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00:26 mtj hey #koha
00:27 kathryn joined #koha
00:27 mtj EricGAC:  have you looked in your error.log?
00:29 mtj rangi: i did eventually click to my problem yesterday..
00:31 mtj an apache had an HSTS line defined, and was telling browsers to use https for all sites
00:32 mtj ..was causing an issue for some sites that didnt have https config'd
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00:49 rangi ahh makes sense
00:54 wizzyrea I want to respond to him SO BADLY but I am not going to.
00:55 wizzyrea and now you know why I don't post advice to the list.
01:13 rangi what a dick, it says right there in the release notes, you know whats more counter productive, you wrong bullshit advice all the time Paul A
01:14 wizzyrea I was quite mad about it, because COME ON I didn't say "downgrade forever"
01:14 wizzyrea I said "until the bugs are fixed"
01:14 wizzyrea then I had a sausage roll and felt better.
01:14 wizzyrea as you do.
01:14 rangi
01:14 rangi Please note – Ubuntu 16.04 support is still WIP and isn’t supported at the moment, due to stricter MySQL version 5.7. All installs and updates should be done on versions previous to MySQL 5.7.
01:15 wizzyrea ffs that version came out 1mo before ours did
01:15 rangi you can only help people so much
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01:33 aleisha hi all
01:33 rangi hey aleisha
01:33 wahanui i guess aleisha is working on Hea
01:33 aleisha how's it rangi!
01:34 rangi good :) all finished exams?
01:34 aleisha yup finally! having a day off today but will be in tomorrow :)
01:39 rangi cool, be interested to hear how the conference went also
01:43 aleisha such a great time
01:43 thd-away` joined #koha
01:43 rangi excellent
01:46 * mtj waves to catalyst
01:47 wizzyrea hi mtj :)
01:51 mtj wizzyrea++ for not feeding the trolls
02:07 mtj if thats simplicity, i'd hate to see his defintion of complex
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02:16 wizzyrea hehe
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02:58 mtj hey wizzyrea, i tested the ratings stuff with plack (3.22.7), it seems to work ok for me
02:58 wizzyrea excellent
02:59 wizzyrea i'm glad to hear that, because I too looked at it and couldn't reproduce
02:59 wizzyrea which led to to find the real problem
02:59 mtj so, i was curious to the specifics of your issues?
02:59 wizzyrea which was that this database had a version of the ratings feature that had *wrong column names*
02:59 wizzyrea it must have been one that got the dev early
03:00 mtj aah, oups
03:00 wizzyrea so I renamed the column, and it was all happy again
03:00 mtj whew, small fail.. BIGG WIN
03:00 wizzyrea it's not a thing I would have expected to find
03:00 wizzyrea :
03:00 wizzyrea :)
03:06 mtj its always nice to surprise youself with your own competency, hey wiz
03:09 wizzyrea haha oy.
03:09 mtj peeps, are many people running koha-3.22.x with memcache, without issues?
03:09 wizzyrea what kind of issues are you having?
03:09 mtj hmm, no issues - so far  :0)
03:10 mtj ..was just curious about about others experiences
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04:10 Francesca hi
04:13 wizzyrea hi
04:13 Francesca sup
04:15 wizzyrea not much, have you conquered exams?
04:15 wizzyrea haha I almost typed "examps" which is not a thing.
04:29 Francesca joined #koha
04:33 Francesca wizzyrea: exams conquered, I am freeeee!
04:34 wizzyrea confetti
04:34 wahanui confetti is[…]1qh8hleo1_400.gif
04:34 wizzyrea :D
04:34 wizzyrea Yay!
04:34 wizzyrea more confetti!
04:34 wahanui o/ '`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'​`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'
04:34 Francesca lol
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05:30 magnuse mtj: i have been running 3.22.x since 3.22.1, without problems
05:30 magnuse ...with memcached, i mean
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06:22 alex_a bonjour
06:22 wahanui niihau, alex_a
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06:47 reiveune hello
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06:53 fridolin hieee
06:53 akawa hello!
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08:07 mtj magnuse: awesome, thanks for the info ^ :)
08:11 magnuse mtj: np!
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08:36 drojf morning #koha
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08:45 magnuse moin drojf
08:45 drojf hei magnuse
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10:22 liw @wunder helsinki
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10:23 magnuse @wunder boo
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12:04 oleonard Hi #koha
12:06 drojf hola oleonard
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12:39 eythian @later tell wizzyrea[…]ouse-Ab1AbfZoJdBu
12:39 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
12:50 khall @later tell tcohen ping me when you get in
12:50 huginn khall: The operation succeeded.
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15:33 EricGAC ok looks like durring the restore, the password in the dump is no longer good enough for the current database setup and is preventing the authority database from working i guess? time to play with the backup
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15:42 druthb Nice mild morning.  :)
15:42 drojf lol
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16:22 reiveune bye
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16:41 gaetan_B bye
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17:54 * magnuse proffers the evening wave
18:09 pianohacker @marc 508
18:09 huginn pianohacker: The names of the persons (other than members of the cast) or organizations who participated in the artistic or technical production of the work. The introductory term Credits: that customarily precedes the names is not carried in the MARC record. It may be generated based on the field tag. (Repeatable) [a,6,8]
18:10 nengard WOA!!!
18:10 nengard I didn't know we had that :)
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21:34 marvin_ Hello, where can I find the system requirements, and supported hardware like barcode scanners
21:42 wizzyrea if a barcode scanner works with your computer, it will work with Koha
21:44 wizzyrea marvin_
21:47 marvin_ ok, thank you !
21:52 bag afternoon all
21:56 kidclamp afternoon for some, morning for others, evening for the rest
21:56 kidclamp :-D
21:58 wizzyrea good $timeOfDay
21:59 drojf $timeofnight
21:59 kidclamp good times in any case
21:59 wizzyrea *snerk*
22:10 wizzyrea lordie I just closed and reopened firefox it went from 3G of memory to 800M >.<
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22:39 tcohen hi
22:39 wahanui bidet, tcohen
22:39 tcohen hi khall_away
22:46 rangi tcohen: you were after me the other day?
22:47 tcohen hi rangi, yeah
22:47 tcohen and I'm not sure why right now :-D
22:47 tcohen so: hi
22:47 wahanui hi, tcohen
22:47 tcohen :-D
22:47 rangi :)
22:48 tcohen i think i then posted the question to koha-devel (about bug 16829)
22:48 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16829 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, NEW , action_logs should have an 'interface' column
22:49 rangi ah yep
22:49 rangi yeah it makes sense to do it that way, to me too
22:50 tcohen alright then

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