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00:39 Francesca @wunder wlg
00:39 huginn Francesca: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 13.0°C (12:30 PM NZST on August 17, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 67%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Falling).
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05:19 putti Hi. I think I can just file a normal bugs for Koha Staff side xss/something vulnerabilities? They only work if there is a malicious person in the staff... Nothing what a non-staff person could do.
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05:36 cait putti, still around?
05:36 putti cait, yeah
05:36 cait you can file a security bug
05:36 cait it's not generally visible then
05:37 putti Alright
05:37 cait[…]t=Koha%20security
05:40 putti cait, oh, they were already reported, and people seem to be working on them. :)
05:40 cait going on vacation now :) bye #koha
05:40 cait ah good
05:41 dcook have a good vacation, cait :)
05:41 cait I will stop by, but no laptop for a week!
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08:03 drojf morning #koha
08:04 drojf pff. now even cait is on vacation :P
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08:44 * andreashm waves
08:45 drojf hi andreashm
08:45 andreashm hi drojf!
08:46 drojf i think the rest of europe is on vacation ;)
08:46 andreashm at least someone is here. =)
08:46 drojf heh
08:46 andreashm I came back from vacation last week. still a bit rusty.
08:46 drojf i would like some vacation too :/
08:48 andreashm go ahead! you can say I said it's ok.
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08:49 drojf awesome! :D
08:53 drojf a library just sent me their exported data, so i guess no vacation for me ;)
08:56 titiwm Hi all, Tony from Kenya a user of koha
08:56 * Francesca waves
08:57 drojf hi titiwm
08:57 drojf an dhi Francesca
08:58 drojf and hi Francesca
08:58 Francesca hey drojf :)
08:58 Francesca hows it going?
08:59 drojf good, apart from the "everyone's on vacation but me" part :D
08:59 drojf how about you?
08:59 Francesca Last week of uni before midterm
09:00 Francesca so really busy
09:00 Francesca luckily I still have time in the evenings to hang around on here
09:01 drojf so we should actually send you away to study? :P
09:02 Francesca nope
09:02 Francesca not happening
09:20 Francesca @wunder wlg
09:20 huginn Francesca: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 10.0°C (9:00 PM NZST on August 17, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 76%. Dew Point: 6.0°C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Steady).
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12:04 Joubu Hello #koha
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12:42 druthb good morning, #koha. :)
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12:45 nengard morning druthb
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13:52 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 14592: Export data bad encoding <[…]cc156c466576dcc9a>
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13:54 barton morning #koha!
13:55 barton is it possible to anchor search terms in zebra search? I have a library that wants to search for callnumbers starting with 'F
13:56 barton ... in regex it would be /^F/ ... is this possible with zebra?
13:57 barton 'callnumber: F' returns too many results, 'callnumber: F*' returns none.
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14:40 tcohen hi
14:40 tcohen hi Joubu, how was your vacation?
14:41 Joubu sunny :)
14:41 tcohen heh
14:42 tcohen i'm glad to hear that
14:42 tcohen we have a national holiday today
14:42 tcohen i'll be around anyway
14:43 tcohen i'd like to push the plack patches ASAP and have them tested to fix any issues in time for the release
14:47 cait joined #koha
14:47 * cait waves from amsterdam :)
14:47 cait barton: still around?
14:48 cait @later tell barton callnum,rtrn=F
14:48 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
14:50 cait_ joined #koha
14:57 barton thanks cait!
14:58 * barton waves from Louisville (should have gotten in channel last week, I coulda waved from Portland, OR)
14:59 tcohen hi cait_ and barton
14:59 cait_ barton: callnum search with right truncation
15:00 barton hi tcohen. Nice work on the plack stuff.
15:00 barton aha!
15:00 cait_ barton: exact field searchhh can als be quite helpful: callnum,ext
15:00 cait_ then F is THE calnum
15:00 barton nice.
15:00 cait_ we have a library that has callnumbers like F. :)
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15:13 tcohen barton: i expect people take the time to test it
15:14 barton tcohen: nod.
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17:50 * cait_ waves
17:50 pianohacker hi fake cait
17:53 burdsjm joined #koha
18:01 burdsjm joined #koha
18:03 cait_ why fake?
18:08 pianohacker cait_: clearly, the underscore is a sign of an impostor!
18:08 cait_ lol
18:09 cait_ or my tablet
18:12 drojf hi cait_
18:12 cait_ hi drojff
18:12 drojf that's the dutch version i guess ;)
18:13 cait_ maybe
18:14 cait_ we came he r e terribly unprepared
18:15 drojf what do you mean? no hotel booked, nothing packed? ;)
18:16 cait_ hotel booked, forgot to pack a sweatee and. no idea. about dutch
18:17 drojf they do speak english, don't they?
18:18 drojf marcelr does ;)
18:18 cait_ so far we manage :)
18:18 Joubu have a good evening #koha!
18:18 drojf i think written dutch is halfway understandable. spoken not so much :)
18:19 cait_ we are. going to. rijks museum tomorrow
18:19 drojf cool
18:19 drojf do you get a special tour?
18:19 cait_ we might, but marcel. himself. is not there tomorrow
18:20 drojf yeah i read that. bad timing ;)
18:21 cait_ yep
18:22 drojf doesn't eythian speak dutch? you should text him whenever you need a translation :P
18:23 cait_ problem is to catch him awake
18:27 drojf bad timing everywhere
18:28 drojf you should go eat some fries and smoke a… coffee… in a coffee shop ;)
18:31 nengard smoke a coffee?
18:33 drojf nengard: they sell cannabis for personal use in so-called "coffee shops" in the netherlands
18:33 nengard oh - so you're not smoking coffee ... you're smoking pot
18:33 nengard and by "you're" I don't mean "you" :)
18:34 drojf lol
18:35 nengard :)
18:38 burdsjm joined #koha
18:44 cait_ heh
18:45 cait_ we have seen one coffee shop sofar
18:45 cait_ it was named 'happyness'
18:47 drojf sounds like a trap ;)
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18:48 cait_ its been raining since we gothere, so we just walked around the neighbourhood for a bit
18:53 cait_ t
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19:47 drojf good night #koha
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20:36 rangi morning
20:46 cait_ morning
21:08 cait joined #koha
21:12 rangi joubu++
21:18 wizzyrea hi
21:18 * cait waves
21:18 cait seeing the bug about the guaantors - could someone check the organisation to professional linking as well?
21:19 cait i don't have a koha this week - laptop is at home
21:21 geek_cl joined #koha
21:36 wizzyrea I'll check it
21:38 cait thx wizzyrea :)
21:38 wizzyrea yeah that's busted too.
21:40 wizzyrea I'll add a new bug for that
21:40 cait thx
21:40 cait night all
21:40 wahanui goodnight cait. You'll be back.
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22:30 eythian hi
22:32 eythian liw: it's a good long-term goal, but I don't really have the bandwidth to put much thought into it at the moment :)
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23:34 liw eythian, ack; some year!
23:35 eythian exactly :)
23:37 dcook "TIMESTAMP has a range of '1970-01-01 00:00:01' UTC to '2038-01-19 03:14:07' UTC."
23:37 dcook I know I've seen this before and talked about this before, but it still seems... interesting
23:39 eythian 32-bit time_t
23:39 dcook I suppose I should've added the source:[…]/en/datetime.html
23:39 eythian is that mysql?
23:39 eythian because they should know better
23:39 dcook Yep
23:40 eythian oh
23:40 eythian you'd use datetime for "real" times
23:40 dcook Yeah, I plan to :)
23:40 dcook Just thinking about all the timestamps floating around though
23:40 eythian I guess timestamp is supposed to be an easy way of doing common things
23:41 dcook Also thinking about how we put biblio.timestamp into OAI responses using local time rather than UTC time :/
23:41 dcook Pretty sure the spec requires UTC time
23:42 rangi can switch timestamps to datetime objects
23:42 rangi in mysql 5.6 and maria10 or later
23:42 rangi and can still have them auto update
23:43 rangi and timestamps are stored in utc
23:43 dcook as of MySQL 5.6.5... neato burrito
23:43 dcook rangi: Only internally I think
23:43 * dcook will test that out right now
23:43 rangi yep, converted to local tz on retrieval
23:43 rangi but you know your local tz
23:43 rangi so its not hard to switch to utc
23:43 dcook True true
23:44 dcook Just saying it's not done at the moment. I should probably just open a bug about it though :p
23:44 rangi
23:45 rangi basically i worry more about what maria are doing than oracle these days, cos im sure oracle will stuff mysql up enough that the distros drop it soon enough
23:46 dcook I have wondered a bit about how two closely the two are connected these days
23:58 dcook Something I love about Koha... if you need to figure out how to do something, chances are someone has already thought of it and done it :)
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