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11:07 mveron Hi everybody
11:08 mveron @wunder Allschwil
11:10 mveron Oh, the Koha statistics website shows one library with Koha version 4.08 ...
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14:56 xarragon So when writing unit tests for stuff that fetches things via SQL I use TestBuilder. But how do I write concise tests for things like joins and when stuff is manually added to the stuff?
14:57 xarragon "when stuff is added to the stuff"
14:57 xarragon Yeah, very descriptive question, xarragon.
14:59 xarragon In short, my problem is that tests themselves grows so large and complex that they dwarf the code that they test.
14:59 xarragon And I am not sure that is a good thing.
15:34 liw complex test code is certainly not good
15:34 liw "Test code should be your best code" as I like to say
15:34 liw (no practical advice, though, sorry)
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15:42 xarragon liw: Still good to know it should be expected to be simple, thanks.
15:44 xarragon I think the problem is that I check too much, essentially a is_deeply on the DB input/output. I should probably focus on the parts that actually gets touuched by code and modified and change my tests accordingly.
15:45 xarragon Because the SQL that just loads stuff is unlikely to fail.
15:45 xarragon What i need to test is rather that the statement itself filters/selects the right item for given input parameters.
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17:46 xarragon Here is an example of the trouble I had with writing concise tests:
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18:24 xarragon Whopsie, that code is actually a bit out-of-date, missing the dateformatting calls.
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18:33 nuentoter anyone on here have any experience with running koha on a virtualbox? or at least know-how of how to get it to communicate outside the localhost?
19:02 xarragon Hmm, are all unit tests supposed to work? My current master fails at DateUtils
19:03 xarragon nuentoter: Not running it in a VM, but the network stuff should be easy to help you with.
19:04 xarragon nuentoter: At least the Koha parts. I am a bit rusty on VirtualBox's networking, but just bridging it should be enough. NAT probably requires  aport forwarding to the Koha web port.
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22:47 Francesca hi
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