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09:01 drojf hi #koha
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13:40 * eythian is about 1.5 hours from Berlin
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16:18 * eythian is now in Berlin
16:18 eythian It is warm
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16:37 t4nk443 hello any one here
17:04 cait1 have fun
17:04 cait1 eythian: i am in the middle of packing
17:05 eythian I'm thinking of finding food soon. There appears to be a ridiculous burger place nearby.
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19:14 drojf evening
19:30 * cait1 waves
19:42 eythian <--  drojf
19:43 cait1 eythian: why are you here?
19:45 drojf eythian: are you here already?
19:46 cait1 he is
19:46 eythian https://localtvkstu.files.word[…]ne-cnn3.jpg?w=960 <-- cait, only I'm the snake and whatever it ate was the burger I had
19:46 eythian drojf: yeah, got in this evening
19:47 drojf then we got excellent weather just for you
19:47 drojf which i missed doing my taxes. heh
19:48 eythian it was quite warm, yes
19:48 drojf on the plus side, i will have time now to go to that koha hackfest people have been talking about :P
19:48 eythian still is, tbf
19:48 eythian heh
19:49 drojf so will you go out and party tonight? ;)
19:50 eythian probably not, it's sunday and I'm a bit tired. I'll save it for tomorrow.
19:50 drojf berlin's sunday is on tuesday
19:50 eythian cait1 was saying she was interested in going to some hard trance club or something like that.
19:51 drojf hard trance does still exist?
19:51 eythian or was it scandinavian black metal, I can't remember exactly.
19:51 eythian who knows
19:52 drojf hehe. yeah that's quite similar
20:11 ibeardslee rangi got/is getting a good blast of winter-like weather before he heads away
20:12 ibeardslee eythian: he didn't seem enthused about the idea of taking a bottle of Radler over for you
20:12 eythian haha
20:13 eythian just so long as he packed a keg of garage project, it'll be fine
20:23 cait1 sprading rumours?
20:27 eythian who me?
20:27 wahanui go back to bed, eythian
20:27 eythian couldn't be.
20:33 kathryn joined #koha
20:33 kathryn I'm here Kristina :)
20:33 kathryn ooops hi everyone :)
20:42 eythian hello kathryn
20:42 kathryn hiiiiiiiii eythian
20:45 eythian how's things?
20:46 kathryn pretty good really , not really any news other than Frida got older. You?
20:48 eythian much the same, only me getting older ;)
20:49 eythian Summer holiday time now of course. Was in Leipzig last week, in Berlin now.
20:49 kathryn oh, lovely. and then Thessaloniki :)
20:49 kathryn tough.\
20:49 kathryn typing is also tough
20:49 wahanui okay, kathryn.
20:50 eythian yeah
20:50 eythian convenient excuses to go to those places :)
21:08 drojf good night #koha
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21:26 wizzyrea hi
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22:16 eythian wizzyrea: hi
22:16 wahanui hey, eythian
22:16 wizzyrea hello!
22:16 reza joined #koha
22:16 eythian wizzyrea: please tell wahanui that I'm not talking to it
22:17 wizzyrea hehe
22:43 Francesca hey
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