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00:10 tcohen hi
00:15 BobB hi tcohen
00:17 tcohen hi BobB
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01:18 eythian hello tcohen
01:20 eythian[…]different-person/
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01:55 wizzyrea that is giggleworthy in a terrible sort of way
01:56 mtj its got me laughting :)
01:56 mtj hey #koha
02:03 wizzyrea hi mtj :)
02:05 eythian hello mtj
02:23 mtj hiyaz
02:23 mtj eythian:  the tweller books look pretty amazing ^
02:23 eythian ikr
02:25 mtj graet website too ->
02:26 mtj (optimized for IE6)
02:27 eythian it loads an entire VLC instance as a plugin just to make a "quack" noise.
02:29 wizzyrea perl translate install -f en-NZ < best thing ever.
02:29 wizzyrea or at least, it's the best thing ever in the last 10 minutes
02:30 eythian what does that do?
02:30 wizzyrea it translates only that one file
02:30 wizzyrea instead of doing all of everything
02:30 eythian ah
02:30 eythian someone should add that to koha-translate... :)
02:30 dcook Ooh. That's nice.
02:30 wizzyrea good point, kind of surprised it's not in there actually
02:31 dcook Is there a en-CA?
02:31 dcook We could just add "eh?" to the end of everything
02:31 eythian dcook: have you made it? :)
02:31 dcook Am I allowed to make that joke?
02:31 wizzyrea LOL
02:31 eythian that'll work too...
02:31 dcook Actually, I guess en-CA would be close enough to en-NZ
02:32 wizzyrea all of the en/british english have strange variations about which words have u's and z's in them.
02:32 dcook Yeah?
02:32 wizzyrea there isn't a hard and fast rule.
02:32 dcook Really?
02:32 dcook I never realized/realised
02:32 wizzyrea there seems a lot of variation
02:33 wizzyrea organisation or organization?
02:33 wizzyrea you see both
02:33 dcook Really?
02:33 wizzyrea organise, organiz
02:33 dcook I think I've only seen organisation here
02:33 wizzyrea with an e
02:33 dcook Organization in North America... or if someone is using software set to En-US
02:33 wizzyrea customize or customise
02:33 dcook Oh, but I guess Canada uses Z instead of S... but we add Us to things
02:33 dcook I'm pretty sure English just wants to troll the world
02:33 wizzyrea ^^^^^^^^^
02:34 dcook "Oh, you want to learn me? Let's make it impossible to do perfectly well."
02:34 eythian dcook: yes, only it's pronounced "rule"
02:34 dcook hehe
02:34 wizzyrea keke
02:34 wizzyrea now I really want a parody of "everybody wants to rule the world" with "english wants to troll the world"
02:35 wizzyrea "english language wants to troll the world" to get the rhythm closer.
02:35 dcook hehe
02:35 dcook Oh god, I can hear it in my head!
02:35 wizzyrea I know right!
02:35 ibeardslee wizzyrea: So, the english language, not Bill English with his budget?
02:36 wizzyrea he also wants to troll the world.
02:36 wizzyrea but that's less humorous.
02:36 ibeardslee very less
02:36 wizzyrea it'd have to be "william" to fit :P
02:38 wizzyrea[…]o-moroder-remixes < currently
02:38 wizzyrea joywave, the band that's only good when they're working with electronica bands.
02:39 dcook hehe
02:39 dcook I don't think I could be in a band. I just couldn't... pose like that.
02:39 wizzyrea[…]ig-data-dangerous see also
02:39 * dcook goes back to his All India Radio
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05:01 * magnuse waves
05:03 eythian hi magnuse
05:12 magnuse kia ora eythian
05:13 magnuse eythian: i seem to remember you talking about some saas for storing/analyzing logs a while back - do you use one you can recomend? (or that you don't hate, at least...)
05:13 eythian we use an internal one here, that we're trying to turn into an aaS (so to speak.)
05:15 magnuse nice
05:16 magnuse bbiab
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06:39 reiveune hello
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06:48 marcelr hi #koha
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06:55 indradg hi #koha
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07:06 magnuse @wunder boo
07:06 huginn` magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 8.0°C (8:20 AM CEST on May 18, 2015). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 57%. Dew Point: 0.0°C. Windchill: 5.0°C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Steady).
07:09 magnuse @wunder marseille
07:09 huginn` magnuse: The current temperature in Marseille, France is 18.0°C (9:00 AM CEST on May 18, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 59%. Dew Point: 10.0°C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Steady).
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07:21 magnuse tjänare Viktor
07:22 Viktor Hei magnuse!
07:27 magnuse it would be awesome if someone could adopt bug 8962
07:27 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8962 enhancement, P4, ---, gmcharlt, Patch doesn't apply , Create a new index for OPAC simple search, more specific than "any"
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07:39 indradg @wunder kolkata
07:39 huginn` indradg: The current temperature in Kolkata, India is 36.0°C (12:50 PM IST on May 18, 2015). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 56%. Dew Point: 26.0°C. Pressure: 29.59 in 1002 hPa (Falling).
07:41 magnuse indradg: you win :-)
07:41 indradg hehe magnuse
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07:42 indradg it is actually quite bearable as long as the humidity does not cross 65%
07:42 cait morning #koha
07:42 indradg hi cait
07:45 magnuse kia ora cait
07:46 Viktor No string freeze for 3.20 yet? can't find any such mails at least.
07:46 magnuse i have not seen it etiher
07:46 Viktor ok. Thanks!
07:47 indradg magnuse: 8962 looks like an interesting bug
07:48 cait Viktor_fika_meetings_and_stuff: nothing official yet i am afraid
07:48 magnuse yeah, it would be really good if the default search was a little narrower then "everything"
07:49 magnuse indradg: i think mathieu has done a lot of the work needed, it should just be a question of taking out any grs-1 remnants
07:49 magnuse i *think*
07:50 indradg to sync with DOM shift in search?
07:52 magnuse yup
07:53 magnuse i am not sure if mathieu did both dom and grs-1
07:53 magnuse if he did both, it should mostly be a question of taking out the grs-1 stuff, i think
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08:12 magnuse wow, "MARC modification templates" is really hard to translate... cait: do you know what you have called it in german?
08:21 cait i am not too happy with my translation either
08:21 cait Templates für MARC-Modifikationen I think
08:21 cait you could also say Vorlagen... but we kept templates in the label editor too
08:24 magnuse i think i'll go with "MARC endringsmaler" endring = change, maler = templates
08:27 indradg dcook: around?
08:38 magnuse bit too late, i think
08:42 cait magnuse: keep in mind there is a batch tool for editing records coming with 3.20
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08:56 magnuse cait: thanks!
09:04 marcelr anyone willing to sign off on bug 14213? it would be nice to still fix this issue in 3.20; small patch
09:04 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14213 minor, P5 - low, ---,, Needs Signoff , Cataloging plugin in cloned field does not work
09:13 cait i can't right now, but maybe can take a look tonight -would be better if signed off then
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09:25 * andreashm waves
09:26 cait bug 14172 would be great to have on my side - xarragon started testing, but it#s not yet signed off
09:26 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14172 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , Acq: Orders without items missing from 'Spent' list
09:29 Joubu hello #koha
09:30 marcelr hi Joubu
09:30 Joubu indradg: feel free to amend my test plans, but note that "6/ run koha qa tests tool" should not be part of the test plan
09:31 indradg Joubu: noted! newbie question: I've seen a few test plans include that... what's the thumb rule here... if any?
09:31 cait hi Joubu
09:32 Joubu Hi cait, marcelr :)
09:32 Joubu indradg: If the qa tests tool fails, the QAer will catch that
09:33 Joubu if the tester didn't find any issue testing the patch, the "signed off" status could be set
09:33 indradg Joubu: ok! thank you... i appreciate the explanation :)
09:33 Joubu the script can fail on tab chars or wrong number of tests, etc.
09:34 Joubu it does not worth to fail to SO test
09:34 indradg ok!!! I did run into a tab char fail case recently!
09:35 indradg cait: thanks for the fishsoup update tip. That problem with unicodeencode went away :_
09:35 indradg :-)
09:44 cait :)
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10:02 indradg marcelr: I was looking at bug 14213, I don't see in the plugins dropdown... (i've not yet added the patch). What am I missng?
10:02 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14213 minor, P5 - low, ---,, Needs Signoff , Cataloging plugin in cloned field does not work
10:02 marcelr hi indradg
10:03 indradg hi
10:03 marcelr this plugin (uppercase) is in the plugin directory, but it is not listed
10:03 indradg yes...i can locate
10:03 marcelr that is the reason i did it via sql in the test plan
10:03 marcelr is the most easy
10:04 marcelr you can also comment one line in the framework admin script
10:04 marcelr indradg: or you can copy the file to another name
10:05 indradg ok!
10:05 marcelr in that case it will appear in the list
10:05 indradg thanks... let me do that
10:05 marcelr should have added that option perhaps in the commit msg
10:46 indradg Joubu: around?
10:47 indradg I agree with your comment on bug 14206, but wasn't sure if it would be OK to mess with an 'in-use'
10:47 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14206 normal, P3, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , notice using only the 'print' template can't be deleted
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11:02 Joubu indradg: As you might know, the problem is the DB structure. We should have 2 tables to manage letters
11:03 Joubu indradg: the script misc/cronjobs/ has certainly also an issue
11:03 indradg ok!
11:04 Joubu and all calls to GetPreparedLetter when mtt is not defined (but should not exist)
11:04 Joubu indradg: it could be good to know if is impacted too
11:04 indradg noted Joubu
11:06 xarragon A question regarding sysprefs; there seems to be a bit of overlap for "type" and "class". Also, the wiki says "type" is deprecated as a DB column, but it seems to exist on my git install.
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11:09 cait xarragon: there has been a little shift with a rewrite of the syspref editor some versions ago
11:10 cait hm let's see
11:11 cait xarragon: you have a class db column? or only type?
11:12 xarragon Type only
11:12 cait xarragon: i'd say the table is probably not as useful as before, but since we still allow to add your own local use system preferences it's not unused
11:12 cait if you create on from the gui it's only stored in the db, so the type has sense
11:12 cait if it's a standard pref most of the information is now stored in the yaml file
11:13 xarragon Yeah, I created one of those from the Wiki instructions. Was a little confused with the 'class' keyword in the yaml file, because the exiting stuff seems to omit in many cases; just using 'choices' directly.
11:14 xarragon If there is anything that needs chaning on the Wiki page I can update it.
11:14 xarragon[…]emprefences_table
11:14 cait hm not sure, i know there are some classes - like for the language picker and the new multiselect thing
11:14 cait or for the html preferences
11:15 xarragon Ah, I see. That would explain why some older stuff is using a different, simpler syntax.
11:15 marcelr indradg: did you succeed with the example file?
11:15 indradg marcelr: yes!
11:15 marcelr good to hear; need further info?
11:15 indradg pushed in "UPDATE `marc_subfield_structure` SET value_builder = '' WHERE frameworkcode = 'B213' AND ( (tagfield = '007' AND tagsubfield = '@') OR ( tagfield LIKE '246' AND tagsubfield = 'h') OR (tagfield = '260' AND tagsubfield = 'c'))"
11:16 marcelr ok
11:18 xarragon There seems to be two 'update-sql' locations, one with 'atomic' as part of the path name. Is the latter for development stuff, and the former for official updates?
11:19 xarragon s/, and/ and/g for gram. correctness.
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11:23 xarragon[…]_bug.cgi?id=13068 <- Seems to suggest some workaround for patch testing w. DB updates
11:23 huginn Bug 13068: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, paul.poulain, Pushed to Master , New feature for DB update and sandbox
11:23 ashimema it's the old and the new method..
11:23 cait and the new method is still very new :)
11:24 cait hi ashimema
11:24 ashimema updatedatabase does version x -> version y -> version x in one long file.. and thus causes annoying merge conflicts all the time..
11:24 ashimema atomic does feature_x in a sigle update file and is run via updatedatabase..
11:25 ashimema order is 'less' important.. though I beleive atomic updates can also be ordered via names?
11:25 ashimema as ciat says.. atomic is very new
11:25 ashimema but very highly encouraged for adoption
11:25 cait ashimema: atomic goes into updatedatabase once pushed
11:25 cait so there won't be a lot of files
11:26 ashimema really..
11:26 ashimema I didn't realise that was the workflow..
11:26 ashimema I like that less now..
11:26 cait it's a simplified version- no worrying about the sequence
11:27 ashimema I thought it was much more akin to DBIx::Class::Deployment
11:27 cait hm i thin right now it was mostly a fix for conflicts/sandboxes
11:27 ashimema mm.. ok
11:28 ashimema but I'm sure updatedatabase calls a loop on files in atomic updates..
11:28 ashimema so don't see the point in adding those updates to udpatedatabase during push..
11:28 ashimema but I'm not going to worry myself aobut it..
11:28 ashimema just seems more work for the rm
11:28 cait i think the problem is the sequence
11:28 cait right now you only have 1 file there
11:28 cait if you have multiple, the question woudl be how to order them
11:29 cait it loops, so you can install it for testing
11:29 ashimema DeploymentHandler handles that with numeric filenames
11:29 cait it ugess it would, but then still someone needs to assign the numbers - i think for a first step it's ok
11:29 ashimema /perl/
11:29 ashimema and /sql/001_named_update.sql
11:29 ashimema for example
11:29 cait marcelr++ thx for the sign off
11:29 marcelr np
11:30 cait now i need to find a qa volunteer...
11:30 marcelr Joubu loves acq patches..
11:30 ashimema cait.. the original dev of the feature they're working on would ;)
11:30 ashimema you keep db features self contained..
11:31 cait marcelr: i think the problem is that items are not mandatory
11:31 ashimema anywho
11:31 Joubu marcelr: hum, are you sure about that? :)
11:31 cait marcelr: we only join with items for the itemtype... which makes not a lot of sense as it just grabs the first one
11:31 marcelr :)
11:31 cait but i didn't really want to change that
11:31 marcelr it works
11:31 wahanui But now the Universe has disappeared
11:31 cait just tried to stop it from exploding when there is no item
11:32 cait i hope, but glad to see it tested, it's quite a problem in a few of our libraries using serials and acq
11:32 cait Joubu: maybe i could persuade you to take a look at bug 14172?
11:32 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14172 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Signed Off , Acq: Orders without items missing from 'Spent' list
11:33 Joubu cait: with cookies?
11:33 Joubu erk sql in pl --
11:35 marcelr it was already there..
11:35 Joubu cait: Did you check the ordered page?
11:43 cait the ordered page shows no problem in our installations
11:43 cait the amount there appears to be correct
11:45 cait Joubu: possible that there is also an issue, but for now i only tried to fix this one :)
11:45 cait it's a few thousand in some of the libraries in difference by now, so it would be cool to get that fixed
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11:52 * cait sends Joubu cookies :)
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12:09 magnuse fika all day long!
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12:26 magnuse there is no way in koha to associate a note with an issue, right? like saying "the patron claims to have returned this book", or "we have sent a manual reminder about this loan"
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12:27 cait hmm
12:27 cait no i thik you'd write it in the item right now
12:27 cait or as a message ont he patron account
12:27 cait magnuse: kyle has developeda feature to leave notes on issues - that could be useful in the future
12:27 cait hm notes on items sorry
12:28 Viktor That does sound useful cait magnuse
12:28 cait thx Joubu++ and marcelr++
12:29 magnuse cait: but if you put it in 952$x - internal note - then you'd have to delete the note when the item is returned...
12:29 cait magnuse: true - or 3 materials note
12:29 cait also... someone could see those fields from outside
12:30 cait i think i'd just give them a 'flag' and write details into the messages in the patron account
12:32 xarragon Hm, is there a naming convention for SystemPreferences? Seems like a lot of them in acquisitions are prefixed with 'Acq', log options are suffixed with 'Log'..
12:33 cait not a gneral convention
12:33 cait but i think people look at what's already there
12:33 cait and i think maybe camelcase is kind of standard
12:36 magnuse there are some guidelines one the wiki, i think
12:39 magnuse hm, can't seem to find it
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12:42 Viktor Would version handling of records make sense?
12:43 Viktor We are working on syncing records from the national library, and also get changes in.
12:44 Viktor I'd like to see some filter system where some fiels are protected, or only some external sources can update these.
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12:44 Viktor And also that changes made are tracked so you can view the diff history of records and rewind it.
12:45 Viktor (or if it's already there and I just did'nt notice :)
12:46 cait Viktor: I'd like hat - protected fields in koha
12:46 cait it would make things a lot esier for us here as we work with a union catalog too
12:47 Viktor cait: Great. Then I could perhaps add that as one of the larger things for the team here that we can start research a bit.
12:47 cait what we'd need is protecting so things can be edited locally but are not overwritten by the import
12:48 cait like adding local subject
12:48 cait s
12:50 cait Viktor: there was once a patch on a bug report in bugzilla that looked promising
12:50 cait Do you want me to look for it?
12:50 cait but i didn't look at the code, only the description and it seems abandoned
12:51 Viktor If there is some kind of code that might be a good start.
12:52 Viktor cait: I'd be interested in looking at that so if you know how to search for it that would be great :)
12:53 cait bug 11780
12:53 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11780 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Need to prevent specific fields from being overwritten with z39.50 import
12:54 cait but shoudl also cover staged import i think
12:54 Viktor Great! Thanks cait.
12:54 magnuse cait++
12:55 Viktor I think we would want some kind of general purpose protection of reords so you could also use it the other way around and protect from local changes and let the union catalogue overwrite.
12:56 Viktor And indeed cait++ :) That was both quick and helpful
12:56 magnuse weird, now that i think about it, notes on issues seems like such a nice thing to have
12:59 indradg Joubu: can you please have a look at the new patch for bug 14206? i think it does what you mentioned in your comment
12:59 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14206 normal, P3, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , notice using only the 'print' template can't be deleted
13:02 cait Viktor: as we woudl be really interested in something liket hat... i am not sure i deserve that much karma )
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13:06 cait morning tcohen
13:07 * magnuse thinks cait deserves all the karma she can get
13:08 magnuse @karma
13:08 huginn magnuse: Highest karma: "cait" (226), "Joubu" (180), and "tcohen" (169).  Lowest karma: "ie" (-21), "-" (-13), and "^" (-12).  You (magnuse) are ranked 11 out of 409.
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13:10 indradg @karma
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13:10 indradg what is karma
13:10 indradg what is karma?
13:10 * indradg nods at 'no smart answer back from the bot'
13:12 andreashm @karma
13:12 huginn andreashm: Highest karma: "cait" (226), "Joubu" (180), and "tcohen" (169).  Lowest karma: "ie" (-21), "-" (-13), and "^" (-12).  You (andreashm) are ranked 49 out of 409.
13:12 andreashm ha! 49.
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13:25 indradg marcelr: bug 14213 signed off
13:25 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14213 minor, P5 - low, ---,, Signed Off , Cataloging plugin in cloned field does not work
13:26 marcelr indradg++ # thx for so
13:26 tcohen morning
13:27 marcelr hi tcohen
13:27 tcohen hi marcelr
13:30 Viktor @karma
13:30 huginn Viktor: Highest karma: "cait" (226), "Joubu" (180), and "tcohen" (169).  Lowest karma: "ie" (-21), "-" (-13), and "^" (-12).  You (Viktor) are ranked 23 out of 409.
13:30 tcohen ie--
13:31 Viktor Joining the fun :)
13:33 Viktor Is "ranked" highest karma of those listed in the tracking? In that case I think others deserve additional karma.
13:34 indradg can someone of the QA team please take a look at bug 14135 and pass it if it clears :_
13:34 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14135 minor, P5 - low, ---, indradg, Signed Off , Local Use syspref addition form missing variable type 'Free'
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13:35 indradg also bug 14070
13:36 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14070 minor, P5 - low, ---, indradg, Signed Off , Notice not saved when mandatory fields are not filled
13:36 indradg :-)
13:38 tcohen hi Joubu
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13:46 indradg hi tcohen
13:47 Joubu indradg: it looks better, but you don't provide tests.
13:48 Joubu indradg: it would be great to have steps to test too
13:48 Joubu hi tcohen
13:49 indradg Joubu: i dont think you mean the test plan do you?
13:50 Joubu I meant the regression tests
13:57 indradg Joubu: ok... how do I do that?
13:58 indradg i mean... where do I start?
14:04 * indradg facepalms... of course! I touched a .pm file... need to write regression tests!
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14:31 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 8480: (RM followup) DBIx updates <[…]2b98ad4b397aabdaa> / Bug 8480: DBRev <[…]1904501a9fa00d5f7> / Bug 8480: Add constraint on auth_subfield_structure.authtypecode <[…];h=bf23224c999d6a
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14:39 barton morning all... a quick reminder: has a list of IRC regulars -- if you haven't added yourself to the list, this would be a good time to do so :-).
14:43 indradg yay! string freeze tcohen++
14:46 tcohen indradg: i've just added the bn subtitles, thanks
14:46 indradg :) thanks tcohen
14:46 tcohen please, share the original version of the video
14:46 tcohen the one on the Koha youtube channel
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15:19 reiveune bye
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15:21 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 12109: Fix tab on the auth subfield configuration page <[…]5dc606d7ed5caaccd> / Bug 14152: Re-check required dependencies during upgrade process <[…]1f21c92a6e317775b> / Bug 8399: Display tab number on the mandatory field alert (authority) <http://git.koh
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16:17 nengard Can anyone define 'discharge' for me as it relates to this new feature:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8007
16:17 huginn Bug 8007: new feature, P5 - low, ---, matthias.meusburger, Pushed to Master , Discharge management
16:30 indradg nengard_afk:[…]ug.cgi?id=8007#c3
16:30 huginn Bug 8007: new feature, P5 - low, ---, matthias.meusburger, Pushed to Master , Discharge management
16:32 indradg nengard_afk: the same thing is applicable in India... it is called a) library clearance certificate, one usually needs to get hold of that letter, before receiving final degree / transcript etc from the school
16:32 nengard thanks indradg
16:32 nengard that makes sense
16:33 indradg it basically means, no issues, no dues, no holds, no fines... without which the library security deposit (also called caution money) wont be refunded to the student
16:34 indradg the deposit is non-interest earning for the patron, so as long as students don't get their clearance, the school can sit back and enjoy earning a tidy about of interest on these deposits :P
16:35 indradg s/about/amount
16:35 nengard We have something similar here - but it's less a letter and more just the library telling the registrar that the student can't graduate because they owe money
16:35 nengard no deposit though ...
16:35 indradg ok
16:35 nengard I have a meeting soon, but i'll put this in the manual after that and then we can tweak if I missed anything :)
16:36 indradg cool!
16:36 indradg i'll keep an eye on kohadocs git summaries
16:45 edveal joined #koha
16:57 tcohen nengard_away: doubts about the discharge functionality?
16:57 tcohen just let me know
16:59 nengard_away nope, just wanted to know how to explain it for the manual
16:59 nengard_away thanks
17:26 JesseM joined #koha
17:35 cait joined #koha
17:35 cait hi all
17:36 magnuse hi cait
17:38 JesseM joined #koha
18:04 cait hi magnuse :)
18:09 magnuse wassup!?!
18:10 bshum joined #koha
18:11 JesseM Hi cait and magnuse
18:11 cait hi jessy
18:11 kmlussier joined #koha
18:13 magnuse hiya JesseM
18:14 talljoy left #koha
18:16 cait tcohen: around?
18:53 Viktor joined #koha
18:57 wicope joined #koha
19:11 cdickinson joined #koha
20:15 paul_p joined #koha
20:16 magnuse joined #koha
20:29 Viktor joined #koha
20:39 indradg joined #koha
20:41 cait can someone help me testing something sip related?
20:41 cait i hae changed the koha conf entering my login data - but the telnet closes after logging in: Connection closed by foreign host.
21:00 cait noone? :(
21:02 rangi i need bug 14151 qaed before 3.18.7 release please
21:02 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14151 critical, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , SIP2 Checkouts file in Koha 3.18
21:02 cait i am trying
21:02 cait but i am failing
21:02 rangi ah ok
21:02 cait i need some help with telnet again :(
21:03 rangi maybe email the koha-devel list
21:03 cait Trying
21:03 cait Connected to localhost.
21:03 cait Escape character is '^]'.
21:03 cait login: admin
21:03 wahanui i already had it that way, cait.
21:03 cait password: admin
21:03 cait Connection closed by foreign host.
21:03 cait i know the password is lame - but only local :)
21:03 rangi i never test via telnet
21:03 cait how do you test?
21:04 cait the only times i got this working i did it this way, but my instructions seem to have a bug
21:05 rangi misc/
21:05 rangi if you run it it will give you the options it takes
21:06 cait i will try that
21:08 cait hm nothing after SEND:...
21:08 cait no answer
21:10 cait it doesn't like my barcodes containing ()
21:10 rangi hmm yeah
21:10 rangi the patch is a tiny change
21:10 rangi[…]39273&action=diff
21:11 rangi you should get no response back without the patch
21:11 rangi and a response after the patch
21:11 cait this is with th patch
21:12 cait i know the patch is tiny, but i'd like to know why this stopped working :(
21:12 rangi does it work on master?
21:12 rangi or 3.16.x?
21:12 Mammoth joined #koha
21:13 cait hm testing some more things
21:14 cait Use of uninitialized value $data in concatenation (.) or string at ./ line 269, <GEN0> chunk 1.
21:14 cait trying checkout now. but still looks broken
21:16 cait hm ok
21:16 cait it works for me WITHOUT the patch
21:16 cait but not WITH it
21:17 cait and now it works with it too... i am getting confused.
21:18 rangi you have to stop and restart the sip server
21:18 rangi you are doing that eh?
21:18 cait i am... trying to repeat the steps to make sur enow
21:19 pastebot "Mammoth" at pasted "test" (1 line) at
21:19 cait switched to master branch, restarted sip server... works
21:19 cait without the patch
21:20 rangi yes
21:20 rangi master will work
21:20 rangi the patch is only for 3.18.x
21:21 cait argh.
21:21 cait i will try again
21:21 rangi its been fixed in a slightly different way for master
21:21 rangi this is just a 3.18.x fix (maybe 3.16 too)
21:21 rangi but ill push it to 3.18.x when it passes qa
21:23 cait ... in 3.18. x the script can't do chcokuts and checkins?
21:25 * cait is getting rather frustrated
21:25 rangi you should be able to just grab the script from master
21:25 rangi im 99% sure thats what i did
21:25 cait i tried
21:26 cait it complints about a missingmodule
21:26 cait Can't locate Sip/ in @INC
21:26 rangi trying to remember how i tested it
21:27 mtj hey #koha
21:27 rangi hey mtj
21:27 cait hi mtj
21:27 rangi you might need this patch for 3.16.x too
21:27 mtj i have done some sip testing using telnet, in  RAW mode
21:28 cait i used that in th past, but ran into trouble today with the connection closing after login
21:28 cait now trying to test with the new script... but also running against walls
21:28 cait not very lucky tonight
21:29 mtj $ telnet koha.local 9999
21:29 mtj 9300CNadmin|COpassword5Y
21:29 mtj 941
21:29 mtj ..using a 93 command, for login
21:29 rangi yeah thats how you do it with RAW
21:29 rangi maybe try something like that cait ?
21:30 cait i am in doubt about 999
21:30 cait without changing my xml file as well
21:30 rangi no
21:30 cait mtj: are you testing on your local machine?
21:30 rangi that can be your port
21:30 rangi whatever you want
21:30 rangi its just that you dont send
21:30 cait doesn't the port have to match what is in the sip xml file?
21:30 rangi yes
21:30 rangi its not that bit
21:30 rangi its the 9300CNadmin etc
21:30 cait i don't get there
21:31 rangi instead of doing login:
21:31 cait it asks for login
21:31 cait i am not doing that
21:31 cait login:
21:31 cait passwort
21:31 rangi set your SIP to raw
21:31 rangi not telnet
21:31 mtj yep ^
21:31 cait but i still use the telnet command?
21:31 rangi yep
21:31 mtj yes
21:31 cait i tried both - 8023 and 6001 listed
21:32 cait where is the koha.local coming from?
21:32 mtj anywhere :)
21:32 cait it's 23:30 here - anywhere is not helping me right now
21:32 rangi that could be
21:33 rangi its the hostname of the server you want to connect to
21:33 cait thx
21:33 mtj sorry, a choose a bad name
21:33 mtj i
21:34 magnuse joined #koha
21:35 mtj i should mention there is a little checksum gotcha with telent/raw method
21:36 talljoy joined #koha
21:36 cait i think am making progress
21:36 cait testing with the patch now
21:38 cait gah.
21:38 cait i can't checkout with and without... i get 24 as an answer
21:39 magnuse ...and it should be 42?
21:39 cait hm 24 is a patron status response
21:40 rangi maybe the borrower is not allowed to check it out
21:40 rangi you should get no response without the patch
21:40 rangi and a response with the patch (doesnt matter too much what it is, just a response)
21:41 cait i get the same with and without
21:44 cait rangi: i am having no luck... now i don't get even 24
21:45 rangi maybe just email koha-devel ask someone else to test
21:45 mtj ___–_====--––≠=[][][]˜=+
21:50 mammy joined #koha
21:51 mammy Is this the right place to ask questions about koha?
21:53 cait yes
21:55 mammy Today our receipt printers stopped printing the due dates on circulation slips.
21:56 mammy How should I proceed to fix that?
21:58 mtj yeah, a log of the testing of that sip bug would be awesome
21:58 amyk mammy[…]05/18/koha-slips/
21:58 amyk there are directions there for a work-around, it is a bug
22:00 mtj ..for 3.18.6
22:00 mammy ok, thank you
22:02 mtj mammy: you need to investigate if anything changed
22:03 cait hm would have been good to have more information about the bug
22:04 amyk the bug is 14150
22:04 amyk[…]_bug.cgi?id=14150
22:04 huginn Bug 14150: normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Field issues.date_due does not display in ISSUESLIP or ISSUEQSLIP
22:04 rangi i just switched it to normal
22:07 mtj ta
22:08 cait hm filed beginning of march - but no fix
22:08 mtj hey cait, i guess your test for the sip bug was a legitimate fail
22:08 rangi prolly cos it was set to enhancement
22:08 cait hm? you can't make it work either?
22:08 rangi doesnt show up lists of bugs
22:09 mtj ..well, the report says without the patch, no response is given - but you *got* a reponse without the patch
22:10 cait on master tho
22:10 cait on 3.18 i haven't managed a successful checkout with or without yet
22:10 mtj aah master, good point
22:18 cait mtj: could you run a test on 3.18.x?
22:19 nengard left #koha
22:22 eythian hi
22:23 cait hi eythian
22:27 mtj cait: yep, will do
22:32 rocio left #koha
22:41 indradg joined #koha
23:01 BobB joined #koha
23:07 kivilahtio joined #koha
23:08 papa joined #koha
23:52 cait left #koha

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