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19:05 archer121 Hi, what is the difference between "Withdrawn?:" field and the "0 - Withdrawn status" field? I know that "0 - Withdrawn status" is the one we use (and the one we set with WITHDRAWN autharised value). But I am confused by the "Withdrawn?:" y/n field?
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20:19 TMCLib Hey #koha, had a question on a sev major bug that hasn't seen an activity in a while
21:18 wizzyrea hi
21:19 TMCLib Hey there
21:20 wizzyrea eythian: that museum looks like a tripper's dream
21:22 wizzyrea TMCLib: you had a question about a bug?
21:22 TMCLib I did, #16583: https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=16583
21:22 huginn Bug 16583: major, P2, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Strangeness in the staff client on ubuntu 16.04 and MySQL 5.7
21:22 TMCLib Oh, nice bot.
21:23 TMCLib Basically, no activity on it recently, but I'm looking into it for a friend getting started with koha
21:24 TMCLib Wondering where the best place to get started on how to approach it is?
21:24 TMCLib Looked like it might potentially be a big fix to do.
21:25 wizzyrea It is a bug fix to do, the current advice is to either downgrade mysql, or use mariadb
21:26 wizzyrea (standard disclaimer about "yeah yeah we know downgrading isn't the best most amazeballs option but it's what we've got for ubuntu users at the moment")
21:26 TMCLib Oh, I meant actually taking a crack at writing a fix for it.
21:27 wizzyrea sure go for it :)
21:27 TMCLib I'm a software engineer by trade, for what that's worth, but it's a major. Sorta seemed like not a wise place for a rando to jump in without first talking to established devs on the project
21:27 TMCLib Heh, in that case I'll dive in on it
21:27 wizzyrea nah go for it
21:27 wizzyrea you've had a look at the development pages?
21:28 wizzyrea version control using git
21:28 wahanui well, version control using git is at[…]Control_Using_Git
21:28 wizzyrea this one and ummm
21:28 wizzyrea developer guide
21:28 wizzyrea ?
21:28 wizzyrea hm no sec I'll find it
21:28 jcamins development guidelines?
21:28 TMCLib Awesome, thanks
21:28 jcamins guidelines?
21:28 wahanui guidelines is[…]Coding_Guidelines
21:29 TMCLib I was just starting to wade through the various links
21:29 wizzyrea there it is
21:29 wizzyrea also we have a code of conduct, basically it boils down to "don't be a jerk" :)
21:29 wizzyrea other than that, go nuts.
21:30 TMCLib Hah, I can appreciate that. I've shied away from open source projects in the past because the "Don't be a jerk" guideline was non existent
21:30 wizzyrea :)
21:31 wizzyrea ah, well, we've "lost" "good" devs due to their jerkness. We don't want them around.
21:31 wizzyrea and we've kept great ones because we aren't jerks.
21:32 wizzyrea so :)
21:32 jcamins But, on the other hand, Koha kept devs because of the community's general niceness, which more than outweighs the loss of the "good" devs.
21:32 wizzyrea ^^
21:32 jcamins Aaaand wizzyrea already said that.
21:32 wizzyrea teehee
21:32 wizzyrea o/*HIGHFIVE*\o
21:32 * jcamins is really tired today, so don't expect me to notice these things, I guess.
21:33 wizzyrea it's ok it bears reiterating
21:33 TMCLib Sounds like a good way to go to me.
21:33 jcamins However, no matter how tired I am, today I FOUND SOUR CHERRIES, so I'm counting today as a good day.
21:33 wizzyrea umm, lessee... anything else worth mentioning...
21:33 wizzyrea test plans are favoured
21:34 wizzyrea small testable patches are better than monoliths
21:34 TMCLib Well, luckily, with that one, the division of work seems pretty clear cut. Individual files that can be fixed and submitted 1 - 3 at a time, depending on how many methods need changing
21:34 jcamins Unit tests win instant karma.
21:34 wizzyrea ^
21:35 TMCLib You are in luck. My day job REQUIRES unit tests.
21:35 wizzyrea well you can basically assume that here as well :)
21:35 jcamins If you're reformatting code, do it in a separate commit than the functional changes.
21:36 wizzyrea Ask if something seems especially daft - there might be a reason for it (but there might not!)
21:36 wizzyrea I think most of that is in the guidelines
21:37 wizzyrea the rest is basically process.
21:37 TMCLib I'll give them a thorough read and keep them on hand as I go.
21:37 wizzyrea and we normally help first timers through
21:37 wizzyrea so you won't be totally alone.
21:37 TMCLib I'm glad to see the especially long Perl list in there
21:38 wizzyrea jcamins: sour cherries? what are you going to do with them? Pie?
21:38 jcamins wizzyrea: macerated in A) Bourbon, and B) Maraschino brandy.
21:39 * wizzyrea books a ticket to NYC
21:39 wizzyrea is there icecream involved?
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21:39 jcamins Yes.
21:39 * wizzyrea cries
21:39 wizzyrea so beautiful.
21:40 jcamins I also found red currants.
21:40 jcamins Those are going in cait's fennel salad.
21:40 wizzyrea[…]x323o6_r1_500.gif
21:40 wizzyrea noms
21:46 jcamins TMCLib: also useful to know: on the rare occasions I'm around #koha, food conversation is de rigueur. No matter how much other people try to be professional and on-topic.
21:47 TMCLib How timely. I'm just staring my meal prepping for the week
21:48 TMCLib I gotta ask: What does a fennel cake entail?
21:48 TMCLib Only thing I eat with fennel is italian sausage
21:48 jcamins Hopefully you're not on the East Coast like I am. Starting meal prep a few minutes ago was a terrible choice.
21:49 TMCLib I am on the east coast
21:49 TMCLib Like you, I make terrible choices
21:49 jcamins Fennel salad. cait (another person on #koha) is the one who gave us all the recipe.
21:49 TMCLib Oh man, I totally misread that as fennel cake
21:49 wizzyrea hehe
21:49 TMCLib And was confused and concerned
21:49 wizzyrea fennel is really nice in sweets
21:49 jcamins It's shaved fennel with fruit, mango in the original, vinegar, salt, pepper, and red pepper.
21:49 wizzyrea the fennel bulb, not the fennel seeds
21:50 TMCLib Yeah, see, I was thinking the seed
21:50 TMCLib More of a savory flavor to it
21:50 jcamins Now I wish I hadn't shaved all my fennel for the salad. I should've made a cake. :(
21:50 wizzyrea fennel seed is nice in sweets too though
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21:50 * jcamins spends a lot of his time baking.
21:50 wizzyrea[…]gar_coated_fennel
21:51 wizzyrea or[…]de-down-cake.html which I might make now actually
21:51 TMCLib Buddy of mine at work pings me every other day with "I made a baked good, come eat."
21:51 wizzyrea[…]lemon-cake-352317 or this omg ded.
21:52 jcamins TMCLib: I bring in cookies to share several times a week, most weeks.
21:52 wizzyrea[…]ennel-lemon-cake/ and this double ded.
21:52 * wizzyrea tries to stop thinking about cake, fails.
21:53 TMCLib I rarely make anything outside of my meals, though I did a bit of baking for a while in college
21:53 jcamins wizzyrea: I made cardamom coffee chocolate oatmeal-nobakes. And now you're thinking about something other than cake.
21:53 wizzyrea[…]ake-250-giveaway/ I've made two of these recently, one as described and another lemon flavoured.
21:53 TMCLib Engineering school. Somehow, none of my friends, including the girls, knew how to bake.
21:53 wizzyrea cooking is the most practical kind of engineering >.>
21:54 TMCLib Right!?
21:54 wizzyrea :D
21:54 TMCLib Although we did have a mixer
21:54 TMCLib So I had to rig one up out of a cordless drill with no battery, a rack mount variable power supply, and the whisk off a mix master we no longer owned
21:54 wizzyrea jcamins: is this delight of a biscuit in your cookbook?
21:54 TMCLib did not* have a mixer
21:54 jcamins I still don't have a mixer.
21:55 wizzyrea I do, but it's rubbish
21:55 TMCLib My macgyver'd one worked pretty good
21:55 jcamins Most people find this remarkable, in light of the volume of baked goods I make.
21:55 jcamins wizzyrea: it is.
21:55 wizzyrea I had an awesome kitchen aid, but I moved and the electrics wouldn't work.
21:55 TMCLib Got a little scary if you pushed the electrons too much, but whatever
21:55 wizzyrea hehehe!
21:55 wizzyrea I like mcguyver mixer.
21:56 jcamins Well, I think the one in the book might be cardamom oatmeal chocolate nobakes.
21:56 wizzyrea quite sure there are volume bakers out there who use paint mixers to do large scale mixing
21:56 wizzyrea you had me at cardamom oatmeal chocolate
21:56 TMCLib My parents did that, way back in the day when they would make pancakes for the church
21:56 wizzyrea oh church pancakes.
21:57 wizzyrea did the pancake feeds have the little sausages too?
21:57 TMCLib My dad would get the cement mixer attachment for his right angle drill
21:57 wizzyrea yes exactly!
21:57 TMCLib Want 200 pancakes? Here's 200 pancakes worth of mix in under a minute
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21:57 wizzyrea now I want Cake and sausages.
21:57 wizzyrea this is not going to end well.
21:58 wizzyrea and cookies.
21:58 wahanui Cookies are delicious delicacies
21:58 jcamins I keep on forgetting to ask my coworker about his extra stand mixer.
21:58 TMCLib I'm noticing a trend in my family...
21:58 wizzyrea mcguyver baking?
21:58 TMCLib Indeed
21:58 TMCLib macgyver everything, actually
21:58 wizzyrea there are worse things
21:59 TMCLib And mostly with powertools
21:59 TMCLib Used an impact wrench on a cruddy scissor jack to lift a car in 10 seconds flat the other weekend.
21:59 TMCLib The jack was not made for that. OH WELL
21:59 wizzyrea lol
22:00 jcamins At least it wasn't a high-quality misused scissor jack, right?
22:00 TMCLib Let's go with that
22:05 jcamins So... new potatoes in a white wine-yogurt sauce. Crazy or awesome?
22:06 TMCLib Depends
22:06 TMCLib is the acidity of the wine going to clash with the yogurt?
22:07 TMCLib Oh wait. Yogurt is acidic. I was thinking cream, which might curdle with the acid
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22:12 DrLang Just starting to use Koha for the first time.  Is there a way to limit search of a specific library to specific types of patrons?
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22:14 wizzyrea DrLang: Not at the moment
22:15 wizzyrea jcamins: I'm guessing it'd be ok, kind of like a sour cream sauce
22:15 wizzyrea is there dill involved?
22:15 wizzyrea dill and yogurt is pretty classic
22:16 jcamins Hmm. Maaayyyybe. If I can find some dill.
22:16 wizzyrea erg, why would an xslt foreach not spot a tag that is clearly existent.
22:16 jcamins Wrong namespace?
22:17 wizzyrea it's inline with all the others, and it spots it without a foreach but hm not sure
22:17 wizzyrea example, I can get it with a if test
22:17 wizzyrea but the for-each doesn't
22:21 jcamins Odd.
22:21 jcamins These cherries had better be as good as I'm envisioning. It just took me 6 minutes to open the Bourbon.
22:22 wizzyrea OH HILARIOUS.
22:22 wizzyrea cue my very dumb moment
22:22 wizzyrea .summary {display: none; }
22:23 wizzyrea because on the production site they wanted them gone until the rest of the changes went in.
22:23 wizzyrea derrr
22:24 wizzyrea ty all for being most excellent rubber ducks.
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22:32 kathrynhome hi all, it's the usual Catalyst kathryn here, at home with germs
22:56 jcamins And pitting the cherries took 24 minutes.
23:02 wizzyrea there's like one time a year where you want something like a cherry pitter.
23:03 jcamins wizzyrea: yeah. Except I wasn't able to get Maraschino, so I'm going to want it again later this week.
23:03 jcamins :)
23:03 wizzyrea definitely worth the investment
23:03 wizzyrea then
23:03 wizzyrea if you don't have one already
23:03 jcamins I do not.
23:03 jcamins By the end, though, I was getting pretty good.
23:04 wizzyrea you can use it for olives too, if you need more encouragement
23:04 jcamins Yeah, I'm going to try to buy a cherry pitter at the kitchen store a block away from the office.
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