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22:41 eythian hi
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22:46 mario hola migrations
22:53 eythian wahanui: good morning is <reply>the only good morning is a dead one
22:53 wahanui OK, eythian.
23:10 * dcook waves and tries to remember that command for showing the last time your name was mentioned..
23:10 dcook @last
23:10 huginn` dcook: [23:10:26] * dcook waves and tries to remember that command for showing the last time your name was mentioned..
23:10 dcook one, dcook
23:11 eythian haha
23:11 eythian you can use /lastlog
23:11 eythian though, that only works if your client has been connected the whole time
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23:12 dcook Hmm. It has, but not getting what I want
23:12 dcook Oh well. I'm sure it wasn't important.
23:16 eythian dcook: so that concert. OSDC is in Hobart, and finishes the day before it.
23:18 dcook Cool beans. Planning to do both, eythian?
23:18 eythian considering it, yeah
23:18 eythian need to come up with a talk for OSDC :)
23:18 dcook hehe
23:18 dcook Yeah, I've been wondering a bit what I'd do this year
23:19 dcook Maybe a talk about how I'm so not good at figuring out how to use Node.js with SQL databases
23:20 * dcook is so far too stubborn to give up and write his app with something else though...
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23:44 JackFlak Hello
23:44 wahanui hey, JackFlak
23:44 JackFlak Hi Wahanui
23:44 JackFlak I'm having some trouble installing Koha on CentOS 7.  Any takers?
23:47 JackFlak I'm guessing not.
23:47 JackFlak Hmm...
23:47 JackFlak :(
23:49 ibeardslee some people just don't get irc

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