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09:38 * magnuse waves
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12:42 drojf hi #koha
12:46 gmcharlt will be starting maintenance on the wiki/apt/perldoc server in 15 minutes
13:02 cait gmcharlt++ :)
13:02 cait hi drojf
13:06 drojf hi cait and gmcharlt
13:09 drojf i had a question, but i thought nobody is here. now i forgot the question :)
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13:57 gmcharlt maintenance is complete
14:27 drojf gmcharlt++
14:31 drojf why does "alternate address" have an "email" and "contact note" field?
14:31 drojf alternate contact does not
14:31 drojf that seems mixed up
14:32 cait1 gmcharlt++
14:32 drojf i see why there may be a different phone number, but different email at a different address? ;)
14:32 cait1 don't look at the datatypes if you want to keep your sanity
14:33 drojf that sounds promising :)
14:34 drojf do we have an option to send emails for a child also to the guarantor?
14:34 drojf or only?
15:34 cait1 drojf: nope, but there is a bug somewhere with patches
15:34 cait1 bug 12532
15:34 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12532 new feature, P5 - low, ---, maxime.beaulieu, Signed Off , Redirect guarantee email to guarantor
15:39 drojf not too happy about the way that is done
15:39 drojf but thanks for the link
15:40 drojf i don't need the feature, but i'm working on the email encryption
15:41 drojf i think it does not matter for that
15:44 drojf well. it helped finding a problem
16:01 cait1 not really here today :)
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18:44 Mayank While importing records in koha  item records found and staged are 7 times
18:44 Mayank MARC staging results : 1890 records in file 0 records not staged because of MARC error 1890 records staged 0 records with at least one match in catalog per matching rule "ISSN" 13341 item records found and staged Manage staged records
18:45 pastebot "mayank" at pasted "MARC staging results : 1890 re" (7 lines) at
18:46 eythian Mayank: probably you have duplicated your 952 fields. There should be only one 952 per item.
19:01 Mayank 950$d952$p100$a245$a250$a952$h260$a260$b260$c300$a952$e952$g942$c942$2952$a952$b942$2952$y952$0
19:01 Mayank this is what I have
19:01 Mayank now
19:01 Mayank but still the number of records are more
19:07 Mayank After  Number of records added1888 Number of records updated0 Number of records ignored0 Number of items added1993 Number of items replaced0 Number of items ignored because of duplicate barcode0
19:18 eythian yes, you want a single 952 (containing all the subfields) for each item.
19:18 eythian You have multiple 952 fields, so Koha makes multiple items.
19:25 Mayank Can't use an undefined value as a HASH reference at ./ line 143.
19:25 Mayank my $biblioserverdir = C4::Context->zebraconfig('b​iblioserver')->{directory};
19:49 Mayank I have 38010 records
19:50 Mayank but its only indexing 16434 records
19:50 Mayank $ ./ -b -r -v -x Zebra configuration information ================================ Zebra biblio directory      = /var/lib/koha/koha/biblios Zebra authorities directory = /var/lib/koha/koha/authorities Koha directory              = /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin BIBLIONUMBER in :     999$c BIBLIOITEMNUMBER in : 999$d ================================ skipping authorities ==================== exporting biblio ==================== 16401........
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20:00 Mayank why zebra is not indexing all my books ?
20:01 Mayank where should I look for?
20:02 * Mayank slaps eythian around a bit with a large fishbot
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20:09 eythian drojf: hi there
20:10 drojf heya eythian
20:10 eythian how's things?
20:14 drojf lots of stuff to do, but ok so far
20:15 drojf how is your EU-ification going?
20:15 eythian pretty good, I guess :)
20:16 drojf how is the new job? missing koha already? ;)
20:17 eythian the job is good, getting busier as I get more into it.
20:17 eythian of course ;)
20:20 eythian spending the evening doing the free machine learning course that google put out recently.
20:21 eythian It's slow going, it's been some years since I've done this stuff, also my python isn't great (but I guess it's good practice.)
20:21 eythian looks interesting though
20:21 drojf i got lots of stuff to sort out in the coming weeks, but once that is done i would be up to an amsterdam visit ;)
20:22 eythian that'd be great :)
20:23 eythian[…]s/more-beer-tour/ <-- I'm looking for an excuse to do this ;)
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21:29 drojf good night #koha
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