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00:01 JoshB joined #koha
00:16 dcook Oh man... maple is so good
00:17 dcook And pastries
00:17 dcook Especially maple pastries
00:26 mtompset What do you think about this?[…]ew-collaboration/
00:31 cdickinson wow, that looks like the most glorious combination I've seen in a while
00:38 dcook Sweeeet
01:10 wizzyrea kohadevbox?
01:10 wahanui i guess kohadevbox is at
01:11 Francesca joined #koha
01:21 wizzyrea francesca[…]-x-10-9-mavericks
01:21 Francesca joined #koha
01:21 wizzyrea francesca[…]-x-10-9-mavericks
01:22 eythian Francesca: don't be running OSX 10.9, it's quite unsafe.
01:22 Francesca Haven't updated recently so probably don't have that version
01:29 eythian it's an older version. It has significant security issues that apple won't fix because they hate you.
01:31 cdickinson is Mavericks already out of support period?
01:38 eythian dunno
01:41 Francesca running yosemite
01:41 Francesca not mavericks
01:47 wizzyrea[…]lion-or-mavericks
01:48 Francesca ok
01:48 Francesca I need to update my mac
01:48 rangi cdickinson:
01:49 cdickinson ah, cool
01:49 wizzyrea wow osx is especially broken.
01:49 Francesca I still think its better than windows
01:51 wizzyrea I can't believe I'm saying this, but if I have to use a non-free OS, I think I'd rather it be windows :O
01:51 Francesca wow
01:52 wizzyrea at least in terms of security. There are other reasons not to use it.
01:52 * Francesca dies of shock
01:52 * wizzyrea is not surprised
01:53 wizzyrea I used to be a die hard osx fan
01:53 wizzyrea I used it when it was 10.0
01:53 * Francesca dies of shock again
01:53 Francesca I don't mind ether
01:53 Francesca ubuntu is my fav
01:53 dcook ubuntu and debian both seem pretty solid :)
01:53 wizzyrea it got too helpful, and much like windows used to be, now it gets in my way of doing work when I just want to do work.
01:54 Francesca its just I can't run any of my music software on ubuntu
01:54 Francesca mac does?
01:54 wizzyrea yeah that's fair enough
01:54 eythian[…]/2015/04/brid.jpg
01:54 Francesca my friend has a windows laptop for school
01:54 dcook hehe
01:54 eythian wizzyrea: I used it at 10.0 too. It was possibly the worst thing ever
01:54 wizzyrea :D
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01:54 dcook I kind of want to create a brand called "Brid" now
01:55 dcook And have it been known... it is a deliberate misspelling
01:55 dcook And maybe have it be something that English majors will need... but will hate to need
01:55 dcook Hmm, it must be Friday. Need to beer the antagonism out of me.
01:55 eythian dcook: one of the shares on my computer is "Video's", it makes some people quite upset.
01:55 dcook hehe
01:55 eythian Especially when I point out that it's actually correct.
01:56 dcook O_o
01:56 dcook Is this a Dutch thing?
01:56 dcook This sounds familiar
01:56 eythian[…]dPronunciation.27
01:56 dcook Yes! Memory ftw!
01:57 eythian basically, if it ends in a vowel and you want to pluralise it, you add 's
01:57 eythian *stressed vowel
01:57 dcook So hotdog's would be wrong
01:57 dcook But video's is ok?
01:57 eythian yeah
01:57 eythian hothonden
01:57 dcook I need to go back to Amsterdam to remember what sign made me wonder about the use of the apostrophe in Dutch..
01:57 dcook It was near some square
01:58 dcook I mostly just remember young people getting high around us
01:58 eythian so, near the station then, and they were brits? :)
01:58 dcook It was very possibly near a station. I don't know their nationality, but they were fairly short
01:58 dcook So maybe!
01:58 wahanui i guess so maybe is the condition which is not working
01:59 * dcook has way too many tabs open
01:59 dcook Is wizzyrea the master of tabs?
01:59 dcook This also sounds familiar...
01:59 eythian Well, many tourists hardly seem to get past Amsterdam Centraal before getting weed from a coffee shop
01:59 dcook heh
02:00 eythian within the first three canals from the station is all tourists.
02:00 dcook I mostly just went to Amsterdam because I was touring capitals in Europe
02:00 dcook And it was close by
02:00 eythian seems reasonable
02:01 dcook My favourite memory was actually being trapped on the wrong side of a barrier with a bunch of German tourists
02:01 dcook We'd all forgotten to tap on for the train, so we couldn't exit :p
02:01 Francesca oh dear
02:02 dcook It was a bit embarrassing... but fortunately the Germans were in high spirits and could communicate
02:02 eythian I had that happen in London once, it didn't recognise my card to let me out.
02:02 pianohacker dcook: forgot to log out
02:02 wizzyrea
02:02 * Francesca waves at piano hacker
02:02 dcook pianohacker: Happens to us all! I was going to ask how old you are, but then realized that you must be getting on in years due to all the time you've spent in uni!
02:02 dcook eythian: My second time to London, I didn't realize you needed to use your card to get out...
02:03 dcook And I couldn't understand the guard :p
02:03 eythian heh
02:03 Francesca lol
02:03 pianohacker the aforementioned stress is real, and due to the fact that I have to get my thesis completed, edited and defended by May 11
02:03 dcook He eventually said "You American?!"
02:03 pianohacker *whine whine whine cheese*
02:03 dcook Wow...
02:03 dcook That's just not too far away at all
02:03 pianohacker but good to see you all, including Fransesca. Time to log out, have a lovely day :)
02:03 * dcook sends all the cheese pianohacker's way
02:03 pianohacker dcook: exactly!
02:04 Francesca dcook, american? I have a hard time believing that
02:04 pianohacker bye
02:04 Francesca see ya later piano hacker
02:04 eythian he's pretty close
02:04 dcook :O
02:04 eythian formerly geographically speaking
02:04 dcook Well, I guess I did have a mailing address in America for the first 10 years of my life too
02:05 dcook My dad was a border guard, so we spent a lot of time on both sides
02:05 dcook Francesca: I'm Canadian, but I think the transit guard thought all Americans were dim :p
02:05 dcook My wounded pride didn't have the heart to correct him
02:05 Francesca oh dear
02:05 Francesca that happens to my stepfather all the time
02:05 dcook Actually, I'm Canadian and almost Australia O_O
02:06 dcook Australian*
02:06 dcook Oh yeah... I recall you mentioning your stepfather. Where's he from again?
02:16 rsz_ joined #koha
02:18 dcook I am so grateful to the person who made "Visibility" much more user friendly in the frameworks..
02:19 Francesca canada
02:20 Francesca Don't know which part he grew up in though
02:20 dcook Lots of different parts :D
02:21 dcook The fun part of being Canadian is getting to pretend that you're offended when people ask if you're American
02:21 eythian eh, we get to do that too
02:21 eythian only, with Australia
02:22 dcook What happens when you tell people you're from New Zealand?
02:22 dcook I love New Zealand, but I imagine that's in large part because of you guys
02:22 eythian "Oh, hobbits and sheep!"
02:22 dcook lol
02:22 dcook Well, I guess ours is snow and hockey
02:22 dcook moose
02:24 eythian yeah. møøse is Scandinavia.
02:24 cdickinson dcook: I've only been to Japan, and all they talk about when it comes to New Zealand is how clean and full of nature it is :p
02:24 dcook I love clean and full of nature!
02:25 cdickinson honestly, as a kiwi, I think their sentiments are a little misguided :P
02:25 dcook Oh nose! Don't tell me this!
02:25 dcook Wait, I don't know which is better...
02:25 dcook Realistic expectations or built up fantasy
02:25 cdickinson it's definitely full of nature
02:25 dcook I figure New Zealand must look like the painting I've seen in the NSW art gallery... and the pics from wizzyrea's house
02:25 cdickinson clean? that's a different story
02:26 dcook I like to think that Canada is fairly clean... except spring time
02:26 wizzyrea yeah, it's not as clean as they'd like to say
02:26 dcook When the snow melts, it leaves behind heaps of dirt and refuse
02:26 wizzyrea possibly better than say, japan though
02:26 dcook You're telling me that Japan isn't a super clean ultramodern paradise?
02:26 dcook I don't know if I want to go now...
02:26 cdickinson Japan is TIDY
02:26 cdickinson in the major cities, pollution is a problem
02:27 dcook :(
02:27 cdickinson Osaka's not so bad, but Tokyo's pretty much got a permanent light smog
02:27 dcook I wish I knew more about air pollution. When were were in Melbourne the other day, I couldn't tell if I was seeing smog or fog
02:27 dcook I don't know if any city can compete with Vancouver's air though
02:28 dcook You could get a buzz just going for a stroll down the street
02:28 dcook hehe
02:28 cdickinson lol
02:28 dcook I actually meant that in regards to the trees not the weed
02:28 dcook But it's true in both regards
02:28 cdickinson drugs are surprisingly well established here as well
02:28 dcook I used to live by one of the urban forests, and it was absolutely amazing after the rain...
02:29 cdickinson especially in the city I come from haha
02:29 Francesca yeah when I think of canada i think of ice hockey
02:29 dcook I wonder if there's a place where they're not established though
02:29 Francesca and snow
02:29 Francesca and cold
02:29 eythian
02:29 dcook Francesa: You just described my youth
02:29 dcook :p
02:29 dcook Well, throw in some computers and books. There are sometimes you just couldn't go outside...
02:29 cdickinson I'm not sure how to feel about that, eythian
02:29 dcook eythian: That's... a bit disturbing
02:30 cdickinson Theremins are awesome, but THAT theremin........ wow, that stares into your soul
02:30 Francesca eythian: thats slightly creepy
02:30 cdickinson Does the mouth move while playing?
02:30 Francesca i don't think I want to know
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02:43 Francesca cdickson: tired are we?
02:47 cdickinson cdickinson*
02:47 dcook hehe
02:47 cdickinson Francesca: it's not that I'm tired so much as I just stop breathing fast enough to not yawn ;P
02:47 Francesca lol
02:47 Francesca nice comeback
02:48 cdickinson I thought so, but I guess I'm used to it :p it happens all the time
02:49 cdickinson my chemistry teacher at school HATED me for it
02:49 cdickinson she thought I was bored by her lessons
02:49 Francesca lol
02:49 cdickinson ...the fact that she was right is besides the point, though
02:49 Francesca I dropped science as soon as I could so never had that problem
02:49 wizzyrea it's a real thing, the psychological and unconscious breath holding
02:49 Francesca wow
02:49 * Francesca will look it up later
02:49 wizzyrea part of mindfulness training is making sure you always breathe.
02:50 Francesca mmm, I've heard of that
02:50 * Francesca waves goodbye
02:50 cdickinson sounds like something I need to do
02:50 Francesca you're not the only one
02:51 cdickinson difference is I didn
02:51 cdickinson 't know there was such a thing
02:58 dcook Hmm, I haven't done the unconscious breath holding thing in years
02:58 dcook Never knew it was an actual thing
03:01 cdickinson I know it more than anyone I do
03:02 cdickinson not sure if it's the same, but whenever I go shopping with my family, for something I don't care about... I just start yawning like crazy and feeling sleepy, even though I'm not
03:02 eythian good afterble constanoon.
03:02 eythian rangi: chose your pebble yet?
03:02 cdickinson Pebble as in the smartwatch?
03:03 rangi yup
03:03 eythian si.
03:03 eythian just got the email to sort out details for the new one
03:26 dcook Oh man... I think i'm down to 8 emails in my inbox
03:26 dcook In theory, I could clear this thing by the end of the day O_O
03:27 eythian I have 1,765. I should do something about that.
03:27 dcook O_O
03:27 rocio left #koha
03:27 dcook You and my wife. I don't know how you do it.
03:27 eythian it's pretty easy. Just be bad about deleting things.
03:28 dcook Ah, actually, if I'm honest... I'm not sure how big my personal inbox is
03:28 dcook As I filter it to only show unread emails
03:28 dcook Hmmm
03:28 * dcook nods
03:28 dcook 4044 read emails in the inbox :p
03:28 dcook 25 unread
03:29 cdickinson 8162 emails in my inbox
03:29 eythian 3,120 unread, 6,861 in total
03:29 dcook O_O
03:29 dcook Actually, old emails are super helpful
03:29 cdickinson but only 5 unread ones, and those unread ones are just ones that I sent myself to remind me of things
03:29 dcook When I had to list all my old addresses over the past 10 years, the only records I had in some cases were old emails
03:29 dcook cdickinson: I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that :p
03:29 dcook I'd say 1/3 to 1/2 of email is probably emails to myself
03:30 cdickinson yeah, I thought it wasn't a bad thing
03:30 dcook Like... "Double check shell scripts for bashisms"
03:30 cdickinson These post-it notes on my desk at Catalyst are nice, but they don't travel with me across the Internet :P
03:30 dcook hehe
03:30 cdickinson I just don't use bashisms in the first place
03:30 dcook Well, that's the key!
03:31 cdickinson I like to do crazy things in shell script
03:31 cdickinson I started writing a chip8 interpreter in shell script over the holidays
03:31 cdickinson and I tried to use as many built-ins as possible WITHOUT resorting to bash to do it
03:31 dcook Hmm, I see what you're saying about 'crazy' :p
03:32 dcook I suppose it must be easier to avoid bashisms on some systems
03:32 dcook We use bash by default at work, but I think all of my home systems use dash
03:32 dcook Don't even realize sometimes the habits a person picks up..
03:32 cdickinson yeah, dash because of Ubuntu/Debian at home for me
03:33 cdickinson The default shell at my university though is tcsh x_x
03:33 dcook O_o
03:33 dcook I've never even heard of that one
03:33 cdickinson otherwise known as the "C Shell"
03:33 dcook Mmm
03:33 eythian it was common on some weird old unices.
03:34 cdickinson Arch Linux is the distro btw
03:34 eythian I had to use it for a while, until I realised that I could chsh to bash.
03:34 eythian probably the sysadmins used some weird old unicies.
03:34 eythian or arch is mad.
03:34 cdickinson it's supposed to be pretty good for interactive use, but it's a huge PITA for me
03:34 eythian either is an option.
03:34 cdickinson apparently the default shell in Arch is Bash
03:35 cdickinson but yes, our sysadmins at our university are not... normal
03:35 cdickinson not that sysadmins usually are :P
03:37 cdickinson the only extent of csh I know though is how to write aliases, because that's all I cared about
03:40 dcook Tricksy... one of my emails actually contained two attached emails...
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04:01 BobB hi folks
04:01 BobB does anyone know whether the changes coming on bug 11395
04:01 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11395 new feature, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Batch modifications for records
04:02 BobB will allow swapping of data from one marc field to another?
04:18 mtompset swapping?
04:18 mtompset There is Add/Delete/Update/Move/Copy.
04:19 mtompset I believe that means you could move 245$b into 245$a when 245$a is blank, or other such things.
04:21 mtompset Actually, I'm in the midst of fixing a strange case on the progress bar, since I signed off a related bug 13606.
04:21 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13606 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Batch modification for records is limited to ~500
04:29 dcook eythian: any music suggestions for afternoon?
04:29 dcook Preferably something fast?
04:31 cdickinson he's gone down for beer o'clock, so you'll have to wait for a reply :P just about to join him
04:32 dcook Ah, jelly
04:32 dcook I still have 2.5 hours :p
04:32 dcook Enjoy the brews!
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04:50 BobB @later tell mtompset thank you Mark, move or copy will be what they need
04:50 huginn` BobB: The operation succeeded.
04:51 BobB dcook why is beer o'clock only in NZ?
04:51 * magnuse waves
04:51 BobB hi magnuse
04:51 dcook BobB: That's a very good question
04:51 dcook hey magnuse
04:52 BobB I'll have to speak to my boss about that  :)
04:53 dcook hehe
04:58 magnuse in norway, alcohol at work is a complete no-no :-)
04:59 dcook I'm not sure what the state of affairs is in Australia
04:59 * dcook recalls seeings a lot of lunch beers when he first moved to Oz
05:00 dcook Never had any myself though
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05:03 papa joined #koha
05:57 * magnuse switches to ncip-mode
06:05 cdickinson BobB: I like to think beer is synonymous with NZ haha
06:05 dcook :O
06:05 cdickinson or at the very least, alcohol is
06:05 dcook cdickinson: Still on the way for that beer or come and gone?
06:06 cdickinson Came and gone
06:06 cdickinson I have to drive tonight so I could only have one or two
06:06 dcook Ah, fair enough
06:06 cdickinson It's still going on, and eythian is still down there
06:06 cdickinson but yeah, the drinking culture here is notoriously... well, big
06:06 cdickinson not necessarily in a good way, but I enjoy it :)
06:06 dcook Having had a few beers with rangi, I can extrapolate ;)
06:07 dcook Yeah, that's like back home
06:07 dcook It wasn't always a good thing, but sometimes it was
06:07 cdickinson ah, yeah, that's how it feels here, too
06:08 cdickinson you should tell me more about these beers if there are stories to be had :P
06:08 cdickinson but for now I shall log off as I'm signing off from Catalyst for tonight
06:08 cdickinson so I'll be back on when I get home haha
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07:13 gaetan_B hello
07:13 wahanui que tal, gaetan_B
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07:18 magnuse bonjour france
07:18 magnuse @wunder boo
07:18 huginn` magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 4.0°C (8:50 AM CEST on April 10, 2015). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 2.0°C. Windchill: -3.0°C. Pressure: 29.21 in 989 hPa (Steady).
07:19 magnuse woke up to 5 cm of fresh snow this morning...
07:22 magnuse @wunder marseille
07:22 huginn` magnuse: The current temperature in Realtor, CABRIES, France is 7.8°C (9:22 AM CEST on April 10, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 58%. Dew Point: 0.0°C. Windchill: 8.0°C. Pressure: 30.34 in 1027 hPa (Rising).
07:31 cdickinson @wunder nzwn
07:31 huginn` cdickinson: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 15.0°C (7:00 PM NZST on April 10, 2015). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 13.0°C. Pressure: 29.62 in 1003 hPa (Steady).
07:31 cdickinson hopefully won't be drenched while I'm out then
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07:33 Joubu Can someone tell me when s/he has seen the progress bar (on importing record or modifying items) working for the last time?
07:34 cdickinphone joined #koha
07:34 dcook Mmm, I've seen it working when importing records in 3.14.5
07:34 dcook I don't think I've ever seen it work for importing items...
07:37 cdickinphone_ joined #koha
07:38 dcook Just about time to get out of here!
07:38 * dcook says having stayed late like every other day ever
07:40 Joubu It does not work for me on 3.14.5
07:40 Joubu using perl 5.20.1
07:40 cdickinphone_ Lol, late for any specific reason, dcook?
07:40 dcook Joubu: I'll check my perl version, but I think I'm using the same
07:41 dcook Are you importing items at all?
07:41 dcook If my marc has no item data, then it usually works
07:41 dcook Yep, 5.20.1
07:41 Joubu no, I did not import items
07:41 dcook Hmm, I'm not sure then :/
07:42 dcook I don't do it often enough to say
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07:49 Joubu it works on sandboxes with master and perl 5.14
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07:49 cait morning #koha
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07:58 magnuse kia ora cait
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08:36 dcook cdickinphone: Well, I'm still here now because I was on the phone with my health insurance people
08:36 dcook But before that, I think it was about an hour of just working late for clients
08:37 dcook Mostly because I actually care more than I am paid to care :P
08:37 dcook Joubu: If you add me to a bug, I will take a look when I can
08:38 dcook Out of the office all next week working on non-Koha stuff though..
08:38 dcook Night all. See you in a week or so :)
08:46 ashimema morning
08:47 ashimema dbic-migration = awesome
08:49 magnuse yay?
08:58 ashimema just a random comment..
08:58 ashimema it is very clever.
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10:19 magnuse kia ora atheia
10:19 atheia hei magnuse!
10:20 magnuse atheia: do you plan/hope to get the ill stuff into 3.20, or are you not thinking about that?
10:20 magnuse just curious...
10:21 atheia magnuse: hmm, tbh, not quite thinking about that yet.  We're now at a stage where we're starting to use it for some of our customers.
10:21 ashimema poor atheia's fingers must be on fire the patches that are flying in for ill
10:22 atheia but there's still some work to be done for providing a backend agnostic interface in order to push clean patch sets into community.
10:22 atheia I'm starting to have a pretty good schema for this work in my head though :-)
10:22 magnuse atheia: no worries, just curious about your plans and timeframe :-)
10:22 magnuse sounds good
10:22 ashimema I'm thinking we add a github milestone 'ILL - Submit to community' atheia
10:23 atheia k, I think I'll put some time into updating the RFC and bug with some additional info next week.
10:23 atheia ashimema: Yeah, I think that's a nice idea. I'll get on that.
10:23 magnuse excellent
10:23 ashimema then lump all the issues related to making it submission worthy into there.. that way we can track whats left (and maybe even encourage the QA team from here to add to the issues pile
10:23 ashimema (and even better submit some pull requests for said issues ;) )
10:24 atheia sounds good :-)
10:25 ashimema I know some people here have issues again github.. but you have to admit it's workflow for encouraging contributions and communication is actually pretty sweat
10:25 ashimema where did cait go?
10:40 khall mornin all!
10:43 kivilahtio @later tell tcohen that "I am sorry but I cannot take part in that discussion about 13611 now, I am too busy. I don't remember the answer outright"
10:43 huginn` kivilahtio: The operation succeeded.
10:53 cait to lunch :)
10:53 cait what's up?
11:00 cait reading back
11:03 kivilahtio stuff is up
11:03 kivilahtio just came from a foreman social skills training lecture
11:03 kivilahtio nice change
11:07 cait bug 13611
11:07 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13611 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, olli-antti.kivilahti, Pushed to Master , Serial enumeration not visible in the when browsing own holds.
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12:30 khall cait: for the life of me, I cannot reproduce bug 13957 on master!
12:30 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13957 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Patron autocomplete shows NULL in list of results
12:31 barton got this from #perl on google+ :[…]nes-for-dead-code
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13:10 cait khall: hm ican :) did you try users without country and some of the other fields shown?
13:11 khall I tried without country, I'll try some other combinations
13:12 cait i saw it just yesterday i think
13:17 laurence joined #koha
13:18 khall cait: not matter what fields I empty, I can't reproduce!
13:18 khall I left state and zip out in this example
13:19 khall I've left them all empty as well, and still no 'null's
13:19 khall I've tested it in chrome and firefox
13:35 cait khall: funny hm
13:35 cait i can check again tonight - could it be versions or something else weird?
13:36 khall maybe
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13:44 ashimema tombstoning is brilliant barton.. nice
13:46 cait khall: there is another patch from Joubu about a similar thing in acq
13:47 cait bug 10388
13:47 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10388 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , acq edited items showing 'null's
13:47 cait would be interesting fi you see those nulls
13:48 barton ashimema: yeah, that's definitely something that we could use. I think that having the stack trace in the tombstone log is especially nice -- it allows you to root out the calling code with a minimum amount of fuss and muss.
13:49 ashimema yeah.. looks great..
13:49 ashimema I'de vote for it ;)
13:49 ashimema tombstone everything :)
13:50 cait khall: hm, could it be a difference if you have a new user with null in the database vs. one with ""?
13:50 khall hmm, cait, let me try that. Maybe my new users have empty values and not null values
13:51 ashimema barton: though we'de probably want to somehow tie it into some centralised tracking..
13:51 ashimema HEA?
13:51 wahanui HEA is, like, coming (see
13:51 ashimema which would appear to be dead righ tnow :(
13:51 ashimema Joubu?
13:51 wahanui hmmm... Joubu is not sure how to fix that correctly
13:53 Joubu ashimema: yes, I pinged our sysop this morning
13:54 ashimema :)
13:54 ashimema coolios..
13:56 barton ashimema: HEA would make a lot of sense, as long as it didn't get in the way... the tombstones should be *incredibly* light weight. It might make sense to buffer them, then write the buffer to HEA every few minutes.
13:56 ashimema seems sensible barton..
13:56 ashimema at the moment HEA relies on a cron job.. it's not instant anyways..
13:56 ashimema so.. buffering would make sense
13:58 ashimema This is in fact a big reason HEA was created.. to track unused 'stuffs'.. so initially it's all about the sysprefs.. but I don't see why it couldn't be expanded to work with tombstoning.. I like the idea.
13:58 ashimema give people a powerful reason to opt in too... 'if you don't, a piece of code you rely on may be deprecated at short notice' ;)
13:59 cait ok, ig ot lost...
13:59 cait what is tombstoning?
13:59 wahanui tombstoning is brilliant barton.. nice
14:00 ashimema cait:[…]nes-for-dead-code
14:00 ashimema the two minute video is enough to explain it.
14:01 barton cait: see[…]nes-for-dead-code ... it's a way of finding dead code.
14:04 talljoy joined #koha
14:04 Joubu ashimema: hea up again
14:05 Joubu ashimema: there are some memory leaks :-/
14:06 rsz_ joined #koha
14:11 ashimema coolios..
14:11 ashimema well.. coolios it's up.. not so good there are leask ;)
14:15 ashimema hey Joubu.. does hea show UsageStatsLibraryName or UsageStatsLibraryUrl anywhere in the ui yet..
14:16 ashimema I'm nto seeing it..
14:16 ashimema just wanted to check out instances are sending you the data.. ;)
14:16 ashimema we have at least 3's sending data..
14:16 ashimema but I can't see them on the hea site
14:25 Joubu ashimema: when have them upload the data?
14:26 ashimema some time ago I set it running..
14:26 ashimema I've upgraded koha a few time since
14:26 ashimema does HEA not keep track?
14:26 Joubu ashimema: pm
14:33 misilot are emails sent when holds are canceled?
14:37 wicope joined #koha
14:39 collum joined #koha
14:41 cait misilot: nope
14:44 rocio joined #koha
14:45 misilot thanks cait :)
14:45 mario joined #koha
14:59 Joubu khall: bug 6007 should have been QAed before bug 1487 :) That's why you got the js error
14:59 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6007 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Checking 'Display only used Tags/Subfields' on MARC framework page results in unusable output
14:59 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1487 enhancement, P3, ---, jonathan.druart, Passed QA , Set only the used fields/subfields
14:59 khall ahh, thanks Joubu! I totally missed that!
14:59 khall will do!
15:00 Joubu khall: np, thanks for the qa!
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15:22 gaetan_B bye!
15:24 rsz_ joined #koha
15:30 Joubu have a good week end #koha
15:40 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 13866: Columns configuration - Patrons search <[…]ce1e4926711e0378b> / Bug 13372: Sort is done by DataTables <[…]19a1ac06a669b944b> / Bug 13372: Items lost report improvements <[…]f;h=03382a089df2e
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17:48 barton ashimema: khall left a later for me this morning about looking at the zebra profilePath stuff. I'm up to my eyeballs trying to integrate Koha and VuFind in an LDAP environment, but it is on my radar.
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19:37 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
19:37 mtompset BobB: You're welcome.
19:37 mtompset @seen BobB
19:37 huginn` mtompset: BobB was last seen in #koha 14 hours, 45 minutes, and 34 seconds ago: <BobB> I'll have to speak to my boss about that  :)
19:38 mtompset @later tell BobB You're welcome.
19:38 huginn` mtompset: The operation succeeded.
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23:11 mtompset Have a great weekend, #koha
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