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12:02 drojf hi #koha
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12:25 drojf if i understand last meeting's minutes correctly, there is no actual background story from our community behind the new code of conduct?
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16:18 Vandan Hi ... can anybody guide me about what databases are being used on the project ?
16:24 wnickc you mean mysql?  Maybe a bit more info would be helpful
16:25 drojf Vandan: what are you trying to do?
16:26 Vandan Actually our campus library is using Koha .. I wanted to add some features in it.. So i wanted to get information about the databases used
16:29 drojf Vandan: the database schema and the wiki may be good places to start looking.
16:30 Vandan Thanks a lot
16:32 Vandan could you suggest me some features which can be added to koha and are based on nlp ?
16:32 Vandan I am thinking of keyword extraction
16:32 Vandan based on book titles
16:58 wnickc Vandan: you might be better off on a weekday when room is more active, or try the mailing lists
16:58 wnickc[…]ha-mailing-lists/
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19:28 rangi or explain what nlp is
19:28 rangi or have an idea what features you want to add, before deciding you want to add some features to it
19:28 rangi or do your own homework
19:30 drojf natural language processing. i suppose :D hi rangi
19:32 rangi hehe drojf :)
19:33 rangi that would be kinda neat, however I think they want the actual objects for that
19:34 rangi IE doing nlp over dspace or islandora or something instead would be more useful i think
19:35 rangi how are things drojf ?
19:35 drojf but the homework was about "go find something to do in koha" ;)
19:35 drojf ah well. horrible year, almost over. can only get better :)
19:36 drojf and more koha again, i hope
19:36 drojf how are things in nz?
19:38 rangi sorry to hear about the horribe year. Things are pretty good here
19:42 drojf that's good to hear
19:43 drojf what's new around here? :)
19:43 rangi hmmm, new release pretty soon
19:43 rangi one big thing in it is the prog and ccsr templates are gone, only bootstrap for opac now
19:44 rangi but a bunch of new features too
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19:45 drojf having only one theme left to maintain sounds pretty nice
19:46 rangi yep
19:47 drojf what happens to installations with custom themes based on prog? will that just implode with an upgrade?
19:49 rangi they will still work, if they copied all the files, but the fallback is now bootstrap, so if you missed some pages, they will look weird, however we deprecated the theme two versions ago, so its been about 18 months to get ready for it to be removed
19:50 rangi so hopefully it wont be too bad, people can stay on 3.16 while they fix their theme if they need :)
19:50 drojf yep sounds reasonable
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