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00:10 * eythian starts building
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00:55 mtj hi all, any idea what this perl does..?
00:55 mtj ( $protocol_version >= 2 )
00:55 mtj and $resp .= add_field( FID_VALID_PATRON, 'N' );
00:56 mtj is it just another confusing way to state..
00:56 mtj if  ( $protocol_version >= 2 ) {
00:56 mtj $resp .= add_field( FID_VALID_PATRON, 'N' ) ;
00:56 mtj }
00:56 mtj ?
00:57 mtj or...
00:57 mtj $resp .= add_field( FID_VALID_PATRON, 'N' )  if   $protocol_version >= 2 ;
01:04 mtj im sorta guessing that ($x and $y) means that if $x is not true..
01:04 mtj ..the $y bit doesnt get executed?
01:05 mtj hmm , thats not a great example
01:06 mtj ($x) and do_stuff();
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01:36 eythian hi papa
01:36 papa hi there!
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02:12 tcohen mtj, you are right
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06:07 drojf morning #koha
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07:10 * magnuse waves
07:18 magnuse rangi++ gmcharlt++
07:22 kivilahtio khall, joubu, drojf,magnuse,tcohen: I got an idea, that if we used a Double for reserves.priority, instead of Int, we wouldn't have to readjust all priorities when altering the priority of a single hold? We could simply divide the priority to smaller pieces to establish a priority queue.
07:22 kivilahtio instead of 1,2,3,4,5,6
07:23 magnuse eythian++
07:23 kivilahtio we could have 1, 2, 3, 3.5, 4, 5, 5.25, 5.5, 5.75, 5.825, 6
07:23 kivilahtio and we just smartly add the priorities in between the floating numbers
07:23 kivilahtio just an idea :)
07:36 kivilahtio It works like BitCoin :)
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07:55 fridolin hie all
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08:00 alex_a bonjour
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08:32 Joubu Hi #koha
08:32 Joubu kivilahtio: worth at least a try :)
08:33 kivilahtio Joubu: just planning ahead to the parallel holds stuff i need to do for Items
08:33 Joubu kivilahtio: why a double?
08:33 kivilahtio Joubu: Writing tests for Koha and the OVerdues module is such a pain
08:33 kivilahtio Joubu: it could be float :)
08:33 kivilahtio Joubu: so it is easy to sort, even by humans
08:34 kivilahtio Joubu: I have some good test setuppers and teardowners for borrowers, items, biblios, message_:queue, overduerules ...etc.
08:34 kivilahtio I'll share soon :)
08:35 kivilahtio for ucumber tests
08:35 kivilahtio Cucumber
08:35 Joubu good news :)
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08:54 nlegrand Hey #koha
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09:15 gaetan_B hello
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09:43 nlegrand o/ gaetan_B
09:44 gaetan_B salut nlegrand :)
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10:20 cait hi #kha
10:20 cait anyone seen problems with fines blocking circ after updating to 3.18? :)(
10:20 cait blocking circ at the self check (sip)
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11:18 gerundio hi all
11:18 gerundio I was looking into[…]ibliographic_data
11:20 gerundio does any of the items listed next to Z39.50 in this list provide a real alternative in terms of retrieving realtime bibliographic availability data?
11:23 drojf gerundio: sru is the successor of z39.50
11:26 gerundio drojf, thanks for the tip, I'm looking into Koha's documentation regarding SRU at
11:26 gerundio it doesn't look that different
11:27 gerundio if we activate the Z39.50 server in our conf SRU will become available too, right?
11:28 drojf there is a seperate config part in your koha-conf.xml
11:29 gerundio hmm, I see a separate block for SRU but the Z39.50 server block has this comment <!-- This can be used to set up a public Z39.50/SRU server. -->
11:30 gerundio I haven't uncomment the SRU block in config and just with the Z39.50 server part enabled SRU requests seem to work
11:33 gerundio is it possible to query a specific bibliographic record by it's id using CQL on SRU?
11:34 kivilahtio gerundino I think so
11:36 kivilahtio gerundio: Actually you have to configure Zebra to inlcude the biblionumber from Field 999 to one of the search indexes in the bib1-attrset
11:36 kivilahtio I did that for component parts way back, but I added the 001 to some rarely used field
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11:41 gerundio kivilahtio, what would the biblio id parameter look like in the CQL query after that?
11:41 kivilahtio You need to substitute one of the Z39-50 search fields
11:42 kivilahtio gerundio: I think there is already one field for some kind of "control no."
11:43 kivilahtio gerundio: Maybe it works as is, you could give it a try
11:43 gerundio my knowledge regarding Z39.50, SRU and CQL are very limited, hence my last question
11:44 gerundio http://opac:9998/biblios?versi[…]&maximumRecords=1
11:44 gerundio this query works on my environment
11:45 gerundio but I'm looking to search by biblio id instead of a string like "water" on that example
11:45 gerundio what should the query parameter be in that case?
11:46 gerundio if I simply replace "water" by the id itself it returns a result, but not the one it should
11:47 gerundio is there any query parameter format I could use so the search result would in fact be the record with that biblio id?
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12:02 gerundio kivilahtio, I've dug deeper into etc/zebradb/biblios/etc/bib1.att and etc/zebradb/ and I think I might have found the answer to my question
12:02 kivilahtio gerundio: wow! What is the answer?
12:02 gerundio on etc/zebradb/biblios/etc/bib1.att I found this attribute: "att 12    Local-number"
12:02 gerundio which relates to Z39.50 search by id
12:03 kivilahtio Sorry I missed your chat, because you didnät explicitly invoke my name :(
12:03 gerundio in etc/zebradb/ there's a line for "                = 1=12"
12:03 gerundio so basically http://opac:9998/biblios?versi[…]&maximumRecords=1 returns data for biblio id 61849
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12:04 kivilahtio Is the Local-number -index indexed in the marc_defs/marc21/biblio-koha-indexdefs?
12:05 kivilahtio I think it is, but there might be a more specific index for the Field 999$c which is the koha-to-marc mapping for biblionumber
12:05 gerundio <index_control_field tag="001"><target_index>Loc​al-number:w</target_index>
12:05 gerundio </index_control_field>
12:05 kivilahtio you might get some extra noise in your results if Local-number is not specific for the field you need
12:06 cait Joubu: did you see my follow-up patch for master? could you test maybe?
12:06 kivilahtio so that indexes the Biblio number given by the cataloguing authority, that number is further identified by the Field 003
12:06 kivilahtio gerundio: Check the Field 999$c
12:06 cait changing local_number i would not recommend
12:07 cait and the mapping is different for unimarc and marc21
12:07 gerundio I'm using unimarc
12:07 cait unimarc uses the 001 for the biblionumber
12:07 kivilahtio ok
12:07 kivilahtio then it is ok
12:07 cait marc21 has 999
12:07 cait i missed the beginning of the conversation so hope that makes sense
12:07 kivilahtio it makes cait :)
12:08 gerundio cait++, you're right on target :)
12:08 cait Local-number needs to be unique,so be careful not to change it (i did and the results were no fun) :)
12:08 gerundio kivilahtio++, thanks for all your help
12:08 kivilahtio gerundio: no problem! I hope you enjoy your stay
12:08 gerundio cait, I'm using a clean Koha installation
12:09 gerundio I lack the knowledge to mess around with it, so I think I'll be safe
12:09 gerundio :)
12:13 cait :)
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12:28 Oak congratulations NZ cricket fans.
12:28 * Oak waves
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12:31 cait happy belated birthday Oak :)
12:31 cait or happy belated wishes to your birthday? whatever makes sense :)
12:32 Oak oh man!
12:32 cait Joubu++ cleaning up old bugs :)
12:32 Oak happy belated birthday to you too cait.
12:32 cait heh thx :)
12:33 Oak wait. i forgot yours was before me or after me
12:33 cait march 2nd
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12:34 Oak :) cool. i better not forget it again.
12:34 Oak how are ya?
12:34 Oak at work?
12:34 Oak @wunder konstanz
12:34 huginn Oak: The current temperature in Bodensee Konstanz City, Konstanz, Germany is 10.7°C (1:34 PM CET on March 24, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 65%. Dew Point: 4.0°C. Pressure: 29.77 in 1008 hPa (Steady).
12:34 cait yep
12:35 Oak okay. work now, chit chat later.
12:35 Oak what's for lunch?
12:36 Oak no, don't answer. chit chat later.
12:38 cait heh ok ;)
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12:51 magnuse Oak
12:51 Oak magnuse
12:51 Oak here, have an orange:   O`
12:53 magnuse nom nom nom
12:53 Oak :-]
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13:03 mveron Hi #koha
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13:05 * magnuse involuntarily thinks "ah, the wine guy"
13:15 mveron @wunder Basel
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13:23 cait mveron++ thx for signing off!
13:23 cait bug 13380
13:23 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13380 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Stable , Auto fill order cancellation reasons from authorised values
13:24 cait looking for a signoff for the last patch there - sorry, just reminded me of it :)
13:25 cait meeting time
13:25 wahanui mmm meat
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13:46 tcohen @wunder cordoba, argentina
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13:46 magnuse 16 - nice!
13:55 francharb Hi all!
13:55 francharb How is it going?
13:55 francharb I have a weird issue here
13:56 francharb If I catalogue the title "blanc maculé d'une ombre"
13:56 francharb It doesn't display well on each screen
13:56 francharb The breadcrumb is OK
13:57 francharb The marc view is almost OK
13:58 francharb The normal view (with xslt) and ISBN view is not
13:58 francharb I have  Blanc macul dÌŒ'une ombre
13:59 francharb you can see the quote on the "d"
14:00 Joubu and what about the é ?
14:00 francharb it doesnt display
14:01 Joubu francharb: on master?
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14:01 francharb nope, on my installation which is 3.14
14:01 francharb i should test on master
14:01 francharb hold on
14:01 Joubu yes, you should :)
14:02 francharb If anyone ever experienced this, any feedback will be very appreciated
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14:12 francharb Joubu, it works on master
14:13 francharb good news
14:13 wahanui somebody said good news was it looks like it's running properly.
14:14 francharb but since we are not going to update this library to master, I still have the issue.. ahah
14:15 Joubu you could try in 3.16.x
14:15 Joubu and then... git bisect :)
14:18 francharb thanks
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14:42 rambutan I attended the first ever Kansas Linux Fest 2015 over the weekend at the Lawrence Public Library
14:42 rambutan Was a very good event, and I'd guess there were about 150 attendees
14:42 rambutan Next year it will probably be held at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS
14:42 rambutan I would expect a very good attendance
14:43 rambutan But anyway, I'd like to encourage Koha users that might be able to attend to give a presentation
14:43 rambutan on Koha and/or Evergreen next year
14:43 rambutan
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15:28 fridolin see u
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15:42 tcohen1 I promise I already ordered a new Wireless Router for home
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18:07 * cait waves
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19:12 * magnuse gives the evening wave
19:13 * drojf joins
19:13 cait :)
19:15 magnuse yay
19:17 magnuse here's a little thing i wrote: get marc records from an ftp server, add dummy items and bulkmarcimport them into koha
19:17 magnuse patches welcome
19:17 drojf what ftp servers would i get marc records from?
19:19 magnuse something like a union catalogue
19:20 magnuse it is written for a swdish public library that gets records from something called Libris
19:21 drojf ah ok. libris uses ftp?
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19:21 magnuse yeah, apparently
19:22 magnuse there has been talk of oai-pmh and pubsubhubbub, but i don't think that is live yet
19:22 magnuse Viktor would know...
19:22 drojf would not help much for a koha instance receiving the data anyway
19:23 drojf at least for now
19:23 drojf that reminds me…
19:24 drojf bug 10662
19:24 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10662 new feature, P1 - high, ---, dcook, ASSIGNED , Build OAI-PMH Harvesting Client
19:26 drojf hm
19:26 magnuse t'would be awesome if dcook found the time to finish that :-)
19:26 * drojf cheers on dcook
19:26 drojf yup
19:27 * magnuse makes a mental note of sending dcook some round tuits when he finds some
19:27 cait and me?
19:27 wahanui it has been said that cait is looking for someone to qa the sip patches
19:28 magnuse yup, you'll get some too
19:29 cait :)
19:32 magnuse google image search for "round tuit" - tee hee
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19:43 magnuse @later tell Dyrcona i rebased your ncip branch on master today, with only a couple of minor conflicts (as far as i could tell) - yay![…]rver/tree/dyrcona i will probably base my work on that
19:43 huginn magnuse: The operation succeeded.
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21:00 Topic for #koha is now Nominations for 3.22-roles are open:[…]ki/Roles_for_3.22 | Welcome to the IRC home of Koha | Code of conduct -[…]/code-of-conduct/ | Please use for pastes | Installation guide for Koha is
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21:00 andreashm magnuse: possibly. I hope a better solution will be around before we go live though.
21:00 andreashm looking at bug 10662 right now.
21:01 rangi you'll probably want to talk to dcook about that
21:01 magnuse yeah, i think it is a question of time and tuits
21:02 rangi but also look at[…]ses-krikri-0-1-3/
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21:03 andreashm rangi: I've seen that before, but thanks for reminding me!
21:06 andreashm also interested in the comment on that bug from Galen Charlton about allowing Koha to support multiple metadata formats. also seem to remeber that something similar was mentioned with the Ebsco grant... anyone who knows what the plans/progress are with that?
21:08 rangi yep
21:08 rangi once the ES support is done, for handling MARC
21:08 rangi then it's a lot easier to make it also handle less esoteric formats too :)
21:09 andreashm RDF?
21:09 wahanui somebody said RDF was just spinning round in circles on the water
21:09 rangi because its a schemaless search system, you tell it what it is indexing when you send the data
21:09 rangi so you can combine multiple formats
21:09 andreashm rangi: sonds great
21:09 rangi as long as they all have somethign that maps to say 'title'
21:09 andreashm sounds
21:09 rangi then you can search title
21:09 rangi etc
21:10 eythian hi
21:10 wahanui hey, eythian
21:11 cait AnonSuggestions = also allow suggestions for non logged in users (while logged in are treated as usual) OR force all suggestions to be anonymous?
21:12 magnuse kia ora eythian
21:15 magnuse andreashm: i have a cunning plan for semantifying koha, but not enough time...
21:15 magnuse indexing the rdf with es is probably a good idea
21:16 andreashm magnuse: interesting.
21:16 wahanui it has been said that interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
21:16 magnuse but rdf will also make browsing very cool :-)
21:18 rangi yep, and we have both done POC showing we can do a marc2rdf transform
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21:18 rangi which should allow for doing some funky stuff
21:18 magnuse we just need to actually get it into koha... :-)
21:18 dpk joined #koha
21:18 rangi yup
21:18 andreashm ah, the fabled next step.
21:19 rangi im waiting for the ES stuff, because it uses Catmandu and thats what I want to use
21:19 rangi cos 1 its awesome and 2 the people maintaining it are awesome
21:19 magnuse agreed :-)
21:20 magnuse andreashm: i have noted down some thoughts here:
21:20 andreashm I have heard good things about Catmandu, but have absolutely no idea what it does. and am to lazy to go read up about it.
21:21 rangi invite me to sweden and ill tell you about it hehe
21:22 magnuse btw rangi: i tried rebasing dyrcona's ncip branch on master and only had a couple of minor conflicts
21:22 rangi yay!
21:22 andreashm magnuse: the semantikoha live demo is not very live. just so you know.
21:22 magnuse we should have koha/catmandu hackfest/meetup some time
21:22 rangi we definitely should
21:23 andreashm rangi: careful, or we'll have to take you up on that offer! =)
21:23 rangi see if we can get some ES people there too
21:23 magnuse andreashm: yeah, it's been a while since i had the time to do anything about it...
21:23 magnuse rangi: that would be utterly awesome
21:24 andreashm magnuse: but this is not connected at all to the stuff Deichmanske are doing, I guess?
21:24 * cait would totally attend that hackfest :)
21:24 magnuse nope, they are going to build semantic things outside koha
21:24 magnuse i want to semantify koha :-)
21:25 rangi im with magnuse
21:27 magnuse yay
21:29 andreashm we're kind of at the same place as Oslo, as Libris (union catalog) will be where the RDF stuff is happening. but if Koha could handle several metadata-formats that would help, so stuff doesn't have to be converted into Marc21 when harvested to the local systems. So I don't really see this as an either or thing.
21:30 andreashm (could be that I know to little of this stuff. quite a big possibility actually.)
21:32 magnuse oops, running out of battery - have fun #koha!
21:32 andreashm take care magnuse!
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22:06 cait @later tell Joubu - could you take a look at Marcel's follow-up on bug 13876 maybe?
22:06 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
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