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00:06 holzer I have edited a couple of things and they broke the system, so I put everything back to how it was
00:06 holzer is it a chmod issue?
00:07 holzer I know that, for some unknown reason, this was a very complicated and frustrating install
00:07 holzer let me ask this maybe another way
00:07 holzer is there a "migration" guide to move data from one koha install to another?
00:07 holzer I attempted to do this in the summer, and failed once I got to importing the bib/item records
00:08 holzer I could just wait and do a fresh install in December, if I can migrate thing successfully - but as I said, I failed doing that earlier :(
00:09 holzer but in terms of the current site, do you think that this "sudo a2dissite default" will reset things?
00:11 holzer my virtual host settings in /sites-available/default are ipaddress:80
00:11 holzer I did not doe *
00:11 holzer do that is
00:12 holzer so that may be something I've changed the past week
00:14 pianohacker holzer: there is a bit of info on the wiki
00:15 pianohacker holzer: what linux version is this?
00:15 holzer okay I can read up on it
00:15 holzer let me check the linux version
00:19 holzer unbuntu 12 - kernel 3.8
00:20 holzer uhm wait - I think that's wrong - let me check the server
00:21 holzer ubuntu 12.04 is correct
00:21 holzer :)
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00:33 pianohacker holzer: I unfortunately have to head out, but[…]-apt-get-aptitude implies that it's possible. You may have to remove the httpd.conf file first, and you'll have to use apache2 instead of mysql-common
00:33 pianohacker bye!
00:33 pianohacker if you have further questions, please post on the Koha mailing list
00:33 holzer awesome
00:34 holzer Thanks!
00:34 holzer I will check it out
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03:51 Francesca @roulette
03:51 huginn` Francesca: *click*
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07:12 Francesca hello
07:12 wahanui niihau, Francesca
07:44 kivilahtio_ hi Francesca
07:44 Francesca heya
07:44 kivilahtio_ is it saturday there as well?
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19:06 tcohen @wunder cordoba, argentina
19:06 huginn` tcohen: The current temperature in Cordoba, Argentina is 24.0°C (4:00 PM ART on September 19, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 38%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015 hPa (Falling).
19:18 tcohen hi
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22:49 Blop Hello, I would like some help to configure my Koha installatation to work with the BnF Z39.50 server
22:50 Blop It seems that the MARC tag ain't the same at all than the default one and I can't find a way to correct that
22:52 Blop For instance, the default title is in the field 245 while the title information is in the 200.a field in the BnF database
22:52 Blop It seems that there is an option to import .csv or .sql file in order to fix this, but I can't find one on the web
22:52 Blop So I was wondering if there was another French guy like me here who managed to set up his installation with this database
22:53 Blop thank you :)
22:54 bag hola
22:55 Blop ola
23:08 Blop no one ? :/
23:18 jcamins Blop: you selected MARC21 when you should have selected UNIMARC. Changing the MARC flavor on an existing installation is a bad idea, IMO.
23:19 jcamins Since you presumably have not cataloged any books, I recommend deleting your instance and recreating it, this time selecting UNIMARC.
23:20 Blop Hey jcamins
23:20 wahanui jcamins is, like, a spoilsport
23:20 Blop you're right, I installed Koha yesterday, and i'm still having hard time with the basis
23:21 Blop I didn't change the setting about marc21 or unimarc, as I said, I let everything to the default
23:21 jcamins Yeah, koha-create has a MARC flavor setting.
23:22 Blop okay, I'll try to look this way, ty
23:29 Blop There is really no way to change the "MARC flavor" without having to do the whole reinstall process ?
23:31 jcamins You don't need to reinstall Koha, just create a new instance. And there is, but you don't want to do it. Really.
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23:31 jcamins Unless you installed Koha from the source manually, in which case you need to reinstall.
23:32 jcamins Well... not *need* but see my above statement about not wanting to try the alternative.
23:35 Blop Well, to resume my situation, I tried yesterday to install step by step Koha from scratch on a clean debian, I spent hours doing so and didn't manage to make it work properly.
23:35 Blop this week-end, i was looking again
23:35 Blop and I found a nice live-cd
23:35 Blop working perfectly
23:36 Blop but the install is already done and set in Marc21 by default
23:36 Blop what I don't understand in your explanation is what you call an "instance"
23:37 Blop is this the database ? or the Koha Framework ? or another thing ?
23:49 jcamins Oh, no.
23:49 * jcamins has never had a good experience with a livecd.
23:50 jcamins If Koha is installed properly, there are a bunch of scripts that enable you to quickly set up Koha.
23:50 jcamins You're probably better off coming back when there are more people around, though, because I don't work with Koha anymore.
23:54 Blop Well, I think I managed to get a workaround with the instance management
23:55 Blop But I thank you really, you really helped me indicating the instance and the difference between Marc21 and Unimarc
23:55 jcamins You're welcome.
23:56 Blop I'm not informatician nor a Librarian... just a student trying to organise the little "BDtheque" at our school residence, and thus this is the first real time i'm confronted to a lot of web problem and other problems which are very specific to library management system.

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