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00:07 mtompset Hmmm... as would a return $string if !defined($string);
00:07 mtompset Anyone have comments as to the better way?
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00:52 mtompset @later tell magnuse checkout bug 13075. It is related to your comments earlier about t/db_dependent/Holds.t having warnings.
00:52 huginn mtompset: The operation succeeded.
00:52 mtompset @later tell cait checkout bug 13075. It is related to the discussion you were having with Magnuse earlier about t/db_dependent/Holds.t having warnings.
00:52 huginn mtompset: The operation succeeded.
00:53 mtompset Have a great weekend, #koha. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!
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00:59 tcohen hey alvet
00:59 tcohen join us for the asado .-D
01:16 alvet Hey tcohen- let me pull an all nighter and see I can be done with my assignment by 9am :)
01:16 tcohen you can miss all the fun (doing your assignment) but still eat the asado
01:16 tcohen :)
01:17 alvet I'll be there if I can - dont wait for me though; this is a tough one... bit of a bummer this is due on my last day in Cordoba...
01:18 tcohen heh
01:18 tcohen don't worry, we'll understand :-D
01:18 tcohen byeee
01:18 alvet chao :)
01:30 TomJ Hi all, I just had an error applying patch 9021 for testing. Can someone take a look at my bugzilla comment and see if I made a total noob mistake?
02:06 bag hola
02:06 wahanui hi, bag
02:06 bag Joubu++
02:07 bag for putting up with baseball for a little bit :)
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02:11 talljoy go royals
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15:38 Dyrcona So, I suppose rangi will be traveling today/tomorrow.
15:38 Dyrcona I can wait to bug him. :)
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17:12 * dcook waves from Greece
17:12 dcook Wife says hi. Showing her Andchat on my phone.
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17:15 dcook Well, I chose about the worst time
17:15 dcook Evening in Europe, early morning in Australia, Sunday in America (and Europe)
17:16 * dcook wonders if jcamins is around though.  Stupid Andchat and its lack of a user list.
17:16 dcook Aha! Found the user list.
17:19 * Dyrcona waves.
17:19 dcook Heya! Just about to leave and have pizza :)
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17:21 dcook Have a good Sunday, Dyrcona!
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18:17 hanthana hi, I am new to Koha and I am trying to deploy Koha in rural schools in both Sri Lanka and Cambodia.
18:18 hanthana idea is to bundle Koha in to ISO image where teachers can easily deploy it with minimal technical knowledge
18:18 hanthana highly appreciate your valuable advises and tricks on getting this in to schools
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21:37 rangi anyone want some meat?
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21:47 cait-m__ hola
21:47 wahanui salut, cait-m__
22:23 Joubu rangi: What do you propose? Beef, lamb or chicken?
22:23 cait hmmm
22:23 cait maybe kiwi?
22:23 cait *ducks*
22:24 Joubu or a chicken in a duck in a turkey ?
22:25 cait hm I could eat that
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22:31 rangi :)
22:33 cait :)
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23:07 rangi[…]2157648469492715/
23:12 cait1 Joubu: did you get your phone back?
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23:40 cait1 hi JesseM :)
23:41 JesseM Hi cait1. How is Argentina?
23:41 cait1 wonderful :)
23:42 JesseM Glad your having a good time
23:43 cait1 just sad, first goodbyes today
23:43 cait1 it's already coming closer to the end
23:44 JesseM Yeah thats the hardest part
23:54 JesseM Night
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