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00:01 andreashm I'm been looking at bug 16246.
00:01 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16246 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , Return all reserves columns in ILS-DI GetRecords response
00:01 andreashm Does this mean that the tests fail?
00:02 andreashm
00:02 andreashm (The bug works as intended otherwise)
00:07 andreashm or am i doing it wrong? (using kohadevbox and the koha-shell command)
00:08 wizzyrea that probably has to do with the fact that koha-shell is using the system perl5lib
00:09 wizzyrea supposedly this is fixed in the ansible branch version of kohadevbox
00:09 wizzyrea andreashm ^
00:10 andreashm oh, thanks wizzyrea
00:10 wizzyrea i don't know that for a fact from personal experience, it's just what I've been told.
00:11 andreashm alright.
00:11 wizzyrea ymmv, buyer beware, etc etc.
00:11 andreashm I'll look into it later. when it's not 2 am here.
00:12 andreashm bye #koha
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00:42 oleonard Hi "night" shift.
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00:46 oleonard I wonder if EDIInvoicesShippingBudget is supposed to be under 'Local use' in preferences
00:54 * oleonard wonders why there is both a barton and a barton|fish
00:57 * barton|fish went out to dinner, and got fish. This is a bit of a running joke at bywater; one time I stopped at 4 o'clock to make chilli, and called myself barton|chilli, and bag's been calling me that ever since.
00:58 barton|fish ... Logged in on laptop upstairs, didn't log off of barton|fish.
01:01 oleonard If I could have one of me getting fish and one of me working on Koha I would do that.
01:04 barton|fish I think that's what happened with me.
01:05 barton|fish Koha is like Hotel California: you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.
01:05 barton|fish ... you just get moved into old_issues.
01:07 ibeardslee not even with a git revert?
01:08 oleonard barton|fish: True, until we establish a policy on when someone gets booted from the IRC regulars page on the wiki
01:08 barton|fish heh.
01:09 oleonard @seen rhcl
01:09 huginn` oleonard: rhcl was last seen in #koha 1 year, 38 weeks, 5 days, 9 hours, 22 minutes, and 21 seconds ago: <rhcl> because of her failed staaff login attempts
01:09 barton|fish ibeardslee: git revert is funny with the database. Might work, might not.
01:09 oleonard @seen libsysguy
01:09 huginn` oleonard: libsysguy was last seen in #koha 2 years, 10 weeks, 3 days, 9 hours, 30 minutes, and 34 seconds ago: <libsysguy> its quiet in here today
01:11 oleonard "@seen" is the closest any of us will come to "famous last words"
01:11 barton|fish from #bywater:  libsysguy was last seen in #bywater 3 years, 16 weeks, 0 days, 7 hours, 8 minutes, and
01:11 barton|fish 2 seconds ago: <libsysguy> aww its our little bot
01:14 barton|fish Alas, poor libsysguy! I knew him, oleonard ...
01:14 barton|fish ... actually I didn't.
01:15 barton|fish and besides, I'm not sure I'd want to play hamlet... doesn't end well.
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02:15 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16377: Fix t/db_dependent/Members/Attributes.t <[…]048fdbbf56549cda0>
02:21 rangi @wunder nzwn
02:21 huginn` rangi: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 18.0°C (2:00 PM NZST on April 29, 2016). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 68%. Dew Point: 12.0°C. Pressure: 30.18 in 1022 hPa (Steady).
02:23 wizzyrea that is madness.
02:23 wizzyrea so warm.
02:23 bag @wunder pdx
02:23 huginn` bag: The current temperature in Mikeshouse Cully, Portland, Oregon is 14.3°C (7:20 PM PDT on April 28, 2016). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 71%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 30.11 in 1019 hPa (Rising).
02:23 bag @wunder 97215
02:23 huginn` bag: The current temperature in Kittyland Love Center, E Tabor, Portland, Oregon is 13.4°C (7:23 PM PDT on April 28, 2016). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 74%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 30.11 in 1019 hPa (Rising).
02:23 bag @more
02:23 huginn` bag: Error: You haven't asked me a command; perhaps you want to see someone else's more.  To do so, call this command with that person's nick.
02:25 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16217: Resync names of notices <[…]838d747523c0effb5>
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02:27 * bag loves kohadevbox
02:28 David_Chan Hello everyone, could I know if anyone here knows where I could get technical and functional training? I am looking into some dedicated trainers for a group of people.
02:32 bag hi David_Chan there are lots of options
02:32 bag are you looking to pay for training?   if so give me a sec and I can grab you a url of vendors out there that will help you out
02:33 David_Chan yes, we are looking to pay for the training.
02:33 bag
02:34 David_Chan thank you so much!
02:35 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: DBRev Bug 16217 - Notice' names may have diverged <[…]e70b7d2ea87a1816b>
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02:36 * Oak waves
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02:38 bag hi Oak
02:38 Oak heya bag
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02:45 bora i have install koha by defaul, on opac we have search box with filter by author, title ... but how can i add drobox search by library ?
02:45 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 13877 - Fix QA issues <[…]95908a205ea82aa88> / Bug 13877 - Make serialseq season name translatable regardless its position in a... <[…]a04c2202df6e54974>
02:47 bag bora: you can go to the advanced search page and there is a branch(library) filter there
02:48 wizzyrea Bora: there is a syspref to add the branch filter to the main search
02:49 bora instead of going to advance search i want to add it to opac like
02:49 bora
02:50 wizzyrea OpacAddMastheadLibraryPulldown
02:50 wahanui rumour has it OpacAddMastheadLibraryPulldown is a remarkably obtuse system preference
02:50 wizzyrea ^ this is what you want bora
02:50 wizzyrea change that from "don't" to "do"
02:50 wahanui wizzyrea: that doesn't look right
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02:50 wizzyrea wahanui, you are a bot. be quiet.
02:50 wahanui ...but wahanui is a bot|a repository of important and useful and accurate information or at least partially slow.|a little bit creepy.|right sometimes|a strange duck|a bot...|rumoured to be a sentient bot with sass|<reply> an extremely creepy stalker bot.... you have been warned|a parrot|<reply> wrong|<reply> on fire|<reply> gaining knowledge faster than sustainable|canadian|google|<reply> wahanui couldn't be bothered to show up|laser kiwi of the bo
02:51 bora i got it thank you all of u
02:55 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16105: Do not initialize the memory cache if not needed <[…]3be34403e8eb18079> / Bug 12721: (followup) Replace mysqlism by DBIx::Class <[…]c93933bf7442513fc> / Bug 12721 - Prevent software error if incorrect fieldnames given in sypref Statistics... <http
02:56 wizzyrea forget OpacAddMastheadLibraryPulldown
02:56 wahanui wizzyrea: I forgot opacaddmastheadlibrarypulldown
03:18 bag weird… what’s happening
03:18 bag fatal: Could not read from remote repository.
03:18 bag Please make sure you have the correct access rights
03:18 bag and the repository exists.
03:18 bag yes it’s late and I have the dumb
03:19 bag anyone else getting that from git-bz
03:19 bag bug 15599
03:19 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15599 minor, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Passed QA , Unit tests output warnings
03:19 rangi might be just network stuff
03:19 bag ok - is it me?
03:19 rangi it shouldnt actually be touching a remote repo .. just bugzilla
03:19 rangi weird
03:20 bag right…  I only have one remote too
03:20 rangi ah yep
03:20 wizzyrea do you ahve a script that updates master and creates a branch
03:20 wizzyrea for your bz?
03:20 rangi is unhappy
03:20 bag no
03:20 bag ahhh
03:20 rangi 2 secs
03:21 rangi ah yeah
03:21 rangi its just maxxed out its available connections
03:21 bag ah
03:21 rangi it'll come right
03:21 bag cool - will take some time to see that guy about a horse
03:21 rangi whenever those operations finish, my guess is 4 clones running
03:23 bag ok now is the time to ask - who’s cloning ;)
03:23 rangi no idea
03:24 bag cool though - more clones the merry ;)
03:24 bag @later tell trea - merry birthday to you
03:24 huginn` bag: The operation succeeded.
03:28 pastebot "Oak" at pasted "qa tools failing on master because of Bug 13877" (16 lines) at
03:28 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13877 normal, P5 - low, ---, alex.arnaud, Pushed to Master , seasonal predictions showing wrong in test
03:28 Oak can someone confirm this?
03:34 bag yup I just got the same
03:35 Oak so this will cause qa tools to fail while testing on a different checked out branch for another bug?
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03:48 bag other patches pass for me
03:49 Oak hmm.
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04:11 Oak hm. can't do git pull to koha repositories. but can do on others.
04:12 Oak or git clone.
04:12 * Oak goes to take a walk
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05:45 marcelr hi #koha
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05:52 marcelr @later tell khall: please look at comment15 on bug 16170
05:52 huginn marcelr: The operation succeeded.
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06:15 pastebot "Oak" at pasted "QA tools output for Bug 16369" (28 lines) at
06:15 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16369 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Clean up and improve plugins template
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06:21 Oak magnuse
06:23 magnuse Oak
06:23 Oak \o/
06:23 magnuse \o/
06:25 magnuse Upgrade to done (Bug 12478 - Elasticsearch support for Koha)
06:25 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12478 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, robin, Pushed to Master , Elasticsearch support for Koha
06:25 magnuse woohoo
06:26 Oak magnuse++
06:26 magnuse ?
06:27 Oak you upgraded
06:27 Oak early adopters and stuff
06:27 Oak hang on. let me see who added that feature
06:28 Oak Mr Robin added that?
06:28 Oak I mean eythian_
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06:53 reiveune hello
06:53 wahanui niihau, reiveune
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06:54 alex_a bonjour
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06:57 gaetan_B hello
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07:10 Brooke 0/
07:11 Oak Hey Brooke!
07:11 * Brooke hugs Oak
07:11 * Oak ofers Brooke coffee
07:11 Brooke don't do that, mate
07:12 Oak no? why?
07:12 Brooke Rosalie made me drink coffee once and that's when I beat the mechanical log splitter
07:12 Oak :)
07:12 Brooke I *used* to be able to get away with that nonsense in my teenage years
07:13 Brooke Anyone awake that has the authoritay to fix the translate site?
07:14 Brooke Mr. Mao was having issues getting in, and so was I.
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07:19 Oak yup. translate site is not opening here
07:20 magnuse i think tcohen and bgkriegel are the ones who can fix pootle?
07:20 magnuse and hiya Brooke!
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07:23 mveron-away Good morning / daytime  #koha
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07:26 magnuse hiya mveron and paul_p
07:28 mveron hi magnuse and paul_p :-)
07:28 mveron @wunder Allschwil
07:28 huginn mveron: The current temperature in Grenchen, Switzerland is 5.0°C (9:20 AM CEST on April 29, 2016). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 81%. Dew Point: 2.0°C. Pressure: 30.09 in 1019 hPa (Steady).
07:30 mveron seems to be down.
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07:57 eythian @wunder ams
07:57 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Schiphol, Badhoevedorp, Netherlands is 5.5°C (9:43 AM CEST on April 29, 2016). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 90%. Dew Point: 4.0°C. Windchill: 3.0°C. Pressure: 29.80 in 1009 hPa (Steady).
08:06 magnuse @wunder boo
08:06 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 13.0°C (9:50 AM CEST on April 29, 2016). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 58%. Dew Point: 5.0°C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015 hPa (Steady).
08:06 magnuse mohahaha
08:07 magnuse @later tell tcohen can you give a kick?
08:07 huginn magnuse: The operation succeeded.
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08:15 marcelr back
08:21 magnuse wb marcelr
08:21 marcelr hi magnuse
08:39 * cait waves
08:54 * magnuse waves back
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09:46 mveron Lunchtime...
09:46 wahanui lunchtime is a terrible time for a meeting
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10:15 magnuse @wunder boo
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10:27 drojf hi #koha
10:27 cait hi drojf!
10:27 drojf @later tell dcook catmandu-oai works in jessie with the http-oai package from testing
10:27 huginn drojf: The operation succeeded.
10:27 drojf hi cait
10:27 drojf is the qa madness over? :)
10:27 cait is it ever?
10:28 drojf heh
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10:32 * cait waves at khall
10:32 khall mornin!
10:33 cait busy sorting through holds patches? :)
10:33 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 15533 - DBRev - Update Schema Files to match current DB structure <[…]aac1aeb6abc9df795> / Bug 15533 - DBRev <[…]5f20871377cfe77a1> / Bug 15533 [QA Followup] - All itemtypes for all items showing in OPAC multi-hold <http://git.koha-community.o
10:43 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16265: Making item types actions buttons <[…]c6d9691dc3342d1de> / Bug 16221: follow-up for changes made by bug 16229 <[…]09e7ece78773e8b91> / Bug 16221: Use Storable::dclone() instead of Clone::clone() for L1 cache deep-copying... <http://git.koha-communi
10:53 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16363: Add floating toolbar to advanced search <[…]70cbc880b2ce3baee> / Bug 16360: Adding 'actions' class to column in tag review so buttons don't wrap <[…]7a5359d7975eaff6f> / Bug 16359: Changing size of text input fields so filter box doesn't cover part
11:03 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16234: Removing 'view link' text <[…]7f08c03732331daaa> / Bug 16182: Make phone number clickable to call <[…]0edb693335faea53e> / Bug 16281: [Follow-up] Remove the use of "onclick" from Reports module <[…]/?p=koha.git;a=co
11:13 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16236: Whitespace followup <[…]f5a4a27b3f4ba1466> / Bug 16236: Making authorised values actions buttons <[…]daa11202ee5d2e2a9> / Bug 16235: Making borrower account actions buttons <[…]diff;h=fb740c4d2b
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11:35 oleonard Hi #koha
11:36 cait morning oleonard :)
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11:38 oleonard Are we officially feature frozen?
11:42 cait yes
11:44 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16263: making authority tags and subfields actions buttons <[…]c394042b0062e3f0b> / Bug 10171 [Follow-up] Add a header in Advanced Search (staff interface) <[…]a59e661ac84325b42> / Bug 10171: Add a search box include on advanced search and item search pag
11:44 oleonard The non-ENH list of bugs needing signoff is quite small
11:45 cait we can make it grow
11:45 cait or more i think it will automatically
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11:54 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 9393 [QA Followup] - Don't display link if librarian cannot view the modification <[…]5b544c3c663a7fd17> / Bug 9393 - Add note to if borrower has pending modifications <[…]d69b156c896136915> / Bug 11203 - Datatables in acqusitions do not ig
12:04 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 14577 - DBRev <[…]73ebadeae0da2fa22> / Bug 9004: Use Koha::Calendar instead of C4::Calendar <[…]e3b6b79ee1f3b6659> / Bug 9004: (QA followup) Fix pod <[…]711e6f7e76b43f2fb
12:14 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 9004: Use Koha::Calendar instead of C4::Calendar <[…]af92eac6e34d00e49> / Bug 9004 - Talking Tech doesn't account for holidays when calculating a holds last... <[…]6bcfff94872117b68> / Bug 9004 - Talking Tech doesn't account for holidays when calculating
12:20 oleonard Another Virtualbox release today. I guess I wasn't the only one having problems with the last version.
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12:26 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 9387 - Feedback message for FAILED check out items are not obvious for visually... <[…]01e46c73e50c31a0a> / Bug 14497 [QA Followup] - Refactor code to have a single source for message <[…]dcf157917c3af70fc> / Bug 14497 - Add warning to patron details page
12:36 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 14050: Default framework for authorities should not be deletable <[…]9cd7d676e6930a349> / Bug 11371 - Add a new report : Orders by fund with more options <[…]2c9140e763b4a30e8>
12:39 barton morning oleonard!
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12:39 barton morning NateC!
12:40 NateC morning barton!
12:40 tcohen morning everyone
12:42 oleonard Hi
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12:46 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 14305: RSS message correction follow-up <[…]8cdbbf95786c2689e> / Bug 14305: View arbitrary branch's news <[…]c73ef58ec5bf91fa4> / Bug 14305: View arbitrary branch's news, RSS fix <[…]iff;h=497cd04df0d
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12:53 drojf later #koha
13:01 cait tcohen: could you take a look at bug 11297?
13:01 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11297 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, bouzid.fergani, Failed QA , Add support for custom PQF attributes for Z39.50 server searches
13:01 cait needing another opinion
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13:06 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 15303 Followup: If install LE dependencies from backports on Jessie <[…]cc5cf451ffb966e34> / Bug 15303: Test if the symlink to letsencrypt-auto exists <[…]902f84785bb588f36> / Bug 15303 QA-Followup: check_letsencrypt only if --letsencrypt is used <http://
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13:12 magnuse hooray for 15303
13:12 magnuse hooray for bug 15303
13:12 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15303 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mirko, Pushed to Master , Letsencrypt option for Debian package installations
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13:16 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 15531 - DBRev <[…]b8dca8e094e10f0ed> / Bug 15531: (QA followup) Fix several small issues <[…]aee49fca87d92f4a8> / Bug 15531: (followup) Use a quantity of 1, not null, for standing orders <[…]p=koha.git;a=comm
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13:26 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 15555: Index 024$a into Identifier-other:u url register when source $2 is uri <[…]a0fd3a39b5ffe69b6>
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13:36 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 15863: Show/hide date range selection if not needed - dictionnary <[…]4495bdcace96d1629> / Bug 15918: (followup) Correct comment in koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/bootstrap/js/datatables.js <[…]cfa835a44979d3a2c> / Bug 15918 - Obsolete file ca
13:44 * cait waits for the dust to settle
13:46 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 15956: New unit test SIP/Message.t <[…]9cf9acb143f1466c1> / Bug 15956: Move SIPILS.t to SIP/ILS.t <[…]05c30caeb9ac9234c> / Bug 15956: Remove warn from handle_patron_status <[…]5625c17dbc2b3db6f
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13:51 cait mveron++ thx!
13:51 mveron cait: welcome :-)
13:52 cait mveron: we are feature freezed now... so it as a good moment to tacke some small bugs i had seen while testing
13:53 mveron @wunder Allschwil
13:53 huginn mveron: The current temperature in Bern-Belp, Switzerland is 13.0°C (3:50 PM CEST on April 29, 2016). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 47%. Dew Point: 2.0°C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016 hPa (Steady).
13:53 mveron At least weather is no longer freezing :-)
13:53 liw @wunder Helsinki
13:53 huginn liw: The current temperature in Helsinki, Finland is 12.0°C (4:50 PM EEST on April 29, 2016). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 51%. Dew Point: 2.0°C. Pressure: 30.30 in 1026 hPa (Steady).
13:54 cait true - it's nice outside :)
13:54 * mveron will search for small bugs...
13:54 markvandenborre joined #koha
13:54 cait i have another capizalization one if you want
13:54 cait when patrn image is on
13:54 cait the grey box in hte patron account has a wrong heading
13:54 markvandenborre hello!
13:55 markvandenborre we use koha at our local public music academy
13:55 oleonard Hi markvandenborre
13:55 cait hi :)
13:55 markvandenborre I did one big import of existing repertoire
13:55 markvandenborre quite some time ago
13:55 markvandenborre but now, new books are starting to pile up
13:56 markvandenborre and I would need to give a somewhat usable interface to a secretary
13:56 markvandenborre to enter these as they come in
13:56 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16241: Move staff client CSS out of language directory <[…]0cc1838f09b9a67c9> / Bug 16241 - Move staff client CSS out of language directory <[…]f7cc971009da67a4a> / Bug 16041 - DBRev <[…]ha.git;a=commitdi
13:56 markvandenborre (without having to jump through piles of tabs and fields)
13:57 cait markvandenborre: you could make a custom framework - only the fields needed
13:57 cait you can also take a look at the new cataloguing interface tht works more like a text editor - but it requires more marc knowledge
13:58 oleonard Yeah I think a simplified framework is the right choice
13:58 markvandenborre cait: I would like to keep as much of the existing system as possible
13:58 oleonard "existing system?"
13:58 markvandenborre so if possible, no conversions or re-imports of existing metadata
13:58 cait sorry, what do you mean?
13:59 markvandenborre running koha right now
13:59 cait we were just talking about means to enter data
13:59 cait none of that requires a change of your existing data
13:59 oleonard markvandenborre: A framework is a template for MARC data entry. A simplified framework hides unnecessary fields.
13:59 markvandenborre that's what I wanted to verify
13:59 markvandenborre cool
14:00 markvandenborre thx
14:00 oleonard markvandenborre: You might start by cloning the "Fast add framework" and paring that down.
14:00 oleonard (if necessary)
14:00 markvandenborre I will have a look at this right now...
14:00 cait you should always hide the fields - not delete them
14:00 cait especially if you have existing data
14:01 Joubu d betcohen: it wu
14:01 cait because if you delete and open an existing record - the fields no longer existing will be lost. with hidde, no data will be changed
14:01 cait hi Joubu
14:01 Joubu tcohen: it would be great to install the missing catmandu module on D7
14:01 Joubu hi cait
14:02 * Joubu was trying to type with the fn key locked
14:03 cait looked interesting :)
14:06 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16041 - DBRev - Fix print line <[…]f4fa5dc6a5efadbd2> / Bug 16167 - DBRev <[…]806ed47007c2523f0> / Bug 16167: Remove Authorised value images prefs <[…]30e479bc924a1023c
14:07 mario joined #koha
14:08 markvandenborre hm, I'm in the admin interface now
14:08 markvandenborre and http://manual.koha-community.o[…]/en/catadmin.html seems to suggest I should look for a place "catalog"
14:09 markvandenborre I can see that, but not an item "Marc Bibliographic frameworks"
14:10 markvandenborre I have "MARC bibliographic framework"
14:10 Joubu khall: around?
14:10 khall what's up?
14:10 Joubu There are some minor issues in the last update db entries:
14:10 Joubu IGNORE is missing
14:11 Joubu and have the same description
14:11 oleonard markvandenborre: Are you using Koha 3.16?
14:11 markvandenborre correct
14:11 khall Joubu: I just fixed that second issue
14:11 khall let me check on the first
14:11 markvandenborre and under "Marc bibliographic framework", I see a similar interface as in that part of the manual
14:11 markvandenborre except there is only one framework
14:12 markvandenborre "Default framework"
14:12 khall Joubu: you mean the syspref INSERT should be INSERT IGNORE, right?
14:12 oleonard markvandenborre: That probably means you didn't choose to import the other frameworks when you first installed
14:12 Joubu khall: yep
14:12 khall I'll fix that right now!
14:12 Joubu thx
14:13 Karl_H joined #koha
14:13 markvandenborre oleonard: so how would I go from here to a simple framework with only what we need?
14:13 oleonard markvandenborre: Do you have direct access to MySQL?
14:13 markvandenborre any suggestion?
14:13 wahanui any suggestion is great
14:13 markvandenborre yes
14:14 * markvandenborre starts another backup :-)
14:14 rocio joined #koha
14:15 oleonard Hm, did 3.16 not come with the fast add framework? I wonder if there would be any issue importing it from a later version.
14:16 oleonard Oh no there it is.
14:16 Joubu @later tell bag bug 14899 is freshly rebased
14:16 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
14:16 oleonard markvandenborre:[…]refs/heads/3.16.x
14:16 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16218: (and others) does not include jQuery <[…]74352cdcd68971a7f> / Bug 15533 - DBRev - Change INSERT to INSERT IGNORE for new syspref <[…]c31994d0259f4ef04> / Bug 16211: Missing tag in line 392 <
14:17 markvandenborre cool, just run that on the db and I should have the fa framework appear?
14:18 oleonard Yes
14:18 markvandenborre then edit this one in the web interface to drop some stuff?
14:19 alex_a_ joined #koha
14:22 oleonard Yes. Although note that if you open an existing, more complex record in the Fast Add framework and then save it, any data not shown in the framework will be lost.
14:22 oleonard Does that make sense?
14:22 bag cool thatnks Joubu
14:24 markvandenborre oleonard: yes, I think I understand it
14:24 markvandenborre so after modifying this FA framework
14:25 markvandenborre I somehow point the secretary to that new FA-based one...
14:25 oleonard Ugh, 16228 doesn't apply, again?
14:26 Joubu oleonard: sorry
14:26 oleonard Not your fault Joubu :)
14:27 Joubu Yes but I know how boring it is to rebase again and again the same patches :)
14:29 oleonard That template has been changed about 5 times a month every month recently, it's no wonder I can't keep up
14:29 bag yeah it is very boring to have to rebase and rebase
14:29 bag I wish there was a way around that
14:29 tcohen Joubu: it wouldn't install AFAICT
14:29 bag (waste of time)
14:30 oleonard markvandenborre: You could bookmark the right page (/cgi-bin/koha/cataloguing/ad​
14:31 hanthana joined #koha
14:32 Joubu You cannot install libcatmandu-store-elasticsearch-perl?
14:33 Joubu tcohen: You cannot install libcatmandu-store-elasticsearch-perl?
14:33 drojf ashimema: around?
14:33 ashimema ish
14:34 ashimema sponsorship for liw
14:34 ashimema I'm just asking the boss.. if that's what your asking about ;)
14:34 drojf yes
14:34 ashimema :)
14:34 drojf cool! i was not sure if you are there and would have tried somewhere else
14:34 drojf thanks :)
14:35 markvandenborre oleonard: that's a good suggestion, thank you!
14:35 ashimema I have a feeling I got the liw coming along conversaiton going in the first place a while back ;)
14:35 ashimema shame I can't come to the event though :(
14:35 ashimema still, I'll have athiea there
14:35 ashimema atheia even
14:36 tcohen Joubu: newer libmoo-perl is needed by it, and libsearch-elasticsearch-perl requires newer Perl
14:36 Joubu oleonard: did you add the toolbal on the adv search?
14:36 tcohen will try again, using cpan
14:36 oleonard aleshia did Joubu
14:36 Joubu ha yes, Rogin said something about that
14:36 drojf ashimema: next time ;) (probably  not greece but berlin hopefully)
14:36 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16253: Changing 'delete order' to 'cancel order' <[…]8c51b1b75145bb5a5> / Bug 16242 [Follow-up] Move staff client JavaScript out of language directory <[…]4ce5afb243de30437> / Bug 16242 - Move staff client JavaScript out of language directory <http://git.
14:36 * Joubu just found a bug
14:37 drojf unless i turn crazy over organizing it once that is :P
14:37 * oleonard spelled Aleisha wrong
14:37 ericar_ joined #koha
14:38 * bag feels like lots of bugs will come up in the next few weeks ;)
14:38 ericar__ joined #koha
14:41 cait drojf: we will be nice, don't worry :)
14:41 khall Joubu: cait: I can't get the link in the tools page to show for bug 14686, can you?
14:41 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14686 enhancement, P5 - low, ---,, Pushed to Master , New menu option and permission for file uploading
14:42 ashimema heopfully
14:42 ashimema I've just nudged the powers that govern the purse strings here ;)
14:42 ashimema I know things are a bit tight though at the minute cash flow wise.. but hopefully we'll be able to find somthing
14:42 cait khall: sec
14:43 cait bug 14686
14:43 Joubu khall: yes, on the right
14:43 cait khall: maybe i am the wrong person to ask, i haven' tplayed with that yet
14:43 drojf ashimema: thanks a lot!
14:43 khall Joubu: thanks! must be something in my config. Just noticed it in passing
14:43 cait khall: i have 'upload' last item on tools - is that the one?
14:44 drojf ashimema: what do you think when you'll know?
14:44 khall yep, that's it!
14:44 Joubu khall: I am superlibrarian, maybe it does not work with the perm
14:45 khall I couldn't get it to show either way
14:46 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16270 (followup) Typo authentification vs authentication <[…]b4d28cbb50ae2518f> / Bug 16270: Typo authentification/authentication <[…]bec207aa9f4048467> / Bug 16257 - EDIfact messages link on tools page results error <
14:56 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16286 - Use validation plugin when adding or editing patron category <[…]34ffded308b23d198> / Bug 16262 - Remove the use of "onclick" from acquisitions basket template <[…]e0b9cc2b878f96d68>
14:58 TGoat joined #koha
15:00 reiveune bye
15:00 reiveune left #koha
15:02 Joubu Does the floating Save/cancel block when editing a patron is expected??
15:03 pianohacker joined #koha
15:04 Joubu ha yes it is
15:04 Joubu really? :)
15:09 oleonard joined #koha
15:13 * Joubu is going to open a bug report: "There is no way to save a form clicking on a button in a the top right"
15:18 tcohen khall:
15:19 khall crap, I'll get that fixed!
15:19 bag noice :)  no worries khall it happens
15:20 cait Joubu: you don't like the ufo floating save?
15:21 drojf liw: around? you are going to greece ;)
15:22 liw drojf, oh nice :)
15:22 drojf i'll send you an email in a few minutes
15:22 liw drojf, thanks
15:23 drojf thank bywater and ptfs europe :)
15:23 cait bywater++ ptfs_europe++ liw++ :)
15:24 juan_xr joined #koha
15:24 Joubu cait: seems weird to have 3 different places for the save buttons
15:25 khall tcohen: should be fixed now!
15:25 tcohen coolio
15:26 cait
15:26 liw bywater and ptfs europe: thank you :)
15:27 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 15533 - DBRev - Fix typo <[…]7dc4b26ca8f0caf53>
15:30 kidclamp Merge now requires the final record to have all required fields present?
15:31 tcohen booo, git is refusing connextions?
15:33 oleonard fetch is working for me tcohen
15:34 tcohen i'm getting conection refused trying to clone the qa-test-tools repo
15:36 tcohen maybe i got banned for running it several times in a short period of time?
15:36 tcohen git: i need it for Qaiiing
15:37 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16297 - Remove the use of "onclick" from OAI sets configuration template <[…]6ba27e749de648e8f> / Bug 16298: Standardize on "Patron categories" when referring to patron category admin... <[…]bbc761c750f25579f>
15:38 Joubu tcohen: I have it on my github account
15:38 markvandenborre oleonard: I guess I could just adapt a different kind of framework
15:38 markvandenborre on the sql level and add that one, right?
15:39 markvandenborre because I have few fields, but some of them are not present in the fast add framework
15:39 markvandenborre (856_u for example, the url field)
15:40 markvandenborre that would give me some clean url field I guess...
15:40 oleonard markvandenborre: You can add fields manually by editing the framework too
15:45 markvandenborre oleonard: just thinking of being able to recreate this config cleanly
15:45 drojf ok. so much for fundraising ;) now what was i actually working on…
15:45 markvandenborre an sql file "might" be a bit easier and cleaner
15:46 liw drojf, biff :)
15:46 oleonard markvandenborre: You can always export the framework after you have edited it to your satisfaction
15:46 markvandenborre as sql?
15:47 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16308 - Remove the use of "onclick" from Z39.50/SRU servers template <[…]d39e49f2743864549> / Bug 16299 - Use validation plugin when creating a patron attribute type <[…]5a6e493104b5e48c0> / Bug 16228 - Move some patron entry form JavaScript into members.
15:50 markvandenborre to me, it feels a bit safer copy/pasting from the default mandatory marc21 framework sql into the FA framework...
15:50 markvandenborre please tell me I'm not doing anything stupid by doing that :-)
15:51 paul_p joined #koha
15:56 ashimema :)
15:57 oleonard markvandenborre: Editing the sql seems like it might be more error-prone, but if you have a backup...
15:57 ashimema glad that all got sorted so quick
15:57 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16316 - QA FOLLOWUP - Add tests <[…]e88e74fd87a1258c1> / Bug 16316 - Limit patron search to surname <[…]b7414caedfcee3e20> / Bug 16301 - Remove the use of "onclick" from SMS cellular providers template <[…]b/?p=koha.git;a=c
15:57 ashimema sorry it took me a while to push it throught drojf liw.. I've been burried under a mountain of email lately:)
15:57 liw ashimema, no worries
15:59 drojf ashimema: it was actually quite fast :) thanks a lot!
16:00 * liw realises he's actually going to have to do some work now, oops
16:00 ashimema hehe
16:01 drojf heh yes, we want to know everything!
16:02 ashimema yup.. make sure you've got a good answer for 'where do babies come from?' ;)
16:02 tcohen later guys
16:02 ashimema that counts inside the 'everything' meme right?
16:03 drojf baby packaging seems relevant ;)
16:05 oleonard http://www.greeting-cards-4u.c[…]s/BabyPackage.jpg
16:05 liw "apt search baby" has six hits
16:07 * ashimema 'apt searched' that just to see
16:07 ashimema only one seems to make sense
16:07 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16320: [QA Follow-up] Fix borrower attribute test in ILSDI_Services <[…]82948360850c41b41> / Bug 16320: [QA Follow-up] Remove warnings from ILSDI/ <[…]95f66fd447211130b> / Bug 16320: Refactor ILSDI_Services.t so it uses TestBuilder <http://git.
16:07 ashimema lol
16:17 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16366 - Remove obsolete "border" attribute from tags <[…]bdf73621a5b0b1db0> / Bug 16368 - Remove obsolete attributes from table tags <[…]b9e4610d4178f2a6a> / Bug 16372 - Replace the use of "onclick" for deletion confirmation in some templates <http://git.
16:17 drojf i only got 5 entries for apt search baby :D
16:17 ashimema I was on Ubuntu Wily when i did it
16:17 ashimema not tried on ym deb box yet
16:21 * Joubu is curious about bambam - keyboard mashing and doodling game for babies
16:22 drojf yeah that sounds great, we should play that on a beamer at kohacon
16:22 drojf beamer is not really english i guess, i mean a video projector ;)
16:25 gaetan_B bye
16:27 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16341: Revise the way table controls look on the title detail page <[…]1389b3b23d1c51693>
16:36 markvandenborre hm, for some reason, two marc subfields don't appear in my modified /cgi-bin/koha/cataloguing/ad​
16:37 markvandenborre 090_n
16:37 markvandenborre and 382_1
16:37 markvandenborre 382_a
16:37 markvandenborre ah, "hidden"
16:38 atheia left #koha
16:38 kidclamp joined #koha
16:39 kidclamp joined #koha
16:39 burdsjm joined #koha
16:44 misilot joined #koha
16:47 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16337 - Remove the use of "onclick" from the stage MARC records template <[…]2077b58c3ae6d6ae6> / Bug 16338 - Remove the use of "onclick" from the lists template <[…]215fe212c7c34dec7> / Bug 16340: JS variable in is declared two times <htt
16:57 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16389: Reports row limit should change upon option selection <[…]472dc172233c40a8f>
17:07 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 15543: Use another notice in <[…]f6cb9b0c5643f81ae> / Bug 14834: Make membership_expiry cronjob more flexible <[…]88cb6d54d8da53f31>
17:09 * cait waves
17:10 markvandenborre oleonard: thank you so much for your help!
17:10 * markvandenborre is running now!
17:10 markvandenborre bye!
17:11 drojf hi cait
17:12 cait has the dust settled now? or still pushing orgy?
17:12 cait pushing party
17:13 drojf not sure, have to deal with bureaucracy
17:23 kidclamp joined #koha
17:40 laurence left #koha
18:07 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 14632: Add Copyright for the Koha Dev Team <[…]803b9bd9fd5e713bb> / Bug 14362: Regression tests <[…]5beb52c3cdfe49857> / Bug 14362: PEGI15 Circulation/AgeRestrictionMarkers test fails <[…]mmitdiff;h=73f551
18:13 Joubu jenkins is spamming me!
18:14 nengard left #koha
18:14 cait does it send email again?
18:15 drojf i got a lot. i move them all to my koha-devel folder now so they dont spam my inbox
18:16 Joubu that's the only thing to do with emails sent by jenkins, sent to the bin!
18:17 drojf i don't really know how to help jenkins feel better ;)
18:17 drojf so i ignore his pain. hehe
18:17 Joubu actually a module is missing
18:17 Joubu Catmandu::Store::ElasticSearch
18:17 drojf ah ok. does tcohen know?
18:17 Joubu but is not installable on wheezy
18:17 drojf ah. no probably not
18:18 Joubu so we should add a skip, to skip the whole test file if the module is not installed
18:18 drojf or we should get jenkins to jessie maybe? ;)
18:18 Joubu I have talked with Tomas about that today
18:18 Joubu not sure if he submited a patch
18:19 Joubu @later tell tcohen did you submit a patch to skip the ES tests? (otherwise I will)
18:19 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
18:19 Joubu drojf: we have a D8 node, and everything is green :)
18:20 Joubu ha no :D
18:20 Joubu @later tell tcohen actually Catmandu::Importer::MARC is missing on D8 too
18:20 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
18:20 * Joubu is starving!
18:21 drojf is there a trick to make the font related test pass that always fails for me? it complains about paths to fonts for some reason, they are in my koha-conf though. i used to turn off tests when i build packages, but when i'm supposed to build the official packages, i should be able to run the tests?
18:21 Joubu have a good evening #koha
18:21 drojf you too Joubu
18:21 drojf don#t starve ;)
19:13 cait joined #koha
19:13 JoshB left #koha
19:24 nuentoter joined #koha
19:26 nuentoter hello! question, if I do a backup from a debain package but am reinsterting it into a ubuntu install, does it matter if I follow the ubuntu way to do the backup or the debian package specific commands?
19:26 nuentoter I wouldn't imagine it would make much of a difference but you never know
19:29 nuentoter joined #koha
19:29 nuentoter wow im sorry had to restart computer if anyone had replied i missed it
19:30 Karl_H joined #koha
20:19 nuentoter does it matter the method used for an sqldump? whether it is performed in from debian packages or ubuntu, the resulting file would be the same? im hoping
20:19 cait joined #koha
20:54 cait joined #koha
21:19 drojf joined #koha
21:24 Francesca joined #koha
21:29 tcohen joined #koha
21:32 tcohen joined #koha
21:36 tcohen hi
21:36 wahanui hi, tcohen
21:37 tcohen @later tell Joubu sorry mate, it's been a difficult day at the office
21:37 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
21:41 drojf hi tcohen
21:42 tcohen hey drojf
21:43 tcohen i couldn't manage to get master packages built today
21:43 drojf jenkins seemed very sad/upset too
21:43 tcohen yup :(
21:43 drojf i got a gazillion emails ;)
21:43 tcohen dependencies
21:43 wahanui dependencies is a solved issue as far as I can tell, is that correct jajm?
21:43 tcohen and some failing tests
21:43 drojf its running on wheezy?
21:43 tcohen i tried wheezy and jessie
21:43 tcohen no luck
21:44 drojf hm it should work with jessie
21:44 drojf if its about ES
21:44 drojf Joubu mentioned that
21:44 tcohen a missing dep?
21:45 drojf yes. catmandu store elasticsearch maybe?
21:45 tcohen that's packaged already on otherthings, and Galen added it to the repo
21:45 tcohen am i right?
21:45 drojf yes, we needed it to test ES
21:46 drojf not sure about the repo part
21:46 drojf but it was in otherthings
21:46 drojf[…]6-04-29#i_1817165
21:47 tcohen so Catmandu::Importer::MARC is not a dependency?
21:47 drojf i have a lot of catmandu stuff in a repo if you want to try that. it may break everything completely on the other hand ;)
21:48 eythian @later tell rangi my headphones broke and I can't find the same model here, can I order some to be delivered to you and have you bring them to me?
21:48 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
21:48 drojf tcohen: it should be
21:48 drojf at least we use it in th ES indexer
21:49 drojf hi eythian
21:49 eythian hi
21:50 drojf how did the orange people day go?
21:51 eythian the forecast was terrible
21:51 eythian the weather actually wasn't so bad
21:51 eythian so it was quiet, but nice enough out
21:51 drojf but everyone stayed home?
21:51 eythian (relatively quiet, there were still many people out)
21:52 eythian walking through Jordaan was a slow exercise
21:52 tcohen drojf, Joubu: there's no declared dependency on ES/Catmandu stuff on so that might be the reason :-D
21:53 drojf yeah i was wondering if that is done already somewhen while testing, but then forgot to ask about. you'll have to install whatever eythian listed/packaged manually for now
21:55 drojf hehe i think i instantly forgot the passphrase for the key i used to pack the catmandu things
21:58 drojf i don't know if that technically counts as an enhancement, but if we want non-dev people to test ES in the next release, we have to make it just work with packages
22:05 drojf on the other hand, that won't work without setting up ES anyway and it's not needed for normal users, so it's probably intentional to have no deps set for it
22:10 eythian when I was doing it, it was because there was no point at the time.
22:10 eythian But if you're looking to release it, then there is a point
22:10 cait joined #koha
22:11 eythian (at least to consider it)
22:11 tcohen that's the struggle I guess
22:11 tcohen if its expected to be shipped, ship the deps
22:15 cdickinson joined #koha
22:15 drojf if the deps are in the repo anyway …
22:20 tcohen so lots of tests are actually failing
22:20 tcohen fun never ends!
22:56 tcohen joined #koha
22:56 TGoat joined #koha
22:57 drojf good night!
22:57 wahanui sleep tight

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