-S I was looking for a real answer ;)
19:57 cait heh
19:57 cait I think you should be able to see it in the processes
19:57 cait zebrasrv
20:00 Shane-S yeah, I needed the full thing, I just wanted to know what to look for in something like top
20:02 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16034 - DBRev <[…]25f20a57737a76512> / Bug 16034 follow-up: added WebService::ILS to PerlDependencies <[…]806b04832f402833f> / bug_16034 Add overdrive info to the users page in the public interface <
20:08 Shane-S *sigh* ran zebra twice...catalog is blank, search is null
20:09 Shane-S well I am tired for the day, thank you again guys....I will see if I can tackle this more tomorrow...
20:21 mtompset Shane-S: Make sure you stop zebra before a full reindex and then restart it after. That's frequently been my problem. :)
20:21 wizzyrea I have not once ever had to do that.
20:21 mtompset I have to all the time.
20:22 cait hm same here wizzyrea - never do that
20:22 * mtompset shrugs.
20:22 mtompset Whatever works. :)
20:22 mtompset Have a good day, #koha wizzyrea Shane-S cait
20:52 cait time to prepare a release :)
20:52 wizzyrea \o/
20:52 wizzyrea I am excited about this one.
20:52 cait me too
20:52 cait should be the biggest one so far int erm of bug fixes
20:52 wizzyrea it fixes some baddies.
20:53 cait khall++ all stuff pushed :)
20:53 cait yep
20:53 cait hope i didn#t miss something
20:54 cait or will miss
20:55 cait will try to push last things now and release tomorrow with hopefully green jenkins
21:35 jenkins Project Koha_Master_D8 build #116: STILL UNSTABLE in 1 hr 37 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_D8/116/
21:35 jenkins * kyle: Bug 18111: Fix import of default framework
21:35 jenkins * kyle: Bug 18111: Swap framework_name and frameworkcode
21:35 jenkins * kyle: Bug 18026: Correct URL to database columns from .pref files
21:35 jenkins * kyle: Bug 17865 'If a subscription has no history end date, it shows as
21:35 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18111 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Stable , Import default framework is broken
21:35 jenkins * kyle: Bug 17852; Multiple URLs (856) in list email are broken.
21:35 jenkins * kyle: Bug 17852 Follow up.Multiple URLs (856) in list email are broken
21:35 jenkins * kyle: Bug 18109: Adding font awesome icon to uncertain prices button
21:35 jenkins * kyle: Bug 18077: Batch item modification link is bold when batch item deletion
21:35 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18026 normal, P4, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , URL to database columns link in system preferences is incorrect
21:35 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17865 normal, P5 - low, ---, luke.honiss, Pushed to Stable , If a subscription has no history end date, it shows as expired today in OPAC
21:35 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17852 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, caitlingoodger.student, Pushed to Stable , Multiple URLs (856) in list email are broken
21:35 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18109 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, aleishaamohia, RESOLVED FIXED, Uncertain prices has no font awesome icon in acquisitions toolbar
21:35 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18077 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, aleishaamohia, RESOLVED FIXED, Batch item modification link is bold when batch item deletion is active in tools menu
21:41 cait 44 bug
21:41 cait s
21:43 jenkins Yippee, build fixed!
21:43 jenkins Project Koha_Master_D8 build #117: FIXED in 7 min 37 sec: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_D8/117/
21:43 jenkins * kyle: bug_16034 Koha::ExternalContent::OverDrive - a wrapper around
21:43 jenkins * kyle: bug_16034 Adding a new syspref - OverDriveCirculation
21:43 jenkins * kyle: bug_16034 Add overdrive info to the users page in the public interface
21:43 jenkins * kyle: Bug 16034 follow-up: added WebService::ILS to PerlDependencies
21:43 jenkins * kyle: Bug 16034 - DBRev
21:43 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16034 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, srdjan, RESOLVED FIXED, Integration with OverDrive Patron API
21:54 wizzyrea cool about the overdrive thing
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23:09 reiveune bye
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