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02:15 bag hola
02:16 bag yay most excellent!  skype time with Ginny!!!
02:18 cait night :)
02:20 cait yay
02:20 cait sayhola from me :)
02:21 ashimema evening chaps
02:24 bag will do
02:24 bag hello ashimema
02:25 ashimema hows things
02:25 ashimema good day?
02:25 cait oh
02:25 cait you are awake again already?
02:25 ashimema 3.30am.. couldn't get that damn shibboleth test out of my head ;)
02:36 bag oh man BobB ginny just said night night BobB
02:38 bag cait ginny just said goodnight to you too
02:38 cait :D
02:44 rangi yay the flowers arrived
02:44 cait cool )
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02:46 bag ha rangi I got flowers for sonja today too
02:46 bag they arrived as well
02:46 rangi nice
02:46 rangi its our 10th wedding anniversary today
02:46 bag laurel++
02:47 ashimema :(  our database is too complicated for DBIx::Class::Sims to work :(
02:47 * ashimema is heading back to bed.. this problem is too hard.
02:47 bag I didn’t try to have Ginny prounce rangi - but maybe sometime soon
02:47 bag night night ashimema
02:47 bag sleep well
02:47 ashimema enjoy the rest of your evening guys.
02:47 cait gonna sleep :) cya all tomorrow
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02:56 bag @later tell wnickc - hey man pretty rad that you’ve signed off on 5 bugs already this month!  Keep it going
02:56 huginn bag: The operation succeeded.
02:56 bag wnickc++
03:00 wnickc :)
03:00 wnickc It's awesome, I honestly don't know why every user doesn't do it more
03:05 bag right on :)
03:57 bag @later tell Joubu - can you post some of the bug tickets that you want looked at (some of your most pressing ones) to here[…]ohacon14/Hackfest - as I get further along with my proposals I’d like to take a look at some for you
03:57 huginn bag: The operation succeeded.
04:00 wnickc goodnight koha
04:34 bag ok trying for some sleep
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06:39 reiveune hello
06:39 wahanui niihau, reiveune
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06:53 alex_a bonjour
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07:13 gaetan_B hello
07:13 wahanui kia ora, gaetan_B
07:18 * magnuse waves
07:45 ashimema morning #koha
07:45 ashimema morning magnuse
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07:54 ashimema anyone written any tests for a module sub that uses dbix::class
07:54 ashimema or rather Koha::Schema..
07:54 ashimema I can't get the damn tests to work :(
08:05 magnuse kia ora ashimema
08:05 ashimema morning..
08:05 magnuse i have some tests on bug 11401
08:05 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11401 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, magnus, Signed Off , Add support for Norwegian national library card
08:05 ashimema testing dbic is driving me nuts..
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08:06 ashimema Cheers Magnuse..
08:08 magnuse dunno if they make sense, though
08:09 ashimema It's the 'Make the code in the module use our mocked Koha::Schema which i was really struggling with!
08:09 ashimema looks like you've solved it there :)
08:09 magnuse[…]rwegianPatronDB.t
08:09 ashimema make fantastic sense..
08:10 ashimema I still don't like the way we're having to build data though.
08:10 magnuse yay :-)
08:11 ashimema return Schema();
08:11 ashimema ffs
08:11 ashimema that's all I was missing.. I was so close though..
08:13 magnuse i seem to remember i felt sort of clever when i figured that out :-)
08:14 ashimema I was trying all sorts..
08:14 ashimema I'd got everything but that syntax in three..
08:15 ashimema I thought you'de be able to connect to the same in memory db using Koha::Schema->connect(dbi:SQ​Lite:dbname=:memory:','','')
08:20 ashimema and now.. my tests all pass again!
08:20 ashimema wohooo..
08:21 magnuse yay!
08:24 ashimema why werent you around at 2am this morning when I was repeatedly banging my head against a brick wall ;)
08:29 magnuse sorry, i'll give you my phone number ;-)
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10:05 gaetan_B bye
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11:40 bag magnuse: HI
11:40 wahanui niihau, bag
11:46 magnuse bag: HI
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11:52 oleonard is Bug 8992 Unimarc-specific?
11:52 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8992 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Add an interfacing with the idref webservice
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11:58 oleonard Yeah I guess it is.
12:10 khall Joubu: looking at the patch for bug 12929. I think we shouldn't have a borrowernumber column in the sample csv file, right?
12:10 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12929 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , bug 12716 introduces a regression on the patron import tools
12:15 bag hmm doesn’t seem like anyone has made it to the hackfest this moring?
12:16 bag ok well I’m heading up that way now - going to see you all soon
12:16 * oleonard is a hackfest of one
12:27 ashimema yu been leading people astray again then bag.. kept them all up too late ;)
12:28 oleonard That's the part of KohaCon I most regret missing!
12:28 ashimema me too
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12:35 Viktor Guys - overdue date on the letters tells people to return books a minute before midnight. Can we define opening hours (and not just days) or should I file a bug to strip time in hours from the datestamp of overdue?
12:35 magnuse oleonard: being up too late or the hackfest?
12:35 oleonard magnuse: Being led astray. ;)
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12:43 magnuse oleonard: :-)
12:49 oleonard khall: I've signed off on Bug 10632 but added a followup
12:49 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10632 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , Enable datatables for courses and course details in the OPAC
12:49 khall thanks oleonard! I'll check out your followup
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13:32 ashimema no ciat yet today?
13:32 ashimema no cait yet today?
13:43 rangi internet as been unreliable
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13:47 * oleonard fills a box with internet and mails it to rangi
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13:49 paul_p yeah !!!! internet !!!!
13:53 nengard :)
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14:18 cait ashimema: ?
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14:18 ashimema hello cait :)
14:18 ashimema I pushed an update to that last patch for you for shibboleth..
14:19 cait i am going to look at the shib follow up now
14:19 ashimema tests pass now..
14:19 cait is it just a follow up patch?
14:19 cait or did you changeone of th eothers?
14:19 ashimema it's that last followup changing to dbic.. i replaced it.
14:19 ashimema all the others are the same..
14:21 cait did you sleep at all?
14:22 ashimema a little..
14:22 ashimema magnuse saved the day this morning.. he came up with a dbic test example..
14:22 cait poor thing
14:22 ashimema I juut couldn't work it out..
14:22 cait hm you are not going like that :(
14:22 ashimema it's still not as perfect as I'd like.. but it passes and tests what we want to test ;)
14:23 cait oh
14:23 cait new dependency?
14:23 ashimema ah..
14:23 ashimema yes, Test::DBIx::Class
14:23 wahanui Test::DBIx::Class is probably cool..
14:23 cait do e need to do someting else about the new dep?
14:23 ashimema I thought it was a enw dependancy.. then I saw it in magnus's patch..
14:24 ashimema but his patch hasn't gone in yet either..
14:24 cait is it in debian/ubuntu?
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14:25 ashimema hmmm..
14:25 cait loooking into how to install it but not getting the package name right
14:25 ashimema I grabbed it from cpan :(
14:25 ashimema as I had dependancy issue's
14:25 ashimema pants..
14:26 cait magnuse: ?
14:28 ashimema rangi ?
14:28 * cait gets some almonds with dulce de leche out for rangi
14:28 rangi sup
14:29 rangi!/ranginui/broadcast
14:29 ashimema wondered if you knew anything about Test::DBIx::Class..
14:30 rangi just that we should probably use it
14:30 ashimema whether it's a dependancy I can introduce in my auth_with_shib.t tests
14:30 rangi yep
14:30 ashimema I can't think of any other ways around it..
14:30 rangi just add it to perl dependencies
14:30 cait i think we might need robin to package it
14:30 ashimema don't think it's in deb proper yet though :(
14:30 rangi we build the file from that
14:30 cait at least i can't find it - can someone else take a look? not sure i am lookng it up correctly
14:30 ashimema I see.. that's easy enough
14:30 rangi no worries we can package and submit it to debian too
14:31 rangi if we hurry we can beat the freeze
14:31 cait so i am going to install with cpan i think
14:31 ashimema :)
14:31 rangi and it will be in the next stable
14:31 cait for testing :)
14:31 ashimema for testing the patch for qa.. grab it from cpan cait ;)
14:31 ashimema I'll add the followup to add it to the dependancies now..
14:31 cait tring to reember how that works, but i am on it :)
14:31 ashimema once I work out how to do that ;)
14:31 cait ok
14:32 ashimema cheers rangi
14:32 oleonard Got any librarian patch testers today at the hackfest?
14:32 rangi scoreboard updated
14:33 rangi yep, bt they are busy testing spanish stuff
14:33 ashimema hey rangi.. I here you and joubu played dbic yesterday..
14:33 ashimema how'd it go?
14:33 rangi it would have gone better with less beer first
14:33 rangi but we made some progress
14:33 rangi :)
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14:35 cait ashimema: installing
14:36 ashimema haha.. love it.
14:36 ashimema adding a perl dep is as easy as sticking it in C4/Installer/PerlDependencies right..
14:36 ashimema don't think i've ever needed to before :)
14:38 rangi cait: your song is up next
14:38 rangi yes ashimema
14:38 wahanui ashimema is on qa now .)
14:38 ashimema testing dependancies come in as not required right?
14:42 oleonard I'm curious about Bug 12670
14:42 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12670 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , Show materials label instead of code
14:42 ashimema cait.. dependancy patch pushed ;)
14:42 cait ashimema: huh?
14:42 oleonard How is items.materials being used by others?
14:43 cait it give a dialog
14:43 cait on chckin and checkout
14:43 cait the note is not visible in opac i think? but in staff?
14:43 cait i have seen it used for things like + 3CDs
14:43 cait or 'sent to cataloguing'
14:43 cait ashimema: still installing?
14:44 cait ashimema: could it be there are lots of dependencies with it?
14:44 cait ashimema: tests passing now!
14:44 ashimema there are a few, but I beleive they're all in deb proper already..
14:45 cait it's gonna be alright
14:45 ashimema I had an issue 'cause I had upgraded my dbix::class version using cpan and then got all sorts of version dependancy mismatches..
14:45 ashimema the dev of the module is uber responsive though.. at 3am my time last night he pushed a patch to fix the cpan version to cope with debian version mismatches :)
14:46 cait :)
14:47 cait git bz is not wokring for me
14:47 cait weird
14:47 ashimema :(.. makes me sad when bz stops working
14:47 cait me too
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14:55 Joubu rangi:[…]mits/ft/bug_10363
14:56 Joubu I had to comment 2 lines in Koha/
14:56 Joubu if you uncomment them, the tests will explode
14:56 rangi ahhh right
14:57 cait hm someone an ide awhy i can't do git bz?
14:57 rangi ah yeah that crazy croak thing we ran into last night
14:57 cait i can pass 2 patches, but can't upload them
14:59 ashimema rangi, Joubu.. are you guys playing with Koha::Objects then?
14:59 rangi trying them out, they mostly work, there are a few annoyances but things we can probably live with for the sake for moving forward
14:59 cait khall_away: don't run away!
14:59 cait :)
15:00 cait aaah now the patches get obsoleted, just reall yreally slow
15:01 ashimema cait, cait.. I just got the Passed QA email!
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15:02 brendan_ hola
15:02 wahanui salut, brendan_
15:04 ashimema hey brendan_
15:04 wahanui it has been said that brendan_ is a big fan of koha or the best boss evar!
15:05 cait i am sick of seeing those shibboleth patches
15:05 ashimema hehe..
15:05 ashimema me too..
15:05 oleonard brendan_: You had a long walk to hackfest ;)
15:05 brendan_ HA
15:05 cait i am just going to pass them.
15:05 ashimema I'll try not to bombard you too much with all the followups enhancements i've been working on
15:05 reiveune bye
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15:08 rangi yeah buddy
15:08 wahanui
15:09 cait lol, waiting 10 mins now i think for uploading hte patches
15:09 cait 5 done
15:09 cait 4 more to go
15:10 nengard mdah no show
15:10 nengard will call laurie
15:10 cait ashimema: i gave you an update to 'new feature'
15:10 ashimema wow
15:10 nengard wrong window :)
15:10 cait nengard: yu said test new cataloguing - but we got no patches for that i think :(
15:10 ashimema wocked
15:10 Joubu bag: added[…]e_waiting_for_SO_.28from_Jonathan.29
15:11 rangi i already called him
15:11 nengard cait don't we?
15:11 rangi too late
15:11 cait not that i know of
15:11 nengard[…]_bug.cgi?id=11559
15:11 huginn Bug 11559: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jweaver, Needs Signoff , Professional cataloger's interface
15:11 nengard says needs sign off
15:11 cait last thing i knew was that he was still workingon an update
15:11 nengard okay, then my second favorite is:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6427
15:11 nengard :)
15:11 huginn Bug 6427: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, Needs Signoff , Rewrite of the accounts system
15:12 cait hm i will put a note on the bug
15:12 nengard these are 2 biggies I get asked about in trianing
15:12 nengard training
15:12 cait i understand, my impression as we were still waiting for jesse
15:13 cait left a note
15:13 ashimema AWESOME
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15:14 ashimema why are we shouting?
15:15 cait because that's big!
15:15 ashimema :)
15:15 oleonard And scary![…]eth_Faceplate.jpg
15:16 cait lol
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15:44 rangi cait: anymore requests?
15:45 paul_p SHIBBOLETH PASSED QA ? it's worth shouting ashimema !!!
15:46 oleonard I'm going in to everyone. Wish me luck.[…]-commando-gif.gif
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15:49 paul_p oleonard noooo... don't go there owen ! it's too dangerous for a single man !!!
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16:02 rangi so the head of the Uni just came in to thank us all
16:03 rangi its not every day the head of a 160k student university pops in to your hackfest
16:05 oleonard Wow that's a lot of students
16:07 rangi its a big uni
16:07 Oak GOOD LUCK oleonard
16:07 Oak head_of_the_uni++
16:12 * Oak needs to see the head of the uni visit turned into a blog post.
16:12 Oak so that i can read it.
16:12 Oak and imagine it.
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16:30 * oleonard hopes others will join the discussion on the newly in-discussioned Bug 13022
16:30 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13022 minor, P5 - low, ---, kyle, In Discussion , Hardcoded limit causes records with more than 20 items to show inaccurate statuses
16:31 oleonard ...especially gmcharlt who should remember that warm June day in 2008 like it was yesterday
16:32 gmcharlt the scary thing is that that may be true
16:34 * oleonard envisions a bot which goes through the Koha code looking for FIXMEs, checking git blame for the perpetrators, and assigning new bugs according
16:34 gmcharlt heh
16:34 ashimema I like that idea oleonard ;)
16:35 oleonard # FIXME - NO ONE WILL EVER FIX ME
16:35 ashimema which reminds me.. i need to take a look at your servseirce datatables bug again..
16:35 ashimema did you submits a new bug and stuff?
16:35 ashimema marc modification was the area it was in right?
16:35 oleonard I'll do that now ashimema.
16:36 ashimema thanks mate..
16:36 ashimema if you assign me to it that'll make sure I remember it's there.
16:36 ashimema ;)
16:44 oleonard ashimema: I'm going to sign off on the patch you submitted on Bug 13054 and pretend it was for Bug 13069
16:44 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13054 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Allow server-side sorting by title to ignore custom sets of articles
16:44 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13069 normal, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, ASSIGNED , Enable sort by title to ignore articles on circulation and patron detail pages
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17:00 oleonard Bug 13070
17:00 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13070 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, NEW , Managing staged MARC records, sorting by title should ignore articles
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17:16 lib3 I have a question relating to the staff client. how do I access it from OPAC after creating patron with superlibrarian permissions?
17:21 lib3 oh nevermind!
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17:43 bag hello back on wifi
17:43 bag we are in the hotel
17:47 * oleonard biab
17:49 bag @later tell paul_p ping me when you are back into hotel - I’m going to stick in Joy’s room for awhile but then I’ll come over to your room to work for a bit too :)
17:49 huginn bag: The operation succeeded.
17:55 Joubu bag: we are back :)
17:56 Joubu we are water, french chocolate and cookies
17:56 talljoy joined #koha
17:56 Joubu have*
17:57 Joubu I am not a cookie
17:57 bag HA !
17:58 bag ok I will be over in a bit :D
17:59 bag hey Joubu if you have a moment of time at some point - could you possibly take a QA look at bug 11126
17:59 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11126 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , Make the holds system optionally give precedence to local holds
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18:00 Joubu bag: yep, I will try
18:00 bag cool
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18:15 paul_p hi
18:15 paul_p bag = we're back. And we've sweet things to eat and very cold water to drink ;-)
18:17 bag heya paul_p chris and cait just got to talljoy’s room
18:18 paul_p bag = should we come, or you come to us ?
18:18 paul_p (no problems for 4 more ppl here)
18:19 bag we can fit around 4 here if you all are interested in coming over
18:19 paul_p bag 4 more you mean ?
18:19 bag we’ll need a powerstrip at some point though
18:19 bag or take turns
18:19 bag yes paul we can fit 4 more here
18:19 bag maybe more :)
18:20 paul_p bag which room ?
18:20 bag 7c
18:21 paul_p bag we're coming
18:21 bag excellent
18:23 cait joined #koha
18:24 talljoy party in talljoy's room!
18:24 talljoy w00t w00t
18:26 cait yep :)
18:26 cait very nice in here :)
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18:31 n joined #koha
18:31 * cait waves
18:32 * wnickc waves too
18:33 n Hello, I am using Demo versions of Koha to evaluate its suitability for my library, but I have the issue where some demos cannot perform a staged import (bywater) and others can (equinox) using the same file. I want to try to understand this error so I can rule it out when using my own Koha instance.
18:35 gmcharlt n: depends on the error you've seen, but as as general note, since public demo servers are liable to folks making configuration changes that can break things, so if it works on one but not on another, that likely just signfies a settings change
18:36 n great, I am constantly grain of salting, but I figured I should ask away. Thank you!
18:36 n the specific error is a Nan showing up where the items would be during the managing step of import.
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18:38 gmcharlt n: I don't have time to look that one up, but that vaguely reminds me of a recentish bug
18:38 gmcharlt upshot is that I don't think you need worry overmuch about that one
18:38 oleonard joined #koha
18:39 n alright. Just send me a word if anything pops up in your memory.
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19:03 kathryn Kia ora #koha
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19:13 rangi bag:[…]50&type=1&theater
19:14 bgkriegel joined #koha
19:26 rangi cait:!/ranginui/broadcast
19:37 cait ta1
19:37 cait ta!
19:46 SheilaVT Looking for some quick help. Did the method of delivering overdue notices for accounts without email addresses in their records change in 3.16?
19:46 SheilaVT I have a vague recollection of reading that somewhere....
19:46 NateC joined #koha
19:50 nengard left #koha
19:52 wnickc Hi SheilaVT
19:52 wnickc bug 10832
19:52 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10832 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Multi transport types for overdue notices
19:52 wnickc bug 12717
19:52 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12717 critical, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Stable , Library no longer receiving Overdue email for patrons without email address
19:53 wnickc there may be some info here too:[…]e_transport_types
19:53 wnickc and other people more in the know can correct me
19:53 SheilaVT Thanks everyone for the directions to more information
19:54 cait SheilaVT: it should work like before in 3.16.4
19:54 cait wnickc: is quite right about the bugs :)
19:55 wnickc the ones that make me go 'Ack!' when thinking about their effect I tend to remember
19:58 wnickc SheilaVT: are you guys on 3.16? or just preparing?
19:59 SheilaVT we just upgraded to 3,16.4 and that is when I was told that the email messages with notices were no longer being sent
20:01 wnickc Ah, okay, hope it all is going smooth then
20:03 bgkriegel kohacon14: network is up & running at hackfest venue. We think this time is for real, see you tomorrow :)
20:04 bgkriegel bye
20:17 cait Joubu: thenew bug is 13071
20:24 Oak joined #koha
20:25 Joubu cait: patch attached ;)
20:25 cait thx :)
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20:28 talljoy greetings from 11a
20:28 cait ah no owen
20:29 paul_p can someone try to apply bz 12726 pls. Seems it lacks sha information
20:30 * magnuse waves from norway
20:30 paul_p hi magnuse. A little bit late isn't it ?
20:30 cait @later tell oleonard can you check if the patch with the link on bug 7143 is ok for you?
20:30 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
20:31 magnuse paul_p: half past ten pm - not tooo bad :-)
20:31 paul_p baby & wife sleeping ?
20:33 magnuse baby sleeping for 3 hours, rest of the family about to fall asleep now :-)
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20:39 magnuse paul_p: "git bz apply 12726" -> fatal: sha1 information is lacking or useless (koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/bootstrap/en​/xslt/MARC21slim2OPACDetail.xsl).
20:40 paul_p magnuse thx, same thing for me. Will write it to the bug
20:40 bag magnuse: HI
20:41 bag NateC: you find what you needed
20:41 magnuse bag: HI
20:41 NateC i did
20:41 NateC success!
20:41 wahanui it has been said that success is a good thing jenkins
20:41 bag excellent
20:41 bag magnuse miss you here
20:44 magnuse bag: awww...
20:44 magnuse i miss being there!
20:45 talljoy joined #koha
20:45 magnuse especially when i see all the food pics ;-)
20:45 magnuse ¡hola talljoy!
20:45 talljoy hola magnuse
20:45 wnickc can I float a random idea by the hackfesters who are on here?
20:45 wnickc What if the items table in the items page were on the bottom instead of the top?
20:46 wnickc edit items page / that is
20:47 bag heya NateC we are in talljoy ’s room - if you wanna stop by - well talljoy is in my room cause her internet card for some reason doesn’t work when the rest of us are on it too
20:47 NateC so who's room are you in
20:47 talljoy i'm in 11a bags room.  the rest are in my room
20:48 NateC ok ill come up in a bit need to shower first
20:48 talljoy shower in the bidet?
20:48 talljoy upside down shower?
20:53 bag talljoy: rangi did all your dishes for you
20:53 cait rangi just did all your dishes talljoy
20:53 cait jinx
20:54 talljoy thank you rangi!!!
20:56 BobB joined #koha
20:57 magnuse would be super awesome if any hackfesters would care to take a look at and see if it might be a handy tool for making the onramping of new signoff'ers and devs easier. reported issues and pull requests are most welcome!
20:59 * magnuse wanders off in search of sleep
20:59 wnickc ooh, that looks like fun homework, thanks magnuse
20:59 tcohen joined #koha
20:59 tcohen hi
21:01 paul_p hi tcohen !
21:01 tcohen rangiul
21:01 tcohen hi paul_o
21:01 tcohen autocompletion is not working, it seems :-P
21:01 tcohen it got late to join you at the hotel for working
21:01 paul_p tcohen he's talking with bag. do you need him ?
21:02 paul_p np at all, don't worry
21:02 tcohen i was wondering if you are stil working?
21:02 paul_p yep
21:02 paul_p Joubu want the bottle of wine ;-)
21:03 tcohen heh, i'm pretty sure he will
21:03 tcohen he's too productive!
21:04 * tcohen will try to write the zebra facets followups now
21:04 tcohen paul_p: any preference for dinner?
21:04 talljoy can someone downstairs remove the coke and frenet from the freezer?
21:04 talljoy oops fernet
21:04 paul_p talljoy yep, I do that now
21:04 talljoy thanks paul_p
21:05 paul_p tcohen = nope (and I think I won't come: eated too much, and tired. Will stay home)
21:06 paul_p talljoy done
21:08 paul_p tcohen = rangi is saying "some sea food ?"
21:08 tcohen heh
21:08 tcohen will think about it
21:09 paul_p tcohen = whatever you want is good. (Even meat restaurant) ;-)
21:09 tcohen ok, will focus on the tango thing
21:09 tcohen and then see what comes up regarding the food thing
21:12 rangi Yep I'll eat anything
21:12 bag Joubu: I added a comment to bug 11395
21:12 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11395 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Batch modifications for records
21:13 lib1 joined #koha
21:15 lib1 Hello there, when I am editing a marc record what are the two value boxes adjacent to the tag used for?
21:16 bag battery low - turning computer off
21:17 cait lib1: those are indicators
21:17 cait if you look into the marc21 standard you will see they have different meaning depending on the field
21:35 talljoy joined #koha
21:45 bag back
21:45 rangi side
21:53 tcohen i propose tonight we go this place
21:53 tcohen and then and then have some drinks here:
22:06 rangi sold!
22:08 bag cait bug number for QA?
22:08 cait 7143
22:08 bag gracias cait
22:10 rangi tcohen: they both look good, im in
22:10 cait i think we were at okupas one night - i'd go again :)
22:10 cait that was the night i was sick and just had papas fritas
22:11 tcohen we can have papas fritas, with ketchup, again :-D
22:11 rangi heh
22:11 cait nope
22:11 cait i want real food this time!
22:11 cait and maybe even dessert!
22:15 alvet joined #koha
22:16 BobB hi alvet
22:17 BobB tcohen I won't come out tonight
22:17 BobB thank you, but too tired
22:18 BobB need to re-charge for tomorrow
22:18 alvet hi Bob
22:18 alvet B
22:18 BobB hey
22:18 alvet I just recharged :)
22:18 BobB :)
22:19 alvet running on half but half full
22:19 BobB I'm just going to pop out for a sandwich or something light, then I'll have an early one, hopefully
22:21 BobB alvet tocohen is coming to have dinner with a group here,
22:21 BobB then they are going to:
22:22 BobB rangi is going, for one
22:22 BobB ... if you wanted to join
22:23 BobB but I will miss this one
22:27 alvet Thanks Bob - I am going to miss this one too. Going to run out for a sandwich and keep re-charging
22:27 alvet Cheers
22:29 * BobB heads out
22:37 jcamins Ooh, tango!
22:37 jcamins :D
22:42 cait joined #koha
22:58 quocuy joined #koha
22:58 quocuy left #koha
23:06 cait we are meeting 8:30, right?
23:22 bag rangi: you awake?
23:23 cait i can knock on his room on the way down
23:23 cait wonder how many layers tonight...
23:23 cait seems cold?
23:54 rocio left #koha

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