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00:15 huginn` *BANG* Hey, who put a blank in here?!
00:15 * huginn` reloads and spins the chambers.
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00:29 dcook @later tell tcohen love your comment about "flagged" on the listserv
00:30 huginn` dcook: The operation succeeded.
00:31 * Francesca waves at dcook
00:31 dcook Oh no... what have I done... so many emails about this thing...
00:31 dcook yo Francesca
00:31 Francesca sup
00:31 dcook Too many things and not enough breakfast
00:31 dcook You?
00:31 wahanui You are not the first to ask that question or a little confused about the function of some installed extensions. or missing the trigger or putting unescaped user-supplied content into an unsafe environment, which makes me a little uncomfortable.
00:32 wizzyrea forget You
00:32 wahanui wizzyrea: I forgot you
00:32 wizzyrea thank heavens.
00:33 dcook hehe
00:34 Francesca lol
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01:02 BobB kathyrn about?
01:06 dcook This is kind of neat:[…]sions-in-git.html
01:06 dcook I do all my work on Linux, but I'm sure there are some Windows folk around
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01:25 huginn` Francesca: *click*
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02:17 huginn` Francesca: *click*
02:18 northcottc Asked this morning but thought I'd ask again :) I'm doing a Koha optimisation project for my end-of-degree project and I'd really like to hear your suggestions as to slow performing areas/feature in Koha I could profile and optimize.
02:29 ibeardslee hmm northcottc, I think rangi would be ideal person to ask but at the moment he's on leave galavanting about the USA.
02:29 wizzyrea I sent a couple of bugs that looked promising
02:29 ibeardslee other people in other timezones may pop in and see your question
02:29 wizzyrea you were looking at patron import, right?
02:30 northcottc That's right. Thanks for the other bugs too wizzyrea, I'm looking into them now.
02:31 wizzyrea sweet as
02:33 wizzyrea feel like pretty much anything "batch" wouldn't hurt for profiling
02:33 wizzyrea More -> Tools -> anything that says "batch" in it
02:34 wizzyrea they might be ok, but maybe they could be made faster.
02:37 northcottc Neat, I'll add them to my list.
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06:21 * magnuse waves
06:23 dcook yo magnuse
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06:36 magnuse yo yo yo dcook wassup in da house?
06:36 dcook hehe
06:36 dcook Chewing through my email backlog :p
06:37 dcook Nearly hometime ;)
06:37 dcook how about you m-slice?
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06:38 reiveune hello
06:38 dcook hey reiveune
06:38 wahanui somebody said reiveune was working for biblibre
06:38 reiveune salut dcook magnuse
06:39 magnuse dcook: just getting ready to roll
06:39 pablito_ hi everyone!
06:39 pablito_ I have a question regarding circulation
06:41 pablito_ Since the upgrade to the latest koha version, the "Show checkouts" function doesn't work after I checkout a book to a patron
06:41 pablito_ is this a bug?
06:43 pablito_ In firefox, I get the message "Warning: colvis requires DataTables 1.7 or greater -" while trying to checkout a book to a patron
06:46 dcook magnuse: roll?
06:46 dcook pablito_: Interesting. How did you install Koha?
06:46 dcook And which version did you upgrade to?
06:47 pablito_ I've been using Koha for 2 years already
06:47 dcook Cool, but that doesn't answer my questions ;)
06:47 pablito_ I've upgraded to  Koha 3.16.14
06:48 dcook Ahh, interesting.
06:48 pablito_ I installed via debian apt-get
06:48 dcook It sounds like someone backported a feature without including the dependency
06:48 dcook So I'd say that's a bug, yes
06:48 dcook 3.16.14 is actually an older version at this point. I think we're on to... 3.20 or 3.22 now
06:48 pablito_ sorry
06:49 pablito_ I mean version \3.20.3
06:49 magnuse dcook: rock'n'roll, yeah!
06:49 dcook hehe
06:49 magnuse otherwise known as work
06:49 pablito_ not 3.16.4
06:49 dcook 11 minutes until I'm done work ;)
06:49 dcook pablito_: Even more interesting then!
06:49 pablito_ it's a major issue for me
06:50 dcook Fair enough
06:50 pablito_ because the school year is about to begin and people have already checkout books
06:50 magnuse my customers are on 3.20.3, but have not complained about this
06:51 dcook I had thought that DataTables had been upgraded from 1.7 quite a while ago..
06:52 pablito_ I tried in Iceweasel and midori browsers and I get the same issue, though there was not popup message as in firefox ("Warning: colvis requires DataTables 1.7...")
06:52 dcook Hmm... I'm looking at a modded 3.14 and it has DataTables 1.9.4
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06:53 dcook Hmmm this isn't helpful: colvis requires DataTables 1.7
06:53 dcook err..
06:53 dcook[…]-warning-messages
06:53 dcook pablito_: I have an idea...
06:54 dcook I'm wondering if you have a cacheing problem perhaps
06:54 dcook caching*
06:54 pablito_ ok
06:54 dcook If you can go to the checkout page, try holding down the shift button and refreshing the page
06:54 dcook Then go through the checkout process
06:54 pablito_ wow, that did it!
06:54 dcook ^_^
06:54 dcook Glad to hear it!
06:55 pablito_ awesome, thanks! :-D
06:55 dcook All in a day's work ;)
06:55 pablito_ hehe
06:55 pablito_ but will this keep happening?
06:55 dcook Nah, it should be a one-off
06:56 dcook Basically your browser had an older version of the Javascript which it still thought was valid
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06:56 dcook By using the shift button and refreshing, you were telling your browser to clear the cache, and download the latest code
06:56 dcook It's a problem I've often encountered when doing upgrades on lots of different systems
06:56 dcook And different people experience it differently
06:56 dcook Some networks use HTTP proxies which cache more than your average system
06:57 dcook Some people never experience this problem
06:57 pablito_ for firefox, your solution works
06:57 pablito_ but for Iceweasel, it doesn't work
06:57 dcook In that case, it might not use the shift key for doing it
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06:57 dcook Let's see..
06:58 alex_a bonjour
06:58 wahanui hola, alex_a
06:58 dcook pablito_: You might consider looking at this:[…]c.php?f=5&t=75265
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06:58 magnuse hiya alex_a and cait
06:59 cait morning all
07:00 pablito_ morning cait
07:00 cait hola pablito_
07:01 pablito_ cait, como estas?
07:01 pablito_ :-)
07:01 cait bueno? .... now my spanish has run out .)
07:02 cait y tu? :)
07:02 dcook pablito_: Unfortunately, I don't have Iceweasel on this machine, but if you go through the settings and clear the cache, I suspect it'll work
07:02 cait morning dcook
07:02 dcook afternoon, cait
07:02 dcook Oh my, it's home time!
07:03 cait yep, go home!
07:04 Joubu hello #koha
07:04 pablito_ cait, estoy muy bien, gracias.  hehe
07:05 pablito_ dcook, i clear the cache and it still doesn't work, but it's ok, most of our patrons don't use Iceweasel.  At least with firefox, it works
07:05 pablito_ thanks for your help dcook! :-D
07:09 magnuse dcook++
07:09 cait ah,.. it was bien right? I always get cfonfused there
07:09 cait and nwo he is gone anyway :)
07:10 dcook salut Joubu
07:11 * dcook doesn't know enough Spanish to be of assistance
07:11 dcook All right. Wish I could stay and talk with you awesome Europeans, but it's time for hoooome.
07:11 dcook later magnuse, cait, Joubu, everyone!
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07:35 gaetan_B hello
07:37 magnuse bonjour gaetan_B
07:37 magnuse @wunder boo
07:37 huginn` magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 15.0°C (9:20 AM CEST on September 14, 2015). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 67%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Steady).
07:37 magnuse @wunder marseille
07:37 huginn` magnuse: The current temperature in Marseille, France is 22.0°C (9:30 AM CEST on September 14, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 83%. Dew Point: 19.0°C. Pressure: 29.77 in 1008 hPa (Steady).
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08:06 marcelr hi #koha
08:07 magnuse hiya marcelr
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08:34 gaetan_B just wondering, what is the reason why we can query z3950 targets for authorities, and not SRU?
08:36 magnuse sounds like a question for marcelr?
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08:37 marcelr gaetan_B: i added it for biblio, someone else wrote the authorities stuff somewhere in parallel i guess
08:37 marcelr that code should be merged
08:37 gaetan_B ok i was wondering whether there was an issue with SRU and authorities
08:37 marcelr no
08:37 marcelr there is a report already for the duplicate code
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09:33 kivilahtio jajm: ashimema_: I am looking at the IRC logs of the previous developer meeting on 2015-08-26. And there is one thing about the swagger-driven permission I would like to point out:
09:33 kivilahtio 15:15 jajm aside from that, i'm wondering if permissions in swagger.json will be sufficient. for example, what if we want to require 'borrowers' permission for /borrowers/XXXX only when XXXX is not me ?
09:33 kivilahtio[…]ntication-schemes
09:33 kivilahtio "The first important thing is that a system making a REST query is NOT an interactive user. […] REST is authenticating a program and not person, it allows for stronger authentication than human user ID/password schemes allow."
09:33 kivilahtio This is the architectural core principle of REST
09:34 kivilahtio we can use REST API to drive the OPAC and Intranet, but we might have to fall back to svc/borrowe then
09:35 kivilahtio or some other way of getting the users own information in the OPAC
09:35 kivilahtio but that is something we get when the OPAC user initially logs in from the CGI-requests so I don't see this to be a much of an issue
09:36 kivilahtio anyway. I have been talking with the developer of Mojolicious::Plugin::Swagger2 and looks like we can get rid of the KohaliciousSwagtenticator, and simply revert to using the X-around-action -hook to authenticate and check permissions from the swagger2-conf
09:37 jajm kivilahtio, if "REST is authenticating a program and not person" how do we know what permissions the program have ?
09:37 ashimema_ in a call.. will read this and comment shortly
09:37 kivilahtio he pushed some changes to the metacpan-version which allow us to easily define custom authentication subroutine we can use generally, and overload it from specific endpoints
09:37 kivilahtio jajm: by setting permissions to the Borrower-table -entry in Koha.
09:37 kivilahtio jajm: we have a borrower category "AUTOMATES"
09:38 kivilahtio jajm: all out SIP2-clients are AUTOMATES
09:38 kivilahtio jajm: all your REST API consumers are AUTOMATES
09:38 kivilahtio or they can be individual Patrons as well
09:39 jajm kivilahtio, so i don't understand why you disagree on the phrase you quoted
09:39 kivilahtio Considering the API consumer defining the permissions to the swagger2-definition is really great customer service
09:41 kivilahtio jajm: my bone to pick is with the comment where defining permissions in the swagger2-definition might be insufficient considering the forementioned case of /borrower/{loggedinusersborrowernumber}
09:43 kivilahtio jajm: the way we add eg. SIP devices and treat them like normal borrowers from the program's perspective is just a hadny work-around to not have to code a separate permission system for non-human users :)
09:44 kivilahtio jajm: tho I must say that we should not let SIP device-credentials to be used to log in to OPAC :)
09:44 kivilahtio or be checked out to
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09:54 ashimema_ back
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09:58 ashimema_ To my, authentication and authorization in an api is two things..
09:58 kivilahtio trye
09:58 kivilahtio true
09:58 ashimema_ you first authenticate and authorize the application.. i.e this application is who I tihnk it is, and I trust them to do x actions..
09:59 ashimema_ then.. you further refine the actions by what user that application is claiming to be acting for..
09:59 ashimema_ So.. take facebook as an example of an API consumer..
09:59 ashimema_ we could set in koha that  any request coming from is a trusted request and that the application has read only access..
10:00 ashimema_ IF, the facebook requests also contain a user token, we trust that facebook has authenticated (varified the use is who they say they are) and then we apply further user level permissions to that request..
10:01 ashimema_ so.. for instance.. facebook has read only access to seach the catalogue when they do not send a users token.. when they do, they also get read only access to that particualr users account details (or a lmited subset thereof)
10:02 ashimema_ OAuth does exactly this set of actions..
10:02 kivilahtio ok
10:02 ashimema_ and is the defacto standard for it ;)
10:02 kivilahtio yes
10:03 ashimema_ in the koha OPAC case.. think of it as thus
10:03 kivilahtio I was looking at OAuth and OAuth2.0 vs jajm's and AWZ's REST API authentication methods
10:03 kivilahtio ashimema_: OAuth just felt too heavy to implemet
10:03 ashimema_ Were authenticating the OPAC as an application that consumes the API.. we know it's the OPAC because the source url..
10:04 ashimema_ the OPAC sends us a token identifying the USER (in the form of a cgisess cookie) for the second level authentication
10:04 ashimema_ AWZ?
10:04 ashimema_ Amazon Web Z?
10:04 kivilahtio Amazon Web Services
10:04 kivilahtio sorry AWS
10:04 ashimema_ AWS ;)
10:04 ashimema_ hehe.. no worries..
10:05 ashimema_ AWS is OAuth on steroids actually..
10:05 kivilahtio ashimema_: I am not sure which version of their authentication system I looked at
10:05 ashimema_ it's what most of the OAuth specs were roughly based upon..
10:05 ashimema_ in terms of swagger specification and the auth stuff..
10:05 kivilahtio ashimema_: It was a shared secret -based authentication, the version we Implemented with jajm is a simplified version if it
10:06 ashimema_ I think your approach of using the around action and swager x-whatever is a really nice solution.
10:06 kivilahtio ashimema_: we can cook the OPAC-dilemma into the around-action-hook
10:06 ashimema_ I'd stick to a standard.. rather than attempting to simplify and thus become yet another thing for api consumers to learn
10:07 ashimema_ and personally i feel OAuth is THE standard to use at the moment.
10:07 kivilahtio ashimema_: I agree with standards. Doesn't OAuth need some kind of a 3rd party to validate the authentication?
10:07 * ashimema_ has implimented a OAuth clone in the past.. the first thing people say is.. why didn't you just do OAuth!
10:07 kivilahtio ashimema_: Swagger2-spec also supports only OAuth
10:07 ashimema_ really.. didn't know that.. but is interesting
10:08 kivilahtio ashimema_: I got the undesrtanding when I was looking at OAuth that it would be just too difficult for Koha
10:08 kivilahtio ashimema_: correct me if I am wrong about the 3rd party granting authentication?
10:09 ashimema_ I'd have to look up the specs again ;)
10:09 ashimema_ it's been a few monts ;)
10:09 kivilahtio ashimema_: because that is the reason i didin't implement OAuth
10:09 kivilahtio ashimema_: lat thing I want is to use some Google-service for authentication
10:11 ashimema_ we would act as the authorization server.. it's a federated system.
10:11 ashimema_ telephon.. brb
10:12 kivilahtio ashimema_: and to do that we would have to deploy a server?
10:16 ashimema_[…]uction-to-oauth-2
10:17 ashimema_ that's a pretty good clear explanation.
10:20 ashimema_ if we're handling such a workflow within koha we are in effect developing an authorization/authentication server anyway
10:21 ashimema_ for the internal only (i.e. OPAC and Staff Client) stuff, for now though.. we can simply rely on csgisession tokens. as we agreed in the meeting
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10:28 kivilahtio ashimema_: my question is that is ther eany reason not to use the x-koha-permission
10:28 ashimema_ nope.. go ahead and use it ;)
10:28 kivilahtio ashimema_: I think we need to adopt good development patterns sooner than later
10:28 ashimema_ In fact.. I love the idea :)
10:29 kivilahtio and if we push REST API now, we let other Koha devs create controllers and test cases in an inferior way
10:29 kivilahtio ashimema_: especially since we can now easily do the haspermission check from the around-after hook
10:29 kivilahtio or whatwasitcalled
10:30 kivilahtio ashimema_: so just asking if it is ok to add the around-action hook to the initial bug
10:30 ashimema_ I think it's a good idea yes
10:33 ashimema_[…]gin-oauth2-server
10:33 ashimema_ might be worth a look longer term kivi
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10:42 kivilahtio ashimema_: this is soooo complex ... :(
10:42 ashimema_ indeed.. auth is not simple.. api's are not simple..
10:43 ashimema_ but they are worth getting right ;)
10:43 kivilahtio ashimema_: I agree
10:43 ashimema_ wish I had more time to contribute to it :(..
10:43 ashimema_ I'm firmly stuck developing an API for another app the the minute unfortunately.
10:45 kivilahtio ashimema_: it's ok. I think I am quite happy with the API key thing we have with jajm. We can always add OAuth later ;)
10:45 ashimema_ ok
10:45 kivilahtio ashimema_: but the link you showed me is a great help, so we can run the authentication and authorization servers hopfully on plack as well
10:46 ashimema_ yup
10:46 kivilahtio on Mojolicious with plac
10:46 * ashimema_ points out that he'd like to run mojolicious under hypnotoad eventually ;)
10:47 kivilahtio ashimema_: hypnotoad is a very great server
10:47 ashimema_ I'm using it in that other api driven app i was talking aout
10:48 kivilahtio I love code hot reload without losing any connections.
10:48 kivilahtio I love the idea of code hot reload without losing any connections
10:48 ashimema_ it works really nicely..
10:48 ashimema_ I'm currently implimenting a git hook to do it for hot deployment ;)
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11:09 lari Joubu, good work in bug 12426. Minor comment: I was thinking if it would be better to use GetQueuedMessages() and modify it to select by message_id instead of creating a second Get-subroutine?
11:09 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12426 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, larit, Needs Signoff , Allow resending of emails from the notices tab in the patron account
11:10 Joubu lari: It makes sense to have a GetElement sub with an id, IMO
11:22 lari Joubu, I agree, but since we already have a subroutine that gets messages, is there need to create another one or maybe combine it into old one
11:23 Joubu The existing one searches given some criteria, the other one get from an id
11:28 lari Joubu, it's okay for me. I was thinking we could save the need of having two select queries for almost same purpose by combining id into the same subroutine.
11:29 cait wb Joubu :)
11:37 magnuse another library live on koha :-)
11:42 cait where where?
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11:54 magnuse cait: a school library in sweden
11:55 cait very cool
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12:11 misilot Joubu and lari, i didn't want to comment on the bug 12426 (in case it was already discussed), but wanted to share a use case for resending "sent" messages. For example when a patron says they never got the email we can verify yes it was sent and resend it for their records, especially the messages that talk about billing their accounts. Or when they "accidentally" delete the message or it goes to spam, a staff member can resend it for them, and possibl
12:11 misilot y have them check their email making sure they receive it
12:11 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12426 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, larit, Needs Signoff , Allow resending of emails from the notices tab in the patron account
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12:19 magnuse kia ora khall
12:19 magnuse druthb!
12:19 wahanui She's really more trouble than she's worth, you know?
12:19 khall good day magnuse!
12:19 * magnuse doubts it
12:20 * magnuse doubts the bit about druthb and confirms it being a good day
12:20 druthb magnuse!
12:20 wahanui i heard magnuse was a Norwegian giant.
12:20 * druthb really is more trouble than she's worth.
12:21 * magnuse still doubts it
12:21 druthb :P
12:26 * druthb can say that stuff, because nengard isn't around to argue with her, and cait isn't paying attention.
12:27 lari misilot, thanks for input. I think resending sent messages might be a little bit dangerous because of browser history. I think we have to come up with different solution with the request for resend if we plan to allow this for "sent" messages.
12:29 cait huh?
12:29 cait lari: commented on bug 12426
12:29 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12426 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, larit, Needs Signoff , Allow resending of emails from the notices tab in the patron account
12:29 cait lari: we totally want to resend messages manually when the status is sent :)
12:30 cait because failed is only set for an invalid email... it can still be wrong and bounce back from the provider - koha will never now
12:30 cait know
12:30 cait i hope i am making sense
12:30 misilot is there a way to change the link into a post instead of a get?
12:31 misilot so it isn't in the browser history?
12:32 lari cait, aha yes i had been ignoring that. i agree
12:32 cait we forward that bounced emails to our libraries... (it's complicated) .... but I have been asked that a lot and it happens often
12:33 cait often small typoes, sometimes the patrons give a wrong address, hard to tell
12:35 * Francesca should probably be sleeping
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13:22 xarragon_ when using a development install, is syspref caching enabled by default?
13:22 xarragon_ because I activated the general mysql log and reloaded opac-main and it seemed like almost 150 queries were fired off, mostly syspref-related
13:24 cait sorry, not sure
13:24 cait the syspref caching seems a bit problematic, probably off by default? not sure
13:25 magnuse would that be in memcached? if so, you have to turn it on or at least install memcached
13:26 xarragon_ Could be timeout-based, I fired off the query after having the web server idle for a long time.. subsequent queries might be cached I guess
13:30 xarragon_ magnuse: Well I am not running memcached, so possibly yes.
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13:36 * magnuse wanders off to make pasta with chanterelles he picked yesterday
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13:47 cait super heavy rain when i have to run to the bus... grmpf
13:47 cait bye all
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14:11 pug Hi- I had a question on upgrade using deb packages of ubuntu
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15:51 mhouse Hey - is anyone here? :)
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16:27 reiveune bye
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16:32 Joubu bye!
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18:26 nitz0 Hi ppl
18:37 magnuse hiya nitz0
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19:11 * cait waves
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19:32 Kchris When the AnonymousPatron system preference is set, it appears that it anonymizes all patron checkouts; that is, it doesn't allow ANY patrons to retain a reading history, not just patrons belonging to a patron category with a default privacy of "NEVER". Is this the way it is supposed to work?
19:33 cait hm no
19:33 cait have you checked the setting for a borrower it happens with?
19:33 cait which version of koha?
19:33 wahanui which version of koha are you using?
19:33 cait it's stored in the borrower itself - so it might have been set before the setting in the patron category
19:33 cait it's borrowers.privacy
19:34 Kchris Koha version
19:34 cait what i am trying to say is that a change in the patron category wouldn't affect existing patrons - so worth checking the individual patron record first
19:38 Kchris This is our test system; the borrower is a "STAFF" category. This patron category has the DEFAULT Privacy setting. Prior to my defining an anonymouspatron system preference, there was always a checkout history for such a patron.
19:40 Kchris I'll do some more testing then.
19:40 cait i haven't seen a bug report for that specific problem
19:40 cait sorry
19:40 Kchris Thanks for the feedback. That's helpful.
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20:10 pianohacker Kchris: there's a syspref, I think called intranetreadinghistory, that you should check
20:11 edveal joined #koha
20:12 cait hey pianohacker :)
20:12 pianohacker hi cait :)
20:14 nitz0 Hey, any of you two have experience using pfsense?
20:14 cait nope, sorry
20:14 cait what is it?
20:14 wahanui somebody said it was a good idea to introduce my specific Exceptions like joubu is doing
20:14 Kchris pianohacker: thanks, intranetreadinghistory is currently set to ALLOW.
20:15 nitz0 cait: router /FreeBSD opensource.
20:16 Kchris on this system, I have access to the staff interface, but not directly to SQL tables. Is there a way to check what the borrowers.privacy value is for a particular patron from the staff interface?
20:16 cait YES
20:16 cait oh sorry
20:16 cait caps lock
20:16 wahanui bash: LS: command not found
20:16 cait you can add a new sql report
20:16 cait something like select privacy from borrowers where borrowernumber = <borrowernumber of your patron>
20:17 cait reports module > new from sql
20:17 Kchris thanks!
20:32 Kchris I get a value of "2" for privacy when I run this report on an old patron with a DEFAULT privacy setting; I also get "2" when I run it on a new patron created with a patron category that has a Default Privacy of NEVER.
20:33 cait yep 2 = never
20:33 cait i looked it up earlier
20:34 cait so that would explain the immediate deletion
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20:49 Kchris cait: so if anonymouspatron is set, then when borrower.privacy=2 the history is anonymized; but if borrower.privacy=1, then the reading history is preserved. this is the way it is supposed to work?
20:50 cait i'd say so - i haven't looked up 1
20:50 cait but default means that it will be deleted in whatever interval you have set up your cronjob
20:50 cait and forever.. means forever
20:51 cait be careful
20:51 cait anonymouspatron will be enforced soon for patrons with 2
20:51 Kchris okay. where do you look up the values for 1, 2, and 0?
20:51 cait so if you don't want to have their patron history deleted you shoudl take care to fix it
20:52 cait hm sec
20:52 Kchris by fix it, you mean change borrower.privacy to the appropriate value for patrons who want to retain the history?
20:52 cait[…]40d0bfc9cdf4#l754
20:52 cait that's probably not the best answer, but that's where i look it up
20:52 cait the first 3 lines
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20:53 cait Kchris: yes - not sure how they got set to 2 - if it was an action by the user you should probably keep it, if it's just an import thing, might want to change for your production system
20:54 Kchris right now patrons don't have the option to set it for themselves.
20:54 cait hm maybe happened on import hten
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21:12 Kchris cait: thanks for the help.
21:14 cait you are welcome
21:52 cait left #koha
21:55 nitz0 bye ppl...
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22:00 wizzyrea bye
22:00 wizzyrea cait you had a question for me about the website?
22:02 pianohacker @later tell Joubu I have a million followups, with on
22:02 huginn` pianohacker: The operation succeeded.
22:02 pianohacker @later tell Joubu *only my most recent one working everywhere. Should I condense them all?
22:02 huginn` pianohacker: The operation succeeded.
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