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00:28 mtompset tcohen: Wow... almost have the root t test directory cleaned up in terms of spamminess... just one sign off left.
00:29 mtompset of course that last one is a little crazy complex, since it is intertwined with 5010. :)
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04:59 mtompset Greetings, Francesca. It's the weekend. Why are you here? :)
04:59 Francesca I left my chat open
04:59 Francesca I'm at home on the couch
04:59 * mtompset has an evil grin.
04:59 mtompset 2048. :)
05:00 * Francesca should have known this was coming
05:10 mtompset So, watching TV? Reading a book? Web surfing some research topic?
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05:16 mtompset Seems like a good time to call it a weekend.
05:16 mtompset Have a great weekend, #koha Francesca. :)
05:17 Francesca you too
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07:04 indradg good afternoon #koha
07:15 ashimema thanks for all your work cleaning up those tests mtompset
07:15 ashimema been meaning to say that for a few days now
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11:34 bgkriegel morning
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13:26 DisneyDave Hello all!
13:27 bgkriegel Hello DisneyDave :)
13:37 DisneyDave Hey .. do you have a moment to help with a problem?  My search results are still down
13:38 DisneyDave We have not touched the system in a long time
13:38 DisneyDave When we did upgrade we used
13:38 DisneyDave Package installer apt get
13:38 DisneyDave It stopped working for no reason we can think of on Wednesday
13:39 DisneyDave On Monday we are upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04
13:40 DisneyDave I just saw this:  Zebra server seems not to be available. Is it started?
13:44 wnickc did you try koha-start-zebra instancename?
13:50 bgkriegel DisneyDave: sorry, cooking :)
13:51 bgkriegel Is zebra process running? (ps wuax | grep zebra)
13:54 DisneyDave Thank you both - no worries. Ok, let me first try:   koha-start-zebra library
13:56 DisneyDave Ok got this reply:
13:56 DisneyDave Something went wrong starting Zebra for library.
13:56 DisneyDave grep: /etc/apache2/sites-available/library.conf: Permission denied
13:57 DisneyDave Invalid option: --user (only works for root) usage: daemon [options] [--] [cmd arg...]
13:57 DisneyDave Starting Zebra server for library touch: cannot touch `/var/log/koha/library/zebra-error.log': Permission denied touch: cannot touch `/var/log/koha/library/zebra.log': Permission denied touch: cannot touch `/var/log/koha/library/zebra-output.log': Permission denied chown: changing ownership of `/var/log/koha/library/zebra-error.log': Operation not permitted chown: changing ownership of `/var/log/koha/library/zebra.log': Operation not permitte
13:58 wnickc sounds like a permissions issue, was zebra rebuild run as root?
13:59 wnickc[…]ch-stuff-up-help/
13:59 DisneyDave WNICKC: It might not have.  Sadly my tech is out till Monday.  Let me ask him then.  Thanks for the tips!
13:59 wnickc no worries, it SHOULDN"T be run as root though
14:00 wnickc then root takes all the permissions and breaks it for koha user
14:00 wnickc at least that is my limited understanding
14:01 wnickc usually more people here monday too who can help a bit faster
14:02 DisneyDave the rebuild command was run from the main prompt: koha@disneykoha not root
14:02 DisneyDave Should I try to run: ps wuax | grep zebra   or just wait?
14:03 DisneyDave we ran this command:   koha-rebuild-zebra -v -f library   where library is instance
14:04 wnickc did you do "sudo koha-start-zebra"
14:05 wnickc DisneyDave: I get the same errors if I leave out sudo
14:06 wnickc so "sudo koha-start-zebra library"
14:06 DisneyDave Ok, let me try that
14:07 DisneyDave Zebra already running for instance library
14:07 DisneyDave That was the reply
14:07 wnickc ah, what about "sudo koha-rebuild-zebra -v -f library"
14:08 DisneyDave Ok, will run that now
14:08 DisneyDave Running... will be a while
14:08 DisneyDave :)
14:08 DisneyDave Thank you wnickc
14:37 DisneyDave wnickc:  Done - stopped running
14:37 wnickc search resutls?
14:37 wnickc and no errors?
14:37 DisneyDave no errors in running
14:38 DisneyDave Let me open a new browser and try a search
14:38 DisneyDave Here is link: http://btlibrary/cgi-bin/koha/[…]anch_group_limit=
14:38 DisneyDave No results found
14:39 DisneyDave no errors reports
14:39 DisneyDave reindexing then skipping biblios then cleaning
14:40 wnickc hm... did you recently upgrade from 3.14 or earlier?
14:40 wnickc could be the dom/grs1 issue
14:40 DisneyDave   better link
14:40 wnickc[…]g_to_dom_indexing
14:42 DisneyDave no - we are 3.18.02    We upgraded back in December I think it was.  Been a while
14:43 wnickc anything in the error logs?
14:45 bgkriegel Could you check /var/log/koha/library/zebra-error.log ( and zebra-output.log)?
14:45 DisneyDave -bash: /var/log/koha/library/zebra-error.log: Permission denied
14:49 bgkriegel not that way, try "tail /var/log/koha/library/zebra-error.log"
14:49 bgkriegel to show last 10 lines
14:50 bgkriegel or simply "ls -l /var/log/koha/library/zebra-error.log", if it has a size different than 0 then there is an issue
14:50 DisneyDave -rw-r--r-- 1 library-koha library-koha 0 Dec 30 07:09 /var/log/koha/library/zebra-error.log
14:53 DisneyDave bgkriegel, wnickc, I have to run to the parks and be right back - probably 20 minutes. I am so sorry. my email is
14:53 wnickc I'll be here, but you have probably exhausted my knowledge :-)
14:54 DisneyDave Hey, at this point, I'd like to backup, upgrade Ubuntu and do a fresh reinstall.  Anything to be active again.  :)
14:55 DisneyDave Im taking copious notes now so I can do this myself.
14:55 DisneyDave See you all later...
14:55 wnickc DisneyDave: good luck!
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16:26 DisneyDave wnickc: I'm baccccck
16:26 DisneyDave :)
16:26 wnickc hah
16:27 DisneyDave So it looks like the error log was empty right?
16:27 DisneyDave koha@disneykoha:~$ tail /var/log/koha/library/zebra-error.log                             koha@disneykoha:~$ ls -l /var/log/koha/library/zebra-error.log -rw-r--r-- 1 library-koha library-koha 0 Dec 30 07:09 /var/log/koha/library/zebra-error.log
16:31 wnickc indeed
16:31 bgkriegel DisneyDave: something strange... we are not on Dec 30!
16:32 bgkriegel please stop zebra, rm those files, then start again and look if they are created
16:33 bgkriegel or check your date :)
16:33 DisneyDave bgkriegel
16:33 wahanui bgkriegel is on a signoff spree
16:33 DisneyDave bgkriegel, ok, how do I stop zebra?  what command do I use
16:34 wnickc sudo koha-stop-zebra library
16:34 bgkriegel that ^
16:35 DisneyDave Stopping Zebra server for library
16:35 DisneyDave Ok, what is next step to rm files?
16:36 bgkriegel sudo rm /var/log/koha/library/zebra*
16:36 DisneyDave Thank you - typing now
16:37 DisneyDave done - back at command prompt
16:38 bgkriegel now sudo koha-start-zebra library, and check if the files are created (ls)
16:40 DisneyDave Ok, I got this reply: Starting Zebra server for library
16:40 DisneyDave And am back at command prompt (wow, that was fast)
16:40 DisneyDave I typed ls and got:   Featured Books working files  NEWEST_History_for_Koha_install.txt koha-db-05-21-2013.sql        THIS_IS_THE_HISTORY.txt
16:40 bgkriegel ls -l /var/log/koha/library/zebra-error.log
16:41 bgkriegel previous ls :)
16:41 DisneyDave -rw-r--r-- 1 library-koha library-koha 0 May 16 16:42 /var/log/koha/library/zebra-error.log
16:41 bgkriegel Good, today is 16 :)
16:41 DisneyDave :)
16:42 DisneyDave SUCCESS
16:42 DisneyDave I can search and get results
16:42 DisneyDave THANK YOU!!!!!
16:42 bgkriegel confetti
16:42 wahanui well, confetti is[…]1qh8hleo1_400.gif
16:42 bgkriegel :-)
16:43 DisneyDave So I just needed to stop and restart Zebra
16:43 wnickc bgkriegel++
16:43 DisneyDave I am writing this all down for next time.
16:43 DisneyDave bgkriegel and wnickc get free admission to Walt Disney World!!!
16:44 wnickc hah!  I might actually take you up on that :-)  Longer flight for bgkriegel
16:44 DisneyDave Anytime!  You two and Nicole have carte blanche ...
16:45 bgkriegel Hehe :)
16:51 DisneyDave Thank you dear friends .. off to enjoy the weekend and hope you do too!
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17:18 * wnickc waves
17:56 wnickc bye!
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22:31 bgkriegel bye
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