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00:57 wizzyrea A+
01:00 wizzyrea Some things in that I'd like to do, like the go kart thing
01:00 wizzyrea and the zip line.
01:13 ibeardslee A road trip to Rotorua and back will give you a chance to get a lot of that in
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05:59 LibraryClaire Morning #koha
06:03 cait morning LibraryClaire :)
06:03 LibraryClaire Hi cait :)
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06:06 drojf morning
06:08 LibraryClaire Hi drojf :)
06:09 drojf hi LibraryClaire :)
06:09 drojf installing more koha? ;)
06:09 LibraryClaire Heh, not yet. Stupidly forgot to turn off my alarm though so I'm awake far too early
06:10 drojf more playtime!
06:10 LibraryClaire I'm gonna need more tea...
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06:12 * Oak waves
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06:14 drojf hi Oak
06:14 Oak hello drojf !
06:16 * LibraryClaire waves
06:17 Oak hello LibraryClaire
06:17 cait hi Oak, drojf
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06:20 Oak Ahoy cait
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06:20 Oak be back in a bit
06:20 fridolin hie
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06:20 LibraryClaire Hi fridolin
06:22 drojf hi cait
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06:28 Oak cait, do you have 5 minutes to spare?
06:29 cait not now, but maybe a bit late?
06:29 cait later?
06:29 wahanui alligator
06:29 Oak sure cool.
06:29 cait getting ready for work
06:29 Oak no problem :)
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06:56 reiveune hello
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07:10 * magnuse waves
07:10 Oak hello reiveune
07:10 magnuse Oak
07:10 Oak magnuse
07:10 magnuse \o/
07:10 Oak \o/
07:10 Oak :)
07:10 reiveune salut
07:10 * magnuse is happy there is hackfest in marseille right now
07:11 magnuse s/is/is no/
07:11 magnuse gah
07:14 Oak geek.
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07:15 alex_a bonjour
07:15 wahanui bonjour, alex_a
07:15 Oak as a complement of course.
07:16 Oak Bojour monsieur alex_a
07:25 eythian wahanui: hi
07:25 wahanui kia ora, eythian
07:26 eythian wahanui: elephant is <reply>
07:26 wahanui OK, eythian.
07:26 magnuse Oak: i was thinking of the football-related violence in marseille :-(
07:29 Oak Oh.
07:29 * Oak Googles that
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07:37 cait good morning #koha (again) :)
07:37 * LibraryClaire waves
07:37 * Oak waves
07:40 * magnuse waves
07:40 * magnuse gets seasick
07:40 cait heh
07:42 cait Joubu: do you know if it's normal that qa-test-tools fail on a kohadevbox?
07:49 * Oak goes to boot the devbox and update repos and see what's up...
07:50 cait or magnuse maybe?
07:50 Oak magnuse... for devbox questions?
07:52 magnuse i have not tried it in a while, but i would think the qa tools should work
07:52 magnuse cait: hoe do they fail?
07:53 magnuse s/hoe/how/
07:53 Oak magnuse, it was my question to cait
07:53 magnuse can't type today
07:54 Oak it's that at first they worked fine. then I started having them fail on simple bugs. only thing I can thik of is that may be I was not supposed to do apt get upgrade on the devbox ?
07:54 magnuse i don't *think* that should be a problem
07:55 Oak hmm
07:55 magnuse but tcohen - bless him - has changed the devbox a lot since last time i used it
07:55 Oak I have not used in around three weeks... trying it now.
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08:14 atheia Good morning!
08:14 wahanui the only good morning is a dead one
08:14 atheia Fair point wahanui, fair point.
08:17 magnuse kia ora atheia
08:17 eythian cait:
08:17 atheia Yassas magnuse :-)
08:19 drojf hi atheia
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08:20 marcelr hi #koha
08:20 drojf hi marcelr
08:22 LibraryClaire hi atheia
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08:23 LibraryClaire hi marcelr
08:23 magnuse atheia: had any more time for ill? i won't get around to it until august or september, prolly
08:24 * cait waves at atheia
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08:26 cait eythian: heh
08:27 * atheia waves back at cait
08:27 atheia magnuse: Yeah, I did some poking and kicking.  I'm now at testing the final thing and writing unit tests.  Hopefully you'll have the final API then when you need to work :-)
08:28 atheia hello LibraryClaire :-)
08:28 LibraryClaire :)
08:30 magnuse atheia: awesome!
08:30 wahanui That'll be $1 for the awesome jar, magnuse
08:30 eythian wahanui: awesome is also <reply>That'll be €1 for the awesome jar, $who
08:30 wahanui okay, eythian.
08:31 magnuse so it's a bit more expensive for europeans?
08:31 drojf lol
08:31 LibraryClaire haha
08:32 magnuse wahanui: awesome is also <reply>That'll be NOK 10 for the awesome jar, $who
08:32 wahanui okay, magnuse.
08:32 drojf awesome
08:32 drojf heh, it was for free
08:39 magnuse huh? if i have to pay, everyone should pay!
08:39 drojf norway can cover for all of us
08:41 magnuse oy, we're not even meembers of the eu here!
08:43 drojf it's ok if you just pay :P
08:44 eythian you've got all that oil money, after all
08:46 magnuse yeah, but that is mine all mine moahahahahah
08:47 drojf :(
08:47 drojf sharing is caring and all that
08:47 drojf put it on git
08:47 LibraryClaire lol
08:47 eythian <-- I do like this site
08:47 eythian well, though maybe the norwegians don't right now, it just seems to be going down
08:48 eythian oh, never mind, going up again
08:49 magnuse :-)
08:56 eythian wahanui: technical debt is
08:56 wahanui OK, eythian.
09:02 LibraryClaire laters #koha :)
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09:59 drojf is discharge management known to cause problems? i have a library reporting they can't circulate anymore but get a message that they are not allowed to discharge
09:59 cait hm
10:00 cait 16.05?
10:00 cait there was a bug report
10:00 drojf 3.22.7
10:00 cait hm haven't seen that yet, but could be a side effect maybe?
10:01 cait no obvious bug i can find
10:01 cait bug 16673
10:01 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16673 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, RESOLVED DUPLICATE, Discharge message appearing incorrectly
10:01 cait this looks promising
10:02 cait lunch time, brb
10:02 drojf that looks like it, thanks
10:03 cait drojf: a search for discharge didn't find it because it links duplicate to 16670 - but if you search "ALL discharge" ou also find closed and duplicate ones :)
10:03 drojf ah. tricky
10:03 drojf cait++
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10:31 drojf @wunder berlin, germany
10:31 huginn` drojf: The current temperature in Berlin Tegel, Germany is 15.0°C (12:20 PM CEST on June 13, 2016). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 12.0°C. Pressure: 29.59 in 1002 hPa (Steady).
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11:17 cait Joubu++
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11:31 * LibraryClaire waves
11:32 * cait waves back
11:34 * magnuse gets seasick again
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11:38 * druthb waves to magnuse
11:39 LibraryClaire :)
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11:45 magnuse druthb!
11:45 wahanui She's really more trouble than she's worth, you know?
11:45 * magnuse doubts it
11:45 druthb it's true.
11:45 wahanui I saw it on Digg!
11:45 druthb See?
11:46 druthb even the bot knows.
11:46 magnuse well, that bot "knows" a lot of werid things, i suspect
11:46 druthb germs?
11:46 wahanui Germs originated in Germany, before rapidly spreading throughout the rest of the world.
11:47 magnuse for example :-)
11:48 magnuse well, that one is correct of course
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11:48 magnuse kia ora meliss!
11:48 meliss hi magnuse
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11:49 druthb kia ora, oleonard. :)
11:50 oleonard Hi druthb and everyone
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12:07 drojf got spam by one of the kohacon sponsors :/
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12:08 oleonard Name and shame?
12:08 LibraryClaire ah yeah I just got something too
12:10 kidclamp morning
12:11 LibraryClaire hi kidclamp
12:12 kidclamp hi LibraryClaire, how's today today?
12:13 LibraryClaire today is all good :)
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12:34 tcohen morning
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12:36 tcohen bonjour
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12:37 kidclamp morning tcohen
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13:19 oleonard From DataScouting on Twitter when I asked if they spammed KohaCon attendees: "Indeed we sent a NL today but from a publicly available list. No intention of spam, we can assure you."
13:19 drojf lol
13:20 drojf hm yeah i should send a newsletter to everyone that has their address on the web
13:24 oleonard Now "We are a sponsor and exhibitor so it's not spam."
13:24 tcohen hi drojf
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13:26 tcohen drojf: any news about the ES deps on master packages?
13:28 mario joined #koha
13:29 drojf hi tcohen
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13:29 drojf you would have to ask gmcharlt_ about that
13:30 gmcharlt tcohen: coming mid-week
13:31 tcohen hi gmcharlt
13:31 tcohen ok
13:31 tcohen i need those for the new jenkins nodes
13:31 tcohen and kohadevbox
13:31 wahanui hmmm... kohadevbox is at
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13:57 gaetan_B hello
13:57 wahanui hey, gaetan_B
13:57 tcohen hi gaetan_B
13:57 tcohen ""
13:59 LibraryClaire hi gaetan_B
14:00 tcohen hi LibraryClaire
14:00 LibraryClaire hi tcohen :)
14:02 oleonard Is anyone here who was at the post-KohaCon16 hackfest? I'm curious how it went.
14:03 LibraryClaire I was there, I thought it was great but I was also very much learning the basics :)
14:06 eythian oleonard: it was probably the biggest one to date
14:14 oleonard I saw photos of the space on Twitter and it looked great
14:16 cait LibraryClaire wrote 2 patches
14:16 cait oleonard: i loved the green 'library' lamps :)
14:16 cait it was the reading room fo the library - was really nice
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14:17 eythian yes, good location for it
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14:29 vfernandes hi #koha
14:32 oleonard Hi vfernandes
14:32 vfernandes oleonard: it's possible to change the barcode (Code39) font and font size hardcoded?
14:33 oleonard vfernandes: I don't know, sorry.
14:33 vfernandes thanks anyway... the barcodes are not being correctly printed in our clients Zebra printers
14:36 oleonard vfernandes: We use Zebra printers as well, but instead of trying to print directly from Koha we export label batches and print using the Zebra printer software.
14:39 vfernandes the barcodes are exported in PDF, them they are printed... the title and another labels are printed fine, the barcode number under the barcode bars isn't printed correctly because of the font type/size
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14:46 oleonard Sorry folks, we are no longer able to offer this item, but its title will live on in our memory:[…]blionumber=376636
14:46 LibraryClaire oh wow :D
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14:51 vfernandes oleonard: problem solved for now.... PDF::Reuse::Barcode defines the font type as Courier and the font size as 10...
14:57 oleonard I'm glad our "How to get listed" guidelines include the seemingly obvious requirement that companies offer Koha support.
14:57 cait hm?
14:58 tcohen oleonard: you mean it could be worse? :-D
14:58 oleonard Catching up on email, reading the request from "Kamang Investment"
14:59 reiveune bye
14:59 reiveune left #koha
15:12 * oleonard wonders why someone is adding themselves as a CC on closed XSS bugs
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15:13 cait drojf: around? when did we finish the hackfest on friday?
15:15 cait in berlin...
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15:44 Joubu cait: are you using the last version of the qa tools?
15:50 tcohen hi Joubu !
15:51 Joubu hi tcohen
15:59 Joubu @later tell cait qa tools tests fail because of the "used only once: possible typo" warnings
15:59 huginn` Joubu: The operation succeeded.
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16:03 Joubu It's not just you! looks down from here.
16:03 Joubu hum?
16:03 Joubu tcohen: Are you aware of that?
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16:04 mveron-away Hi #koha
16:05 cait hey Joubu - Oak was asking earlier today
16:06 mveron-away vfernandes: Regarding labels and barcode size see Bug 14149
16:06 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14149 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, cnighswonger, NEW , Labels: Make barcode width and height scaling editable
16:21 mveron Oh, the links from Online help to the Koha manuals are broken (with and with current master )
16:21 mveron For 16.05 it tries to display: http://manual.koha-community.o[…]en/aboutkoha.html
16:22 mveron For current master the link is: http://manual.koha-community.o[…]en/aboutkoha.html
16:23 mveron (for the About page)
16:23 cait hm not sure where that is generated
16:23 cait file a bug maybe for a starting point?
16:25 bag it’s 16.05
16:25 bag http://manual.koha-community.o[…].05/en/index.html
16:25 bag but I see what you are saying mveron
16:25 bag :)
16:25 drojf cait: you worked until the very end, before we went to dinner. 18:00ish? we had the table for 19
16:25 drojf berlin hackfest i mean
16:26 cait aaah
16:26 cait too bad, now i wrote 17
16:26 cait but it's alright
16:26 cait thx!
16:27 mveron bag: Yes, the link that it tries to display, not the link where it should go...
16:28 bag yes yes :)  I see what you mean after I pasted the link in here :P
16:35 Joubu pianohacker: bug 16166 is waiting for your QA stamp :)
16:35 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16166 enhancement, P2, ---, abl, Signed Off , Improve L1 cache performance and safety
16:35 Joubu bug 16715 is passed qa
16:35 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16715 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jweaver, Passed QA , Koha::Cache - Use Sereal for serialization
16:37 mveron Bug 16724
16:37 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16724 normal, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Link from online help to manual broken (as of version 16.05)
16:37 pianohacker Joubu: saw the updates!
16:37 pianohacker Will do that today
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17:05 mveron Bye #koha
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17:24 Joubu hi jenkins_koha!
17:25 Joubu good to see you back
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17:30 taa i have excel sheet of bound volumes i wish to get all volumes of title together from excel file
17:30 taa what way i can map the record so that all bound volumes will be clubbed together with single biblo
17:39 bag clubbing serials - I was just getting ready to answer that one
17:40 bag there really isn’t a binding area with Koha… so most work arounds would have to happen there.  I’d migrate the serials into the notes section of a biblio - or as items
17:41 drojf argh Joubu already did a patch for 16724 :D
17:42 Joubu drojf: sorry, I should have assigned it to me
17:42 drojf i should have done the same or added me to cc :D
17:43 Joubu drojf: the patch is not supposed to be backported, so I don't think it's needed to test if $version < 16
17:43 drojf that must have been close. i thought mveron had attached a patch already and wanted to sign off on it, then there was none so i wrote one
17:44 drojf yep i will sign off on yours
17:44 drojf which is exactly the same apart from that :D
17:55 nengard hey folks, I'm documenting https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=14686 and I see a message that says "Note: No upload categories have been defined. All uploads will be marked as temporary." how do i add a category?
17:55 huginn` Bug 14686: enhancement, P5 - low, ---,, Pushed to Master , New menu option and permission for file uploading
17:55 cait joined #koha
17:57 Joubu nengard: it's an authorised value
17:57 nengard oh!!!!
17:57 Joubu nengard: I don't remember which one, but try "UPLOAD"
17:57 nengard Joubu I don't see UPLOAD - I'll create it and see
17:58 Joubu yep, it's UPLOAD (looking at the code)
17:58 nengard okay, yeah, we need taht documented!! will do
17:59 Joubu yes, maybe it should be added to the message :)
17:59 nengard what happens to temporary files?
18:00 Joubu they are put in a temporary directory
18:00 Joubu so deleted on next reboot of the server
18:00 Joubu iirc
18:01 nengard good to know
18:02 Joubu bye #koha!
18:03 oleonard We don't really have a good way to handle authorized values which aren't created by default
18:04 oleonard Seems like there are other cases where you have to know that an authorized value is necessary and you have to know what the category code is
18:07 drojf yes that should either be done by magic or manually provided with the feature
18:09 oleonard I think I'm missing the Perl module which enables magic
18:13 cait :)
18:13 cait there sare some that are always listed, wether you use them or not
18:14 cait would it help to do that for all values?
18:16 oleonard As long as there are no unwanted consequences of there being default values present
18:17 oleonard For instance, might there be a check somewhere which says, "If any value is present for this authorized value, do this?"
18:18 cait there are no values actually
18:18 cait in the db
18:18 cait it just is hardcoded to the pull down
18:19 cait i think bsort asort are some of those
18:19 cait it's a template thing i think - so should not have any effect
18:40 oleonard Now that there is a general-purpose file upload manager, can we get custom uploads of sounds, authorized value images, CSS files, XSL files...?
18:58 drojf oleonard: the upload part is probably easy, checking for custom things and including them on top of the standard things might be more work
18:59 oleonard See you later #koha
18:59 drojf that scared him away :/
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19:32 LibraryClaire hello
19:32 wahanui bidet, LibraryClaire
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20:41 pianohacker eythian: working on rebasing the ES browse code back into shape, could I ask you about an error?
20:43 eythian You can always ask 🙂
20:45 pianohacker eythian: ... title__suggestion] is not a completion suggest field ..
20:46 pianohacker as far as I can tell, it's marked as suggestible in search_marc_to_field, and I've done an ES index rebuild. Any thoughts?
20:47 eythian Hmm
20:47 eythian Is that coming from es?
20:47 pianohacker eythian: yup, I get that error when I click Search on
20:47 eythian If so, dump the mapping that koha provides and see why it's not defining it correctly.
20:48 pianohacker I can pastebin the whole hunka crap if it's useful
20:48 pianohacker eythian: how do I do that?
20:48 eythian Actually, there might be a way to ask es for the mapping.
20:48 pianohacker hmm...
20:49 eythian But I'd get it from koha. Put a dumper call after where the mapping is generated in whichever ES module does that.
20:49 eythian Probably Koha::Elasticsearch
20:49 pianohacker eythian: can confirm, http://localhost:9200/koha_pia[…]_biblios/_mapping has title__suggestion as a basic string index
20:50 eythian OK, see what the code is supposed to create it with I guess
20:50 eythian I don't have it handy
20:51 pianohacker eythian: dropping the index and rebuilding fixed it. Any idea why it was wrong to begin with?
20:54 eythian No idea, but for some reason the mapping was wrong
20:54 eythian Maybe an old index or something
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21:13 aleisha hi all
21:16 LibraryClaire hi aleisha
21:18 wizzyrea hi aleisha
21:19 aleisha :)
21:20 * cait waves
21:22 wizzyrea hi cait
21:22 drojf wizzyrea: regarding website translation, how is that going to work? do we get a user account to do the german translation?
21:22 wizzyrea Do lists have the ability to add a blurb to go along with it?
21:23 wizzyrea yeah, you'll need one. I need to spend some time with it to figure out how it's going to work - it went a bit stupid and I think it might have a bug
21:23 wizzyrea so it's currently disabled
21:23 wizzyrea or a bazillion bugs
21:23 wizzyrea who's to say
21:23 drojf heh
21:23 wizzyrea nm I'll just go look at the lists.
21:23 wizzyrea the reason I ask is because I think we really need a way to make those able to be richer content.
21:24 wizzyrea "here's a list presented without comment" is kind of a lame list.
21:25 wizzyrea I really ought to write down these ideas I have floating in my head atm
21:29 cait i think ther eis a bug open
21:29 cait for adding comments to list items
21:29 cait but old without a patch
21:30 edveal joined #koha
21:32 cait bug 813
21:32 huginn` Bug[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=813 enhancement, P2, ---, oleonard, NEW , OPAC lists should store comments
21:32 wizzyrea 813!
21:32 cait yep exactly
21:32 wizzyrea hilarious
21:32 eythian Archeological
21:32 cait it's probably not even usper hard to do
21:32 cait i kept it on my list of 'someday'
21:32 wizzyrea lol it has to be done just on principle.
21:32 wizzyrea I have just written down a few other things
21:33 wizzyrea I'm thinking about lists as a tool of current awareness
21:33 wizzyrea so yeah, having an intro blurb
21:33 wizzyrea add an item to a list at cataloguing time
21:33 wizzyrea add a blurb about an individual item that only applies to the list displya
21:34 wizzyrea tag an item in categories that only applies to the lists, for filtering.
21:34 wizzyrea that last is ehh maybe not
21:35 wizzyrea make lists that can be automatically activated and deactivated on a schedule, like the news.
21:35 drojf you have a long list of list stuff
21:35 wizzyrea bus thoughts.
21:36 wizzyrea but really it's about the borrowers, how can we make it easier for librarians to curate and share resources
21:37 wizzyrea add items to a list that aren't associated with the catalogue, like a video or URL
21:38 wizzyrea external resources, I guess is how you'd phrase that
21:39 drojf catalogue a youtube video as a bibliographic record and then display the video in the list
21:39 * drojf hides
21:39 cait heh
21:39 cait i have to go to sleep - make sure bugs are filed :)
21:39 cait night all
21:39 wahanui goodnight cait. You'll be back.
21:40 drojf good night cait
21:40 LibraryClaire night cait
21:40 cait left #koha
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21:58 wizzyrea drojf: that's the current solution, yes. But youtube does a fine job of cataloguing their things
21:58 wizzyrea fine enough, anyway.
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22:00 tmcmahon I see in batch patron deletion that there is an option to move the records to the trash.  Where is trash stored and how would you remove records from the trash?
22:14 tmcmahon After a little testing I found out that moving patrons to the trash puts the records in the deleteborrowers table and deleting them doesn't.  I still don't know how you'd recover records from there.
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