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00:18 wizzyrea bad coffee?
00:21 dcook Yep
00:21 dcook There's always a joke or a second or two spent on a character going "Bleck, this coffee is terrible" and they throw it out
00:22 dcook Or... I just noticed with all the shows I watched around a given time period :p
00:22 dcook Of course I only have 3 examples off the top of my head...
00:22 dcook Ghost in the Shell, Lost Girl, and Seinfeld.
00:22 wizzyrea oh I thought you were making a sly joke about java.
00:22 dcook But I'm sure it's in other places
00:22 dcook Nah, that was the one about it being full of beans
00:23 dcook I've definitely had a few "Bleck, this Java is terrible" moments though
00:51 dcook Of course, feeling like I'm freezing really probably indicates that I should've stayed in bed this morning...
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02:11 pianohacker oh jeez I'm still logged in
02:19 wizzyrea no you're not
02:31 mtompset dcook++ # decent Java sarcastic humour. :)
02:32 mtompset Greetings, dcook wizzyrea. :)
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04:12 jcamins_ Wow. Rakuten bought OverDrive.
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04:27 dcook Apparently they own kobo too. That's neat.
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06:11 schnydszch hi! were trying out RFID in our institution, can somebody try to telnet to our server: telnet 6001
06:12 schnydszch im trying it out from another server I'm getting v"
06:12 schnydszch telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused
06:35 mtompset Same problem, schnydszch
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06:48 paxed blah.
06:49 paxed why doesn't koha have a table that contains the extracted biblioitem marcxml, split into separate fields.
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06:58 magnuse paxed: because noone felt the need for it strongly enough?
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07:12 magnuse bonjour laurence - someone needs to give the server that runs a kick :-)
07:13 laurence helle magnuse
07:13 laurence oulà
07:13 laurence thanks
07:20 magnuse my pleasure :-)
07:25 mtompset Have a great day, #koha schnydszch paxed magnuse laurence. :)
07:27 magnuse friday?
07:27 wahanui somebody said friday was pizzaday
07:27 magnuse woohoo!
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07:37 drojf morning
07:38 magnuse moin drojf
07:39 drojf hei magnuse
07:40 magnuse happy spring equinox, #koha!
07:40 magnuse as of today i have more sunlight than y'all - mohahahah!
07:40 magnuse and there is a solar eclipse!
07:49 drojf and there are no protecting glasses available anywhere
07:49 drojf at least in berlin and a lot of germany
07:49 magnuse :-(
07:50 magnuse we bought some a couple of years ago, but we have no idea where they are after we moved last year...
07:50 drojf school kids are locked inside because schools are too stupid to buy such things ahead of time and hand them out
07:51 drojf and the optometrists said they don't care, they want to make real money with real glasses
07:51 magnuse wow
07:52 drojf they sold them on ebay for a few hundred euro in the end. they are usually like… 2€?
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07:52 magnuse ouch
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07:54 alex_a hello
07:57 reiveune hello
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07:59 magnuse drojf: it looks quite easy to make an eclipse-viewer from a cardboard box and some aluminum foil...
08:01 magnuse[…]le-projector.html
08:02 paxed magnuse: imo, mysql xml handling is so bad, it makes impossible to write proper sql reports...
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08:03 drojf magnuse: yeah. but then it's probably more exciting to just watch it online ;)
08:09 Joubu Hello #koha
08:10 Joubu drojf: same here in UK and in France...
08:10 drojf hi Joubu
08:10 drojf :/
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08:13 codavid Bonjour
08:13 wahanui kia ora, codavid
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08:23 gaetan_B hello
08:24 magnuse bonojur gaetan_B
08:31 fridolin hie all
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08:45 cait who else is watching the sun with special glasses?
08:59 drojf if you give me a pair…
09:02 magnuse i'm gonna try the trick with a cardboard box and aluminum foil
09:06 cait don't hurt your eyes!
09:06 cait some of the coworkers brought in the old glasses from 2009, taking turns here :)
09:08 magnuse yay
09:16 cait someone eats the sun!
09:19 drojf magnuse: using the front camera of my smartphone while turned away (filming the sun behind me and looking at the display) works a little better than the camera obscura
09:26 cait really looks funny
09:29 kivilahtio jcamins: so what does it mean?
09:30 kivilahtio Rakuten buying OverDrive
09:35 kivilahtio[…]invisible-indies/
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09:39 mveron Hi #koha
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10:07 nlegrand Hey #koha
10:22 cait hi nlegrand :)
10:22 cait kivilahtio: did you watch the solar eclipse?
10:23 kivilahtio cait: nope
10:23 kivilahtio cait: It is happening as we speak
10:23 kivilahtio cait: the color of the world is a bit off
10:23 cait aah it's already over here
10:24 cait it got not quite dark, but noticeably darker
10:27 nlegrand o/ cait
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10:31 cait :)
10:35 mveron cait: We have to wait until the year 2081 until it gets really dark...   :-)
10:36 kivilahtio I will turn 94 that year
10:36 kivilahtio bring it on
10:38 mveron kivilahtio: 2021 then, a partial one...
10:38 kivilahtio I wonder what would happen if earth was 8 minutes without sun
10:40 cait 102 :)
10:40 cait hm
10:40 cait or 98?
10:40 wahanui rumour has it 98 is better than ME
10:40 cait my math is broken
10:41 cait lol wahanui
10:41 mveron 126...  Hmmm...
10:49 khall mornin #koha!
10:51 mveron Hi khall
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10:55 magnuse 108...
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12:06 * cait waves
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12:11 * magnuse waves
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12:25 cait tcohen1: ?
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12:44 tcohen hi
12:44 wahanui what's up, tcohen
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13:15 kivilahtio Wanna go out with me wahanui?
13:15 kivilahtio wahanui: do you like flowers?
13:15 wahanui i haven't a clue, kivilahtio
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13:42 gerundio tcohen1, are you around?
13:45 nengard anyone know much about github?
13:46 gerundio nengard, not much, but ask away, maybe I can help
13:46 gerundio still more of a SVN user myself
13:46 nengard  - i want to set this up to pull from the official git repo regularly - I found a way to import a git repo but not how to keep it up to date
13:47 nengard like the Koha report on github does
13:47 nengard
13:47 gerundio take a look at this[…]d/for-developers/
13:47 gerundio Koha has its own git repository
13:48 gerundio I think Koha's repository @ github is a mirror
13:50 magnuse and i think nengard wants to set up a similar mirror for the docs
13:50 magnuse i think mtj set up the other mirrors
13:50 nengard yes i want to set up a mirror
13:50 magnuse no idea how to do it, though
13:50 nengard :(
13:50 nengard I'll have to ask github :)
13:50 nengard and gerundio I am the one who pushes to the git repo for the documentation so I know all about it ;)
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14:00 gerundio tcohen, I got a response from EBSCO's team regarding that Z39.50 server issue you helped me with yesterday
14:00 gerundio "Unfortunately, we do not support the UNIMARC format for Real Time Availability Checking. We do support the USMARC or OPAC formats. The USMARC format was used previously in a working configuration of RTAC for your EDS Custom Catalog. Could you change the format in your z39.50 server to either the USMARC or OPAC format?"
14:01 gerundio if our Koha installation is setup using UNIMARC can I simply publish the Z39.50 server with USMARC or OPAC format?
14:02 cait huh, and they said it worked previously?
14:02 cait it hink they might have used USMARC - but the data still was unimarc
14:02 cait thre is no automatic conversion
14:02 gerundio so basically what they're asking is not possible, right?
14:03 cait hm the confusing bit is that they said it worked before
14:04 gerundio cait, I'll try to give some context without going into excessive detail
14:05 cait makes it sound more like a communication problem - if they worked successfully with your data beofre
14:05 gerundio about a year ago I was contacted by our library staff saying that we would integrate with EDS
14:05 gerundio after a few email exchanges then, I enabled the Z39.50 server on our Koha instance and got an OK from them
14:06 gerundio fast forward a year and they say it wasn't working anymore
14:06 cait hmmmm
14:06 cait so something in our configuration changed maybe? did you update koha in between?
14:06 gerundio in the meantime the Z39.50 server had been disabled
14:07 gerundio probably when we upgraded Koha from sources to start using debian packages
14:07 gerundio I can't point any other possibility as we didn't made any changes to the configurations ever since
14:07 cait i think your koha always responded with unimarc data - but it might be that you could have asked for usmarc n the past
14:07 cait (still getting unimarc anyway)
14:08 cait the rtac service looks at the items?
14:08 cait or at the record?
14:08 gerundio nevertheless, the Z39.50 settings are now as they were before
14:09 gerundio so my thought is exactly as yours, it's been UNIMARC all along
14:09 cait that would be my guess as well
14:09 cait if they look at the items they are non-standard anyway
14:10 gerundio from their explanation regarding RTAC, I'd say it looks into both
14:10 gerundio "RTAC stands for Real Time Availability Checking, which is ensuring that the real-time holdings information for a Record is retrieved and displayed in an EDS Custom Catalog. This real-time holdings information is usually contained within a server, often a z39.50 server, which tracks if items are on available, checked out, on loan, etc... As items are physically checked out or returned, the server is updated with current holdings informati
14:10 gerundio on. When RTAC functionality is implemented in an EDS Custom Catalog and a Record is loaded and displayed, our servers automatically query the z39.50 server (or other usable server), and display the holdings information returned for that Record."
14:11 cait hmmm i'd say only items
14:11 cait as long as they can find the record
14:11 cait which should work
14:11 gerundio they mention mostly records but then they say "tracks if items are on available"
14:11 gerundio not clear for me
14:11 cait holdings information for a record - i think the dispaly of the recordw ithin ebsco comes from their database
14:12 cait hm but not usre
14:12 cait how does the ebsco index get updated if they don't support unimarc?
14:12 gerundio good question... but I have that doubt myself
14:13 gerundio I'm only dealing with the infrastructure part of the process
14:13 cait i think maybe give them a call?
14:13 cait if possible
14:13 gerundio from a few emails that were sent back and forth I saw mentions of data being uploaded to them via FTP
14:13 cait i think we can be quite sure that the data hasn't changed - only the way to query it
14:14 gerundio so I'd guess that would be the records' information
14:15 magnuse there has been some changes to te z39.50 server
14:16 gerundio magnuse, what Koha versions were affected by those changes?
14:18 magnuse i think it was bug 3087
14:18 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3087 enhancement, P3, ---, frederic, CLOSED FIXED, Z39.50 server returns usmarc format records for UNIMARC DB
14:18 drojf so they used that as a feature?
14:19 magnuse could be
14:19 * drojf waves
14:19 magnuse the changes around this happened around the 3.10 release
14:21 gerundio that would explain it
14:21 gerundio we started using Koha at version 3.8
14:21 nengard magnuse I found out how to do it - i need to put a hook in the documentation git repo - do you know how I could find the hook that's in the koha repo to copy it?
14:21 nengard[…]t-github-mirrors/
14:22 gerundio and have upgraded in a few iterations to the current  3.18.x
14:24 gerundio since there's no way to automagically convert from UNIMARC to USMARC, what is the OPAC format they mention and would that be a possible workaround?
14:25 * magnuse never heard of a opac format
14:25 magnuse nengard: no idea - it sounds like something that would have to be setup by whoever runs the official koha repos
14:26 nengard message to the mailing list it is :)
14:26 magnuse oh looky, the git server is run by someone called bywater
14:27 magnuse gmcharlt, rangi, baga and chris_n are supposed to have shell access
14:27 magnuse baga? huh?
14:28 gmcharlt nengard: mirror what where?
14:28 gmcharlt (I can help with that, just need coordinates)
14:29 nengard gmcharlt just emailed the Koha list ;)
14:29 nengard oopsie
14:29 nengard mirrors kohadocs git to github
14:29 nengard
14:30 gmcharlt gotcah
14:30 gmcharlt *gotcha
14:30 bag gmcharlt: you are on east coast time now?
14:31 gmcharlt bag: my body is, my heart and soul are timezone-less
14:31 gmcharlt ;)
14:31 bag HA
14:31 nengard :)
14:34 gmcharlt nengard: could you line up a commit to push to the docs repo, then push it when I say the word?
14:34 nengard sure, give me a sec
14:38 magnuse bag: HI
14:38 bag good morning magnuse
14:38 bag happy friday
14:38 magnuse friday?
14:38 wahanui friday is pizzaday
14:38 magnuse woohoo!
14:39 nengard gmcharlt ready when you are
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14:43 magnuse time to wander off and make pizza - have fun #koha!
14:44 nengard gmcharlt - letting beau out - brb
14:47 gaetan_B was the "hide_marc" system preference ever meant to hide marc numbers when cataloging or did i imagine it?
14:47 gaetan_B i think i remember it working this way at a time
14:48 gmcharlt gaetan_B: I think your recollection is correct
14:48 gaetan_B but it seems to only hide numbers in the marc views
14:48 gaetan_B then it might be a bug
14:48 nengard gmcharlt back
14:48 gaetan_B the preference description is sort of acurate though
14:48 nlegrand I'm going to work on Bug 13881, if someone as comments don't hesitate :)
14:48 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13881 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Add desk management
14:48 gmcharlt nengard: Ill need a few more minutes; I'll ping you when I'm ready for you
14:49 nengard K, I have a webinar in about an hour
14:54 gmcharlt nengard: OK, the mirror is now up to date, and I'm ready for you to try a push
14:54 nengard pushed
14:55 gmcharlt nengard: the "Execure" typo fix?
14:55 nengard yes
14:55 gmcharlt great, it's working
14:55 nengard WOOO HOO
14:55 nengard gmcharlt++
14:55 gmcharlt nengard++
14:55 nengard thank you so much
14:56 nengard wow I've done a ton in the manual: 1,657 commits / 884,522 ++ / 831,969 --
14:59 Joubu gaetan_B: see bug 9366
14:59 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9366 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , On cataloguing each user can easily display tags or not
15:00 Joubu gaetan_B: there are pref hide_marc + advancedMARCeditor, and for more fun, a cookie
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15:05 reiveune bye
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15:05 schnydszch hi all! regarding the RFID thing I posted a while back, changing the ip number in port="" to ip address of the server, we were able to telnet to the server. please try it out.
15:10 gaetan_B bye
15:11 Joubu nengard: I answered you on bug 13417, let me know if I am not clear :)
15:11 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13417 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , New permission to allow staff to remove public lists
15:11 nengard thanks joubu - will look in a second
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16:21 fridolin1 see u
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16:46 ashimema @later tell cait, have you ever looked at bug 12289
16:46 huginn ashimema: The operation succeeded.
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17:04 Joubu have a good week-end #koha!
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19:05 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
19:06 mtompset @seen jcamins
19:06 huginn mtompset: jcamins was last seen in #koha 1 week, 2 days, 5 hours, 22 minutes, and 25 seconds ago: <jcamins> sftp [-1246Cpqrv] [-B buffer_size] [-b batchfile] [-c cipher] [-D sftp_server_path] [-F ssh_config] [-i identity_file] [-l limit] [-o ssh_option] [-P port] [-R num_requests] [-S program] [-s subsystem | sftp_server] host ...
19:06 mtompset I need a library type. :)
19:06 mtompset Asian Synod (1998 : Rome, Italy)
19:07 mtompset If it is 711$a, what should the indicators be?
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19:11 mtompset a ha! Idea. Praise the Lord for Z39.50 and the Library of Congress. :)
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