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05:51 * magnus_away waves
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06:23 archer121 hi, we have been using koha for some time. I have a small doubt. In the "Status" field on details page, if it is damaged, it will show the different authorized value's corresponding message. But if it is withdrawn, it is simply shown "Withdrawn".
06:23 archer121 Can anyone tell me the logic behind this?
06:25 archer121 Here is the template file which reflects what I am taking about:
06:29 archer121 If it is ok to show the authorized value's corresponding message for withdrawn items too, I can try and submit a patch to the bugzilla. Or is there a reason why it is like this?
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07:26 marcelr hi #koha
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07:29 magnuse hiya marcelr
07:30 marcelr he magnuse
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07:38 reiveune hello
07:38 wahanui hello, reiveune
07:38 marcelr bonjour reiveune
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07:54 LibraryClaire morning #koha
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07:57 alex_a bonjour
07:57 wahanui hi, alex_a
07:57 LibraryClaire hi alex_a
07:58 fridolin bienlebonjour
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08:00 LibraryClaire hi fridolin
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08:05 alex_a hello LibraryClaire
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08:57 smon hello!
08:59 smon what is the 'cleanest' way to delete all records (authority+biblio) and all items in my koha instance?
09:01 cait smon: hm
09:01 cait we usually truncate the tables and then do a full reindex
09:01 cait not sure if that is the cleanest way :)
09:01 cait biblio, biblioitems, items and auth_header
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09:04 smon ok, thank you :)
09:05 eythian hi
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09:40 smon because of foreign key constraints, a simple truncate fails - just ignoring those constraints does not seem all that 'clean'. what would you recommend? :D
09:44 eythian you can delete, and reset the autoinc back to 1
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09:47 * andreashm waves
09:55 * magnuse waves back
09:56 andreashm Scandinavian waving!
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10:01 magnuse \o/
10:24 smon after running deleting and running -a -b -r, I still get old records as search results
10:28 smon what am i missing?
10:29 smon adding the -v option reports 0 authorities and 0 bibliographic records exported, as expected
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12:27 rsantellan good morning #koha
12:36 eythian cait:
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12:54 oleonard Hi all
12:54 LibraryClaire hi oleonard
12:54 wahanui hi oleopard
12:54 LibraryClaire :D
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13:08 rsantellan hi oleapard
13:08 rsantellan s/pard/nard/g !
13:09 oleonard I answer to so many names I don't know who I am anymore rsantellan
13:09 rsantellan jajaja
13:12 * kidclamp clamp clamp clamp
13:13 * LibraryClaire backs away slowly
13:14 oleonard
13:15 eythian the poor kids who are being clamped...
13:16 kidclamp heh
13:16 kidclamp some people wave, some people clamp
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13:58 kidclamp[…].jpg?v=1475193672
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14:04 kchris Joubu are you there?
14:15 oleonard kidclamp: Wow Liblime is really reaching to make profits these days.
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14:47 tcohen hahahahaha
14:48 tcohen oleonard: did you get my message about less? i wasn't sure about node and less version
14:49 oleonard I did tcohen, but I haven't had a chance to think about it. My guess is that it's fine.
14:50 * oleonard has gone down a Vagrant rabbit hole for a couple of days, learning how to set up his own custom dev box
14:52 oleonard Hopefully that time will be made up in efficiency later :)
14:54 cait what did you customize? :)
14:54 tcohen oleonard: that's always a good thing :-D
14:56 oleonard cait: I'm trying to make a box just for the staff intranet application I run for my library (PHP/MySQL)
14:56 oleonard I want to try PHP7 and I thought a Vagrant box would be a good way to go about it.
14:56 eythian @later tell marcelr you put that sun back where you got it from![…]s/FArjtviTVOMh3uR
14:56 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
14:57 eythian (for those who don't know, the spiky towers to the right of the sun in that photo are from the rijksmuseum where marcelr works.)
14:57 tcohen oleonard: definitely
14:58 * oleonard has learned a lot from looking at the kohadevbox setup but hasn't gotten into Ansible at all
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15:35 reiveune bye
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15:40 kchris Hmm...I am trying to run t tests, and am getting "unable to locate Koha configuration file koha-conf.xml" message...
15:40 kchris Not sure how to troubleshoot this..
15:41 kidclamp kchris: you should run them through koha-shell
15:41 kidclamp or set the KOHA_CONF variable
15:41 kchris kidclamp: I tried that too...I got a different error.
15:42 kidclamp export KOHA_CONF=/etc/koha/sites/instance/koha-conf.xml
15:42 kidclamp or the correct path to your file
15:42 kidclamp what is the error from koha-shell?
15:44 kchris Compilation failed in require at Koha/
15:45 kchris Compilation failed in require at Koha/
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15:51 kidclamp hmm...what patch are you testing? or could there be left over stuff in your branch?
15:53 kchris I was testing 17741. It has already passed QA. I created a new branch for it.
15:55 kchris I mean it's been "signed off".
15:56 kchris But I also had issues testing 17742.
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16:10 kidclamp kchris: try checking out master, doing a hard reset and then see if you still get that error in koha-shell
16:53 nuentoter upgrading to newest version right now, anything quirky i should know about?
17:00 barton @later tell barton this is a test.
17:00 huginn barton: The operation succeeded.
17:04 oleonard @later tell barton Ceci n'est pas une pipe
17:04 huginn oleonard: The operation succeeded.
17:07 barton oleonard: echo "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" > /dev/null
17:07 barton (It's not a pipe, it's a re-direct)
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17:08 barton afternoon, jzairo!
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21:26 Francesca hi
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