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00:30 mtompset I thought we had a syspref comparison tool.
00:34 mtompset couldn't you do a diff of a misc/admin/koha-preferences dump -o /tmp/sysprefs.yaml
00:34 mtompset for both?
00:35 mtompset Or did you finish already, wizzyrea?
00:43 wizzyrea me? I wasn't doing that :)
00:43 wizzyrea I'm pretty sure there is a tool somewhere
01:26 mtompset Oh, right... misread. wnickc was.
03:04 mtj i just use diff for the task ^
03:04 mtj seems to work fine
03:09 bag I just blame pianohacker
03:09 bag :P
03:09 pianohacker *sniff*
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04:48 saa i tried to send an email to koha mailing list but it was nt sent is there any reason for it
04:48 saa yet i could not get any answer for the error which we have been getting for a long time with an error "Can't call method "as_string" on an undefined value at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 1685."
04:59 bag usually it’s something wrong with your marc record that you are using
05:00 saa right
05:01 saa but that record i tried to delete and create a new one
05:01 saa but this error does not go
05:01 saa even if i create it with new biblio and removing isbn from that record
05:01 saa i tried to add only author, title, publisher, year
05:02 saa same error occurs
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07:35 reiveune hello
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07:56 alex_a bonjour
07:56 wahanui hola, alex_a
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08:19 fridolin hie all
08:19 fridolin Merry Chrismas
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09:43 frmike I haven't been on irc in a very long time...I hope I still remember how to use this thing
09:43 frmike Anyone there?
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10:39 jenkins_koha Starting build #36 for job Koha_3.16.x_U14 (previous build: STILL FAILING)
11:08 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.16.x_U14 build #36: NOW UNSTABLE in 29 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ha_3.16.x_U14/36/
11:08 jenkins_koha Bernardo Gonzalez Kriegel: Translation updates for Koha 3.16.05 release
12:08 jenkins_koha Starting build #37 for job Koha_3.16.x_U14 (previous build: STILL FAILING)
12:36 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.16.x_U14 build #37: NOW UNSTABLE in 28 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ha_3.16.x_U14/37/
12:36 jenkins_koha * Mason James: Add release notes for 3.16.6
12:36 jenkins_koha * Mason James: Increment version for 3.16.6 release
12:53 jenkins_koha Starting build #38 for job Koha_3.16.x_U14 (previous build: STILL FAILING)
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13:21 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.16.x_U14 build #38: NOW UNSTABLE in 28 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ha_3.16.x_U14/38/
13:21 jenkins_koha Mason James: fix typo in release_notes_3_16_5.txt file
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14:02 fridolin seeeeeeeeeeeee u
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15:00 * ashimema watches a tumbleweed roll by
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15:30 * chris_n pours a cup of fresh ground pressed Starbuck's Christmas blend coffee
15:32 chris_n and sets the decanter in channel
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15:40 reiveune Merry christmas !
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20:55 Brooke o/
20:56 Brooke Happy Christmas, Kiwis!
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21:35 bag Merry Christmas y’all

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