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00:48 eythian_ hi papa
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04:30 Oak kia ora #koha
04:30 Oak magnuse
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06:21 * cait waves
06:45 * Oak waves back
06:45 Oak later
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07:22 bigbrovar Hi guys.. am about to install koha on a debian 7 linode vps, just wondering if the instructions in the wiki for debian squeeze can also be applied to wheezy?
07:23 bigbrovar ok its supported it seems (at least from the wiki page)
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09:41 cait h liw
09:41 cait :)
09:59 liw greetings, everyone and cait
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13:51 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 13011: 0000-00-00 should not be considered as a valid date <[…]02e539d3b05fcf9b1> / Bug 13169: C4::Templates::themelanguage fails if the DB is not populated <[…]abb24830f7f473102>
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14:26 martin_ Hey Everyone! I received such excellent help the other day, I thought I'd try again
14:27 martin_ Does anyone know why some patrons do received advanced notices and some not?
14:27 martin_ I ran the script to update all patron accounts/patron types etc
14:40 rafasaad Hi all. Somebody knows why I can't update a translation of staff interface by uploading po file to I made this for all files (preferences, opac, help...). When I upload staff po file (100% translated in my PC), 4336 words left untranslated.
14:43 rafasaad These are the only remaining words to have brazillian portuguese translation of 3.16 done.
14:54 cait rafasaad: weekends are very quiet here -  the translate mailing list is good for asking questions
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22:00 magnuse @later tell oleonard December in Norway *is* lovely!
22:00 huginn magnuse: The operation succeeded.

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