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01:42 waylonR hiya all. is it correct, that solr is currently in an unusable state?
01:43 rangi yes, its been removed for 3.18, to be replaced with elasticsearch
01:44 eythian it's never really been in a useable state, aiui
01:46 waylonR right. moving koha from 3.0 pre2 to koha 3.14... can i basically copy over my zebra config files, and use the grs1 to dom script?
01:46 rangi in theory
01:56 waylonR okay, is it easier to modify the scheme in grs-1, or in dom? i need to make some changes to the scheme before reindexing.
02:12 waylonR whats the advantage of dom over grs-1?
02:17 eythian grs-1 is deprecated, because dom is better in ways I don't know.
02:18 eythian but that also means that grs-1 is presumably getting less support
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02:26 eythian annoying, on a fresh dev install, I get this:
02:26 eythian 15:26:31-04/12 zebraidx(3783) [warn] No such record type: dom./home/robin/koha-dev/etc/zeb​radb/biblios/etc/dom-config.xml
02:27 eythian and the rebuild fails
02:27 eythian but fails with no other useful messages
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02:34 mtj heya eythian
02:34 eythian hi mtj
02:34 eythian you don't know how to solve my problem, perchance?
02:34 mtj i've often thought we need some helper script, that detects a sane zebra setup
02:34 mtj nah, i dont think i do.. :/
02:35 eythian bother
02:35 mtj does it fail at the start, or some way thru it?
02:36 eythian pretty much the start of invoking zebraidx
02:37 mtj hmm, ok..
02:37 eythian just emailing the -devel list now
02:38 mtj running off a 3.18.0 repo?
02:38 eythian yarp
02:41 mtompset yarp?
02:41 mtj are you running koha-rebuild-zebra , eythian - or someting else?
02:41 eythian
02:42 mtj ok
02:42 eythian this isn't a package install, it's a dev install
02:42 mtj yep, ok
02:43 mtj hum, you might try swapping in a set of 3.16.x zebra conf files
02:43 mtj ..then try again, see if the problem persists
02:43 mtj or try diffing a set of 3.16 and 3.18 config files
02:44 mtj grab some older versions of dom-config.xml, to test
02:45 eythian I don't know if that file is even the problem
02:45 eythian I'm wondering if it's zebra-biblios-dom.cfg, which is where that line is from
02:45 eythian well, where it references dom./...
02:48 rangi yeah, or its something in home/robin/koha-dev/etc/zebra​db/biblios/etc/dom-config.xml
02:49 rangi ie its a bad error message
02:49 * eythian tests
02:50 eythian 15:50:21-04/12 zebraidx(3849) [warn] No such record type: dom./home/robin/koha-dev/etc/zebradb​/authorities/etc/dom-config.xmlaarrg
02:50 eythian I think it's an error in some other way
02:50 mtj hmm, it looks fiddly :/
02:50 rangi yeah
02:50 eythian i.e. the path seems to make no difference
02:51 rangi thats what i found when i hit it too i think
02:53 eythian the file hasn't changed since 2012 though
02:53 mtj what happens with a 3.16 version of  dom-config.xml , and  zebra-biblios-dom.cfg , i wonder..
02:54 mtj ah, scratch that then :)
02:55 eythian +facetNumRecs:1000
02:55 eythian ^-- the only change between 3.16.00 and master
02:56 mtj does a 3.18 pkg install have the same bug?
02:56 eythian unsure
02:56 eythian it'd only happen with fresh instances, too
02:57 eythian but we would have noticed if 3.16 did...
03:02 mtj hm, yeah
03:04 eythian
03:05 mtj i'm a bit busy at the mo, to confirm the bug in 3.18 pkg
03:06 mtj upgrading disks on my dev box... so no dev box to test on, even
03:07 eythian ah
03:08 eythian Well, I'm going to stop poking it and see if someone on the mailing list knows what's going on. I'm mostly trying to get elastic search working in this environment anyway, so zebra isn't compulsory.
03:10 rangi to go along with eythian's link
03:10 eythian in this case, the SFC one is a new thing they're doing.
03:10 rangi or if you want to credit me  :)
03:11 rangi yep, SFC are pretty cool
03:11 eythian hmm, is the FSF one putting a header in some maybe non-english alphabet?
03:11 eythian "Новости"
03:11 eythian it links to the news
03:11 rangi evergreen are part of the conservancy
03:11 eythian oh, it's going totally cyrillic for me
03:11 eythian weird
03:16 mtj nice, thanks for the links guys ^
04:09 waylonR okay, is it easier to modify the scheme in grs-1, or in dom? i need to make some changes to the scheme before reindexing.
05:27 mtompset Has anyone ever pushed in a newer version of a core module (Scalar::Utils) into an Ubuntu system?
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05:35 mtompset Greetings, cait.
05:35 cait hi
05:35 mtompset Anyone know what uses libossp-uuid-perl in Koha?
05:41 mtompset my data::uuid (forget the capitalization) is not a high enough version in Ubuntu 14.04, and I'm trying to install Test::DBIx::Class.
05:43 wajasu fun.
05:55 mtompset and libossp-uuid-perl conflicts with libdata-uuid-perl, since the former provides the latter, but it is an earlier version.
05:55 mtompset well, let's see what explodes. :)
05:57 mtompset Kind of annoying that installation of Test::DBIx::Class is easier under Jessie.
06:07 mtompset And now I remember why I was trying to get Test::DBIx::Class installed! Shibboleth!
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06:26 mtompset Have a great day (24 hour period), #koha.
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07:38 mveron Hi #koha
07:40 mveron The world needs books:
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07:58 alex_a bonjour
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08:03 marcelr hi #koha
08:14 marcelr @later tell tcohen  how about $DBversion = ''; ?
08:14 huginn marcelr: The operation succeeded.
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09:20 akafred The debian package for koha 3.16.04 ... is it available anywhere.
09:20 akafred ?
09:28 drojf akafred: maybe check your sources.list. 3.16.x should be oldstable not (and 3.18.x squeeze) so you probably have to change the file. but i don't know if eythian did the package already
09:29 drojf *oldstable now
09:30 akafred We checked yesterday and found 3.14...
09:32 drojf hm yes i just tried. i guess you'll have to wait a few days then
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10:20 gaetan_B hello
10:21 akafred Btw is there any reason why old versions are not kept around in the deb repo?
10:29 magnuse akafred: when i have "deb oldstable main" in /etc/apt/sources.list i get 3.16.04, but that has been there for some time
10:30 magnuse i guess we don't have 3.16.5 yet
10:32 drojf magnuse: really? i get 3.14.11
10:33 drojf 3.14.11 0 500 oldstable/main i386 Packages
10:36 drojf akafred: i think eythian wanted to reorganize things some day. like getting rid of the name "squeeze" for the stable release. but i don't know if there are plans to keep older releases
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10:37 akafred Keeping old versions around reduces risk ... in case a new release contains a bug that will take a while to resolve.
10:38 cait good morning #koha
10:38 drojf hi cait
10:41 cait hi drojf
10:41 cait hi akafred
10:41 cait akafred: lots of questions about opl's project at the swib conf
10:41 akafred hi cait :-)
10:42 akafred Cool :-)
10:48 akafred We haven't really begun building production quality solutions for the semantic stuff, yet, though.
10:50 cait maybe next year
10:51 cait i think it will be in hamburg - nice city too :)
10:51 drojf oh i want to go too :)
10:53 akafred However we have done some cool devops stuff, like running Koha in a Docker container, running feature tests against the web interface of Koha (so we can do London style TDD) in a build server, plus have gone a long way to convert data from Bibliofil (the top vendor of ILS'es for public libraries in Norway) to Koha ...
10:54 cait sounds good :)
10:54 akafred ... have plans to blog about it ... perhaps over the holidays :-)
10:54 cait akafred: will be someone from oslo in marseille again?
10:54 cait the date is not set yet - but i think probably march
10:55 akafred I think so, but nothing has been decided. I want to go, anyway :-)
11:06 cait akafred: i am a big fan of the hackfests
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11:34 akafred Yeah, great initiative :-)
12:53 cait ok, libraries with more than 700.000 records...
12:53 cait anyone?
12:53 wahanui Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
12:53 cait need a good example
12:53 cait :)
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12:54 cait paul_p:
12:55 cait paul_p: looking for huge koha catalogs - over 700.000 records - can you think of someone?
12:55 paul_p cait = yep, aix marseille university
12:55 paul_p (800 000 biblios, 1.3M items)
12:57 cait paul_p: great
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13:05 tcohen morning!
13:09 nlegrand hey !
13:09 cait hi tcohen
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13:11 nlegrand cait: us 992693 bilio, 1289161 items (but the 3.18 version is only in test inside right now, the public one is still our old 3.2)
13:11 cait nlegrand: nice!
13:11 cait can you give me the link to your library catlaog maybe?
13:12 nlegrand cait: nice thing about it : it as more than 350 different languages in it
13:13 cait :)
13:13 cait would you say it works ok for you?
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13:15 cait nlegrand++
13:16 cait nlegrand: stupid question.... but don't speak fench :) is the library just called BULAC?
13:16 nlegrand cait: it's rather ok, we can work with it
13:16 nlegrand cait: yes for bibliothèque universitaire des langues et civilisations (University Library of Languages and Civilazations)
13:18 nlegrand nlegrand: well, we need a lot of improvements, but it's rather ok :) we work with it all day long. It may be a bit hard for our patrons to find books, formations and explanation of how it works is often necessary
13:18 nlegrand ho that last one was for cait, not for me :)
13:19 cait ah, what's the problem for the patrons?
13:19 cait and thx
13:23 nlegrand cait: we have some complains about finding books, serials, and a lot of noise, but it's rather ok anyway :)
13:38 nlegrand cait: but if it's about size, I guess it will be the same problem with a less than 700 000 items catalog :). I'm not sure our ILS is far worse than what it would be with only 500000 items :).
13:41 cait i often get asked about a size limit with koha
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16:05 saa when i search for a particular record in koha in opac i get an error "Can't call method "as_string" on an undefined value at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 1608."
16:06 saa how to figure out this issue
16:13 Joubu saa: I already answered you last week isn't it?
16:13 Joubu saa: Was it about a bad isbn?
16:14 saa u had mentioned that earlier
16:14 saa but even isbn is removed still same error
16:14 saa hw can i sort this
16:16 Joubu Did you find the record with the problem?
16:16 saa in opac i cant find
16:16 saa hw can i find that record
16:17 Joubu saa: Are you able to modify the source code?
16:18 saa i can modify
16:18 saa if u can tell me where to chanage and what to change
16:18 Joubu saa: last week you give me the isbn, so you know the record
16:18 Joubu edit C4/
16:18 Joubu Search for "sub NormalizeISBN"
16:19 Joubu and add "warn $string;" before my $isbn = Business::ISBN->new($string);
16:19 Joubu reload the page and look at your log file
16:19 Joubu you should see the "isbn" before the boom
16:20 Joubu have to go, sorry. Good luck saa
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17:07 tcohen hi
17:07 drojf hi tcohen
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17:17 gerundio hi
17:18 gerundio during our last upgrade on koha, we moved the installation to a package based model
17:18 chris_n lunch
17:18 tcohen gerundio: yay! life is easier that way
17:18 gerundio the
17:18 gerundio Perl modules listing in the koha/ show 2 "Not Installed" and 2 outdated entries
17:19 gerundio what's the best approach to solve this without updating koha?
17:19 gerundio I already read[…]modules_on_Debian
17:19 tcohen gerundio: don't worry
17:22 tcohen can u share a screenshot of the missing ones?
17:22 tcohen what debian distro/version are u using?
17:23 gaetan_B bye!
17:23 tcohen
17:23 gerundio debian wheezy 7.0
17:23 tcohen @later tell marcelr done
17:23 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
17:24 gerundio a little outdated for sure
17:24 tcohen gerundio: and using the squeeze koha repo?
17:24 gerundio yes
17:24 tcohen please share a screenshot
17:24 gerundio missing perl modules: Data::Pagination and HTTPD::Bench::ApacheBench
17:25 gerundio outdated: Test::WWW::Mechanize and Archive::Extract
17:25 gerundio do you want the screenshot or is this info suffice?
17:30 gerundio the 1st module seems to be available as "libdata-paginator-perl - Pagination with Moose" ...oO(it should be pagination and not paginator, right?)
17:30 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: DBRev keep moving <[…]ac4c569c0b8405194>
17:31 gerundio[…]ch/ doesn't seem to be available as a debian package
17:33 gerundio tcohen, should I worry about it or deal with this on the following Koha (and SO) updates?
17:34 tcohen tcohen, don't worry about those
17:35 tcohen gerundio: Archive::Extract is needed by the plugins, and the rest is needed for testing and/or solr support (which i guess you don't need)
17:36 tcohen so don't worry
17:38 tcohen gerundio: ok?
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17:44 gerundio tcohen, sorry for the hold up, I went away from the keyboard for a while
17:45 gerundio it's fine by me
17:45 tcohen np
17:45 tcohen most people are shifting to packages, so expect them to work almost flawlessly
17:45 tcohen we will fix any issue if you report it
17:47 gerundio tcohen++ thanks, I'll be sure to report any issue as I've been doing so far
17:47 gerundio it's always nice to work with such active open source communities such as Koha
17:49 tcohen gerundio: are u using a local database server or is it separate?
17:49 gerundio local
17:50 gerundio so far we haven't any performance related issues
17:50 tcohen great
17:50 tcohen we had, and it is not straightforward to set on the packages
17:50 gerundio so we haven't really thought about changing the setup
17:51 tcohen we have a mysql cluster for the university, maintained by trained people
17:51 tcohen so we take advantage of it!
17:51 gerundio on that topic, is solr fully supported by know or is zebra the only solution for indexing
17:52 tcohen solr has been completely removed by now
17:52 tcohen (on 3.18)
17:59 gerundio ok, I wasn't aware of that
18:06 tcohen there is a lot of work on integrating ElasticSearch, but that's (at least) for 3.20
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18:38 tcohen hi jenkins_koha
18:39 tcohen @later tell rangi I've installed the Zapper plugin on jenkins, you mentioned another solution, please ping me when u can refresh my memory
18:39 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
18:55 rangi @later tell tcohen arachni scanner .. but we want a running koha to run that against
18:55 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
18:59 rangi any french or german speakers here?
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20:07 ram_ hello
20:07 wahanui bidet, ram_
20:07 ram_ can you speak english
20:08 ram_ hello
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21:03 tcohen hi
21:04 tcohen rangi: i'll set apache to run on fixed ports on each node
21:06 tcohen rangi, one of your favourites, on the list
21:10 * jcamins winces.
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21:12 tcohen was I polite?
21:12 wizzyrea i refrained from a knee jerk "it's only supported by LibLime and looks like ass"
21:13 tcohen heh
21:13 wizzyrea but yes you were very nice.
21:14 rangi its worth pointing out liblime have submitted legal documents saying they dont do Koha .. what they do is KOHA and it is totally different, from their own mouths :)
21:15 jcamins wizzyrea: I didn't think the early 2000s were that ugly.
21:15 * jcamins considers the <blink> tag.
21:15 * jcamins withdraws his statement.
21:16 wizzyrea have you seen the staff client?
21:16 wizzyrea of llek?
21:16 wizzyrea it's... special.
21:16 wizzyrea also that email looks trollish to me (the original one) we should not give it press.
21:16 jcamins wizzyrea: it doesn't look the same as Koha did originally?
21:17 wizzyrea it looks like Koha did ~3.6, with some horrible additions that make it look sillier.
21:22 rangi in happier things
21:22 rangi[…]40580799586652161
21:24 jcamins rangi: do you have enough library card to make a menorah, too?
21:24 rangi unfortunately that is all of them
21:24 rangi but i want more library cards
21:25 rangi i dont have any from argentina hint hint ;)
21:25 rangi theres 1000 ish public libraries there :)
21:25 rangi i could make 100 menorah
21:27 jcamins That would be a very large package.
21:27 eythian hi
21:29 rangi or even some from turkey
21:33 rambutan cool, I see rangi still has our card up
21:39 tcohen rangi: we can solve that, have to admit it is my fault
21:41 rangi tcohen: i forgot to ask when i was there too :)
22:13 eythian <-- librecat is doing an intro to library data processing using Catmandu series
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22:32 rangi cool
22:36 cait joined #koha
22:39 rangi hey cait
22:39 cait hi rangi
22:39 rangi can you test something for aleisha and I ?
22:39 cait maybe
22:39 cait if it doesn't take too long
22:39 rangi
22:39 cait what is it?
22:39 wahanui it has been said that it is possible to create a patron category that requires a fee payment
22:39 rangi is the number formatting your way
22:39 rangi ie . for thousands , for decimal ?
22:39 cait yes
22:39 rangi yay
22:40 aleisha yay!!
22:40 rangi its picking up your language setting
22:40 rangi in your browser
22:40 cait in germany we'd use a thousand dot and a decimal comma
22:40 cait oh nice!
22:40 rangi so its doing it right eh?
22:40 cait it's a bit confusing because the text is still english :9
22:40 cait :)
22:40 rangi it does decimal . for us
22:40 cait so i didn't spot it right away
22:40 rangi yeah translation would be the another thing we could maybe try to add
22:41 cait the another :)
22:41 cait can you add the number formatting to the graphs?
22:41 rangi to the 0-15000 bit?
22:42 rangi dunno, aleisha can we? :)
22:42 eythian hi cait
22:42 aleisha i think so!
22:42 cait yay!
22:43 eythian rangi: the localisation of the numbers in the text is correct, but in the graphs, there's no separator at all
22:43 cait eythian: that's what i said :)
22:43 eythian oh
22:43 eythian so you did
22:44 cait eythian: maybe you can explain the elastic search patches to me sometime? not tonight tho :)
22:44 eythian I think perhaps the buckets need to be more dynamic, too.
22:44 eythian cait: sure.
22:44 cait :)
22:44 * cait votes for more cheerful colors :P
22:44 cait it's so blue...
22:45 eythian oh, the dancer version number isn't localised, it says "1.3126" for me :)
22:54 rangi tcohen: are you about?
22:57 mtj hey aleisha, i'm lovng the new-look hea site, btw :0)
22:57 cait aleisha++ :)
22:57 aleisha thank you!
22:57 mtj what does HEA mean, anyone?
22:58 mtj horses eat apples
22:58 * mtj makes up stuff
22:59 rangi hea
22:59 eythian maybe it's something in French
22:59 rangi its maori
22:59 eythian oh, that makes sense too
22:59 rangi[…]oan=&keywords=hea
22:59 eythian I'd looked that up already. I'm clearly forgetful
22:59 mtj aah, i thought is was an acroynm!
23:00 wizzyrea probably doesn't need to be in all caps.
23:00 cait well we could still make up one ;)
23:00 aleisha should i change it to Hea?
23:01 mtj yeah, i think the CAPS threw me ^ :)
23:03 rangi good idea
23:03 aleisha at least that's a simple change
23:06 rangi cant format the graph legends in any simple way, they are done by the d3 library
23:06 rangi which doesnt grok localisation afaict
23:06 mtj 'hea' is a nicely fitting word for the app :)
23:08 cait rangi: ah ok
23:11 tcohen hi rangi
23:11 rangi tcohen: was i right about hte DOM thing ?
23:12 tcohen 100% right, DOM has been the default at least since 3.16, so her changes wouldn't have any effect
23:12 rangi cool
23:13 rangi time to go get some foods
23:14 tcohen e noho rā
23:14 tcohen =D
23:17 mtj hmm, yeah - the localisation stuff in d3 seems to be a bit fiddly, atm
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