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18:43 stozza hi all
18:44 stozza made some progress :) now I need to populate the catalog starting from a list of ISBN numbers, I'd like to automate it even tho I could manually enter all of them
18:44 stozza best/fastest way?
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21:02 cait stozza: there is not a good way using Koha for bulk adds from a isbn list, but a tool like MarcEdit might help you getting the records
21:03 stozza I am trying with it
21:03 stozza now struggling with another issue: say I have a ISBN number that I cannot find on the z39.50 db I am using
21:03 stozza but many ISBN tools on internet can find it
21:03 wizzycray You'd have to find a different source for that record
21:03 stozza I wonder how I can find the source that got that record
21:03 wizzycray a different target or whatever
21:04 wizzycray worldcat maybe
21:05 stozza I'd need to find the target, and add that to both marcedit (for batch import now) and koha (for future cataloguing)
21:06 wizzycray sure
21:06 wizzycray if it's one you want to use in the future.
21:06 wizzycray otherwise just put it in marcedit
21:07 stozza need to find it first
21:09 cait hm i think you are using unimarc? so worldcat is probably out
21:10 wizzycray oh true, worldcat only good for marc21
21:10 cait is there a free z39.50 to worldcat?
21:10 wizzycray naw
21:10 cait ah
21:10 wizzycray you can look up the records though
21:10 cait wondering if they changed that much :)
21:10 wizzycray and see places that have them
21:10 wizzycray then go to those catalogues
21:10 cait ah good point
21:10 wizzycray and see if they have targets
21:10 wizzycray that's the cheater way to use worldcat :P
21:11 stozza nice, that seems what I was looking for :)
21:11 stozza from the website?
21:11 cait stozza: maybe you can find osme new targets here
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21:11 wizzycray or even go to that catalogue, and if it's a Koha, you can download the record from there
21:11 wizzycray lots of ways around it.
21:12 stozza I found it on worldcat
21:12 cait there is something called 'italian national library service'
21:12 stozza but not sure how to see what target has it
21:12 cait[…]it%3A2100%2Fnopac
21:12 stozza cait I have all of the italian targets from that one
21:12 cait ah ok :)
21:12 stozza and can't find these isbn
21:13 stozza this one for example 9788809037380
21:14 cait what kind of book is it?
21:15 stozza Hans Christian Andersen novels
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21:17 cait hm
21:17 cait in english?
21:17 stozza italian
21:21 stozza oh, I think I need to better understand the ISBN-13 and ISBN-10 story. I can't find 9788809037380 on my targets but I can find 8809037383
21:22 wizzycray I don't think that's how that works?
21:22 cait maybe another edition
21:22 cait ?
21:23 cait the last digit is different - so that might be the old isbn10
21:23 stozza if I go to, and look for 9788809037380, it finds it and gives me the page saying ISBN-13: 9788809037380 ISBN-10: 8809037383
21:24 stozza on my targets the 10 digits one is present
21:24 wizzycray[…]ndard_Book_Number there are check digits involved in isbn13, doing the conversion from 10->13 isn't 1 to 1 (i.e. "add 978 and use the 10digit isbn" isn't a thing)
21:24 wizzycray (that I am aware of)
21:24 wizzycray oh actually forget that I'm wrong
21:25 wizzycray just ignore me
21:25 wizzycray but wikipedia is helpful here.
21:25 stozza I have ~200 books to start the library and getting crazy to import in batches, I think I will start adding to the catalogue manually
21:27 stozza I actually have a CSV with title/author/isbn/etc etc. a lot of info made with a phone app, scanning all the ISBN
21:27 stozza can I import it? or doing the field-to-field mapping is a PITA?
21:28 cait not directl
21:28 cait y
21:28 cait you could write a plugin to do it
21:28 cait or convert your excel to marc
21:29 stozza converting the excel to marc is a possibility
21:29 stozza still complicated with marcedit I need to map field by field and I don't really know the UNIMARC format
21:29 cait found something here: http://manual.koha-community.o[…]arceditexcel.html
21:30 cait hm yeah, but I think you won't get around the mapping
21:30 cait koha stored the format intenrally as unimarc/marc21
21:31 cait information on using plugins for importing non-marc data is here: https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=12412
21:31 huginn Bug 12412: new feature, P5 - low, ---, kyle, CLOSED FIXED, Add ability for plugins to convert arbitrary files to MARC from record staging tool
21:36 cait @later tell drojf checked the po files for the 3.22-16.11 complete and no errors
21:36 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
21:38 stozza how do I manage collections? can't find it on the admin panel
21:40 cait stozza: hm?
21:41 stozza let me ask the question again after switching the UI to english, I may not be translating properly :)
21:41 stozza (and sorry, my english is bad)
21:44 stozza ok when adding an item to the catalog, there is a field named "Koha collection" that now has 3 possible values: Fiction, non-fiction, Reference
21:48 stozza mh I think these are called Item types
21:50 stozza so the question would be how do I manage/add item types and collection codes
21:51 cait ah
21:51 cait itemtypes are important for your circulation conditions
21:51 stozza these may be library settings
21:51 cait you will want to kepe this in mind
21:51 stozza ok
21:51 cait they are created/managed on administration > itemtypes
21:51 cait collections and locations are just for searching/display atm
21:51 cait you can change the list in administration > authorised values
21:51 cait authorised values are used for a lot of lists in koha - so whenever you see one, good to check if you can change it there
21:52 cait the codes are CCODE for collection and LOC for location
21:52 cait the codes you currently see are some sample values that got added by the web installer
21:52 cait collection and location are optional - your items don't need these, but they can be nice to have
21:52 cait itemtype is mandatory
21:54 stozza the codes I see that come with the web installer can be edited in administration?
21:54 cait yes
21:54 cait the itemtypes too
21:55 stozza found tht item types
21:55 stozza did not find the ccode
21:55 cait read above :) you want administration > authorised values > CCODE
21:56 stozza ok ccode, sorry I meant collection
21:57 stozza that "Fiction/Non-Fiction/Reference" thing
21:58 stozza ohhhh
21:58 stozza yes ok ok
21:59 stozza authorized values, that is clear now. I am slow sometimes :)
21:59 stozza now the kids went to bed I am devoting 92% of my brains to koha
22:01 cait heh
22:09 stozza adding an Item, I don't have the LOC field, what did I miss?
22:11 cait hm
22:11 cait i am not sure, i usually work with marc21
22:11 cait so not totally sure how the unimarc frameworks are set up
22:11 cait there are differences
22:11 stozza you know I am thinking about starting from scratch again with MARC21
22:12 cait you could
22:12 cait i am nto sure what#s more popular in italy
22:12 stozza it seems UNIMARC on koha is not used as much as MARC21
22:12 cait we usually recommend to use whatever it's more popular where you are - so you can use the z39.50 targets of your local national service etc
22:12 cait yes, internationally marc21 is more common i'd say
22:13 cait unimarc is most commonly used in France still and i think some other european countries - have also heard italy was using it, but not sure how much
22:14 cait marc21 is the standard used in US, also in Germany :)
22:14 cait wizzyrea: nz too?
22:14 wizzycray yep, marc21 all the way here
22:19 stozza from a quick search looks like UNIMARC has been historically adopted in Italy but almost every target support both
22:21 cait that's cool then
22:26 stozza I think so
22:26 stozza there is also an Italian Koha user group I could ask..
22:26 stozza but they are on facebook, and I hate it
22:27 wizzycray zeno is sometimes around IRC
22:28 wizzycray bit awkward time for EU tho :)
22:29 cait yeah
22:29 * cait is not here
22:30 stozza history
22:30 stozza ops
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23:08 stozza I am creating a new instance from scratch
23:09 stozza dropped the koha db and the koha_perone db (my library was called perone)
23:09 stozza and I created them again from scratch, and I keep seeing the old catalog. where is it?
23:09 wizzycray in the indexes
23:10 wizzycray if you koha-rebuild-zebra perone
23:10 wizzycray it will go
23:10 wizzycray if you koha-rebuild-zebra --full perone
23:10 wizzycray don't forget the --full
23:11 stozza mmm done, but still there
23:12 wizzycray oh,
23:12 wizzycray you mean everything comes up, results/detail
23:12 wizzycray everything?
23:12 wahanui somebody said everything was grilled
23:13 wizzycray sh wahanui.
23:13 wizzycray or only the results?
23:13 wizzycray and you have run the installer
23:13 wizzycray and restarted plack (koha-plack --restart perone)
23:13 stozza I see the results, including the items
23:13 wizzycray and those were the only two instances you had?
23:14 stozza yes
23:14 stozza I don't have plack, what is it?
23:14 wizzycray if you do koha-rebuild-zebra --full -v -v -v perone
23:14 jcamins stozza: Zebra used to have a strange quirk where if you have no records at all, it refuses to delete old indexes. That could be your problem here, if it's just the results you're seeing.
23:14 wizzycray it will give more output
23:14 wizzycray yeah you could try adding just one record
23:14 wizzycray then reindexing
23:15 stozza ok let me add one
23:15 jcamins (that is, if the details links don't work)
23:15 wizzycray it still does that afaik i thought maybe it was fixed tho
23:15 wizzycray but yk, it's hard to know.
23:17 stozza ok added a record now the rebuild went ok
23:18 jcamins wizzycray: I haven't tried it in years, so I hoped that it was no longer happening.

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