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02:59 eythian hi
02:59 wahanui privet, eythian
03:00 eythian @later tell magnuse I plan to de-rant it a little and put it somewhere on the wiki :)
03:00 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
04:13 eythian 3.20 and 3.18 uploading
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04:56 eythian and finally, new master packages uploading.
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12:16 cait Joubu++
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13:58 cait @later tell kyle could you take a look at bug 13807 maybe?
13:58 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
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14:50 eskaaren Hi, perhaps this is documented somewhere but after refactoring a failed QA should I set the bug to "needs signoff" again after uploading a new patch?
14:52 cait hm it depends a bit
14:52 cait if it's only small fixes you can keep it 'signed off'
14:53 cait but please submit the changes as a follow up patch
14:53 cait if you do that
14:53 cait so 2 patches... the first signed off one, and then the requested changes as a follow-up second patch
14:54 eskaaren hmm OK I just obsoleted the old one..
14:55 cait you can reactivate it or upload it again
15:00 eskaaren OK thanks I reactivated it.
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21:20 wizzyrea hi
21:21 wizzyrea tcohen - about?
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21:31 cait hi #koha
21:34 wizzyrea packages?
21:34 wahanui packages is at
21:36 cait morning wizzyrea :)
21:36 wizzyrea hi
21:39 wizzyrea did you see the history?
21:40 wizzyrea someone needs to go through and add the rest of the releases :P
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21:51 cait i saw one patch about the tabs
21:51 wizzyrea yeah, that's just to make it convert nicely
21:51 wizzyrea it only goes up to 3.16 something
21:52 wizzyrea oh I"m wrong they're just out of order because reasons.
21:52 wizzyrea april 2 is the last entry
21:55 indradg hi cait, wizzyrea!
21:56 cait hi indradg
22:05 cait eythian around yet?
22:06 eythian cait: hi
22:06 cait hello :)
22:06 cait looking at bug 13642 again
22:06 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13642 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, hector.hecaxmmx, Needs Signoff , Adding new features for Dublin Core metadata
22:06 cait i am still a bit confused if the dependencies there are ok - does it have the information you need for checking?
22:07 eythian cait: I'm not sure - probably.
22:08 eythian I don't think I'll have time to do anything about it for a few days though.
22:08 cait it looks like only RDF:Trine is left
22:08 cait can i mark it for you somehow?
22:08 eythian I've got a backlog of stuff That Must Be Done.
22:08 eythian > RDF::Trine is in as librdf-trine-perl from wheezy and up.
22:08 eythian I don't care about squeeze any more :)
22:09 cait this still needs sign-off... but keeping youremail in mind, best to ask early :)
22:09 cait btw - we shoudl put it on the wiki
22:09 eythian sure. Hmm maybe I need a tag or something that I can have a report on to go over things.
22:10 eythian cait: yeah, I plan to. I just don't have time at the moment.
22:10 cait do we have a page yet? i could put it there for you then
22:11 eythian[…]bian_Dependencies somewhere around this I guess. But maybe I'll make a higher-level one that includes that.
22:12 cait ok
22:12 cait i can't add keywords - so I will be patient
22:13 eythian (having to ensure that all ducks were in a row for the release caused some otherwise urgent stuff to be pushed back, so it's going to be done this week.)
22:15 cait eythian++ for the ducks :)
22:15 cait discharge is actually a thing here
22:16 cait just wondering how we can make things work better in the future - no pressure :)
22:17 eythian the absolute best way is to become a member of the debian pkg-perl group and submit things to them :)
22:18 cait i guess... but a bit too many other things on my plate right now
22:19 eythian otherwise, pointing things out to me early is usually the best way, at the least it highlights issues the soonest.
22:21 cait i can also try to make sure all the necessary inforation is clear on the bug... hopefully
22:22 eythian yeah, a comment that puts the list of things and versions in one place is handy.
22:22 eythian or even a pointer to the commit
22:22 eythian (of
22:23 cait ok
22:24 eythian I might see about getting a tag or something added to bugzilla, it'll help keep things sorted.
22:24 cait cool
22:24 eythian rangi isn't back for a few days though, so hopefully I'll remember :)
22:27 cait ah, right
22:27 cait we can both try
22:27 eythian huginn needs a "remind me in a week" function.
22:27 huginn eythian: downloading the Perl source
22:28 cait was wondering aobut something similar for thunderbird today...
22:28 cait like move all mails in folder x to y when older than x days...
22:29 eythian you can possibly do that with filters, not sure.
22:30 cait didn't figure it out
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23:21 cait night :)
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23:21 eythian bye

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