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02:15 dcook It's funny... I went to #epel on freenode to ask questions about the availability of some packages..
02:15 dcook And the person who helps me actually looked at Koha once!
02:15 dcook Opted for something else as they couldn't get Koha to play nice on the OS
02:15 dcook Fedora I think..
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03:26 dcook @seen
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04:19 archer121 Our new koha installation is giving a 503 service unavailable and I am trying to debug the issue. The is what is entered into today's intranet-error.log:
04:19 archer121 Can someone look into the log and tell me if those proxy errors are normal?
04:20 archer121 Also what is plack?
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04:40 rangi archer121: who installed the Koha for you? and what version is it?
04:40 * Oak waves
04:41 Oak greetings rangi
04:41 rangi hi Oak
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05:06 circ-user-ljQyh hello
05:06 circ-user-ljQyh i want patron to reset their account password from koha
05:06 circ-user-ljQyh so its possible to do that on koha?
05:18 cait only with 16.05
05:19 cait there is a password reset feature in that version
05:19 cait changing a password you know is always possible
05:25 circ-user-ljQyh you only koha 16.05 can allow patron to reset password when they are losing right
05:35 circ-user-ljQyh do its require me to install mail server on koha system
05:35 circ-user-ljQyh since i have host koha on vps
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06:37 marcelr hi #koha
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06:52 reiveune hello
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06:55 morgane hi !
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07:02 fridolin hie
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07:47 LibraryClaire hi #koha
07:48 cait hi LibraryClaire :)
07:49 Oak hello cait, LibraryClaire
07:50 Oak :)
07:50 cait hi Oak
07:51 LibraryClaire hi cait, hi Oak :0
07:51 LibraryClaire :)
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08:13 eythian @wunder ams
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08:13 eythian hah! take that, LibraryClaire
08:19 liw @wunder helsinki, finland, northern europe, europe, tellus, sol, milky way, local galactic cluster, this universe
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08:27 eythian you can't have "this universe" or "local cluster" in an address, that's like saying "my house, over here"
08:28 liw eythian, did huginn give me the right answer? yes it did. your argument  is invalid and you should have cake
08:28 eythian liw: unrelated to that, I tried to get obnam to back up something (pull via sftp) by symlinking to it from my backups directory, however obnam didn't follow the symlink like I intended. Is this expected behaviour?
08:28 liw eythian, yes; obnam never follows symlinks
08:28 eythian liw: like evidence matters! This is philosophy!
08:28 eythian why is that?
08:29 eythian my plan was to have /var/backups and symlink everything into it that I wanted backed up.
08:29 eythian obviously, that didn't work :)
08:30 liw eythian, philosophically speaking, one should backup a symlink as a symlink, not the thing it points at
08:30 liw (this is off topic to koha, though)
08:33 liw eythian, what's the actual problem you want to solve with such a symlink farm?
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08:46 eythian liw: it meant that a remote machine could add more stuff to its backups without having to modify the config on the backup machine.
08:51 liw eythian, ah yes, I see. sorry, I don't have a good solution for that
08:53 eythian A possible future enhancement could be having the machine being backed up having a manifest that is loaded first and tells obnam what paths to back up.
08:53 liw eythian, there's a plugin mechanism that you can use to write that :)
08:55 eythian Ah, cool. Really, my real solution should be to learn ansible better so that the configration for the remote machine updates the configuration for the backup machine.
08:57 liw ansible++ (even if I'm not 100% happy with it)
09:08 eythian yeah, it's good enough for my purposes, which is getting some of my VPSes using a standard config
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09:13 drojf hi #koha
09:14 drojf anyone else had the webinstaller show up after an upgrade to 3.22.8 with packages?
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11:54 oleonard Hi #koha
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14:19 eythian madness
14:20 eythian maybe I should find a long way to bike home.
14:27 oleonard eythian: Why madness?
14:27 eythian it's unnaturally warm for this part of world.
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15:14 oleonard Oh no, nengard taking herself off bug reports ;_;
15:15 nengard i didn't  - i stayed on - but added amyk
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15:16 nengard and it was only for bywater devs - I'm still on with my personal email :)
15:16 amyk :-0
15:21 morgane bye !
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16:12 reiveune bye
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16:13 mmm1234 hello. I have a quick question. We ran out of disk space and I was wondering if the files can be cleared under var/lib/zebradb/biblios/tmp?
16:14 bag could be yes
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16:15 hector Hi oleonard
16:18 oleonard Hi hector
16:19 hector I was looking opac.less and opac.css and I think that diverge again
16:22 oleonard hector: Why do you think so?
16:24 oleonard hector: When I compile opac.less in master, opac.css remains unchanged
16:25 hector oleonard: because I added this "#dc_fieldset" in less in a previous patch, and that changes aren't in opac.css
16:26 oleonard I see it in opac.css
16:28 hector oleonard: :)  I'm wrong, mybe i saw an old file, sorry for my mistake
16:29 oleonard No problem
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17:36 hector Hi devs, someone know how to fix a broken link in koha-community/documentation. The link in section "Koha 16.05 (formerly 3.24)" needs to be fixed
17:38 nengard i emailed the list about that
17:38 nengard it's a new branch - we're waiting for the branch to be created
17:38 nengard but the link to the mirror works
17:39 hector Thanks nengard. It is right the link for mirror works correctly
17:40 nengard :)
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19:26 * cait waves
19:27 * kidclamp waves
19:35 * nengard waes
19:35 nengard or/me waves
19:36 * nengard waves
19:36 nengard geeze i can't type :) hehe
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20:02 AdrianG Hi everyone
20:03 hector Hi AdrianG
20:03 rangi phew
20:04 rangi
20:04 rangi March 2001
20:04 rangi The issue is discovered in libwww-perl and fixed. Reported by Randal L. Schwartz.
20:05 rangi we are safe :)
20:05 AdrianG We had a bit of an issue here in Jamaica. My cataloging is reporting that she can't search for any items that have recently been added to the catalog. I was going to open a ticket but Ed from bywater is here doing training so earlier he asked for the search indexing to be restarted.
20:05 AdrianG That doesn't seemed to have fixed the issue. Anyone has any thoughts what could be wrong?
20:06 bag indexing?
20:06 wahanui indexing is, like, done by Zebra
20:06 bag search_problems?
20:06 AdrianG yes its seems as if the problem my be with zebra but restarting zxebra didn't fix the issue
20:06 hector your cronjob doesn't work properly!!!
20:06 rangi probably need to do a reindex, not just restart the indexing
20:07 rangi and then check why the cron job is not running
20:08 AdrianG Ok then thanks
20:09 hector do this $ misc/migration_tools/ -a -b -z
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20:09 hector to see if the new records added by your cataloger
20:10 hector or without -z to reindex all database
20:10 rangi dont do that AdrianG
20:10 rangi hector: that is really bad advice, if the person installed with the packages
20:11 rangi AdrianG: if you installed Koha with debian/ubuntu packages, do not do that  .. it will mess up all your permissions
20:11 hector thats right rangi
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20:12 rangi AdrianG: do you know how your koha was installed?
20:12 AdrianG ok no problem. Well we did our migration to Bywater a few weeks ago so I think i might just open a ticket wit them
20:13 hector then read this: <https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ges#Zebra-related>
20:13 rangi AdrianG: ah yep, that's probably the best plan
20:13 AdrianG Great. Thanks for the help
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20:39 rangi bleurgh
20:39 rangi folio webinar uses webex
20:39 rangi skip
20:39 cait did you register?
20:39 rangi for the webinar?
20:40 rangi nope
20:40 rangi just got the email about it
20:40 rangi[…]/rn/system_rn.htm
20:40 rangi there's no way im putting java 1.5 on my machine
20:42 rangi plus its also 1am nz time ;) .. someone else can summarise for me
20:45 cait hm not me :)
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21:49 hector by #koha
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23:40 * dcook wonders what bug number we're up to now with Bugzilla...
23:40 * dcook just submitted bug 1357698 to Red Hat.
23:40 huginn Bug[…]ug.cgi?id=1357698 could not be retrieved: InvalidBugId
23:40 dcook Not that far yet, I guess :p
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