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20:23 geek_cl hi guys, anyone can confirm the content of : /etc/perl/XML/SAX/ParserDetails.ini
20:23 geek_cl please please
20:24 eythian geek_cl: what OS and version?
20:24 geek_cl Debian 8.2 jessie
20:24 eythian you oughtn't need to touch that file I think. I don't have a koha install handy to check, but what the OS installs for you should be OK
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20:25 geek_cl eythian, line 141  :[…]ck/INSTALL.debian
20:26 eythian last updated in 2012
20:26 eythian that's not an official repository.
20:26 eythian wahanui: git
20:26 wahanui git is
20:26 eythian doh
20:26 geek_cl and my content is:
20:27 eythian is there a reason you're not doing a package install?
20:27 eythian because it's the easy way generally :)
20:27 geek_cl i am not installing, just confirming the content of  /etc/perl/XML/SAX/ParserDetails.ini
20:28 eythian right, I wouldn't meddle with that, it shouldn't be necessary.
20:28 eythian It was on older debian versions
20:29 geek_cl oh ok eythian thanks for confirm that
20:29 geek_cl eythian, i receive 42 seconds at ,
20:29 eythian that seems pretty extreme
20:29 geek_cl sometimes more
20:31 eythian if you want to get your hands dirty: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]th_Devel::NYTProf
20:31 geek_cl eythian, always more than 10 secs
20:31 geek_cl yes, i do that already
20:32 geek_cl searching the letter "e",  28.8 secs 50082 results
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20:33 geek_cl and strace the  PID
20:33 eythian strace is very hard to use on scripting languages
20:34 eythian nytprof will most likely give you the most useful hints
20:35 geek_cl eythian, so here the NYTProf _:
20:37 eythian I'm not convinced that's a request that takes 20 seconds.
20:37 eythian that looks more like about 4 seconds
20:37 eythian maybe a bit more
20:37 eythian (which is still too much, really.)
20:38 geek_cl too much indeed
20:38 geek_cl 8 cores, 8 GB of RAM, 7 G free
20:39 eythian so, a useful thing is that you can run searches on the command line
20:39 geek_cl yeah? how ?
20:39 eythian this makes running nytprof a lot more useful
20:39 geek_cl i run like this: perl -d:NYTProf /usr/share/koha/opac/cgi-bin/opac/
20:39 eythian oh
20:39 eythian yeah, like that
20:39 eythian but, you can add search queries
20:40 geek_cl so, the image is that profiles
20:40 geek_cl let me try
20:40 eythian putting 'q=rock' say as a command line parameter
20:40 eythian I'd also prefix it with sudo -u koha-whatever
20:41 eythian if you run it without the parameter, it'll just give you the advanced search page (IIRC)
20:41 eythian which will be faster
20:41 geek_cl ok, i will do that
20:52 geek_cl searching rock at command line:
20:54 eythian OK, so most of that is running an SQL query. I'd start by seeing if you can figure out why that is slow.
20:54 geek_cl yes, the koha query took more than 4 secs
20:54 eythian (also, it probably should be doing it that many times, but in the short term check to see if whatever table it's searching has all the right indexes set up.)
20:55 eythian *shouldn't
20:55 eythian so I'd start looking in C4::Items::GetItemsInfo and see what it's doing.
20:55 eythian also, do you have memcache installed?
20:56 geek_cl
20:56 geek_cl yes, i have memcached
20:59 geek_cl eythian, in terms of apache <=> mysql, the mysql is a remote servers, connected to the koha server by a exclusive network interface
21:00 eythian when I was working with Koha, we had the same setup. It shouldn't make that much difference.
21:00 eythian I think it's the fact that there are 600+ calls, and maybe something slow about the query.
21:00 geek_cl yes, just for check listing. i review many things.. trust me
21:00 geek_cl definitly
21:01 geek_cl also i enable the slow query and yes, that querys appears
21:01 eythian then it's time to start exploring the "explain" command in mysql :)
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21:55 eythian @later tell cait[…]bosch-exhibition/
21:55 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
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21:59 eythian @later tell wizzyrea[…]bosch-exhibition/
21:59 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
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