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00:13 eythian[…]very-voice,37383/ <-- brilliant
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00:14 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
00:16 wizzyrea tcohen, I'm not on the translate list (or wasn't, until just now) if there are subtitles to deal with, could you forward them to me? Pretty please with sugar on top?
00:19 mtompset subtitles?
00:19 mtompset Greetings, wizzyrea tcohen. :)
00:20 wizzyrea for this
00:20 tcohen wizzyrea: i just wanted you to be aware of possible subtitles submissions
00:20 tcohen I already uploaded the german ones
00:20 tcohen .-D
00:20 wizzyrea awesomesauce
00:20 tcohen but I know i'll be like crazy the next weel
00:20 tcohen week
00:21 wizzyrea yeah rightly so
00:21 tcohen hi mtompset
00:24 mtj peeps, random yaz/zebra Q... anyone recall how to get yaz to return a record, via  bibnumber?
00:26 eythian dcook would know, but he is conspicuous in his absence.
00:29 mtj another way of asking my question might be...
00:29 mtj would i dump the marcxml of a bunch of bibs, programatically - including 952 info?
00:30 mtj ..rather than using the staff gui, to export a single XML record - 1000 times
00:30 mtompset There is a 'format xml' command.
00:30 mtompset But for a specific bibnumber? I don't know.
00:31 wizzyrea cgi-bin/koha/tools/
00:31 eythian why not grab it from the database?
00:31 wizzyrea use a file
00:31 wizzyrea at least, that's in master.
00:31 wizzyrea atm.
00:31 wizzyrea of biblionumbers.
00:31 wizzyrea File containing a list of biblio numbers with one biblio number per line. This list works as a filter: it is compatible with other parameters.
00:32 wizzyrea dk when it turned up in Koha, tbh, this is the first I've noticed it :P
00:32 mtj ah nice wizzyrea, i looked at ./ in 3.16 - but option was not there
00:33 wizzyrea Bug 12238
00:33 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12238 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, stephane.delaune, Pushed to Master , tools/ file list of ids as input parameter
00:33 wizzyrea looks like.
00:34 mtj awesome, that looks good
00:35 mtj i might even be able to work out the ?PQF? query from that ^
00:35 wizzyrea :) here to help
00:35 mtj just coz im a bit curious :0)
00:36 mtj ps:, eythian - that 952 info is not in the database, afaik?
00:37 eythian oh yeah, it's not directly
00:38 mtj yeah, i need that item info mapped to its correct 952 values
00:39 mtj looks like will do the trick
00:43 mtompset @seen Joubu
00:43 huginn mtompset: Joubu was last seen in #koha 7 hours, 54 minutes, and 12 seconds ago: <Joubu> see you tomorrow!
00:43 mtompset That makes sense. DOH!
00:50 mtj [offtopic] - have people discovered NVpy for making notes
00:51 wizzyrea hadn't heard of it until this moment
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01:31 shalom hello
01:35 mtompset Greetings, shalom. :)
01:35 shalom do you how to change the format information in OPAC interface?
01:35 wizzyrea shalom - which format information?
01:36 shalom i mean the search result page will show type: Book Format: print available online....
01:36 shalom the data store in tag 006, 007 or 008?
01:37 wizzyrea 008 for that
01:37 wizzyrea to edit the 008
01:37 wizzyrea you click the little icon next to the 008
01:37 wizzyrea sec I conveniently took a screencap JUST TODAY (seriously)
01:40 shalom so, if i want print available online, i have to change 23 - Form of item to o - online. but if i want just available online?
01:41 wizzyrea Not sure actually, I've never done that bit.
01:42 wizzyrea < but this is the icon, which you have obviously found.
01:42 BobB not really shalom, just give it an item type, something like 'Online resource' ...
01:42 BobB and put the link to it in 856$u
01:42 BobB there are some system preferences that can modify how that displays
01:42 wizzyrea alternately you can disable that format display all togeth
01:42 wizzyrea er*
01:43 shalom heehee, i need that display :P
01:43 wizzyrea well you'd just make an item that has an item type that refers to the format
01:44 wizzyrea and you can put url's on the items as well
01:44 wizzyrea (aside from the 856u)
01:44 wizzyrea there are lots of ways to handle that in Koha
01:44 wizzyrea but yes, you'd o for online in the 008
01:44 wizzyrea in the tag editor
01:45 shalom it doesn't work, i have an item type as Electronic book, and entered the url for 853$u
01:45 wizzyrea 856u
01:45 wizzyrea ...err, you are MARC21 right?
01:45 shalom sorry, yes 856$u
01:45 shalom yes
01:46 wizzyrea do you have an online link to your catalogue? you could show us :)
01:46 wizzyrea also you may need to wait for that to reindex before it shows.
01:47 shalom not sure is the network stable , my reindex not working well
01:47 wizzyrea I can't remember if that's one that is instant or not...
01:48 wizzyrea looks not to be.
01:48 shalom you can search for "injectable drugs"
01:48 wizzyrea so yeah, wait for that to reindex and it should turn up
01:49 wizzyrea mm that's an internal network I can't get to that :)
01:49 wizzyrea if you click the detail for the item you added the URL to - is it there?
01:49 shalom i've done it but i forgot if it's 006, 007 or 008
01:49 wizzyrea 008
01:50 wizzyrea indexing?
01:50 wahanui indexing is done by Zebra.
01:50 wizzyrea indexing is also done every 10 minutes by default
01:50 wahanui okay, wizzyrea.
01:50 wizzyrea indexing faq?
01:50 shalom i have change a record in koha demo MARC21 site, the book is Does a kangaroo have a mother, too?
01:51 shalom i can't change the format to just "available online" using 008 :(
01:51 wizzyrea no, there is no MARC definition for that
01:51 wizzyrea only "online"
01:55 shalom ok...:(
01:59 wizzyrea shalom, try changing "type of Material" to CF
02:00 wizzyrea example:[…] (user: staff pass: staff1)
02:01 wizzyrea well it hasn't indexed yet.
02:03 wizzyrea[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9093 also there is/was a bug about that
02:03 huginn Bug 9093: normal, P5 - low, ---, dcook, Pushed to Stable , 008 forgetting what material type was chosen
02:09 shalom yes, i'm using 3.10. my indexing didn't complete the change, i see the 856 info change but 008 info not changed yesterday, and i wait until today, the info in 008 still not changed
02:09 wizzyrea well you would definitely be running up against that bug then.
02:10 wizzyrea 3.10 is pretty old now.
02:11 shalom i know it's old... but our programmer refused to upgrade for us :(
02:12 wizzyrea :( sorry to hear that
02:13 shalom wizzyrea, i tried to change the "type of Material" to CF in koha demo MARC21, now is 10 minutes already.... OPAC doesn't show any changes
02:14 wizzyrea yeah I'm not sure what's going on there - it almost looks like it's not saving.
02:14 wizzyrea I don't have the time at the moment to really see if it's something we're doing wrong or what the deal is
02:14 wizzyrea sorry it's not working for you, it might be easier to make item types and put your URL on an item.
02:15 wizzyrea instead of using the top biblio level functions. But now that I'm thinking about it 3.10 may not have that function :/
02:16 shalom that's too bad :(
02:18 shalom i've checked the staff interface at KOHA demo MARC21, the 008 was back to book type as if i didn't make any change
02:35 mtj shalom: hmm, it sounds like a bug
02:36 mtj if you create a bug ticket for it, someone should be able to fix it
02:37 mtj
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02:55 shalom I think the bug ticket was created as bug 9093
02:55 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9093 normal, P5 - low, ---, dcook, Pushed to Stable , 008 forgetting what material type was chosen
02:55 dcook Hmm?
02:56 dcook What are you asking about, shalom?
02:58 wizzyrea why the 008 won't save his selected format
02:58 wizzyrea in 3.10
02:58 wizzyrea also welcome back it's been quiet without you ;)
02:58 eythian yeah dcook
02:58 eythian you have responsibilities
02:58 eythian you can't just shirk the channel like that
02:59 dcook wizzyrea: thanks and lol :p
02:59 dcook eythian: I think I made up for it by talking so much yesterday
02:59 dcook I suppose I do have that IRC client on my phone...
02:59 eythian probably true :)
03:00 dcook Too busy grinning over our latest sonogram though :)
03:00 wizzyrea speaking of children, I must depart to fetch mine.
03:00 wizzyrea have an excellent weekend
03:00 dcook Have fun, wizzyrea :)
03:01 shalom u too n thanks for the help :)
03:01 eythian dcook: oh yeah? Looking sorta human?
03:02 dcook eythian: Not even a little bit. The first doctor was way off on the estimate.
03:02 wizzyrea mmm they don't really at 7 weeks
03:02 dcook About 1.5 weeks younger than they thought
03:02 wizzyrea O.o
03:02 eythian ah, so still potentially alien. gotcha
03:02 dcook (and about 3 days younger than my calculations suggested last night)
03:02 dcook They're only 3mm long at this point
03:02 dcook So mostly just a few throbbing lines on the screen
03:02 wizzyrea but with a wee heart :)
03:02 wizzyrea that goes whoosh whoosh
03:02 dcook Yep :)
03:02 eythian <-- just sayin
03:03 mtj hey, congrats dcook++
03:03 wizzyrea sorry I'm going now
03:03 wizzyrea I am.
03:03 dcook have a good weekend, wizzyrea :)
03:03 dcook thanks, mtj :)
03:03 dcook Haha
03:03 dcook You know, eythian, I watched that for the first time on the way back from Europe :p
03:04 dcook I think they'll probably start looking like that in a food weeks
03:04 eythian don't forget the sequels
03:04 dcook They're on the list
03:05 eythian <-- oh, that's a better version
03:07 dcook hehe
03:07 dcook I forgot about that one
03:09 shalom hi dcook, do you think it's possible to create an "available online" format for the OPAC search result interface?
03:09 eythian beer o'clock
03:09 wahanui i guess beer o'clock is a vital part of the Koha development process.
03:10 dcook Mmm beer
03:10 dcook Enjoy, eythian :)
03:11 dcook shalom: That's a bit tricky. brb
03:12 dcook yeah, so, available online is tricky
03:13 dcook There are hacks a person can do to make it work, but even then..
03:13 dcook Tricky for a few reasons
03:14 dcook 1) It's not very easy to know what "available online" means
03:14 dcook It's not necessarily the presence of a link
03:14 dcook As the link might be for a table of contents, publisher info, a related website, or something else other than full text
03:14 dcook Then it's choosing between a link in the bib record or a link in the item record
03:14 dcook (links in bib records get published to the search results in any case)
03:15 dcook I have a local mod that lets a person add a use restriction to designate "electronic" resources at the item level, and that shows up as "Available electronically" on the search results, but that's a local customization. Not something which is part of Koha in general.
03:15 dcook Possible? Yes, but not already built-in :)
03:18 shalom ic....
03:20 shalom possible for a further development? cause we recently purchase some ebook without print version, that's why i need that "available online" format to differentiate with "print available online"
03:22 shalom i think buy ebook without a print is a trend now.... it's good to have it built-in :)
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03:24 dcook Like I said, it's a complicated situation.
03:24 dcook Of course, I'm interested in looking at this further in the future, but not at the moment
03:24 dcook In terms of development, if you contract someone for that development, I'm sure they'll do it for you :)
03:27 dcook shalom: I'm actually a librarian as well, and the majority of books are still published only in print, so I think that's probably why there isn't much of a demand for this development :)
03:28 dcook Not to mention the fact that publishers of ebooks make it incredibly difficult for libraries to actually purchase (or "license") ebooks in a reasonable way
03:28 dcook </rant> :)
03:31 shalom i agreed with about the publisher part, i've hard time to get the ebooks that we really need.... they only offer subscription package that include many unwanted titles and make us pay a lot
03:32 tcohen hi
03:32 dcook yo tcohen
03:32 dcook shalom: Yeah, it's not good :/
03:33 dcook shalom: But as for that development... it's something I'm interested in doing in the future.
03:33 dcook Actually... I was thinking recently about that... and how it might be easier with RDA records
03:33 tcohen shalom: you need to figure if each vendor provides a reasonable web API
03:34 dcook Also that ^
03:34 dcook[…]t/rdacarrier.html
03:34 dcook 338$a online resource
03:34 dcook I forgot that I was going to do that...
03:34 shalom as i'm still using 3.10, my path to swift to RDA can be a long journey XD
03:35 dcook Well, all you need really is updated frameworks
03:35 dcook Other than that... I don't think there have been any other RDA specific mods
03:36 shalom really?! just update the frameworks?
03:37 dcook If you think about it, RDA really is just some minor changes to MARC and some moderate changes to AACR2 cataloguing rules
03:38 dcook Cataloguing rules don't necessarily matter unless you're at a library that enforces them or if you exchange records with other organizations
03:38 dcook So really once you've updated your frameworks, you should have support for RDA records
03:38 dcook Well...
03:38 dcook there have been some XSLT updates
03:38 dcook To show the 264 as well as the 260. That's true.
03:39 dcook But yeah, I'm thinking of adding a facet for the 338$a
03:40 dcook Alternatively, I suppose I could use the 007 but that's a rare field
03:40 dcook But yeah... a 007 with 'cr' in the first two positions would be equivalent to "online resource" in the 338$a
03:41 shalom yes yes
03:41 dcook But that would just be a facet for retrieving records for online resources
03:41 dcook There wouldn't be anything in the search results themselves saying "Available online"
03:41 dcook I figure that's probably good enough though
04:42 shalom hi dcook,
04:43 shalom i don't know how i didn't it but it seen like i have the format in place now by entering info in 007, 008 and 856
04:44 shalom you can check the koha demo marc21 opac search the book Does a kangaroo have a mother, too?
04:45 shalom if i only enter data in 008 and 856, the available online format is not shown
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05:31 dcook Holy...
05:31 dcook SQL::Translator::Producer::MySQL sure is... picky
05:32 dcook On the plus side, I think I've solved one more riddle...
05:33 dcook Actually, maybe it's a different module. But still..
05:33 mtompset I replied to your questions, dcook. Have a great day, #koha dcook shalom.
05:34 dcook @later tell mtompset Cool, I'll take a look after the weekend :)
05:34 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
05:35 mtj shalom: you have  'OPACDisplay856uAsImage' enabled?
05:36 mtj '*Display856uAsImage'
05:37 mtj shalom:  you never paste url, so tricky for me to check
05:40 dcook mtj: That's a different syspref I believe
05:40 dcook I think it's DisplayOPACXSLT or something like that
05:42 dcook Oh brother...
05:42 mtj ah, ok
05:43 * dcook ponders
05:43 dcook I'm betting... SQL literal objects are automatically treated as uppercase
05:43 dcook Whereas the SQL dump is lowercase...
05:43 mtj (no example urls, so i have no idea whats really being discussed)
05:43 dcook And they just use a "cmp" which is case sensitive
05:43 dcook mtj: Me either really
05:44 dcook Although I'm mostly talking about SQL::Translator at the moment :)
05:44 dcook And overall kicking butt, I think
05:45 dcook SQL::Abstract... looks like uppercase by default
05:45 * dcook apparently has a health sense of self-esteem
05:45 dcook Killin' it these past few days, me thinks
05:47 dcook Hmm, I don't think it is SQL::Abstract doin' it though..
05:48 shalom yes, OPACDisplay856uAsImage is enabled
05:50 shalom mtj, i pasted the url:
05:50 shalom a fake one of cause XD
05:51 mtj "Unauthorized Access. segi is only available to patrons or staff affiliated with this library. You are attempting to access this resource from a computer at IP that appears to be outside of this institution's network. "
05:52 mtj ok thanks
05:52 shalom mtj, please go to koha demo site
05:53 shalom
05:53 mtj shalom:  i am a bit busy the mo, sorry
05:53 shalom and check for Does a kangaroo have a mother, too? in catalog
05:54 shalom nevermind then
05:59 mtj wots user/passwrd shalom?
06:00 dcook Ooo, swear words in DBIx::Class::ResultSource...
06:06 shalom bywater
06:07 shalom both username and password
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06:19 mtj yes, ok shalom...
06:20 shalom this is the OPAC site
06:20 shalom you will see the format: available online here :)
06:22 mtj nope..
06:23 mtj i see 'Online Access: Contributor biographical information ....'
06:24 mtj http://catalog.bywatersolution[…]anch_group_limit=
06:24 mtj here ^
06:24 shalom search for "does kangaroo"
06:26 shalom you will get 12 result, the first book on the search result page...
06:38 dcook Whelp... solved lots of issues... but it's time to go
06:38 dcook night all
06:38 wahanui goodnight dcook. You'll be back.
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07:42 reiveune hello
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07:52 * magnuse waves
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07:58 alex_a bonjour
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08:24 gaetan_B hello
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08:47 cait good morning #koha
08:48 Joubu good morning
08:54 cait morning Joubu
08:54 cait i tried the notices patch but ran into a problem :(
08:56 Joubu cait: yep, I have seen your comment
08:56 Joubu I will have a look this morning
09:01 * magnuse waves
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09:41 Joubu cait: fixed
09:41 cait thx
09:42 cait i probably won't be able to test again before this evening - will talk to tcohen later what we can do
09:42 cait or maybe someone else can take a look before
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11:03 magnuse oops, i'm getting some foreign key errors when i run with the -d (delete items and biblios) option...
11:05 magnuse ah, bug 12488
11:05 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12488 trivial, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , -d option should use DELETE instead of TRUNCATE
12:04 cait Joubu++
12:04 cait cleaning up acq - big task, but so much needed
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12:33 AmitG liz around?
12:33 cait AmitG: too early and weekend in nz
12:33 cait 1:30 am in the morning there now :)
12:40 AmitG oh!
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13:30 tcohen morning
13:30 tcohen ...
13:30 tcohen @wunder cordoba, argentina
13:30 huginn tcohen: The current temperature in Cordoba, Argentina is 18.0°C (10:00 AM ART on November 21, 2014). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 64%. Dew Point: 11.0°C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017 hPa (Steady).
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14:19 Joubu tcohen: Pierre is trying to translate the video in French but we don't understand the following: "we uploaded with one system and we provided with other, now it is all together and easier"
14:20 Joubu what means "provided" ?
14:20 tcohen that sounds wrong
14:20 tcohen actually
14:20 tcohen heh
14:20 Joubu they uploaded records with a software and checkin/out with another?
14:20 tcohen We catalogued with one system, and circulated with another one"
14:20 Joubu tcohen: ok that's it!
14:22 tcohen say hi to pierre btw :-D
14:22 tcohen bye tcohen_
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14:24 p_vdk hi tcohen :D
14:24 p_vdk (tcohen: Pierre from BibLibre)
14:24 tcohen hi p_vdk
14:26 * cait waves
14:26 cait p_vdk: i like the did you knows a lot :)
14:26 cait p_vdk++
14:27 p_vdk thanks cait ! Happy to hear that it was useful :)
14:31 cait I think we don't talk enough about our great features :)
14:36 p_vdk cait: if you have some ideas about features I should write about please send them to me :)
14:38 cait :)
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14:49 cait Joubu: still around
14:49 cait ?
14:50 Joubu cait: yep
14:50 cait just noticing kyle's comment
14:51 cait on the notice bug
14:58 Joubu cait: ok, will check that
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15:21 Joubu cait: another fix submited (which will certainly breaks something else as it is the case all patches I submited today...)
15:21 Joubu for*
15:22 cait h
15:22 cait oh
15:22 cait one of these days? *sends Joubu chocolate*
15:23 Joubu we should introduce chocolate into the code
15:24 cait :)
15:24 Joubu to make sure the line won't explode
15:24 Joubu lines*
15:24 Joubu my grammar has already exploded
15:24 cait heh sounds still good to me
15:24 cait we all need more chocolate
15:25 cait my xslt is giving me trouble too an di think i found a problem in our data converter... *sigh*
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16:05 reiveune bye
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16:15 cait bbiab
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16:54 cait hi #koha
16:55 ashimema hi cait
16:55 cait hi ashimema :)
16:55 cait isn't it the wrong time for you?
17:08 cait tcohen: ?
17:10 ashimema 5.10pm
17:10 ashimema nt too late ;)
17:13 cait right :)
17:17 tcohen back+
17:18 cait :)
17:18 cait wnat me to look for string patches?
17:31 gaetan_B bye
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17:56 tcohen Joubu, can u rebase 11430?
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18:30 pianohacker cait: around?
18:30 cait kind of
18:30 cait :)
18:32 pianohacker cait: I just sent a message to koha-devel that I'd really like your thoughts on. No rush, but I wanted to poke you
18:33 cait we have some new solutions for better javascript translation btw :)
18:33 pianohacker ahhh, wondered if my message might be a bit out of date. Do you have any links?
18:34 cait struglging with something elseright now
18:34 cait it's something with format
18:35 pianohacker cait: kk. Have a good day!
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18:36 cait oh
18:36 cait that was quick
18:41 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 13050: Follow-up for bug 12371 <[…]dbeb10346d5c7dd27> / Bug 12909 - item withdrawn is missing in inventory results <[…]4f14e91a236d0e0d3> / Bug 12981 - Patron attribute type limit by patron category not working on patron... <
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19:11 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 12943 - Add patron branchcode to patron search results for holds <[…]9c2abf32b68387e71> / Bug 12893 - 'Clear date' links on start and expiration hold date in staff not working <[…]45f78aaca05cb2c5b> / Bug 11515 - Encoding problem with OpacBrowseResults <h
19:21 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 12775: Suggestions should be ordered by anyone <[…]09bd70a5020032639>
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21:43 tcohen hi there
21:43 wahanui what's up, tcohen
21:44 * cait waves
21:44 tcohen hi cait
21:47 * cait hands the #koha keys over to tcohen and goes to sleep
21:49 tcohen night cait, and thx for ecerything
21:49 tcohen cait
21:49 tcohen cait++
21:49 cait hope i didn't mess it up :)
21:49 cait have a nice evening! tcohen++
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22:54 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 13162 - Label batch editor title sorting by default, rather then label number <[…]bea25ca7a165d7f26> / Bug 13036 - Exclude control columns from sorting on staff client catalog detail page <[…]2c05d660ef6698421> / Bug 9177 - Duplicate patron: Prepopulated
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23:38 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 13286 - Checkouts table due date not updated when an item is renewed. <[…]e4630ec6e4b26e766> / Bug 11271 - Serials table off the screen in smaller viewports <[…]c1b0ea0a81bc41447> / Bug 12415: Fee receipt: a charges description should be displayed in all
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