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01:07 Francesca test finished!
01:08 Francesca I'm free
01:08 Francesca now I have to write 2 journals
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05:36 Malik__ Hello to all how are u i am facing problem can anyone help me
05:38 Malik__ i am trying to install koha on ubuntu 14.04 after succesfully installaion now its giving the error that  Error: /usr/share/koha/bin/ not present. even my database is not available at sql server
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06:45 reiveune hello
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06:56 * magnus_z waves
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06:56 marcelr hi #koha
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07:03 SamEEE hi friends!
07:09 magnuse hiya SamEEE cait marcelr
07:09 marcelr magnuse!
07:09 wahanui magnuse is afraid that we added another 10000 bugs while he was eating pizza.
07:09 dcook Mmm pizza
07:10 marcelr still too early, dcook :)
07:10 dcook It's 5:10pm here! I could use some pizza...
07:17 cait wb dcook
07:17 dcook ty cait :)
07:18 dcook Bub also says hi :)
07:18 dcook (They're strapped to my chest atm :P)
07:18 cait i think i can't get over thinking 'plural*
07:18 cait everytime you say they i imagine twins
07:19 cait at least
07:19 cait or triplets :)
07:19 dcook I don't know how I'd manage multiple O_O
07:19 dcook A friend just had twins and she already has a toddler
07:21 cait a hard life
07:23 dcook I would think so
07:23 dcook Although you also get it all over with faster :p
07:23 dcook Not that I'm trying to speed up time
07:23 * dcook cuddles bub and types at the same time
07:23 dcook Thanks again for the babystrampler :)
07:23 cait you are welcome :)
07:23 cait thx for the photo!
07:24 cait maybe we shoudl do a collage sometime
07:24 dcook That would be cool :)
07:40 magnuse hey dcook!
07:40 dcook heya magnuse :)
07:40 dcook Meant to show my face earlier, but I've been super busy
07:40 * magnuse understands
07:41 magnuse working from home is the best!
07:41 dcook It totally is
07:41 dcook I'm finishing up some work now, baby is asleep on me in a sling, wife is out at the shops
07:41 magnuse yay
07:41 dcook Nice seeing baby throughout the day as well
07:41 magnuse yup
07:43 magnuse dcook: have you seen
07:46 dcook Sounds vaguely familiar, magnuse
07:47 dcook Cool link :)
07:55 dcook Well, I'm calling it a day. Later European folk :).
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10:05 drojf hi #koha
10:12 cait hi drojf
10:12 cait hm
10:13 cait why do we have no warnings about changing koha link /kohafield in marc freamworks?
10:13 * cait was looking for informationa bout the script to run... but no hints
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10:14 cait hi atheia :)
10:15 atheia cait: hello! :-)
10:15 atheia I'm working on Koha again! Yay :-)
10:15 cait i noticed :)
10:16 cait does someone happen to kow what scripts to run when changing kohafield mappings?
10:16 cait someone said it woudl be noted on the bug, but i can't find it - bug 13024
10:16 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13024 major, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Pushed to Stable , Nonpublic note not appearing in the staff client
10:16 cait hm maybe i am just looking at teh wrong bug
10:17 cait bug 13023 has the info
10:17 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13023 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, RESOLVED FIXED, Nonpublic note for items should be mapped to a database column like itemnotes
10:18 cait atheia: are you gong to be in berlin/greece?
10:19 atheia cait: yeah, I'm aiming to go to both — though I have plans for the weekend in between…
10:19 atheia So trixy logistics :-)
10:19 cait ah
10:19 cait hope it works out!
10:20 atheia I think it should — wouldn't want to miss either for the life of me!
10:20 cait :)
10:20 atheia cait: So do I gather you'll make it to both too?
10:20 cait lunch time - bbiab
10:20 cait atheia: all booked :)
10:21 atheia Awesome! :-)
10:56 cait there is a page on the wiki for departures and arrrivals
10:57 cait atheia: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]_is_arriving_when
11:04 atheia cait: Ah, k cheers for the pointer; will add myself when I know.
11:05 cait cool :)
11:18 drojf atheia: yay :)
11:19 cait yep yay )
11:23 atheia drojf: au contraire: Thanks for organising the hackfest! :-)
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11:40 oleonard Hi #koha
11:48 cait hi oleonard :)
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11:55 magnuse kia ora atheia and oleonard
11:55 atheia o/ magnuse
11:56 magnuse anyone else having problems generating the next issue of a serial, on 3.22.5?
11:56 magnuse \o
11:57 * magnuse will hopefully get around to looking at ill again towards the end of this week
11:58 cait magnuse: check if the subscription is expired
11:58 cait that gave me some problems recently
11:58 cait anyone an idea about this? 521a is mapped to biblioitems.agerestriction
11:58 cait but when i create a new record with 521a something .... it won't end up there
11:58 cait but it did work on our other installation (of course....)
11:58 atheia magnuse: hehe, actually I've been totally distracted, and ILL is still at 95% for submission to community.
11:59 atheia It's a bit depressing really…
11:59 atheia But feedback definitely appreciated! :-)
11:59 magnuse atheia: i'll do my best
12:00 magnuse first step is to get your code up and running, then try to shoehorn my nncipp stuff into it
12:00 cait Joubu: any idea if it could be cache related? the problemw ith not saving to agerestriction?
12:00 magnuse i hope to have that done before summer
12:00 cait this is 3.22.5 and something
12:01 atheia magnuse: I'm aiming to have a community patchset before the hackfest in Berlin…
12:03 magnuse atheia: awesome!
12:03 wahanui That'll be $1 for the awesome jar, magnuse
12:03 magnuse with pleasure, wahanui
12:03 wahanui magnuse: excuse me?
12:03 magnuse wahanui: nm
12:03 wahanui magnuse: huh?
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12:05 atheia lol
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12:27 oleonard Hi kidclamp
12:28 kidclamp hi oleonard
12:29 oleonard I have a question about Bug 3534 when you have time
12:29 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3534 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, nick, Needs Signoff , Patron quick add form
12:29 kidclamp What the question?
12:29 wahanui the question is, like, if the translator script will be changed for template toolkit
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12:30 oleonard It seems strange to me that there is a system preference to turn it on for all new patron adds. Why not have a separate menu item for using quick add?
12:31 kidclamp You mean a link from the admin page?
12:31 oleonard I mean in the patron toolbar
12:32 kidclamp Oh, so "New patron | Patron lsits | Quick add patron " or something?
12:32 kidclamp or added to the new patron dropdown
12:33 oleonard Yeah, that was my thought. Then you don't necessarily even need a preference to turn it on. You can simply check to see if quick add fields are defined
12:33 oleonard Basically a duplicate of the new patron dropdown for quick add, assuming you still need to pick a category for the add.
12:34 kidclamp I like that a lot better, lets individual libraries determine whether they want it or not
12:35 kidclamp and since category has to be entered (at least I think so) there shoudln't be a need to have a full dropdown I think, just the quick add
12:36 kidclamp I am going to talk to the sponsors and see what they think
12:36 oleonard Category can affect the fields displayed in the patron add form (hence the dropdown)
12:37 kidclamp ah, right
12:38 kidclamp currently form doesn't respond to change though (guarantor fields don't get added if switching category)
12:39 oleonard True
12:41 kidclamp I am going to leave as NSO for now but check in with VOKAL and see their thoughts
12:42 kidclamp oleonard++
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12:44 gaetan_B hello
12:44 wahanui what's up, gaetan_B
12:44 * cait wonders where LibraryClaire is today - seeing her tweeting :)
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12:54 francharb Morning
13:05 cait morning francharb
13:08 cait jcamins: around?
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13:32 drojf so what is the time for the ES testing day? "tuesday morning for bag" and "wednesday for nz utc+12" translates to what time in UTC?
13:33 oleonard I don't know drojf, I plugged "tuesday morning for bag" into WolframAlpha and got nothing :P
13:34 drojf current time in oregon is 6:34. so somewhen in about 27 hours?
13:35 drojf it was oregon, right? i keep confusing all your states
13:36 oleonard Yes, or Pacific time zone
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13:42 drojf nz is 5 hours earlier, so it will rather be in > 30 hours i guess
13:42 drojf of course we can only test if we are all awake at the same time and around :P
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13:44 tcohen morning
13:45 atheia hi tcohen :)-
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14:05 drojf possible bag-time[…]=264&p2=202&p3=37
14:05 drojf possible rangi time[…]=264&p2=202&p3=37
14:06 * drojf makes wild guesses
14:07 drojf hm no its a day to early
14:07 drojf i stop now ^^
14:07 drojf *too
14:09 kidclamp never too early to start testing drojf
14:09 kidclamp just too early to get quick answers :-)
14:09 drojf true!
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14:32 tcohen hi drojf kidclamp
14:35 kidclamp hi tcohen
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15:16 bag morning
15:18 tcohen hi bag
15:20 tcohen Joubu: around?
15:40 tcohen is EDI enabled by default?
16:00 kidclamp tcohen did you get elasticsearch 2.x running in kohadevbox?
16:02 cait tcohen: i think so
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16:06 talljoy morning #koha
16:10 cait talljoy: hi talljoy :)
16:10 talljoy hiya cait!
16:10 cait i have a question and thought maybe you will know
16:11 cait we want to make use of the new itemnotes_nonpublic column in items with the next update
16:11 cait i think we have to run after changing the koha-2-marc-mapping.... but it doesn't seem to work
16:11 reiveune bye
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16:11 talljoy one sec cait.
16:11 cait I reindexed, remapped and ran the script... but the values don't appear
16:12 cait it seems to work fine for touch_all_biblio that i tested as well
16:12 cait thx a lot
16:14 talljoy cait so that is a whole new field for me to play with.  the only thing i've done so far is insert directly into that field.  i'm not quite sure how to move the data there.  I would think the remap would have worked.
16:14 talljoy who wrote this part of koha?
16:14 cait the problem is i need it to be filled from the existin data
16:14 cait khall :)
16:14 talljoy ha!
16:14 talljoy i was hoping/ not hoping you'd say that
16:15 talljoy he's still out on maternity leave.
16:15 talljoy technically 'paternity' leave.
16:15 cait yeah i know
16:15 cait i was hoping you did it for your customers
16:15 talljoy nope, not yet.  noone has asked for it yet.
16:15 talljoy do you have the bz number?
16:15 cait looking for it
16:15 cait bug 14100
16:15 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14100 new feature, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Add base to make item types, branch names, sysprefs values and authorised values translatable
16:15 cait oh
16:15 cait sorry
16:15 cait not that one...
16:16 cait bug 13023
16:16 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13023 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, RESOLVED FIXED, Nonpublic note for items should be mapped to a database column like itemnotes
16:16 cait i always get the wrong bug first... it's like a curse
16:16 talljoy let me see if one of the other devs here know anything about that.  and let me investigate a bit.
16:16 kidclamp I think you need kyle's script not touch all items cait
16:17 talljoy speaking of.....
16:17 kidclamp misc/
16:17 cait the bug says... touch_all_items?
16:17 talljoy ah!
16:17 cait ooh
16:17 kidclamp it changes later on
16:17 cait they changed it
16:17 cait on the last patch it reads different
16:17 kidclamp I remember because I complained to kyle like you did :-)
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16:18 cait comment#8 vs. comment#2
16:18 cait hah!
16:18 cait but for remapping biblios...
16:18 cait i thought the tocu thing worked fine there
16:18 cait touch thing...
16:18 cait kidclamp: any problems with the script you know about?
16:18 kidclamp that may be the confusion and why kyle thought that script would work
16:19 cait we wil update all customers soon and i want to just do it for all of them
16:19 kidclamp I don't know about the biblio one
16:19 cait so then we have the same everywhere
16:19 cait talljoy++ kidclamp++
16:19 cait now, let's see if it works :)
16:20 talljoy fingers crossed!
16:22 cait woohoo
16:22 cait my test field moved :)
16:22 kidclamp huzzah!
16:23 cait now i need to figure out why the touch_biblio appeared to work, when there is also a variation fo this script for biblios... something for tomorrow
16:23 cait thx for the help
16:23 cait i better leave work now before the next problem appears :)
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16:27 beatsforthemind Hello!
16:29 oleonard Hi beatsforthemind
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16:33 oleonard Ugh... Why does Bootstrap 3 require that you get the forms CSS if you want the navbar CSS? The forms CSS is way too much.
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17:03 oleonard Anyone know any reason why we shouldn't move all .js files out of language-specific directories? We've done so with some but not all
17:04 cait no reason i think
17:05 oleonard No secret project to make js files translatable? pianohacker?
17:05 oleonard *cough* Bug 4503 *cough*
17:05 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4503 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jweaver, NEW , Javascript files in js directory are not translated
17:05 pianohacker I really really want to get to that, it's fallen off the bottom of my todo list :(
17:06 cait there is an idea about putting strings in pl files
17:06 pianohacker somebody else was working on a project to do it by downloading translations to the browser instead, can't remember who
17:06 cait and have them translated on the fly
17:06 cait but i am worrieda bout performance.  it's kind of an in discussion state
17:07 oleonard pianohacker: Does your idea conflict with the idea of moving js out of the language directories?
17:07 pianohacker mine would, this other one wouldn't
17:08 pianohacker I'm honestly okay with anything that doesn't involve the MSG_ thing
17:08 pianohacker I hate hate hate doing that
17:08 cait you are exaggerating :)
17:08 pianohacker nope
17:08 cait yep
17:08 pianohacker not even a bit
17:08 cait did you book flights?
17:08 oleonard pianohacker: It seems to me that starting to use something like gulp would be easier if we didn't have to think about CSS and JS in the language directories
17:09 pianohacker agreed
17:09 cait oleonard: i think worthwhile moving htem now as they don't use anything new
17:09 cait and once a new thing is eventually introduced can still move them back
17:09 * oleonard has no idea why css is in the language directory
17:09 cait tradition? :P
17:09 pianohacker content("") ?
17:09 cait it's not translated
17:09 cait just copied is my guess
17:10 cait hm i think ccsr used content - and that was a translatoin problem
17:10 cait I don't think we fixed that
17:10 cait but worth checking maybe
17:11 pianohacker why can't I find this bug?
17:11 cait which one?
17:11 wahanui somebody said which one was t?
17:12 pianohacker cait: it's related, I think, to the translating strings in .pl
17:12 cait 11904
17:17 tcohen kidclamp_lunch: have KOHA_ELASTICSEARCH=1 when running the provisioning
17:18 tcohen (vagrant provision)
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18:00 oleonard everyone who dissuaded me from taking the slow approach to the jQuery upgrade, a massive patch for Bug 16241 is the result
18:00 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16241 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , Move staff client CSS out of language directory
18:04 pianohacker rip off the bandaid
18:10 cait oleonard: how bad can it be? not sure what the side effects possibly are
18:11 oleonard Missing JS or CSS files if I have missed correcting paths in any templates
18:12 cait so more or less obvious problems at least?
18:12 oleonard Yes
18:12 kidclamp thanks tcohen - elastic running, not working for search though
18:12 kidclamp missing /home/vagrant/kohaclone/installer/​data/mysql/elasticsearch_mapping.sql
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18:29 Karl_H quick question, is there anything special about generating a CSR for Koha servers? Can I just use openssl like I would for apache?
18:39 kidclamp hi Karl_H yes openssl is fine
18:39 Karl_H thanks kidclamp
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19:54 drojf evening
19:55 bag evening drojf
19:56 drojf hi bag
19:57 drojf I was at the catmandu workshop today. very nice people
19:57 drojf not that i expected something else, it's still good to verify :P
19:59 drojf what did i miss here? is ES working already?
20:00 rangi its been working, then it gets broken by rebase, then working, then broken, then working :)
20:01 drojf i like the last part :)
20:01 drojf did anyone try (and probably fail) ES 2 with koha?
20:02 rangi not yet, its more important at this point that we make sure it isnt breaking zebra, get it in, then do changes on their own bugs, this bug is massive enough already
20:03 * cait waves
20:04 drojf yeah. and that other thing… ES 2 claims _ as a prefix exclusively, so the _id and _version stuff (and probably others) that catmandu uses does not work any longer. i think the latest dev version changes it to catmandu_something and they now agreed to make it configurable, but you have to get your data out and reindex after that
20:04 rangi *nod*
20:05 cait drojf sounds like an expert now :)
20:06 drojf they wanted to make sure we know. they are pretty interested in how it's going, and what kind of difficulties we might have had with the implementation
20:07 kidclamp rangi, what version of es should we be using?
20:07 rangi 1.x
20:07 drojf i have to find out which of the nicolases it was that said that, but he'd love to get feedback. i'd love to get him to the hackfest, we'll see if that works
20:07 rangi really the es part is the least important bit
20:07 kidclamp well, that explains why I couldn't get 2.x working
20:08 rangi ie, what we want is that with ES turned off everything works fine
20:09 rangi does that make sense? because it will go in off, and we are not going to be encouraging anyone to try using it in production. But until we get all the scaffolding in, it's really really hard to develop against
20:09 bag ^^^^
20:09 bag :D
20:10 drojf we could have that without pushing it?
20:10 * drojf hides
20:10 bag ah kidclamp I didn’t realize you were using ES 2 when you asked earlier ;)
20:10 bag drojf: not nessicarly
20:10 kidclamp I was just trying to be most up to date, hehe
20:10 drojf what is the plan for packing up all the dependency stuff? we would not want people to do that manually with eythians zip file?
20:10 rangi drojf: we could have a situation like we have now, where we cant really do any further development? yep thats exactly what we will have if we dont push it
20:11 rangi most of the catmandu stuff is in jessie
20:11 bag yeah when ES moves onto QA - we’ll make sure that we have the package discussion that will be needed
20:12 drojf johann (catmandu) said we could provide a list of stuff that is missing, they may have someone to deal with it
20:13 rangi basically no one should be trying to use ES in 16.05 ... not in production, unless they really know what they are doing, because altho it works fine, there are bound to be lots of corners left
20:14 bag challenge accepted :P
20:14 bag heh
20:14 drojf yeah definitely not in production. but i thought it was also supposed to be a step towards more testing by not-necessarily-dev-people
20:14 rangi however once all the code is in there, its much much simpler for developers to develop against
20:14 rangi i reckon probably by 16.05.02
20:15 kidclamp rangi is the elasticsearch_mapping.sql not needed any more, or did I miss on updated branch?
20:15 rangi[…]478_elasticsearch
20:15 bag oh yeah barton - https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=14899
20:15 huginn Bug 14899: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Mapping configuration page for Elastic search
20:15 rangi is the most up to date branch
20:16 rangi drojf: for 16.05 if we get it installable with no massive hoops to jump through, then we could have some sandboxes using it too
20:17 rangi and yes kidclamp we no longer use that mapping
20:17 rangi its done in yaml
20:17 rangi[…]4aa84e319005bf98e
20:18 rangi anyway, im not supposed to be doing this until tomorrow :) So i better get back to my other work :)
20:18 cait how hard would it be to get me an ES instalation to play with? :)
20:18 kidclamp rangi++
20:18 drojf cait: i had a vm up somewhere but that was with whereever the old branch was
20:19 rangi cait: tcohen has a devbox set up with it
20:19 drojf cait:  i think i depersonalized by current vm to user/pass koha so i could actually share that
20:19 cait I couldn't get the devbox wrking on my computerlast time i tried
20:19 drojf devbox is probably easier (or not)
20:19 cait some old fashioned git setup work too?
20:20 bag cait kidclamp will have one for you tomorrow :)
20:20 cait not the same :)
20:20 kidclamp cait: it shoudl just be jdk and elastic plus the deps
20:20 cait is there a good installation guide somewhere?
20:20 cait or... where should i start?
20:20 kidclamp https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]sticsearch#Basic_.27Get_Started.27_Steps
20:20 rangi[…]lasticsearch.html
20:21 bag kidclamp: can you share the instructions - ah there we go
20:21 bag kidclamp++
20:31 drojf the last patch works for me, zebra-auth-search is back :)
20:32 bag excellent
20:32 rangi yay!
20:32 rangi joubu++
20:32 drojf Joubu++
20:32 bag Joubu++
20:34 cait do i need all of those? http://debian.koha-community.o[…]koha/otherthings/
20:35 cait Joubu++ :)
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20:36 cait hm
20:37 cait possible that libsearch-elasticsearch-perl needs a newer perl version?
20:37 cait it says something like can't fill dependency - perl (>=5.19.10)
20:38 rangi hmm yeah you need jessie really
20:38 cait well
20:38 cait i am running ubunu
20:38 cait ubuntu
20:38 rangi or a more recent ubuntu :)
20:38 JoshB left #koha
20:39 cait hm
20:39 beatsforthemind Hello, I am looking for some help regarding the Zebra indexer
20:39 cait so i guess that means i am stuck now until upgrading my OS :(
20:40 rangi anything newer than 15.04
20:40 drojf that is probably not a good way to start a conversation.
20:40 beatsforthemind talking about me lol?
20:40 drojf yes
20:40 drojf :)
20:40 cait yeah mine is lts
20:40 pastebot "beatsforthemind" at pasted "Zebra Indexer Error" (3 lines) at
20:41 rangi yep 16.04 is the next lts
20:41 beatsforthemind I have a fresh installation using the Ubuntu package
20:41 cait yeah... i thoght i'd wait for that now
20:41 beatsforthemind not tarball
20:41 cait but now it got a bit annoying :)
20:41 beatsforthemind And I’m getting Missing arguments for '__ZEBRA_TOKENIZER_STMT__' in default.idx
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20:42 rangi you didn't run a rebuild_zebra as root or anything did you?
20:43 beatsforthemind I got that using $ sudo koha-rebuild-zebra -v --full $(/usr/sbin/koha-list)
20:43 rangi (ruling out permissions problems first)
20:43 rangi right then that looks like an issue with zebra itself
20:44 rangi what version of Koha?
20:45 beatsforthemind current stable
20:45 rangi so 3.22.05 ?
20:45 beatsforthemind Correct
20:47 rangi hmm lemme check something
20:47 beatsforthemind I installed using this method: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ubuntu_-_packages
20:47 misilot Hi quick question, is the "date" in accountlines the date the item was checked out, or the date the fine was created? http://schema.koha-community.o[…]accountlines.html
20:48 beatsforthemind I noticed that using this method I was missing a variety of files that I had to copy from the GIT repo
20:48 beatsforthemind[…]/debian/templates
20:48 cait misilot: the date of the fine - it's not only for overdues
20:49 cait hm wait
20:49 rangi you should never have to copy anything
20:49 cait misilot: i am double checking
20:49 misilot thanks cait
20:49 beatsforthemind Are those files created during another part of the install? Not by “sudo apt-get install koha-common” ?
20:50 rangi yes
20:50 cait i'd still say date of the fine looking at my data
20:50 beatsforthemind Well, then I’m not sure why all those files weren’t added
20:50 misilot thanks, guess onto creating joins to get the checkout date
20:51 rangi you ran the webbased installer and it worked fine eh?
20:51 rangi you don't need to ever copy anything
20:51 edveal joined #koha
20:52 beatsforthemind I did the apt-get install and then logged in the -intra and clicked throught the intstall there
20:52 beatsforthemind is there more that needs to be done with that method?
20:52 rangi nope
20:52 cait you created an instance too?
20:52 beatsforthemind yes
20:52 beatsforthemind I have one instance
20:52 rangi when/why did you decide to copy files from git?
20:53 rangi when you ran sudo koha-create --create-db instancename
20:53 rangi it didnt work?
20:53 beatsforthemind it appeared to work
20:53 rangi i think you've made a mess copying those files
20:54 beatsforthemind I got errors doing sudo koha-create --create-db instancename with the missing files
20:54 drojf i would koha-remove the instance, apt-get remove --purge koha-common and start again
20:55 amyk-afk joined #koha
20:55 drojf and throw away all files you copied from somewhere
20:55 beatsforthemind ok
20:55 beatsforthemind trying that
20:56 drojf delete all folders it says it can't delete manually
20:57 drojf how did you determine that there are files missing?
20:57 beatsforthemind I got a bunch of errors about files not being there during koha-create
20:58 drojf do you remember the names?
20:58 rangi hmm i did a 3.22.05 install on friday, without any errors
20:59 beatsforthemind None of the files that are in github link were there
20:59 beatsforthemind that go in /etc/koha
20:59 beatsforthemind the github link posted above
20:59 rangi sounds more like koha-common didn't install
20:59 rangi properly
20:59 wahanui i guess properly is title in arabic too?
21:00 drojf yeah
21:00 drojf what os are you running in what version?
21:00 rangi yep, i just checked the VM running 3.22.05 they are all there?
21:00 beatsforthemind Ubuntu 14.04.4
21:00 rangi so maybe it failed during the install
21:01 beatsforthemind 3.22.05
21:02 rangi i think purge and try again is really the only thing, copying them from git will result in errors like above since they won't have the correct values in them
21:02 beatsforthemind ok, did the purge and manually delete: '/var/lib/koha’, '/var/spool/koha’, /etc/koha/zebradb’, and '/usr/share/koha’
21:03 beatsforthemind are there any other directories that needed to be deleted
21:03 rangi /etc/koha itself
21:04 beatsforthemind deleted
21:05 beatsforthemind did sudo apt-get install koha-common, no errors
21:05 rangi are those files there now?
21:05 cait hm same version as me -  ubuntu
21:06 rangi i now have 4 3.22.05 and none of them have missing files
21:06 beatsforthemind they appear to be there
21:06 beatsforthemind ok
21:06 rangi so something must have gone wrong the other time
21:06 beatsforthemind Now here is the twist
21:07 beatsforthemind I am looking to import the database from another installation of Koha
21:07 beatsforthemind I have an SQL dump the other server
21:07 beatsforthemind Is this the best way to move data?
21:08 beatsforthemind Import the db over a new instance?
21:08 rangi do you koha-create
21:08 beatsforthemind not yet
21:08 rangi on this one
21:08 rangi do it :)
21:08 rangi then dont run the web installer yet
21:08 rangi and do
21:08 rangi sudo koha-mysql instancename < dumpfile.sql
21:08 beatsforthemind ok
21:09 rangi then hit the staff site, and it should proceed to upgrade instead of doing a fresh configuration
21:09 beatsforthemind does it matter if it’s a slightly older version of Koha?
21:10 beatsforthemind where the db dump is coming from
21:11 rangi nope
21:11 beatsforthemind k
21:11 rangi it will upgrade it for you
21:12 cait @later tell oleonard I got the plugin column in the table
21:12 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
21:19 Stompro joined #koha
21:25 drojf do we have some kind of limit/block for login trials for the opac, or do people just use fail2ban or something like that?
21:26 rangi id like to implement one in koha itself, fail2ban works but is a bit hardcore
21:42 wizzyrea that would be a good feature.
21:44 cait night #koha
21:45 talljoy joined #koha
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22:01 beatsforthemind I did the db dump successfully. This time I cannot get the instance to be accesed from the web.
22:01 beatsforthemind I updated the domain in koha-sites.conf
22:01 beatsforthemind and restarted apache
22:03 drojf does it show correctly in /etc/apache2/sites-available/instance.conf ?
22:04 beatsforthemind ah
22:04 beatsforthemind so i for got a period in the domain that is showing wrong in that conf
22:04 drojf you have to change koha-sites.conf before you set up the instance. it's not clear if you changed it before or after
22:04 drojf ah ok
22:04 beatsforthemind i updated koha-sites.conf after
22:05 drojf just edit your config and reload apache
22:06 beatsforthemind done, thanks
22:07 drojf workshop starting early tomorrow, gotta go
22:07 drojf good night #koha
22:12 talljoy left #koha
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